Doris Schweizer, Sheyla Gutierrez deliver solid results at Giro Rosa

After a 10-day stage race covering 533 miles and totaling more than 23 hours of racing, Cylance Pro Cycling’s Doris Schweizer finishes 14th in General Classification and Sheyla Gutierrez finishes 17th among Best Young Riders.  

Sheyla Gutierrez, 22, placed top ten in three stages of the Giro, including the last stage, where she came in 7th among a stellar field of the world’s best cyclists. Gutierrez’ future shows great promise, as she competed with seasoned veterans who took top honors. Megan Guarnier and Evelyn Stevens, two U.S. racers and Rio Olympic Games selectees, placed 1st and 2nd at Giro Rosa, while Dutch racer Anna Van Der Breggen claimed 3rd.

“I can fight for a better result,” Gutierrez said, smiling. “But top 10 is not bad!”

Doris Schweizer, who recently won the Swiss time trial and road race at her National Championships, delivered a 7th place finish for the technical and hilly Giro Rosa time trial.

“The TT-course was really challenging because it started with a 3km-flat section,” says Doris, “followed by a 3km climb (around 6% average). Then we had a short downhill followed by the 2nd climb (around 2km/8% average). This was a very important point because your legs are sore after not pedaling and going straight into a climb full gas. From the start I felt terrible & thought ‘I am not doing well’ but I could see the rider in front of me, which was a good sign. And I know that when I have this feeling, I am fast!”

Cylance Pro Cycling’s Krista Doebel-Hickok also performed well, finishing 31st overall in this epic stage race. For Rossella Ratto and Valentina Scandolara—the team’s two Italian riders—the Giro did not go as planned. While both women are renowned as two of the best racers in the pro peloton, both Ratto and Scandolara abandoned the Giro on July 6th to take care of personal injuries, including tendonitis and mid-season fatigue. For both Italians, this was a difficult but smart decision to stop racing the Giro. Ultimately, it’s good for the team, as we wouldn’t want to risk losing Scandolara or Ratto rest of the year due to injury! Rest well, and see you both back on the roads soon.

Up next, Cylance Pro Cycling will send one squad to UCI Cascade Classic and one to UCI WWT La Course by Tour de France. The end of July will showcase some of the world’s best pro racing, and Cylance Pro Cycling will be on hand at both venues.