How to Choose an Exercise Bike

An exercise bike is one of the must-have equipment for your home gym. It is effective for low and medium-impact exercises. Depending on your routine, it can work out your legs, arms, and core, among other parts of the body. To fully unleash its benefits, however, you need to choose the right one. Read on and we’ll share some practical tips that will help you pick the right exercise bike for your needs and preferences.

Set Your Budget

Not anyone will have the luxury of financial resources to afford high-end and feature-rich exercise bikes. Start by determining how much you can realistically spend for such fitness equipment. More importantly, stick to your budget. If you want something affordable, look for a model with basic features. You might even want to considering buying a second-hand exercise bike if you want to save money. However, do not be tempted to compromise quality for price.

set your budget

Know Your Goals

Why are you buying an exercise bike? This is one of the first questions that you should answer, which will also make it easier to narrow down the possibilities. If your goal is to strengthen leg muscles and train for a race, you will benefit from good upright exercise bikes. They will mimic what it feels to be in an actual bike outdoors. Meanwhile, if physical rehabilitation is your goal, go for good recumbent exercise bikes. They have a back rest and forward pedals, which will allow you to sit in a more relaxed position. If you are after portability, choose good foldable exercise bikes, which are lightweight and compact. You can easily move it from one place to another.

know your goals

Evaluate the Parts

It is also crucial that you look at the parts of an exercise bike, which will be reflective of overall quality and performance. See to it that each part is well-made and comfortable. This section quickly looks at some of the parts to evaluate.

evaluate the product


The size of the seat should match the user. It must have several adjustments, especially in terms of height. Plus, you must be able to customize the front and rear positions depending on how you will be sitting when exercising. The cushioning is also vital, which will impact your comfort, especially as you become more aggressive when you pedal.


This is the part that you will be gripping when exercising. It should be slip-resistant and ergonomic. The adjustments are also important, so you can position it depending on the optimal alignment. Most handlebars will be equipped with a sensor, which will determine your heartrate and other important information when tracking your progress.


A backrest is important if you want to be more comfortable. This is a common feature in an exercise bike for low-impact exercises and physical rehabilitation. You will also find it in fitness bikes for seniors. Nonetheless, if you want to feel like you are riding outdoors in a conventional bike, then you should opt for a model that does not come with a backrest.


The pedals are where you will be putting your feet as you cycle. Many will have straps or clips, which will secure the foot regardless of how hard you are cycling. Some pedals will also offer varying adjustments to meet the requirements of the user.


Exercise bikes will have different types of resistance, such as magnetic and fan. Choose one that matches your goal and space requirements, among other things. The resistance is important because it dictates how easy or intense a workout is. It is best to choose one with an adjustable resistance, allowing you to tailor-fit the workout to your goals.

Test the Exercise Bike

Before making the final purchase decision, it is crucial to test it out. This is easy if you are buying from a physical store. Sit on the bike, cycle, and see how it feels like. If you are not comfortable, look at other alternatives. If you are buying online, read reviews and learn from the real-life experiences of other people.

Test the Exercise Bike

Review the Warranty

For your peace of mind, choose an exercise bike with a comprehensive warranty coverage. The minimum warranty should be one year. It is better if the warranty is longer. Within the warranty period, you can expect free repair or replacement parts, among other things. Read the terms and conditions to be sure about the inclusions.



With too many options, choosing an exercise bike can be overwhelming. Especially if you are a first-time buyer, it is tempting to choose the cheapest available option. Nonetheless, it is crucial to thoroughly evaluate the possibilities. From determining your budget to assessing the different parts, consider the things that are mentioned above to help you make the right choice.