Cylance Pro Cycling and RPM2™ head to Amgen Tour of California

In January 2016, two brand new companies—Cylance Pro Cycling and RPM2™ —joined the world of professional cycling. Cylance Pro Cycling, a newly created women’s professional cycling team. Focused on the Women’s World Tour calendar, entered the 2016 season as the #1 ranked USA women’s professional cycling team in the world. RPM2™ entered the cycling market place with the first footbed power meter for cyclists and endurance athletes. Both organizations dedicated to the development and success of their brands and invested in the mission of Cylance Pro Cycling, to develop world class athletes and give them the tools needed to achieve success. As a team, they are thriving working together and are incredibly excited about the upcoming Women’s Tour of California from May 19-22, the first USA Women’s World Tour event of 2016.
Four months after the start of the 2016 season and seven Women’s World Tour races across the globe in 2016, Cylance Pro Cycling’s roster for their first stage race in the U.S. at the 4-day Amgen Tour of California will include Krista Doebel-Hickok (USA), Alison Tetrick (USA), Rossella Ratto (ITA), Valentina Scandolara (ITA), Sheyla Gutierrez (ESP) and Doris Schweizer (SUI). Johnny Ross, CEO and Founder of RPM2™, states “I could not be more excited about our relationship with Cylance Pro Cycling. To work with such incredible athletes at this stage is surreal. As well, I am very excited that the Cylance Pro Team riders will be providing routine social media updates during the week. Fascinating!”   

Follow a rider:
Doris Schweizer: @DorisSchweizer
Sheyla Gutiérrez: @Sheyarcoiris
Alison Tetrick: @AMTetrick
Rossella Ratto: @RattoRossella
Valentina Scandolara: @ValeScandolara
Krista Doebel-Hickock: @KristabelDH
Cylance Pro Cycling will be using RPM2™ throughout the race which is the world’s first foot bed cycling and running power meter.  RPM2™ also assesses range of motion and performs gait analysis in an effort to help athletes achieve symmetry and correct mechanics on and off the bike.
“Working with RPM2™ has been very exciting for Cylance Pro Cycling. We have been able to utilize the athletes to help with product development and work closely with RPM2™ on their brand identity, engaging with cyclists around the world via social media. It’s an exciting time for the team and RPM2™ as we come to race in the USA for the first time since beginning this work together.” Says Omer Kem, founder of Inspire Sports and Cylance Pro Cycling.