Name: Joelle Numainville

Racing Age: 29

Specialty: All arounder

Nationality: canada

Hometown: Montreal

Residence: Montreal

Birthday: 20-11-1987

Height: 5’9

Strengths: I don’t give up

PRO Since:  2006

+ What inspired you to start bike riding/racing?

I started racing mountain bike just for fun with friends

+ What inspires you every day to get on your bike?

My goal is to be the best of myself

+ What does inspire to achieve mean to you know?

To be in the podium at Worlds Championship

+ How do you use data for your training and racing?

The data that I get from my SRM specially help me to improve my training

+ What does technology bring into bike racing?

It improves my performance. At the end of the day, cycling is faster with this technology

+ Did you like math and science in school?

Science wasn’t super easy class but I had a tone of fun learning

+ If you have a college degree, (or currently in the process) what is it in?

I have a business degree and Im doing my master at the moment in finance

+ If you could do one thing with AI (artificial intelligence) besides fight malware, what would it be?

I wont have to cook and get my perfect dinner every day at home.

+ If you weren’t bike racing, what would you be doing?


+ What are your favorite pastimes and hobbies outside of bikes?


+ What is your favorite pre-race or post-race meal?

Mexicain food

+ Favorite songs or playlist to listen to while training or warming up?

Celine Dion

+ When you think of your happy place, where is that?

At the beach