RPM2 and Cylance Pro Cycling Athlete, Alison Tetrick, Discuss the Effects of Fatigue on Range of Motion and Symmetry — Cylance Pro Cycling

Throughout the 2016 season Cylance Pro Cycling athletes have been conducting product testing for RPM2, along with their traditional power data collection. It was during this product testing that a discrepancy in one of our rider’s results was noticed. The injury hasn’t prevented Alison from becoming a world class professional athlete, so she put it behind her until RPM2 noticed there was a clear difference between her right and left leg symmetry.

As a professional athlete, it is important to note the varying days during testing.  Not only do you need to monitor training and racing schedules, but also fatigue and injuries from crashing.  During completing testing, Alison not only competed in stage races, but also completed hard training days.  It needs to be monitored when these tests occurred to also take note of the generalized fatigue from the racing and training as well as potential injury.  Alison is recovering from a shoulder injury sustained in Norway.  This has impeded her range of motion and thus affecting some of the tests.  The shoulder injury makes it more difficult to balance and also has decreased flexibility and utilization in the arm.  Like most injuries, they do not occur in a closed environment.  With injury also comes other compensating actions that could also change range of motion, flexibility, and force.  It will be interesting to continue to monitor Alison’s progress as she gains strength and mobility in her arm and also continues to work on overall balance.

RPM2 is a remote and wearable footbed device initially designed to assess symmetry of athletes. Additionally, RPM2 is the world’s first and only footbed running and cycling power meter. “It is our goal to help athletes achieve higher performance and mitigate injury through proper mechanics, and RPM2 now gives coaches and athletes the ability to augment training to achieve better results”.

Alison is already in the middle of the 30-day testing protocol and will be sharing some of her exercises on her social media. RPM2 will be working with Cylance Pro Cycling to analyze her results on a weekly basis.

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