Cylance Pro Cycling State-of-the Union Update

Shelley Olds and Kathryn Bertine Return From Injury - Doris Schweizer and Sheyla Gutiérrez Claim Road Race National Championships

Team racing stronger than ever; Shelley Olds and Kathryn Bertine recovering well from crash-related injuries.

At the six-month mark of Cylance Pro Cycling’s inaugural year, great strides are in the making for this Women’s World Tour professional team. In the past month, every member of the team pulled their weight in domestique/teammate roles to help Cylance riders reach new heights. Rossella Ratto and Valentina Scandolara stood atop the podium of UCI Winston-Salem, while Krista Doebel-Hickok climbed to 9th place at UCI Philadelphia International Classic, Sheyla Gutierrez garnered many best young rider UCI points/finishes, and Shelley Olds started the season with the most consistent top-10 finishes of any professional rider.

While wins and high-placing finishes are a successful pinnacle for any new team, the celebratory world of professional cycling comes with the troublesome caveat of crashes and injuries. Cylance Pro Cycling’s Shelley Olds and Kathryn Bertine both sustained crashes involving head injuries. Luckily, each rider has not only survived, but shown a unique, personal tenacity in overcoming injury. Both athletes are focused on coming back to the peloton after wisely prioritizing time to heal. Olds, who crashed in early March and sustained a head injury in addition to three herniated cervical spine discs, tendinitis, bursitis and arthritis, offers insight on her recovery.

“Well, I would say that I have finally turned a corner, but I don't want to get ahead of myself. It's really all been about taking it slow and one day at a time… But I believe I am at a point where I am truly moving forward now, “ Olds says. She is currently staying in South Lake Tahoe at high altitude as she rehabs her injuries, and was able to ride and train again two months after the crash.
“I have done everything in my power and control to heal and rejoin the team. There is nothing I would like more. I will continue to rehab and seek medical treatments for all of my injuries and work daily on a full recovery!” Olds adds, noting that her return to racing will begin in July.
Less than a month after Olds’ fall in Europe, teammate Kathryn Bertine encountered a serious injury at UCI Vuelta Feminil in Baja, Mexico. A mid-peloton pile-up caused by another rider’s fall vaulted Bertine to a head injury that nearly ended in devastation. Immediate seizures resulted from two broken bones in the skull, creating a life-threatening situation on the race course, where the doctor in UCI caravan took action and got Bertine to hospital in just enough time. For the next 2.5 weeks, Bertine was hospitalized in La Paz, Mexico and Tucson, Arizona. After two months, the neurological (and broken right clavicle) healing progressed to a point some medical professionals label “lucky” and “miraculous.”

“I don’t remember the crash,” Bertine says, “But I do know that I’m very lucky to be alive! I have followed my doctors’ orders for self-care, healing, resting, regaining physical strength and neurological advancements. I understand how serious this crash was. It truly amazes me that I’m able to ride and train now, and that there is still a chance for me to race. Especially in my last pro season before retirement! To stand on the start line in my Cylance kit will close the chapter of this accident, bring a victory to surviving and hopefully inspire others that we all have the power and possibility to overcome our injuries.”
Bertine, just like her determined teammate Olds, plans to return to the Cylance roster in July.  We’re fortunate and thankful they’ve both regained their health.
From the managers, directors, sponsors and partner of Cylance Pro Cycling, we believe our team has given an exceptional, inaugural six months of results that go far beyond the podium. We won races, but we also “won” a roster of athletes who embody what it means to be passionate, professional and driven. Whether a race yields wins or injuries, our cyclists inspire us all to overcome obstacles and embrace the journey of sport. At Cylance Pro cycling, we’re excited to see what the next six months have in store!

Cylance Pro Cycling's Doris Schweizer Earns Her Second Swiss Road Race Crown to Match her Time Trial Champion Jersey

Sunday in Martigny, Switzerland, Doris Schweizer matched her gold medal from Wednesday in the Swiss Time Trial National Championships by taking the red Swiss Champion's Jersey in the Road Race. Doris made her way into the race's final selection of 8 riders with one lap of the course to go and then made a solo bid for victory which ultimately proved successful. "I am very happy with this victory," added Doris, "because, even though I realized quickly that I was the strongest, often these races on difficult circuits are the hardest to win! I am particularly pleased to finally be able to give my team two victories, and, of course, this gives me additional motivation for the Giro Rosa in July!"

Sheyla Gutiérrez Second in Spanish Road Race National Championships; Claims U23 Jersey

Not to be outdone, Sheyla Gutiérrez, followed up her U23 Spanish time Trial Championship Jersey with a big result in the Spanish National Road Race Championships by earning a silver medal. Sheyla's effort ultimately earned her the U23 Spanish National Road Race Champion's Jersey."Proud to earn two gold medals in the Spanish National Championships," said Sheyla, "but I am still not finished. I will return stronger next year  thank you all!"