Hip Flextion Exercises and Increasing Body Symmetry with RPM2 and Alison Tetrick — Cylance Pro Cycling

Throughout the 2016 season Cylance Pro Cycling athletes have been conducting product testing for RPM2, along with their traditional power data collection. It was during this product testing that a discrepancy in one of our rider’s results was noticed. The injury hasn’t prevented Alison from becoming a world class professional athlete, so she put it behind her until RPM2 noticed there was a clear difference between her right and left leg symmetry.

This week we’re looking at one of the most important objective measurements, body symmetry. Body symmetry is important because poor balance can lead to a loss of power output on the bicycle through uneven output and an increased risk of further injury. Getting Alison back into the general norms of side to side equality is the goal of the RPM2 testing protocol.

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