Cylance Pro Cycling's Doris Schweizer wins 2nd consecutive Swiss TT Championship - Sheyla Gutiérrez Repeats U23 Spanish TT Champ

Doris Schweizer wins second consecutive Swiss National Time Trial Championship

On Wednesday, Doris returned to racing in her native Switzerland for the national time trial championships, an event she won just one year ago. Coming from a tough Aviva Women’s Tour, Doris wasn’t certain where her form was, but she knew the course and used that to her advantage. Doris sent in this report for how the day went:

“Yesterday was a tough day for me! I wasn`t recovered 100% from the Aviva Women’s Tour and the TT course was very technical: narrow & bumpy roads, full of corners, a crazy downhill & lot of wind! I had some terrifying traffic on the first kilometers, so I started pretty slow in the tailwind, up the climb I found a good pace. I took the downhill very slow to not risk anything and the last part in the tailwind I wasn`t fast, because I wasn`t able to drive smooth through all the left & right turns. But I knew that you win this race in the 2nd half, where we found a strong headwind and finally some straight roads - yay! I powered through this section and finally found the good legs. I didn`t know anything about the times, but I knew that I lost a lot of time in the downhill & corners, but also that I had a very powerful 2nd half, so I went full gas to the finish line - and yeah, I almost crashed in a traffic sign in the last corner - uh, that was close!  

As defending champion, I was the final finisher and I heard the announcer say “best time,” so I knew I WON! Wooow! I was very very happy because it`s the first title I am able to defend! It`s always easier to win a title than to defend it, and even though I had a bad day, I was able to defend! 

I really want to thank my teammates for all their motivating words because I`ve been doubting my strength a lot during last week and they believed so much in me!! But first of all I want to thank my DS Manel Lacambra for all his support since last year and of course my coach who always has the feeling for when he needs to push me and when he needs to stop me! A huge part played also Martin from BikeFactory Aarburg AG who prepares my bike whenever I need it! And last but not least I want to thank the most important person in my life, my boyfriend Kilian for all his support he gives me every day! I am so happy that he followed me and I could finally give this win to him and Cylance Pro Cycling! THANK YOU!”

Rank   Rider                          Team                          Time

1             SCHWEIZER Doris                 Cylance Pro Cycling              31:01

2            HANSELMANN Nicole           Cervélo-Bigla Pro Cycling       0:11

3            STIENEN Jutta                                                                        0:27

Sheyla Gutiérrez Repeats as U23 Spanish National Time Trial Champion

Sheyla Gutiérrez finished 4th on the podium Spanish Time Trial National Championships, just 47 seconds off the winner—to whom she placed 2nd last year—but Sheyla once again claimed the U23 jersey in her home country. Showing that her form is still strong coming off the Aviva Women’s Tour, Sheyla moved up in time from last year’s placing. While she placed 2nd in her time trial championships in 2015, Sheyla was 59 seconds back to Anna Sanchis. This year, Sheyla closed the gap to 47 seconds. As a young pro rider, Sheyla’s future looks bright!

Rnk      Rider                                    Team                            Time

1          SANCHIS Anna                      Wiggle High5                  27:59

2          RODRIGUEZ Gloria                Lointek                            0:37

3          GARCIA Margarita Victoria    Bizkaia-Durango             0:44

4          GUTIÉRREZ Sheyla                Cylance Pro Cycling         0:47