Guardian Kids Ethos BMX Bike Review

What is the best bmx bike for kids? As parents, we all want the best bike for our kids: a well-designed, kids-specific bike that’s safe, comfortable, dependable, and easy to use, without costing a fortune. That’s where the 20-inch, 6-speed Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos comes in. Read this article to know more about it.

Features and Specifications

Lightweight Design

The Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos has a lightweight aluminum frame that allows your kid to stay in control and remain stable when riding, without sacrificing the frame’s durability. The Guardian Bikes® backs up the frame with a 30-day trial and lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry about replacing a defective bike frame.

Kid-Specific Geometry

The Guardian Bikes® designed this bike with your kid’s safety and comfort in mind. It has a low, step-over height, making it easier and a lot safer to get on and off the bike. The extended wheelbase naturally flexes to improve stability and comfort. They also used kid-specific components, particularly the crank arm, handlebar, grips, pedals, and saddle.

SureStop Technology

The concept behind the SureStop Technology is simple: One brake lever controls the front and rear wheels, allowing faster braking (by up to 44%) and even distribution of front-rear brake force to prevent head-over-handlebar accidents.

Note: The Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos doesn’t have coaster brakes. If you really want a BMX bike for kids with coaster brakes, you might want to add the Dynacraft Browning Men’s Leather Slug Belt to your to-consider list.

Wheels and Tires

The Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos is equipped with double-walled rims, which markedly increase the strength of the wheels. The road tires, which measure 20 by 1.50 inches, offer great performance in the streets, park, or trails, without causing any serious issues. They’re so easy to balance and ride.

6-Speed Gears

The Guardian Ethos is equipped with 6-speed gears and Shimano shifter. This means your kid will have more energy to go on longer rides with family and friends. A 6-speed bike is a good choice for novice or recreational riders who mostly ride on flat terrains, with occasional light hills.

Multi-Point Safety Inspection

The Guardian Bikes® boasts of their 34-point safety inspection, which ensures you receive an almost completely pre-assembled bike that’s truly road worthy. It takes around five minutes (or longer) to add the other parts of this bike, depending on your handy skills.

Rider Height

This is a 20-inch model that fits boys and girls who are around ages 6 to 9 and 114.3 to 134.6 centimeters (3 feet and 9 inches to 4 feet and 5 inches) in height. To buy the right size for your kid, please refer to the sizing chart on their website.

It’s equipped with a quick-release clamp, so it’s easy to adjust the height of the seat to fit your kid’s height as he or she grows up with the bike. You can adjust the seat height between 20.8 and 26.8 inches (small) or 22.5 and 28.5 inches (large).

The Good

Truly A Kid-Specific Bike

The Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos is specifically built to fit a child’s proportions. That’s why it would make a great starter bike for young riders.

The single-lever hand brake fits a kid’s hand perfectly and is easy to use. And, as previously mentioned, it has a step-through frame design, so it’s easy to get on or off the bike fast. The lightweight aluminum steel frame is only around 20 pounds. To compare, the Elite 20” BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle is 26.2 pounds for the same 20-inch frame size.

Brake System Works as Promised

You can have peace of mind that the brakes of the Guardian Ethos will stop on a dime, as advertised. Most consumers didn’t need to tighten any cables or make other adjustments. In fact, they feel the brake system of this bike are highly satisfactory, even without coaster brakes.

A Well-Made, Comfortable Kids’ Bike

In general, the Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos is a good-quality BMX bike for the affordable price. Its brakes, frame, pedals, wheels, and other parts seem to be well-made and are functioning properly.

The overall design of the bike perfectly fits well young riders (6 to 9 years old, up to 4’5” tall). Although you might want a 16-inch bike, like the Elite 20” & 16″ BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle Bike, if your kid is less than 48 inches tall.

Like other Guardian bikes, the Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos is guaranteed safe and fun to ride. View the latest deals.


The Bad

Problem in Gear Shifting

This is one of the most common complaints of consumers—gears not shifting up or down properly. A few people had to pay their local bike mechanic to make the bike work. It turns out that you can’t down shift or up shift while in motion, so you have to stop the bike to do it, which isn’t good.

Too Heavy for Some Kids

This bike might be too heavy for younger kids. Depending on your kid’s size, you might want to check other beginner BMX bikes that weigh less than 15 pounds. In general, many find the Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos to be lightweight and easy to use.

May Not be the Safest Bike

At least that’s what a few consumers say. They were complaining about the front tire that keeps swaying from side to side, making it hard to balance. One possible reason for this is spokes that are too loose.

Who Is It For?

This 20-inch version of the Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos is a good choice for parents who want a lightweight and budget-friendly bike that can be adjusted to fit a growing kid. It’s more for cruising on flat, paved roads, so if your kid loves doing BMX stunts or racing, you might want to select a different BMX bike to suit his or her needs.


We don’t really expect a BMX bike under $500 to have the highest quality parts or to last for decades. Overall, the Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos seems to be a good starter bike for 6- to 9-year-olds (depending on their height) for the price.

Common reasons people love it:

  • Assembly is fast and easy.
  • It allows kids, even those considered “bird-boned,” to pedal with ease, as long as they don’t go up semi-steep hills.
  • The brakes with SureStop Technology work as promised.
  • The frame and saddle are just the perfect height, so a small rider won’t have trouble riding a 20-inch bike.

Get your little one the Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos with SureStop Technology today. View the latest deals.