11 Best Road Bike Saddles For Long Rides 2021 Review

Several reasons may force you to take a long ride on a bike. For instance, resistance training, racing, and exploration are good examples.

The structure, padding, and size of your bike’s saddle can make cycling over a long distance comfortable or unbearable.

Thus it’s vital to choose the best road bike saddle for long rides. So, if you wish to do away with the constant pain in your rear end, and enjoy every minute of your journey, don’t just settle for any saddle.

Instead, invest in the most comfortable bicycle saddle. For that reason, take a look at our top collections that have delivered impressive performances:

Best Road Bike Saddles For Long Rides Review

Supacaz Ignite Titanium Bicycle Saddle

Supacaz Ignite Titanium Bicycle Saddle

The Supacaz Ignite Titanium bicycle saddle for men picks on the anatomic intelligence technology and blends it with a short nose design. Accordingly, it delivers a seat that feels comfortable to perch on for a long ride.

Besides, it allows you to assume different sitting postures and yet still enjoy a comfy ride. Furthermore, the manufacture avails the Supacaz men’s bike seat to measure 145mm wide.

But for the flexibility of size, the bike seat is available in two sizes. Also, the color-conscious cyclist won’t be disappointed by its four color options

Its outermost surface features a seamless pure polyurethane material. So it not only injects a cool appearance but also gives it the ability to provide a good grip in dry and wet conditions. You won’t have to worry about slipping off the bicycle seat.

Beneath the polyurethane is the generous padding featuring the Kush foam technology. From the nose to the tail, the seat bike boasts an even cushion that happily covers the seat rivets.

At the base, super-stiff carbon and hollow titanium round rails of 7 x 7mm provide sufficient support. Such hollow material offers dual benefits; cuts down on weight and infuses some degree of flexibility into the saddle bicycle seat.

Besides feeling sturdy the ergonomic relief cutout at the center helps to reduce the pressure and numbness from the seat.


  • Even padding from nose to tail
  • Offers good grip in both dry and wet conditions
  • Multiple color options available
  • Visually appealing


  • Slightly heavy at 255grams



Fizik Open Performance Bike Saddle

Fizik Open Performance Bike Saddle

Sometimes when you take a long ride on a bicycle, it leaves you with a numb feeling on the sensitive tissues. Fizik understands how irritating that feels. So it rolls out the Fizik Open Performance Bike Saddle that promises to solve that discomfort.

The Fizik road bike seat features an open cut way at a strategic position. Therefore, you can sit on it for long hours without it exerting undue pressure on you. Despite such a cutout, the ergonomic bike seat still feels robust.

A 7mm K premium rail provides the necessary strength to the saddle. But since it’s rustproof, sturdy, and light, it has the potential to last long. Furthermore, at the core is the composite carbon nylon reinforced shell that also reinforces its toughness.

The design of the Fizik bike seat distributes the rider’s weight evenly across the saddle’s surface. Its outer cover material is of a durable Microtex that stretches on its entire length.

On top of the durable Microtex, the saddle bike seat also features a composite nylon shell material. When combined with the comfortable foam the racing bike seat gets a considerable boost in its level of protection and longevity.

The cycling seat measures 274 x 140mm and weighs 215grams only. While cycling, your thighs usually make contact with certain parts of the saddle. Therefore Fizik uses Wing Flex technology to ensure that the wing regions are supple.

For the flexibility of choice, the Fizik mtb saddle is available in three different styles. That includes Antares, Aliante, and Arione.

So if you classify yourself as a chameleon type rider and possess medium body flexibility, then the Antares styled saddle fits you. It allows you to move freely and realize your ideal comfortable power spot.


  • Comfortable for long hours riding
  • Doesn’t promote a feeling of numbness of soft tissues
  • Has a centrally cut out area
  • Flexible wings
  • Sturdy carbon-reinforced shell


  • Open cutout not ideal for some cyclists



Fizik Tempo Argo R1 Saddle

Fizik Tempo Argo R1 Saddle

You don’t need to put up with a long ride on account of an inappropriate bike chair. Instead, you can make every mile of your journey relaxed by choosing the most comfortable bike saddles such as the Fizik Tempo Argo R1.

It champions in the short nose design that gives it the ability to offer plenty of ischial support. As a result, it promises you high stability on the road. Besides, it gives you plenty of seating space from its 150mm width. In case that doesn’t fit you, then you can choose the broad 160mm size.

Its shell combines carbon nylon reinforced material and stiff carbon rails of 10 x 7 mm. The inclusion of carbon helps to cut down on weight without compromising strength. Such a mix enables it to deliver as a comfortable endurance bicycle saddle.

On either side of the saddle’s edge, the seat employs Wingflex technology that gives it relative flexibility. Therefore, the bicycle’s saddle adapts well to the movement of your inner thighs. Also, the seat has a unique structural shape that positions you at a better cycling angle.

As for the padding, it features the progressive padding technique using type 2 foam. That means some parts of the seat, like the sit bone that experiences more pressure, has extra padding. When you further consider that the foam has a low compression modulus, then you’ll appreciate it as the best commuter bike saddle.


  • Dual sizes
  • Sturdy light carbon rails
  • Ergonomic cut out space
  • Flexible wings


  • Compatible with bikes that have rail clamps of 7 x 10mm only



Fabric Scoop Pro Saddle

Fabric Scoop Pro Saddle

A road bike should display a high level of comfort and sturdiness, and Fabric Scoop Pro Saddle looks promising in both features. Its framework boasts 9mm oval carbon fiber rails. Hence it feels light but strong enough to tolerate an adult’s weight over a long distance.

Considering that it has a length of 282mm and a width of 142mm, it gives a spacious seating allowance. And best of all, Scoop designs the saddle in the diverse shape of shallow, flat, and radius.

Each shape has a unique curvature from tail to tip. For that reason, it accommodates cyclists of different body shapes.

For the picky cyclists, the road bike saddle accommodates various interests with its diverse color options. At the same time, Fabric designs the saddle in 3 varying styles; elite race, pro, and ultimate.

The base of the cycle seat is of a light, flexible, and comfortable nylon. Dense polyurethane foam then embeds to it and accordingly delivers superior cushioning and waterproofing to the microfiber shell fabric. The overall result is a bike saddle that shines both sturdiness and comfort.


  • Available in diverse colors and styles
  • Has a spacious seating area
  • Remains comfortable in pavements
  • Fits many types of bikes
  • Soft and flexible


  • It has a unique clamping profile of oval-shaped rails



Ergon – SR Pro Carbon Ergonomic Comfort Bicycle Saddle

Ergon – SR Pro Carbon Ergonomic Comfort Bicycle Saddle

If you need a specialized saddle that has an ergonomic design that favors the woman’s anatomy, then give Ergon – SR Pro a chance. Even while pedaling at high speed; it has smooth side flanks that effectively cut down on the friction between your legs and the seat.

From the surface level, the bicycle saddle contours to the females’ anatomy and distributes pressure on the sit bones. As a result, it cuts down undue compression from the genital area thus making one of the most comfortable bike saddles for women.

At the same time, the seat positions you to a forward inclined cycling posture and, also gives you maximum support. The forward-tilted pose and central cut-out feature decrease the numbness from the perineum region too. Furthermore, it also encourages unrestricted blood flow in the same region.

The Ergon employs a microfiber cover on the outer surface. That gives it a more sturdy design, easy to clean, and hygienic at the same time. Furthermore, it uses orthopedic AirCell foam. Accordingly, it feels light in weight but injects superior comfort, support, pressure distribution, and better damping.


  • Easy to clean and hygienic microfiber
  • Encourages an aerodynamic posture
  • Relives pressure from the perineum zone
  • Minimum friction while cycling


  • You can mistakenly sit extremely rearwards on it



ISM PN 3.0 Saddle – Men’s

ISM PN 3.0 Saddle - Men's

From resistance training, road cycling to triathlon, the ISM PN 3.0 Saddle – Men’s has a design that supports all. And it does so while positioning you for speed without compromising comfort.

Its overall size measures 255 x 120mm. Many bicycle seats promise to deliver comfort and support but fail in the real test. The ISM PN 3.0 seat for bikes uses the nose free design.

Accordingly, it eliminates pressure from your soft tissues. Also, it maximizes the free flow of blood, reduces numbness, and makes every part of your journey enjoyable.

The best bicycle seat must offer adequate support to the rider. That’s why ISM features stainless steel rail. Besides superior strength, it also has sufficient rust proofing. Overall it presents a relatively wider tail compared to the tip.

For that reason, the road bicycle seat fit freely within your legs. Besides, it has a tapered edge mold that exaggerates its comfort. So owing to the narrow chassis, you’ll hardly feel its presence between your legs as you cycle.

Due to the outstanding hamstring and thigh clearance, the ISM bike chair gives you free body movement, reduces chafing, and friction. As you pedal hard to achieve high speed, the racing bike saddle also supports you in every way.

For instance, it has an auto racing-inspired vent framework. So as the intensity of the training heightens, the vent keeps you cool and also provides passage for smooth flow of perspirations from your back.



Selle SMP MTB Saddle MTB/Touring saddle Stratos

Selle SMP MTB Saddle MTB-Touring saddle Stratos

Even from its look, the Touring saddle Stratos presents a dazzling look. Its dark color and the boldly printed stylish logo add to its appeal. From its structural design, the Selle saddle makes an ideal bicycle seat for mtb or road cycling.

A cool bike seat that exerts undue pressure on your perineum region makes long rides unpleasant. Therefore the Selle SMP MTB Saddle uses a unique design to counter such discomfort.

When you give it an aerial view, you’ll notice it has a generous central cut-out feature. At the same time, it also presents the split design from the tip to the tail. The two features combined make Selle SMP MTB Saddle relive unnecessary compression on the perineum region.

Besides, the split bicycle seat employs turned down nose structure. So it further cuts down on the compressional force between your legs and boosts stability too. A saddle’s framework greatly influences its core strength.

Hence the Selle SMP road bike seat uses the tubular steel frame structure. The hollow steel thus injects twofold benefit. It gives the seat superior sturdiness while still maintaining a lightweight.

Some saddles present a deceivingly comfortable nature for the first few minutes. However, when subjected to prolonged ride, they fail to maintain the soft texture. On the contrary, the Selle bike chair has foamed elastomer padding.

On top of that, its rear features extra padding thus feels very comfortable. Then on top of the foam padding is the durable nap leather covering. Considering the Stratos leather bike saddles weighs 250g only, it light enough to suit road cycling and mountain bikes.


  • Striking appearance
  • Great in relieving perineum pressure
  • Durable steel frame
  • Extra padded


  • Pricey



Selle SMP Extra Saddle

Selle SMP Extra Saddle

An ill-designed and inadequately padded saddle results in an excessive force on the soft tissues. Furthermore, it discourages the free flow of blood and as a result, leads to numbness. When you choose Selle SMP Extra Saddle, you won’t have to put up with such stress.

That’s because it boasts an ergonomic shape that cuts down on unwarranted pressure. First, its nose has a downturned shape. That means no excessive pressure on your genitals as you cycle.

Also, such shape boosts support and stability. Moreover, the strategic central cut out also contributes significantly to its overall comfort and reduced nerve compression.

Looking at the synthetic cover combined with foamed elastomer padding, it looks promising in terms of durability. The nylon mixed with carbon fiber and the steel rails finally nails its superior support and strength in different roads.

Both sides of the wings edge down and feel smooth. Combined with the generously cutout center, it gives you a relaxed, chaff-free, and adequately aerated seat. That’s why commuters and recreational riders will find it a good bike seat.

Even when you have a large body size, the Selle SMP mtb saddle fits you owing to its large size of 275 x 140mm.


  • Generous cut out midsection
  • Split typestyle
  • Downturned nose
  • Minimal friction


  • Has the significant weight of 395grams



Selle Italia Novus Superflow Endurance TM Road Bike Saddle

Selle Italia Novus Superflow Endurance TM Road Bike Saddle

From female to male cyclists, the Selle Italia Novus is a bike to consider. When you want a mountain bike saddle that can support you effectively on resistance training, then it’s a viable choice. Its framework boasts a mixture of manganese and Chromoly.

One of the prime areas where most mtb saddles fail is alleviating numbness on soft tissues. However, Selle Italia Novus doesn’t fail on that feature. It does that using anatomic cut-out and blending it with a light gel layer.

The result is a seat for bikes that offers unparalleled flexibility and comfort on soft tissues. At the same time, the injection of the gel layer awards the saddle significant vibration dampening ability. If you commute daily on a bicycle, then besides comfort, you also need a sturdy saddle.

On the same note, the Selle Italia road bicycle saddle blends a special cover material called Duro-Tek. The unique technical cover material feels very light but sturdy enough to tolerate the daily abuse of cycling.

Take the bike seat to on and off roads, and it still delivers as the best bicycle seat in terms of comfort. Majorly that’s due to the superflow cutout that minimizes the level of discomfort that always arises on long rides. Besides the well-thought cut-out, Selle also features an extra neoprene padding layer.

Consequently, you can cycle and shift comfortably on the saddle without developing inflammation of the skin. So it forms one of the best bike seats for commuters.

Unlike other ergonomic bike seats compatible with selective bicycle models, the Selle Italia Novus is straightforward to install on almost any bike. And better still, it exists in two different sizes. The smaller size measures 288 x 138mm while the larger size is 282 x 149mm.


  • Strong and lightweight
  • Firm and comfy too
  • Dampens vibrations
  • Very minimal chaffing
  • Warranty of 24 months


  • Not ideal for racing bikes



Selle SMP Plus Saddle

Selle SMP Plus Saddle

If you enjoy the degree of comfort provided by split saddle bike seats, then you have more reasons to smile about the Selle SMP Plus Saddle. But apart from the split bike seat design, it also features a structured channel.

Its channel width contours to the structure of your inner thighs, while the wings’ edge curves down in a slick manner. By doing so it gives you an easy time to move your legs while experiencing very minimal friction. By extension, it supports the free circulation of blood too, thus relieving numbness on sensitive tissues.

When you sit on the Selle saddle, it accepts the weight from your body and spreads it out evenly on the entire bike chair. That injects a relaxed feeling hence providing a welcoming setup to cycle even harder.

By tapping on a beak-shaped tip, Selle gives the saddle an ability to take off pressure from your delicate tissue and thus prevents them from a squashing force.

The men’s bike seat measures 279 x 159mm and weighs 330grams. Thus if you have a broad seating surface or big thighs, then it will accommodate you effectively.

Its casing features nylon 12 charged with carbon fiber. Furthermore, it uses a foamed elastomer to provide adequately spread padding. A nap leather cover finally crowns it with a cover. The leather bicycle seat, therefore, not only looks plush but feels comfortable too.


  • Luxurious leather cover
  • Beaked shape tip for superior support
  • Even distribution of weight
  • Comfortable even on soft tissues
  • Fits both men and women


  • Expensive but endowed with rich features



SGODDE Comfortable Bike Seat

SGODDE Comfortable Bike Seat

Even though it’s a less common brand among the best bike seats, SGODDE has several remarkable features. Most saddles don’t have a universal fitness feature. The bicycle saddle has a structure that makes it straightforward to install in almost any bicycle.

When your rides takes you on or off-road, it has dual sturdy steel springs suspension to cushion against rough terrain rides. The stainless steel springs have a large travel allowance and thus won’t break easily. Backing up its sturdiness is the double steel rails

Eleven when faced with a light shower while riding, the SGODDE won’t let you down. First, it boasts a slip-proof polyurethane cover. Also, it has an anatomical cut out feature that alleviates pressure from the prostate. The cut out also boosts the free flow of air and therefore making cycling comfortable.

While pedaling, its streamlined-narrow sides help to discourage chaffing but support the free movement of thighs. As for the padding, it has high-quality foam and extra fat gel padding. The gel high combines with the resistant shell to deliver a high degree of vibration absorption.

From its size of 6.2inches x 11 inches and weight of 451g, it readily accommodates a wide range of riders’ weight. You can install it effortlessly on various bikes such as BMX, mini bikes, road bikes, or even mtb.


  • Fits on almost any type of bike
  • It has reflective stripes that enhance visibility
  • One year money-back guarantee
  • Complete with seat clamp
  • Waterproof


  • Has a slightly sticky material on the outer surface

How to Choose a Good Road Bike Saddle For Long rides

As simple as it may appear, choosing the best road bike saddle for long rides is challenging for most individuals. If you want to shop wisely without regrets, then take the following into account:

Saddle Shape and Size

You can only reap great comfort if you get the bicycle seat whose shape is directly proportional to the area of your sit bones. In other words, the contour of the bike seat should provide support to the sit bones.

Thus, if the shape is very narrow, then the bone will hang on either wing sides. At the same time, if the saddle is broad, then as you cycle, you will experience chaffing, more so inside your thighs.

Besides, your riding style also influences the cycle seat you need. Flexible cyclists that assume an aerodynamic pedaling posture require a relatively narrow saddle compared to upright cycling individuals.

Desired Cushion

Road bike seats usually employ different kinds of cushioning materials and styles. The most widespread ones include the following;

Foam Cushioned Seats

One of its key benefits is that it supple and comfortable. Thus you can sit on it, and when you dismount, it bounces back to its original shape. They, therefore, provide adequate support and much comfort for long rides. Furthermore, heavy riders of about 200lbs and beyond can settle on high-density foams

Gel Cushioned Bike Seats

The distinguishing feature of a gel-padded seat is that it follows the shape of your body and thus offers luxurious comfort. For that reason, a gel bike seat makes an ideal choice for casual and recreational riders. But compared to their foam-cushioned counterparts, they become compact very soon

Non-Cushioned Seats

In most cases, the non-cushioned seats employ either leather or cotton cover. At first, they may press hard on your sit bones. But after you have broken them in, you soon realize it responds to your weight and shape then becomes comfortable.

In contrast to the cushioned saddles, they maintain a consistently cool temperature thus, making long rides bearable.

Center Cutout and Split Design

One of the plain facts that make choosing the best bicycle seat is that not all riders possess the same anatomy. Hence you can select a saddle that matches the width of your sit bones yet still realize discomfort.

For that reason, saddle differs in designs. Some have cut-out center and still, others feature split design. Depending on your anatomical structure split or the cut-out feature can relieve pressure from your perineum, allow smooth airflow, and thus make you comfortable. At times all it takes is to try out some features before getting to your ideal comfort zone.

Cover Material

The next crucial feature that you must consider is the saddle’s cover material. Although the range of cover material differs, below are the most three common covers;

Synthetic Cover Material

Saddles featuring synthetic cover material are the most common ones. Manufacturers often use synthetic cover owing to their lightness and easy to maintain features. Furthermore, they offer immediate comfort with zero break-in time.

Leather Cover

Leather cover material mostly features in high-end road bike saddles. That can take the form of stretched pure leather that covers rails or a light leather layer spread over synthetic material.

If you can withstand the break-in period and occasional conditioning against UV rays, then leather saddles give extra durability and superior fit tailored to your shape and weight.

Cotton Cover

If you need the saddle cover that requires little break-in time, super comfy, and makes controlling the bike very easy, then go for the cotton makes an ideal cover for the bike chair.

Rail Material

When you consider several bike saddle reviews, you’ll realize that they feature different rail materials. Usually, good bike seats have dual parallel rails connecting back and nose. Also, it’s through the rails that the saddle anchors onto the main bicycle body.

A saddle’s rail material is vital since it influences the weight capacity, strength, and even the flexibility of the saddle.

So if you need a rail that can bear high weight and champions in strength then settle for steel material. But it adds significant weight to the saddle.

On the contrary, titanium has reliable strength, remarkable vibration dampening ability, and light in weight too. Nevertheless, titanium is slightly pricey. Thus a better alternative is carbon or alloys.

Other Useful Tips

Having taken time to comb through numerous road bicycle seat reviews, you may end up with two or so models that you think may suit you. In such a case it may be wise to go for a shop that gives a warranty or return period policy. That way you may trout the few models and settle on the best bicycle seat.


However stylish and sturdy your bicycle is, you still need the best road bike saddle for long rides. Otherwise, you will suffer discomfort and undue pressure on your perineum area.

At the same time what one cyclist considers as the best saddle for him may not give you a similar comfort. Therefore, it pays to invest your time, resources, and scrutinize the above guide to find a comfortable bicycle saddle according to your riding position and body size.