Foot bed power meter giant, RPM2, continues to gain traction, lowering production costs and passing savings onto customers

RPM2 pioneered the force based foot bed training device that measures both running and cycling power, as well as assesses symmetry of the athlete. RPM2 offers a thin pair of insoles that operates with Android and iOS smart phones and is ANT+, and .FIT compatible that can upload directly to Training Peaks.

“Distribution grew significantly over the past year and we’ve worked hard to make improvements in all facets of business.  As a result, I’m proud to say, our product is continuing to get better and our production costs have come down.  Therefore, it’s our goal to pass those savings onto the consumers so more athletes can experience training with power” states, Johnny Ross, Founder of RPM2.  As part of the cost savings RPM2 is offering the first 500 customers a special price $399.00 USD, making this the most competitively priced power meter on the market today.

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Additionally, RPM2 has worked closely with Author, Jim Vance, in supplying him with RPM2 technology for his upcoming bookWe are eager to see the final product of his upcoming book “Run with Power” by Jim Vance (VeloPress). Keith Hill, RPM2 Retail Sales Manager, states “We are excited about Jim’s book and how running with power will revolutionize the way athletes train with power, similar to what has been seen with cycling power meters. Additionally, RPM2 now affords athletes the ability to measure and train with power, both off and on the bike.”

The science of cycling with power has long been established, whereas running with power is relatively new and still developing. RPM2 has partnered with Olympic Legend runner, Michael Johnson, Olympic Cycling Silver Medalist and Former World Record Holder, Dotsie Bausch, and 2X Xterra and ITU World Champion, Lesley Paterson. Johnny Ross, CEO and Founder of RPM2 states “We have collected great data on many elite and professional athletes during the development of RPM2, and we now want to develop a “data building platform” from all types of athletes with the support of our customer base as our goal is to make RPM2 the most unique and best product in the world.”

RPM2’s unique ability to measure gait, power, force distribution, and range of motion affords coaches, bike fitters, retailers, and athletes the ability to improve symmetry and over all athletic performance. Ross states “We want to help bike fitters with on and off the bike assessments during the fit process so they can help their athletes achieve greater power and efficiency. We also want to support the thousands of coaches with absolute evaluative data to remotely coach to performance, as well as provide our retailers the ability to use RPM2 for shoe fitting and assessments of their customers.  We encourage coaches, bike fitters, retailers and athletes to inquire about becoming an authorized reseller.

MedHab, LLC, a privately held athletic and medical device company focused on the development of unique rehabilitative and sport-enhancing tools. The wireless smart insole tracking system technology was originally developed for MedHab’s steprite™ device to remotely monitor patients undergoing physical therapy for leg injuries. steprite™ provides healthcare professionals a way to customize physical rehabilitation protocols to meet each patient’s unique need, while minimizing imbalances and the overall risk of future injuries.


Order RPM2 inserts and receive a signed copy of Jim Vance’s “Run with Power” book before this limited offering ends. To secure your $399 price, RPM2 is providing the following customer code: RPM2POWER (ßall caps).