Name: Rachele Barbieri

Racing Age: 20

Specialty: trying to be a good sprinter.

Nationality: Italy

Hometown: Serramazzoni (MO)

Residence: Serramazzoni (MO)

Birthday: 21/02/1997

Height: 167 cm Strengths:

PRO Since: 2016

+ What inspired you to start bike riding/racing?

My sister, because when she was little she raced and being older than me (5 years) i was encouraged to try.

+ What inspires you every day to get on your bike?

My passion!!

+ What does inspire to achieve mean to you know?

Be satisfied about my work

+ How do you use data for your training and racing?

I use data far all training but sometimes I like follow my sensation. In the race i don’t look a data but only after this.

+ Did you like math and science in school?

Yes, more Math than science.

+ If you have a college degree, (or currently in the process) what is it in?

Yes, in Economy school. I’m exit with 83/100.

+ If you could do one thing with AI (artificial intelligence) besides fight malware, what would it be?

Discover the mind of my opponents in order to anticipate!!!!

+ What is your super power?

Believe always, and never give up!!

+ If you weren’t bike racing, what would you be doing?

Volleyball!! i like all sports!!

+ What are your favorite pastimes and hobbies outside of bikes?

Shopping and friends!

+ What is your most memorable day on the bike?

When i won my first European championships

+ What is your favorite pre-race or post-race meal?

Banana pre race and choco protein/recovery after race! (or all sweets!!!!!!)

+ What is one piece of advice you would give to another up and coming cyclist or fan?

Cycling with passion or not cycling!!

+ Favorite songs or playlist to listen to while training or warming up?

A mix of Pop songs.

+ When you think of your happy place, where is that?

Home, but i like so much sea.

+ Do you have a favorite quote or mantra?

“Always believe never give up”

+ What is your vice?


+ What is your favorite race and why?

All race but this year, at my first “Fiandre”… WOW! Fantastic!!!! A lot of people, a lot supporter! Very nice place! i love it!