How to Record an Indoor Cycling Ride with Strava

If you run or cycle, chances are, you are familiar with Strava. It will help you keep track of your fitness activities. While it is more commonly used outdoors, some people are unaware that it can be equally functional when you are indoors. Whether you are on good recumbent exercise bikes or good  upright exercise bikes, read on and we’ll let you know how you can use Strava for recording your rides.

What is Strava?

Before we start outlining the steps for recording your ride, let’s quickly talk about what Strava is for those who are unfamiliar. Strava is a Swedish word, which means to strive. It is also an app that allows users to record their physical activities, especially running and biking. Aside from recording, you can also share it to your friends. Plus, the app has other entertaining features, such as the ability to compete in various races. It is free to download, but to unlock the full potential of the app, you will need a paid subscription.


How to Record an Indoor Cycling Ride with Strava Through the Website

There is no way to tag indoor cycling in Strava, but that does not mean that you cannot use it when you are in an exercise bike. To record your ride, take note of the steps we’ll briefly talk about in this section. In these steps, you will be manually recording the ride in Strava’s web interface. Meaning, your movements will not be automatically detected by the app since you are recording it on the website.

Log-in on Your Account

Assuming that you already have a Strava account, the first thing to do is to log-in. It can also ask for your Facebook or Google credentials, depending on what you have previously used for accessing the app.

Log-in on Your Account

Add a Manual Entry

On the website, look for the plus symbol with a small circle around it. Upon clicking, you will see a drop-down menu. Choose Add manual entry.

Add a Manual Entry

Enter the Details of the Ride

At this point, you can now manually input the information about your indoor cycling ride. Under tags, choose Indoor Cycling. Fill in the fields, such as distance and duration. Add the date and time as well. You can also add a suitable title depending on your ride. Once you are done, click Submit. Your ride will now show up on your account.

Enter the Details of the Ride

Using The Mobile App for Recording your Indoor Ride

Aside from manual input through the website, you can also use the mobile app. Take note that there is no Indoor Cycling option that is available on the app. Nonetheless, doing the steps below will allow you to record your ride regardless of the type of exercise bike that you are using.

Using The Mobile App for Recording your Indoor Ride

Open the App

Grab your mobile phone and input your log-in credentials. You will be asked to input your username and password.

Hit the Record Button

Now that you are on the app, tap the record button. It is on the middle of the lower screen. After clicking the button, you can now choose a sport. There is no option for Indoor Bike, so it is best to choose Workout instead.

Connect Your Heartrate Sensor

If you have a heartrate sensor, pair it with the app for more accurate information about your workout. You can connect it through Bluetooth Smart.

Start Cycling

Once everything is ready, start indoor cycling. Make sure to click the Start button on the app, which you will find at the bottom of the screen. You will see the elapsed time and your heartrate on the app.


Monitoring your progress in a fitness bike is crucial. Aside from adding indoor cycling on Fitbit, you can also add it on Strava. As noted above, you can do so manually through the website or choose the Workout option to record your ride through a mobile app.