Is Biking Good for Your Butt?

Is biking good for your butt? This is one question you are probably curious about, which is why you have landed in this article. Read on and learn from the valuable insights we’ll be sharing in this short guide.

If you are one of the many people not gifted with a big butt, do not fret! You can consider different solutions to make your behind look bigger. And no, we are not talking about expensive surgeries or implants. Rather, we are talking about biking.

You are probably aware of the many benefits of cycling. It is good for the environment because it does not have carbon emissions. You can also save money. Most importantly, it is good for your health. Cycling is a great way to stay in shape, and that includes your butt!

Is Biking Good for Your Butt?

Is Biking Good for Your Butt

YES, cycling is good for your butt! However, allow us to be honest here. It is not a magical solution. The result will not be the same across different individuals. Most importantly, it may not necessarily make your butt look larger. However, it can improve its shape, as a result of the toning and firming benefits one can enjoy from cycling regularly.

The Anatomy of Your Butt

If you want to try cycling for buttocks, then it is important that you know the different muscles on your butt. Here’s a quick look at the three muscle groups that make up your rump.

Gluteus Maximums

This is the biggest of the three muscle groups in your butt. It is responsible for the extension of your hip and rotation of your legs.

Gluteus Medius

It is a pork-chop shaped muscle that you can find sitting near your pelvis. This will abduct and rotate your leg inward.

Gluteus Minimus

As the name implies, it is the smallest of the three muscles. It is located under the gluteus medius.

What Muscles Do You Use When Riding a Bike?

What Muscles Do You Use When Riding a Bike

While we are in the subject of butts and bikes, it is also important to talk about the muscles that you are working out in every ride. This section will focus not only on your butt muscles but will also talk about muscles from the other parts of your body that will propel your movements on the bike.


These are the muscles that you will find in the front of your thigh. Once you pedal, these muscles are activated. The harder you pedal, the harder these muscles will be working. When pushing the pedal downwards, these are the muscles that exert the most effort. They are easily targeted during a ride since it is almost impossible to ride without pushing the pedal down. Hence, even the simplest movements will strengthen these muscles. By having stronger quadriceps, you are improving your muscular balance while also reducing the possibility of an injury.


These muscles are at the rear of your thighs. They are also used when you are pedaling. Most of the effort is exerted when you are pulling the pedal as it returns to the starting position. This is as against the quadriceps that are worked out more when you push the pedal. It is important that you always do a complete pedal stroke, making sure that the hamstrings are used efficiently and effectively. Using pedal toe clips can also help in maximizing your pedals so that your hamstrings are improved.

Gluteal Muscles

There are three groups of these muscles – gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. These are also the muscles that are directly related to your behind. So, if you would like to work on your cycling butt, these are the muscles that you should be focusing on. The gluteus maximus is your body’s strongest muscle. It allows the movement of your hips and thighs, making it crucial for your mobility.

What Can Biking Do to Your Butt?

There are many ways by which bikes and booty are related. Below, we’ll talk about some of the things that cycling can do to your butt.

Helps to Lose Fat

If you have excess fats around your buttocks, they will not look good. Unlike muscles that are firm, fats are saggy. Biking is a good way to help losing fat. It raises your metabolic rate, allowing your body to lose weight quicker. You will lose fat in almost all parts of your body, and this can help in making your butt look better, even if not necessarily bigger.

Strengthens Your Muscles

The glutes are the biggest muscles in your body, and one of the best ways to strengthen them is to bike. The stronger your glutes are, the easier it will be to propel your movements while on the bike. It will also support your lower back and prevent knee injury. Best of all, it will enhance your athletic performance.

Tones Your Muscles

When your muscles are toned, they will look better and bigger. In contrast, when the muscles are not strong, your skin will look lose and lack shape. So, if you want the illusion of having bigger butt, then you will need to tone your muscles, and this is one more thing when biking proves to be beneficial.

Tips and Tricks for to Get A Big Butt on Bike

Tips and Tricks for to Get A Big Butt on Bike

If you want to improve your butt while biking, below are some of the most important things to keep in mind.

Use Your Glutes When Biking

Start by visualizing every pedal stroke, and in every movement, make sure that you see your butt working. Picture every push on the pedal as a single-legged squat. This will force your body to use your glutes.

Maintain the Right Cycling Position

Efficiency is important when working your glutes, and one of the best ways to achieve this is to position yourself properly on the bike. From your back to your arms, maintain the proper stance. This way, you will be using your muscles properly, and this can help in improving the shape of your butt.

Stand Up when Climbing

If you are tackling an uphill climb while on your bike, it is a good idea to stand up. By not using the gears and relying on your muscles instead, your glutes will be working harder, and this will have a greater impact on your ass. As you stand, try hard to keep your torso as upright as possible.

Take a Break

Avoid too much strain on your body and muscles by taking a break. On the times that you cannot bike, take any other exercise or activity that can help you stay in shape. More so, you need to take a rest to let your muscles recover.

The Best Ways to Get a Bigger Butt

The Best Ways to Get a Bigger Butt

While you can work on having big booty riding bikes, this isn’t the only thing that you can do. Before we conclude this post, allow us to leave you with some tips on how you can have bigger buttocks beyond cycling.

Change Your Diet

Your food consumption has a direct impact on the shape of your butt. If you want a larger butt, you should be mindful about your diet. It is important that you focus on the foods that will increase muscle growth and strength. Some of the staples in your diet should be salmon, eggs, flax seeds, legumes, brown rice, avocados, and protein shakes.

Plan Your Exercise

The best thing that you can do is to exercise regularly. However, it should not just be any exercise. For the best outcomes, below are some of the exercises that you should incorporate in your workout routine.

Walking Lunge with Weights

It builds and tones your glutes while also working on your quadriceps. This exercise is heavy on the knees and ankles, so make sure your body can handle such demand. Assume the starting position by holding the dumbbells in both of your hands. Stand with your feet slightly apart then move your left foot about two feet forward. As you move, bend your knees slightly and reach the ground. Stand up and repeat the procedure on the other foot. While doing this exercise, make sure to keep your back as straight as possible.

Jumping Squats

This plyometric exercise will strengthen not only your glutes but also your calves, quads, and hamstrings, among other muscles. Start by standing in a squat position with your feet just slightly wider than shoulder-width. Slowly lower your body until your thighs are almost parallel to the floor. As you go lower, position your arms in front, drawing your palms together. Slowly jump, trying to go as high as three inches from the ground. Return on the floor with soft and bent knees.


Does cycling build buttocks? Now that you are done reading, we hope that you are already aware of the answer. Yes, riding a bike helps improve your butt. However, it does not necessarily make it larger. Instead, what it does is that it improves and strengthen the muscles, resulting in an overall better shape. So, if you are unhappy with the way your butt is, now is the time to turn to cycling!