Mini Exercise Bike vs Full-Size Bike

With the different types of exercise bikes, deciding what to buy isn’t an easy decision. Two of the options that you will often encounter are mini exercise bikes or full-sized stationary bikes. If you are clueless about how one is different from the other, keep on reading and learn from the insights that we’ll be sharing in this guide.

Differentiating Mini Exercise Bike vs Full-Size Bike

Below is a quick rundown of the different factors that differentiates the two. It is vital that you are familiar with these things when choosing an exercise bike.


This is the most obvious difference between the two. As the name implies, a mini exercise bike is a small stationary bike. It is almost wrong to call it a “bike” since it is technically not one. Rather, it is more fitting to call it a pedal exerciser.It is basically just a mount with pedals.

mini exercise bike

In contrast a full-sized exercise bike is a big fitness equipment that comes with a seat like a traditional bike. It can also have a backrest, but such will depend on what kind of bike it is.

full size bike


With their varying designs, they also have different functions. Choose the best mini exercise bikes if you want one that you can use in the office or at work. It is ideal if you want something that you can put under the table or on the top of the desk. You can use it for your legs or arms, depending on what you would want to work out.

On the other hand, a full-sized exercise bike is more multifunctional. For instance, the best upright exercise bikes are full-sized bikes that will mimic the feel of an outdoor ride. It will work out your legs, arms, shoulders, and core, among other parts. It can also be great if you are training for a cycling event or race.


If you want your workout to be more intense, then you should choose a full-sized bike. It looks and works like a conventional bike, with the main difference being its stationary position. You will have more options when it comes to resistance. In some models, you can even stand up as your pedal. Some will also let you move your arms along with your legs, which will elevate the intensity of your exercise.

full size bike


A full-sized exercise bike has more features. While both can have a display, the one in a full-sized bike is more advanced. It will show more information, including time, speed, and calories burned. Some will even have smartphone connectivity. It will also have sensors, especially in the handlebars. The latter will monitor your pulse to track your workout.


You are probably concerned about the cost of exercise bikes if you are buying one. If you are looking or something that is more affordable, then you should go for a mini exercise bike. It is small and simple, which makes it an economical option for fitness equipment. Meanwhile, full-sized exercise bikes have more components, including a console and sensors, which can drive the cost up.



Maintaining an exercise bike is essential in ensuring peak performance even after years of use. Between the two, a mini exerciser is easier to maintain. This is also because of its simplicity. You will find fewer moving parts, so you can clean it in a snap. It is also not easily prone to damage as its full-sized counterparts.



A mini exercise bike, also called a pedal exerciser, is small, portable, affordable, has basic functions, and requires minimal maintenance. It will make a great addition to your office, allowing you to move your legs even as you work. On the other hand, a full-sized exercise bike is larger, offers more intense workouts, and has more advanced features. It is a great investment for your home gym.