Best Downhill Mountain Bikes 2020 Review

Each type of bicycle like endurance, trail, and cross-country has a specific purpose. While most bikes are all about commuting, trail riding, and climbing, others focus on better performance when descending steep slopes. We’re talking about none other than downhill mountain bikes. The purpose of downhill MTBs is so distinct that most of them can’t be used for climbing at … Read more

Best Folding Mountain Bikes 2020 Review

From trailing roads, commuting to work, and exploring neighborhoods, mountain bikes play a vital role. However, sometimes you may need to border a train, bus, or check into a plane with your motorcycle. The ordinary mountain bike then requires a lot of space that becomes very inconveniencing. That’s where the best folding mountain bikes come in. They fold easily to … Read more

Best Mountain Bikes Under 3000 in 2020 Review 

Mountain bikes are designed to endure rough terrains. With new technologies adapted by different brands, mountain bike designs improved as the demand for them grew as well. You get bikes made of lightweight aluminum while others are made of carbon. The best mountain bikes even offer comfort and ultimate performance thanks to its superb gear and suspension systems. If you … Read more

Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 in 2020 Review

Believe it or not, even with a budget below 500, you can snag an irresistible deal for a high-quality mountain bike. Without spending a fortune, you can get yourself a bike that is tough enough to accommodate even rough terrains. Most mountain bikes will cost thousands of dollars, especially ones with premium components. From carbon fiber frames to advanced hydraulic … Read more

Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes 2020 Review

Many believe that full suspension features define mountain bikes. Though bikes with full suspension are more expensive than the rigid bikes and the hardtail mountain bikes, many riders prefer to have front and rear suspension simply because it equates to a fluid ride. Getting a full suspension mountain bike allows users to withstand difficult trails. It allows them to ride … Read more