Finger Lakes Cycling Club – Best Bike Club in Ithaca, New York Review

Whether you are a new or seasoned biker, joining a cycling club is a good idea. With tons of choices available depending on where you live, it is hard deciding which club is best to be affiliated with. If you happen to be from Ithaca, New York, then there is one name that you should know – Finger Lakes Cycling Club.

What is a Cycling Club?

A cycling club is a membership organization or society for cyclists. It can be a national or local association. The size can vary. In the case of Finger Lakes Cycling Club, it has a small roster of members but a tight-knit community. Cycling clubs organize several events, such as group rides, fundraising events, and even local competitions. It is also a social group, providing members the opportunity to meet new friends and widen their network.

About Finger Lakes Cycling Club

Established in 1971, the Finger Lakes Cycling Club is based in Ithaca, New York. They offer different types of membership, including one for senior and youth. Being a member gets you exclusive access to in-house events and organized rides, among other things. They are also selling club merchandise and organizes advocacy meetings.

Reasons to Join a Finger Lakes Cycling Club

Looking for compelling reasons to join the likes of Finger Lakes Cycling Club? Below are some of its most notable benefits!

Build Your Network

If you want to widen your network, then joining a cycling club is a good idea. This is where you can meet new people, and some of them can be your closest friends. You might also close a business deal with someone you meet at a cycling club!

Learn from the Experts

You will be surrounded by people who have passion and expertise for cycling. In turn, you can learn a lot of things from these people. You might even find a cycling mentor. In time, you will be better with the help of the other members.

Discover Routes

Cycling clubs also provide a great way to uncover unfamiliar territories. By joining the club’s rides, you will find new routes. Maps and elevation profiles are shared. There is always something new for you to discover.

Join Organized Rides

The club offers weekly rides. If you are a non-member, you can join the first two rides without any obligation. After the two rides, however, you need to sign-up for membership, which will also unlock the full benefits of your participation. There are group rides on different days, as well as for members of different interests. There is even a ride that is exclusively for women.

Enjoy Activities Beyond Cycling

While the focus is on cycling, this club is well-rounded, so you can have fun enjoying other activities as well. For instance, the Cayuga Sound Festival is held annually at the Stewart Park. They also have volunteer activities and social gatherings. Make sure to check their calendar often so that you won’t end up missing the fun.

Participate in Club-Sponsored Clinics

Speaking of activities, the club also sponsors clinics throughout the year. This is an opportunity to learn more about bike handling and maintenance, among other things. The clinic also talks about improving your biking strategies and nutrition.

Support an Advocacy

Another good thing about joining the Finger Lakes Cycling Club is the opportunity to support different advocacies. For instance, they have partnered with Bike Walk Tompkins. They are advocating for improved bike rails and traffic enforcement, among other things.

Enjoy Discounts

If you want to save on bike merchandise, then you have another good reason to join the Finger Lakes Cycling Club. One of the membership perks is that you can enjoy markdowns on jerseys, jackets, and other bike accessories available. They have also partnered with local bike shops and stores where you can be eligible for discounts as well.

Different Rides for Everyone

With your membership at Finger Lakes Cycling Club, you will also enjoy different rides. These rides are available in different categories depending on your availability and interests.

Saturday Road Rides

This no-drop ride is perfect for those who are looking for a low-impact ride. It starts early in May and runs until October, as long as the weather cooperates. A member of the club volunteers to lead the participants in every ride. Rides are classified in terms of terrain and speed. Your bike needs to be in a good condition, and you must know how to change a flat tire before participating.

Sunday Rides

One of the club’s main weekly activities, it is open for everyone interested. However, it seems that it attracts more experienced riders. This is because you need to keep up with the group. Otherwise, if you cannot follow their speed, you will be left behind. The group will not wait for you. If you are unsure if you. Can do this, it is best to try the Saturday Road Ride first. A cue sheet or digital map will be provided so that you can be familiar with the route.

Women’s Road Rides

As the name implies, this ride is exclusive to women. It happens every Wednesday from spring to fall. There are four or so routes and the rides happen in rotation in these routes. There are three groups of riders joining the event. Group A is the fastest, riding on an average of 15 mph. Group B, on the other hand, rides at a moderate pace of 13 to 15 mph. Meanwhile, the slowest riders are at Group C, riding 10 to 12 mph on average.

Youth Rides

This is an exclusive event to young riders. This is a great way to have a formal introduction to cycling while also meeting like-minded individuals. It happens every other Saturday of the cycling season. The routes are customized to ensure their compatibility even with the slowest riders.

Get In Touch

If you want to know more about the Finger Lakes Cycling Club, don’t hesitate to contact one of their representatives. They are headquartered in 114 Monroe St., Ithaca New York. You can get in touch with them through phone at 907-279-1128.