Sheyla Gutiérrez – Cylance Pro Cycling Team Member

A Spanish cyclist and once a member of the Cylance Pro Cycling Team, Sheyla Gutiérrez is also known as La Leona or Hippie Lion. She was a pioneer member at Cylance and has been highly instrumental of its global success before it has been dissolved. Read on to learn more about Gutiérrez, including her life outside of the cycling track.

Personal Life

Sheyla Gutiérrez – Personal Life

Nicknamed Queen of the Spanish Palmares, Gutiérrez was born of January 1, 1994. While she is popular as a cyclist, she also has a successful life outside the sport. She has a big heart of children, which also explains why she is taking up Psychology and Childhood Education. Until now, she still describes herself as a little girl.

Late in 2020, she was offered a scholarship by the Logrono City Council. She was eligible for a 4,000-euro funding for her bid in Tokyo. It was supposed to be used for her altitude training in Tenerife. However, Gutiérrez declined the scholarship, citing that there are other people who have a direr need for the financial assistance than her.

Professional Life

Sheyla Gutiérrez – Professional Life

Gutiérrez turned professional in 2013. She started with Lointek, and stayed there until 2015. The team’s name changed into Sopela in 2018. It is based in Spain and has been participating in elite women’s races around the world. In 2016, she joined Cylance Pro, a women’s cycling team of the United States. The team got its name from its sponsor, Cylance, a company engaged in advanced computer security. She was with the team until it was dissolved in 2018. The year after, Gutiérrez joins the Movistar Team, which is still where she is currently a part of. It is a Spanish team sponsored by Telefonica, a mobile telephone business.

With the eight seasons she spent as a seasoned cyclist, she has made a name for herself. Throughout her professional career, she had nine victories, including in the La Perigord, Spanish TT Champs, Giro Rosa, Belgian Le Semyn Classic, The Tour of Zhoushan Island, Panorama Guizhou Road Race, and GP Morbihan.

Other Things About Sheyla Gutiérrez

Aside from her personal and professional life, below are other interesting things about Gutiérrez.

Other Things About Sheyla Gutiérrez

The Olympic Dream

Like other athletes, the Olympics is the biggest dream of Gutiérrez. Since she started cycling, she was always doing her best to soon represent her country in the global arena. With her international experience and global victories, she is an ideal contender. She is a great candidate for the two spots that are allotted for women cyclists in Spain. At 27 years old, she is at her prime, so many people had high expectations.

Suffering from a Disease

Despite her colorful cycling career, Gutiérrez has experienced several setbacks. Among others, one of the most notable was her blood pressure-related condition, which affected her training and performance.


Representing Spain in the world of international cycling, Gutiérrez is a name to watch out for. She is currently at the peak of her athletic performance given her age, so it is unsurprising that people are anticipating her debut at the Olympics.