Lauren Stephens – Cylance Pro Cycling Team Member

An American cyclist, Lauren Stephens was born on December 28, 1986, in Garland, Texas. She started cycling in 2009 and since then, she has made a name for herself. Through the years, she has joined different teams and accumulated several victories, making here one of the premier cyclists today. Keep on reading to learn more about Stephens, including the wins she had that help her build her current reputation.

Balancing personal Life and Cycling

Lauren Stephens

Stephens is not one of those who have to choose only one thing over the other. As a dedicated cyclist, she makes sure that she is building a prolific career while also doing the things that she loves. A year after turning professional, she had her degree from the University of Texas. She finished B.S. Mathematics. After graduating, she started her work as a math teacher. While being in the academe, she was also training and racing.

Moving Teams

Lauren Stephens – Moving Teams

From 2013 to 2017, she was with Team TIBCO – Silicon Valley. It is North America’s longest-running women’s cycling team. Established in 2014, the team aims to help aspiring female athletes make a name for themselves and represent the country in international competitions. She was named Team Captain in 2017, which recognized not just her racing performance but also her leadership skills.

In 2018, Stephens became a part of Cylance Pro Cycling. Unfortunately, the team dissolved on the same year, so she eventually had to explore other opportunities. In 2019, she again joined TIBCO – SVB, where she is still currently part of.

Victories Through the Years

Lauren Stephens – Victories Through the Years

Below is a quick look at some of the victories Stephens had in the previous years.


During her initial years racing professionally, she won 2nd in the Revolution Series in Greater London, 2nd in Prologue Tour of Belgium, 3rd in White Spot / Delta Road Race in Canada, and 4th in the General Classification Tour of Belgium.


She had a lot of 1st place finishes this year, including Stage 4 Tour de San Luis in Argentina, Stage 1 of Joe Martin Stage Race in Arkansas, and Stage 3 of Tour of the Gila in New Mexico. She also had podium finishes at the Tour of New Zealand and Czech Tour.


Further continuing her winning streaks, she also won first at the Stage 4 of Tour de San Luis in Argentina and Stage 4 of Joe Martin Stage Race. She also won 3rd in the Tour of the Gila in New Mexico.


On this year, Stephens won first at La Visite Chrono de Gatineau in Quebec and Winston-Salem Classic in North Carolina. She also won 2nd at the General Classification of Joe Martin Stage Race and Stage 4 of the Tour of the Gila.


She did not have any first place finish this year. However, she won 2nd place at the General Classification Tour Down Under and Pan American Championships in Argentina.


This is another year when she did not have a first-place finish. Nonetheless, she won 2nd at the Stage 2 of Tour Cycliste Feminin Ardeche Sud Rhone Alpes and 3rd at the Stage 1 and 5 of the same event.


Her only first place finish at this year was at the General Classification Tour Cycliste Feminin Ardeche Sud Rhone Alpes. She also had finishes at the Tour Down Under and World Championship Italy.


This year, she finished 10th at Gent – Wevelgem in Belgium.


Since the start of her professional career, Lauren Stephens had made several victories. From the United States to other countries, she has proven that she is a name to watch out for.