Cylance Pro Cycling partners with RPM2; the world’s first footbed power meter.

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Cylance Pro Cycling has joined forces with RPM2, a medical device company that has created the world’s first footbed power meter. The footbed, which was originally designed for lower limb physical therapy and diabetic foot neuropathy, soon found a new home in the endurance sports community.

“We saw a unique niche for a remote, wearable product that could help athletes achieve optimal performance,” says RPM2 CEO, Johnny Ross. “Through gait analysis and distribution assessment, we can use our technology to mitigate injury and see where muscular breakdowns occur.”

With the ability to measure four impact points per foot, these unique soles can deliver actual power output for each foot, as well as overall power. Users can then assess discrepancies in an athlete’s individual limb strength and overall position, essentially giving the user two power meters in one. All data can be obtained through the easy-to-use app, and calibrates to and/or is compatible with ant+, dot fit, wireless, iOS, android, apple, Strava, Training Peaks & Bluetooth.

“Cylance Pro Cycling is very excited to work RPM2 in developing its innovative product,” says Omer Kem, owner/manager of the Cylance Pro Cycling team. “Our athletes have access to a fantastic tool for improving as cyclists, and in turn RPM2 receives the feedback of professional cyclists they need to further their cutting edge foot beds.”

RPM2 is currently working with Cylance Pro Cycling, gathering data from some of the world’s top athletes. This new, revolutionary approach to power is a game changer in the cycling industry, and will ensure a better power meter experience for beginners and experts alike.

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