12 Best Tricycles For Toddlers 2020 Review

When it comes to living as a parent, it’s a challenge when your children are toddlers. Just as they have passed the baby age and are beginning to learn to see, hear, and listen, you definitely need to take care of them as they grow. This will especially be true when you look for tricycles that they can ride.

Also called trikes, tricycles are 3-wheeled vehicles that many toddlers love to ride for fun and leisure. Seeing as how they’re still young and small to ride the big bikes, tricycles give them a sense of happiness because they’ll be able to stretch their bodies and ride with wheels as they grow.

But then, what will be the first tricycle you’ll get for your toddler? If you’re a bit stumped on that, don’t worry, you can read about the best tricycles for toddlers we’ve reviewed just for you!

Best Tricycles For Toddlers Review

Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer & Stroll TrikeRadio Flyer Deluxe Steer & Stroll

While the name of the brand that made this tricycle sounds like some rad cool radio station, you’ll be quite amazed with the Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer & Stroll Trike. This baby tricycle has a lot going for it starting with the great-looking design that has really shows the quality all the way.


It might have you wonder: Will this tricycle keep your mind in peace? Not to worry, this Radio Flyer tricycle already has safety in full swing with a removable handle. This means if you’re worried that your toddler might get into accidents, you relax and know that you can have the handle attached so you can make sure they won’t happen.


Fret not, you can remove the handle if you’d like the toddler to explore more. Another cool feature are the pedals. hey may look ordinary but it actually acts as footrest for parents too. Besides this, it’s got a great adjustable seat, a covered storage area, and molded wheels for smooth riding so this definitely makes it the best toddler tricycle with push handle.


The only downsides with this tricycle are it doesn’t have a brake system and there are no seat straps on the seat so you’ll have to be very careful.


  • Great design
  • Adjustable seat
  • Includes a removable handle


  • No brake system
  • Doesn’t have a seat strap

Fisher-Price Harley Tough TrikeFisher-Price Harley Tough

When you see the name Harley Davidson, the motorcycle comes to your mind because its signature vehicle is timeless. So it’s going to be a surprise when you have a good look at the Fisher-Price Harley Tough Trike.

This boy tricycle is one of the cool tricycles in the market to get because the Fisher-Price company asked Harley Davidson to let them make a design for a tricycle. But is there more to this trike than just the popular company logo? Yes, its design has a lot going for it. It’s got great handlebars that will make it easy for a toddler to grip as they make their ride. The trike even includes a cool secret compartment right under the seat so if you plan to have a toddler to have their snacks, you can hide it right there.

Its color scheme is a nice pro for this tricycle because it really gives you the feeling that if Harley Davidson was alive right now, he’d let his own toddlers ride something this cool and wicked. It’s quite the trike that even other parents will wonder just how it became possible.

So far, the only con we can see with this trike is that it may come off as being too big for some toddlers. This is because it may look small in pictures but it’s actually bigger than expected. But if you’re confident your toddler can ride, then you got yourself the one of the hot wheels tricycles that has the spirit of the Harley Davidson!


  • Sports a unique design that echoes Harley Davidson along with the logo
  • A nice secret compartment
  • Great handlebars


  • Might come off as being too big for some toddlers

Little Tikes Perfect Fit 4-in-1 TrikeLittle Tikes Perfect Fit 4-in-1

When it comes to getting the best tricycles for toddlers, it pays to be considerate of how old they are. After all, you can’t get a tricycle that’s too big or too small. That’s why Little Tikes decided to go innovative and go with the Perfect Fit 4-in-1 Trike.

The Little Tikes Perfect Fit 4-in-1 Trike is one of the best tricycle for toddlers to get. Why? Because it’s designed to let you and your toddler grow through the 4 stages of growth. This is where you can adjust the trike’s parts in a way that as they begin to grow, you’ll be able to help them ride the trike with confidence. So if you’re looking for a tricycle for a 2 year old or the best tricycle for a 4 year old, look no further.


Among other features include an adjustable seat, a canopy for protection from sunshine and other harmful things, and a seat strap. It also includes the pedal so that you can let your toddler ride on their own, and the parent handle so that you can steer the trike yourself for your toddler’s safety.


The cons we’ve seen so far are the straps may be too big for toddlers especially in early stages, there may be a risk where the tray that holds your drink will not hold it steadily, and the seat might be tough on some toddlers.



  • Great design to let you help a toddler grow through the stages
  • Has a canopy for good protections
  • Includes a parent handle to let you steer the trike



  • Straps may be too big for some toddlers especially in early stages
  • The tray that holds your drink will likely spill when making turns
  • Seat has been known to be a bit rough on some toddlers


Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N TrikeRadio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll 'N

If some tricycles are too feminine for you, get the Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike instead. Similar to the Little Tikes Perfect Fit 4-in-1 Trike, this tricycle has been designed so that as you grow with your toddler, you’ll be able to let them ride the trike through various ways based on their age.

So what makes this adjustable tricycle great and different from the previous trike we talked about? Its parent handle has been designed so that it makes it easier to steer and handle without too many issues. It’s also got a removable safety tray, an adjustable seat, and a 3 point harness. It also includes a canopy so that when you’re going through sunny trips, your toddler won’t feel too much heat.


The downside to this trike, though, is it doesn’t have a footrest. This can be an issue because if you’re concerned your toddler may try to use the trike on their own when you’re taking breaks on your trips, you won’t be able to stop them. But if you can handle the issue, you’ll find this tricycle will put a smile on your toddler’s face!


  • Parent handle designed for easier handling
  • Strap is nicely designed
  • Has a removable safety tray


  • No footrest

Schwinn Easy Steer TricycleSchwinn Easy Steer

The company Schwinn is known for making great hybrid bikes so it’ll be quite a surprise to see them venture into the toddler tricycle market with their Easy Steer Tricycle.

The Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle is one of the top rated tricycles to go for because it has a nice and slick design that really gives off the vibe you’d expect from Schwinn while also making sure your toddler gets a feel for riding the trike. It’s even got a great-looking removable parent handle that has the looks of your typical road bike. Are there other great features that make this Schwinn tricycle spectacular? Yes! Among them include the EVA tires, a dump bin, and a removable steering system to help the toddler pedal when you want them to.


The downsides we’ve seen so far are the front tire can be a bit noisy, so if you’re thinking of making quiet trips, you’ll have to deal with the sound and the seat strap isn’t easy to remove so you may need to keep it off when you’re riding with your toddler.

All in all, the Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle is a great trike go with if you can deal with the noise.


  • Slick and cool design
  • Removable parent handle
  • Cool removable steering system


  • Noisy front tire
  • Seat strap a bit too difficult to remove

Radio Flyer Classic Tricycle with Push HandleRadio Flyer Classic with Push Handle

Most children tricycles these days try to add a little zest into the design. It’s up to the point that they’re beginning to look just silly now. But then there’s the design that, for a time, had a look that now can labeled as classic. If you’re looking for that, you can get it with the Radio Flyer Classic Tricycle with Push Handle.

This trike with handle sports the classic design of the best trikes back in the good old days with its steel frame. From its really elegant handle bars to the colors, this tricycle gives off the retro vibes that will make you see it shine in the trips you’ll go through with your toddler.

The tires are also a big plus because they’re made of real rubber, so your toddler will have smooth trips when they’re riding with you with one of the best tricycles with rubber wheels. To top it all off, it’s got a nice removable push handle to go with it so if you need to go through a safety mode, you can do it right away.


The only con we can see is the assembly may be a bit tricky especially when it comes to the handlebars but don’t worry, you’ll be able to get this all done without too much of a sweat.


  • Sports a classic design
  • Has a nice steel frame
  • Removable push handle


  • Assembly may be a bit tricky

Angeles MyRider Midi Trike BikeAngeles MyRider Midi

It’s a fact that the safety preparations are on a high with tricycles these days. From the parent handles to the seat straps, the tricycles got everything for safety mode. But if you want a tricycle that’s been built to let your toddler explore actively and let them experience the ride without having too much safety parts on, you can go with the Angeles MyRider Midi Trike Bike.

This big kid trike is very different from because it’s got a durable design with steel frame. It’s also been created as a way to let toddlers who are aged 3+ to ride and explore with an adventurous spirit making it one of the best tricycles for 3 year olds.


But then if it doesn’t have the safety parts of the best kids tricycles, does it mean safety was forgotten? Don’t worry, it was still considered. Its secret lies in the tires which were made to be solid and sturdy so even when you don’t have a parent handle or a strap for your toddler, there’s never a chance for them to trip and slide.

The only downside that we can see with this tricycle is it can be a bit difficult to pedal which can mean your toddler might have a hard time doing some riding time. Otherwise, this trike will be a great way to let you and your growing toddler have an adventurous time.


  • Durable design
  • Sturdy and stable tires


  • Toddler might have difficulty pedaling about

Big Wheel 48727 Tricycle 16-InchBig Wheel 48727 16-Inch

Tricycles for kids these days are always on high seats. It’s nice and all but it can be a little too common. So an alternative for a toddler to ride uniquely can be pursued with the Big Wheel 48727 Tricycle 16-Inch.

This tricycle is a uniquely-designed vehicle because it goes for the low seat. It also sports the classic big front wheel that will really show just how much presence it has on your trips. It’s designed with the unique Grow With Me 3 Position adjustable seat so as your toddler grows riding, you’ll be able to change the seat however you see fit in their growth. This can also make it one of the best low tricycles to get.


With all that being said, what can be the only downside you’ll need to deal with this big wheel tricycle? Because it has a classic and nostalgic look to it, many features from the other best trikes aren’t featured with this. So this means there’s no parent handle, no storage areas, and no seat straps among other things. You’ll also have to deal with some safety issues.

But if you can handle the risks with your own solution and let your toddler ride the big wheel like the good old times, you’ll have a winner.


  • Sports the big wheel
  • Has the Grow With Me adjustable seat
  • Goes for a low seat design that really stands out


  • Lacks the many features that ensures safety for toddlers on trips

High Bounce Extra Tall TricycleHigh Bounce Extra Tall

A lot of toddlers grow bigger than usual, so it can be a drag when the tricycle you’re buying is a bit too small for your growing toddler. That’s why you should go with the High Bounce Extra Tall Tricycle.

This tricycle’s name can make you wonder: Is it just for show? No, because compared to many tricycles in the market, this one is taller by 2 ½” which makes it a big kid tricycle. This can be an advantage when you’re taking care of a growing toddler. Expect that with this tall trike, it has an adjustable seat that you can adjust as your toddler grows through the stages. Among the other features that make this great tricycle are the EVA tires, which can make trips easy and smooth with stability, easy-to-grip handlebars, and durable pedals for easy steering.


The only downsides we’ve found with this big kid trike are it only has one color option, it doesn’t come with a parent handle, and assembly may come off as a bit too much on your part and it will consume your time.


  • Taller than most trikes
  • Has an adjustable seat that’s great for growing with a toddlers
  • EVA tires with pedals and handlebars


  • Only has one color option
  • Assembly will take your time
  • Doesn’t come with a parent handle

JOOVY Tricycoo 4.1 Tricycle

There are some tricycles that may be risky to havJOOVY Tricycoo 4.1e your toddler use if you’re concerned for safety especially when they lack some safety parts. Enter the JOOVY Tricycoo 4.1 Tricycle. It looks very different from most tricycles because it almost resembles a stroller. Don’t worry, this push tricycle for toddlers has enough great features to make sure you’re getting more than your money’s worth. From the nicely placed canopy to the stable parent handle, this tricycle was made for safety in mind.


What are the other features of this great trike? It has a nice adjustable seat that can be adjusted as your toddler grows and a set of pedals so if you feel like letting your toddler take a nice ride on their own, you can do so. To make sure this tricycle amazes you, you can even remove the other safety parts so by the time your toddler is old enough to seat on their tricycle, you can see them do it all with joy.


The only downside we can see so far with this tricycle is that while assembly is a-ok, it may come off being flimsy because it’s been known that some parts may not be jolted tightly even if it looks like it is. So it’s best to make sure the parts are all placed nicely to prevent any future accidents.




  • Design built with safety in mind
  • Has the grow with me seat for toddler’s growing




  • Assembly of parts may come off as flimsy


Radio Flyer Deluxe Big FlyerRadio Flyer Deluxe Big Flyer

The Big Wheel Tricycle is a nice model to have  to let your toddler experience the lower seat, but its color scheme may not suit them. Don’t worry, the Radio Flyer Deluxe Big Flyer can give you a great alternative.


This Radio Flyer trike sports a similar design to the Big Wheel Tricycle but it’s been custom-made so that it has the resemblance of a chopper along with a nice and classic red color scheme that just echoes a charming vibe. Aside from having a cool adjustable seat, it also features chrome handlebars. This is a big plus because this means your toddler can grip their tricycle tightly without their hands slipping.


The downside seen so far with this boys tricycle is it lacks some of the safety parts included in other tricycles, so you’ll need to make sure safety measures are done so your toddler can enjoy a spectacular ride with tis one-of-a-kind tricycle.




  • Sports a classic red color scheme with a sleek design resembling a chopper
  • Has chrome handlebars
  • Adjustable seat




  • Lacks some of the safety parts included in standard tricycles

Radio Flyer Classic Red 10″ TricycleRadio Flyer Classic Red 10

The Radio Flyer Classic Tricycle with Push Handle, the tricycle that sports a classic look with a steel frame, is a great buy. But if you’re looking for a tricycle that looks similar but has different things underneath, find it with the Radio Flyer Classic Red 10″ Tricycle.


This tricycle resembles the Radio Flyer Classic Tricycle with Push Handle but there are many differences. First, there’s no push handle with so you won’t be able to steer this tricycle. Second, its tires are made of rubber. Unlike the other tricycle, this makes for some rides on smoother. Third, its frame is a steel body which means this tricycle is way sturdier and more stable than the other tricycle.


The downsides to this classic tricycle are that it’s smaller than the other model so it may not be good for big toddlers and with the lack of a parent handle and footrest, it’ll be a challenge to get any safety measures implemented.



  • Sports the classic look just like the Radio Flyer Classic Tricycle With Push Handle
  • Has significant differences in material and design that make it very sturdy


  • Lacks the push handle and footrest so it can be tricky if you want to steer your toddler for safety
  • Smaller than most tricycles so may be not be good for big toddlers


How To Choose Good Tricycles For Toddlers

Getting your toddler a tricycle is definitely going to be a great experience because you’ll give them a chance to explore the world as they pedal their way (or steer them with the parent handle if you got worries). But before you cash in and get one, it’s a good idea to know how to choose the good ones. You can’t just get one that looks cheap and end up being a scam. You need to be vigilant when getting a good tricycle because in the long run, your toddler will be happy and safe without any injuries. So how do you go about this? Here are the ways in doing that…

Take Note Of A Toddler’s Current Age

When getting a good tricycle, it pays to know the toddler’s current age. This is because some tricycles are designed based on the age range of toddlers. Some are designed so that as a toddler begins to grow, the parts can be adjusted such as the seat. There are some tricycles that made with the knowledge that a toddler is already at a certain age to ride it. A good example of this are the tall tricycles. By knowing the toddler’s age and their size, you’ll be able to find the right model and know the correct tricycle age.

Consider Safety Measures

Another factor to consider when buying the best baby trike are the safety measures. The world can be a great place to explore, but you can’t just let a toddler who might be still early in growing explore right away. So in this case, take note of the measures: Does the toddler need a helmet? Do they need to be steered first by someone before they learn the pedaling? Are straps necessary? Once you’ve understood what measures are needed, you can look for the model that suits them. It also pays to know where to buy a tricycle so you’re sure the measures have been considered.

Find Out If You Need The Parent Handle

This is a factor that’ll be important to consider because as a toddler explores the world, you got to know: Will you need it as they’re learning to use a tricycle? Just as you’ve considered the safety measures, it’s a good idea to know if you’ll need the handle so that when you’re letting the toddler ride, you’ll have an idea if they need some assistance or you can let them explore a bit on their own. This can also help if you’re looking for a push tricycle for toddlers instead of the ones that don’t have the handle.

Ask Yourself If You Need The Other Features

As you’ve read earlier, some child tricycles include some neat features such as secret compartments and trays to hold cups. But before you go for it and get those, you need to ask yourself if you need them. This is because while they are neat features, they may not be necessary when you’re taking toddlers on trips since there’s a small chance you need to actually store something, let alone have your good cup of coffee. But if they’re really needed, make sure to go with the ones that are integrated well without being too much of a hassle later on.

Look For The Design That May Suit The Toddler

When you’ve already considered the toddler’s age, you’ll already get an idea of what is the best tricycle for them. But then there will be times when even a suitable tricycle doesn’t quite match the toddler. From the design to the features, it’ll not have the looks that really show their charm to the world. So it’s a good idea to look for the design that suits them. Is the toddler the      individual who is cheery and giddy? Are they the type who likes to explore the world? Do they prefer to be steered and feel safe? Are they the kind that likes to have their toys kept in a nice storage? Do they like to learn step by step and have the pedals as a nice teaching instrument? Get the design that really speaks for them.

Check If The Grow With Me Seat Is Okay

As you’ve learned reading some of the toddler tricycles reviews earlier, they have the grow with me seats which make them a 4 in 1 tricycle. These are seats that can be adjusted accordingly as the toddlers grow. From the early months of their lives to the later years, the seat won’t stay stable. But make sure to check that they’re good because some of these seats may come off as being too uncomfortable for the toddler. There are even some that don’t have the straps you require for safety so be vigilant in picking the tricycle that has the grow with me seat that is perfect for the toddler to sit on.


Definitely an important factor to remember is the price of the good tricycle you’re going to get. Your budget may differ from other parents so you have to be certain what you can afford. As you take into account the other factors discussed here, check how much the certain tricycle you’d like to get will cost.


When you’re looking for one of the good tricycles for toddlers, make sure you’re getting a good quality vehicle. While some tricycles look nice in pictures, it may be all a blunder because it’s know that some parts are flimsy or that the way a trike was assembled isn’t what the manufacturer said it would be. So always consider the quality to make sure the tricycle you’re getting is able to be worth the price you’re paying it for.


Another factor to check on when you’re getting the good tricycle is the warranty. It may not come off as important but in the long run, it’ll be something you’ll need to remember when parts of a tricycle will come off or aren’t as sturdy as you may have thought before. By having knowledge of warranty, you can make sure to keep the tricycle spic and span and prevent future issues.


Finally, make sure to know the assembly time of the tricycle you’ll get. Some tricycles may look easy to assemble, but they’ll suddenly be difficult to put together because either they had horrible instruction manuals or the parts aren’t of the best quality. Once you have an idea of assembly time, you’ll be able to find the good tricycle your toddler needs!



Toddlers grow up and see the world with their eyes. And in time, they’ll come to ride the tricycle or trike in their lives to experience something that will last with them forever. But you can’t just get the ordinary tricycle: You need to get the best tricycle that will suit them.

From the standard to the unique, the best tricycles for toddlers will show you that there is something for everyone. Whether you need the kind that will let you steer with a push handle to the one that can let your growing toddler ride with confidence, the best tricycles will be a way for them to live with a smiling, adventurous spirit.