Kristabel Doebel-Hickok – Cylance Pro Cycling Team Member

From her amateur to professional years, Kristabel Doebel-Hickok has been making a name that is hard to match. Through the years, she has amassed notable victories, making her a seasoned cyclist. Read on to know more about her cycling life from her time in college until she became a member of the Cylance Pro Cycling.

Personal Life

Kristabel Doebel-Hickok – Personal Life

Doebel-Hickok was born on April 28, 1989. Growing up, she has been biking, which is normal for kids. However, while she spends a great deal of time riding a bike, she did not do it as a sport. She has never thought of cycling as a sport. Even when she entered college, she had no idea that she will soon be joining cycling races.

She went to study economics at the Vanderbilt University, which is also where she graduated. During her time at the university, she was racing on track but suffered from hamstring injuries. Her mileage dropped, but she found out that her performance when spinning on a bike improved. When she lost her desire to race on two feet, she decided to try cycling as a means of still competing in athletic events.

When she was still competing in cross-country and track and field races, she was able to break the school’s 10,000-meter record. With her new records, she became a collegiate athlete everyone has been watching out for. Her decision to suddenly switch into cycling following an injury came as a surprise to some people.

Professional Life

Kristabel Doebel-Hickok – Professional Life

After college, she started cycling professionally and has been associated with different teams. It was in 2012 when she became a part of Big Orange, a local cycling team in California. A year after, she built the Spy Giant Ride women’s team. She was just starting when a big opportunity opened – to be a part of TIBCO professional cycling team. Doebel-Hickok took a giant leap and joined the team.

On her first year as a professional, her efforts were immediately recognized. During the Philly Cycling Classic, she was named as The Best Young Rider. She also won the third stage of the Cascade Cycling Classic.

In 2015, she first went to join European races, and once again proved that she is a name to beat. She had stage victories at both the Tour Cycliste Féminin International de l’Ardèche and Tour de Fermin.

It was in 2016 when Doebel-Hickok joined Cylance Pro Cycling. She broke her collarbones in the same year, but his did not dampen her competitive spirit. Instead, she used her injury as an inspiration to push herself farther. As a result, she had her first victory at the USA Hill Climbing Nationals.

In 2019, she joined Rally UHC Cycling. This was her highest-performing and most consistent season in her professional cycling career.

When she isn’t racing, her start is still with biking. Doebel-Hickok is also a USA Cycling Level 3 Coach. She is also a certified personal trainer at the National Academy of Sports Medicine. With various mentorship programs and online courses, she is helping others to be as successful as her.


While she did not join any cycling sporting events when she was young, Doebel-Hickok was able to make a name for herself. She started racing on two feet, but switched to racing on two wheels after suffering an injury in college.