Revolutionary Multisport Power Meter RPM2 Teams Up With Cylance Pro Cycling to Measure Effects of Crashing on Rider Symmetry and Range of Motion — Cylance Pro Cycling

Throughout the 2016 season Cylance Pro Cycling athletes have been conducting product testing for RPM2, along with their traditional power data collection. It was during this product testing that a discrepancy in one of our rider’s results was noticed. “I spent 10 days doing repeatable power tests using different cadences and efforts,” said Alison Tetrick. “I noticed a power discrepancy between my left and right leg.  I had noticed this before in training, because I would often favor one leg over the other. After I submitted the daily tests to RPM2 to help with the development of their product, the brains behind RPM2 asked if I had ever suffered an injury to my right leg.”

Alison suffered a traumatic injury during the 2010 season where she broke her pelvis and continued to feel lingering issues from the accident to this day with her power output and symmetry. “Turns out the data doesn’t lie,” added Alison, “even if you try to ignore it!”

The injury hasn’t prevented Alison from becoming a world class professional athlete, so she put it behind her until RPM2 noticed there was a clear difference between her right and left leg symmetry. “Since this injury,” continued Alison, “I have had great results and been able to train and race at the highest level even through the uneven power distribution. The injury has caused discomfort on the saddle as well as some limited power output while riding.”

Having noticed this balance issue, RPM2 suggested Alison be included in a very specific round of testing focusing solely on range of motion exercises off the bike. “We want to look at the reproducibility of range of motion in athletes like Alison,” said Keith Hill, Retail Market Manager for RPM2. “We created a protocol which will monitor Alison’s range of motion and her symmetry over time,” added Keith, “and through these exercises Alison should experience an improvement that will correlate to an increase in her power output on the bike.”

Without a measurement tool like RPM2 we would not be able to scrutinize Alison’s injury with such accuracy, however, Keith is quick to remind us Alison is not testing inside a vacuum. “Working with such a professional athlete like Alison is a huge opportunity for RPM2,” continued Keith, “however we are fully aware that crashes could affect the results, though we should see a quicker recovery through these range of motion exercises.”

Alison is already in the middle of the 30-day testing protocol and will be sharing some of her exercises on her social media. RPM2 will be working with Cylance Pro Cycling to analyze her results on a weekly basis.

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