Name: Krista Doebel-Hickok

Racing Age: 27 (28 in 2017)

Specialty: climber

Nationality: American

Hometown: Marina del Rey

Residence: Marina del Rey and Colorado Springs 

Birthday: April 28, 1989

Height: 5’5”

Strengths: Climbing and long/hard races (even better if stage races!)

PRO Since: May 2013

+ What inspired you to start bike riding/racing?

When I was an injured cross-country racer at Vanderbilt, I cross trained on the stationary bike. I loved riding and wanted to couple that passion with my fitness and desire to compete. Upon graduating in December 2011, I bought a road bike. February 2012 I started racing and never looked back.

+ What inspires you every day to get on your bike?

The drive to reach my potential—really see what I can do when I make the most of my talent and support structure.

+ What does inspire to achieve mean to you know?

Everyone aspires to something. Some goals and achievements are more obvious than others, but that does not make them any more or less valuable. Inspire to achieve is taking on our chosen pursuit as a way to encourage others to go after whatever is meaningful to them.

+ How do you use data for your training and racing?

Data is a form of feedback. And because it is so objective, it is a very unique and valuable one. It helps my coach (Dean Golich) and I figure out when I need more or less of a certain form of training and mark progress or find areas for improvement. Analysis of power profiles from races can highlight inefficiency (wasted energy) as well massive efforts.

+ What does technology bring into bike racing?

Technology is one of many assets that can be harnessed to your advantage as a bike racer. From data analysis to developing superior equipment, technology gives us better tools to work with.

+ Did you like math and science in school?

Not particularly, but it was all kind of the same to me.

+ If you have a college degree, (or currently in the process) what is it in?

Bachelors of Science in Economics from Vanderbilt

+ If you could do one thing with AI (artificial intelligence) besides fight malware, what would it be?

Give it to someone in my corner that knows far more about it than me and trust him/her to use it wisely.

+ What is your super power?

I think we all have those days where we go beyond the limits we set on ourselves, and it feels as though we have super powers. Although I don’t know what those powers would be.

+ What is your most memorable day on the bike?

My European stage wins. They were so unexpected and came at a hard time—it was an unreal feeling.

+ What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you on a bike?

One of my TT start ramp crashes—probably the one at the US Pro Challenge.

+ What is your favorite pre-race or post-race meal?

Oatmeal + banana + peanut butter + honey. Anytime, but always at breakfast.

+ What is one piece of advice you would give to another up and coming cyclist or fan?

Be open to guidance and change, but limit how many people you really trust for advice or knowledge.

+ Favorite songs or playlist to listen to while training or warming up?

Pop music. Sometimes I’ll find one song and play it on repeat.

+ When you think of your happy place, where is that?

I love high altitude, with Colorado Springs and Mammoth Lakes being my favorite locations.

+ You are stranded on a desert island and have to choose one thing to have with you. What is that?

My Cannondale, of course! It could get me around to find food etc.

+ What is your favorite race and why?

The Giro. 2016 was a rather brutal experience with far too many crashes, and yet I can’t wait to get back in 2017.