13 Best Non-Cycling Shoes For Cycling 2021 Review

As a cyclist, your shoes play an integral role in boosting your performance. As a result you need to know the type of shoes and sneakers that work best for your need. You need to have a good grip of the pedals as you cycle without compromising on comfort.

Fortunately, you don’t have to stick with clipless biking shoes always.  Certain casual cycling shoes have the adaptations that a cyclist requires. Therefore we bring you some of the best non-cycling shoes for cycling as alternative to clip in shoes.

Besides offering the good feel of the pedal, these casual biking shoes wrap around your feet like a glove and sturdy in every part. Even when cycling the hybrid bike at top speed, you can count on the below shoes to deliver in every stroke of the pedal.

Best Non-Cycling Shoes For Cycling Review

Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker

Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker

A glance at the Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker tells you that it has the design to provide solid support to the feet in all ways. On the upper part, the sneakers employ the stretching Flexweave fabric material

Such material gives it the flexibility and close grip of the feet. Accordingly, it can fold and relax according to the movement of your feet without tearing prematurely. Added to the numerous eyelets and shoelaces you can adjust the fitness of the reebok cycling shoes to your liking.

The toe box features a micro space contrary to other shoes with narrow fitting toe box. Therefore as you press on the pedal and your foot go round into cycles, the toes remain comfortable.

As you pedal your feet register slight movement at the collarbone. Fortunately, the Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 cool cycling shoes feature a heel bootie design and low cut structure that supports your mobility.

Furthermore, it also offers all-round cushioning thus preventing abrasions on the skin. Its outsole is of a rubber material with fortified gripping ability. Match the outsole’s low drop style to a cyclists riding posture and you get the best regular shoes for cycling with the natural stance.

For easy cleaning, the Reebok bike riding sneakers have a removable insole. And considering that it features a blend of bright colors it looks stylish and cool.


  • It has a lightweight; 11 ounces
  • Stretchy and flexible
  • Cushioned to maximize comfort
  • Tolerates wide toes


  • They run slightly smaller in size

Vans Old Skool Unisex Adults’ Low-Top Trainers

Vans Old Skool Unisex Adults’ Low-Top Trainers

From male to female cyclists, Van provides comfortable cycling shoes that fit all. The Vans Old Skool bears the simple but beautiful design that never goes out of fashion. For the cyclist searching for modest and sturdy regular shoes for cycling, the Vans Old Skool fits the description.

Good bike riding sneakers should give your feet a slight degree in flexibility. Looking at the low-top structure of the Vans, you’ll realize it optimizes the suppleness at the ankle region. Also the entire shoe’s upper boasts sturdy canvas material.

Therefore even as you trail winding paths through bushes, the well-made canvas’s scratch-resistant material proves helpful indeed. At the same time, the solid piece canvas fabric at the toe box matched with the rubber outsole and midsole makes the Vans old Skool one of the best cycling shoes.

Since it has no arching it permits your feet to rest comfortably on the pedals. A pair of sneakers that begins to wobble when the tires have gotten a good grip of the road and cruising happily is irritating.

And that’s why Vans employ reliable generous lacing. It enables you to achieve a snug fit of the shoe. And once you have tied the laces properly, it maintains its tension to the end of the race.

Regarding the looks, it doesn’t disappoint. It blends black and white colors that produce an alluring look. And considering that the midsole rises to partially cover the toe box, it boosts the protection of your toes.


  • Simple and stylish
  • Flexible shoes upper
  • Good grip on the sole
  • True to size design


  • You have to be keen to choose the real Vans as there are many counterfeits with 7 eyelets instead of 8 eyelets

Etnies Marana Skate Shoe

Etnies Marana Skate Shoe

Although originally designed for skateboarders many people have grown to admire the overall comfort and the sturdiness that the Etnies Marana Skate Shoe offers. Thus it has become one of the best regular shoes for cycling.

Name any color that you would wish to find in the cool cycling shoes and Etnies Marana has it. Besides it also gives you a size guide chart to simplify your selection process. And whether you are a male or female cyclist, the Etnies Marana bike riding sneakers doesn’t disappoint.

Once you have slipped on the shoes the padded tongue cushioned collar, and interior liner gives your feet optimum soft and comfy feeling. Nothing like coarse material scratching your delicate skin.

And it’s in the shoes upper that Etnies Marana stands out. Unlike most models that employ faux materials, it uses 100% leather. Accordingly, it feels sturdy and promises to give long-lasting performance. An iconic logo then awards the shoes the stylish look it deserves.

Besides employing reliable lacing closure it also gives the hidden lace loop design. So that means nothing like laces getting caught in the cog or chain as you pedal.

Its toe cup has a fused on injected rubber conveniently matched to the midsole. For that matter, it enjoys the STI evolution foam technology and hence giving the Etnies Marana casual biking shoes a boost n sturdiness without adding excess weight.

Finally, on the outsole, it presents the Michelin rubber material. The rubber has unique treads simulating an all-terrain automotive tire design thereby awarding the shoes extra-long life, tacky texture, and unparalleled flexibility.


  • Offers an all-round comfort to the feet
  • Durable leather upper
  • Wide range of colors and sizes for both sexes
  • High grip Michelin rubber compound outsole


  • Less accommodating for the wide feet

Nike Men’s Training Shoes

Nike Men’s Training Shoes

A key consideration when selecting the best shoes for cycling is the shoe’s ability to provide a snug fit to your feet. And the reputable Nike Men’s Training Shoes manage to achieve that. That’s because the shoes’ upper consists of an engineered mesh material and a half bootie.

The mesh design injects a considerable degree of supportive feel and flexibility. Furthermore, instead of picking metal eyelets, Nike employs Flywire cables that blend with laces for a real fit. Some shoes take a considerable amount of period to break in.

However, the Nike Men’s Training Shoes gives you a sock liner that significantly cuts down on the break-in duration.

As for the comfy feeling to the feet, it doesn’t lag. For instance, its collar possesses a style that gives lots of breathing space to your Achilles tendon to breathe freely. At the same time, its padded tongue is skin-friendly.

Even after a prolonged cycling period, your feet will still enjoy the cool interior temperature of the Nike bicycle shoes; thanks to their breathable upper. And while adjusting the fit, a strategically placed bottom eyelet ensures that the toes still enjoy lots of space in the toe box.

Women are choosier than men when it comes to colors. But Nike Men’s Training Shoes places over 24 colors at your disposal, thus even the pickiest cyclist can find her choice. And to further make the selection process less tricky it gives you a useful size guide chart.

For the outsole, the Nike shoes have a rubber material that has waffle pistons thus fortifying its traction ability. Also, Nike gives the biking shoes high cushioning courtesy of the Air zoom feature.


  • Enhanced traction by the waffle pistons
  • Allows the feet to feel cool throughout
  • Has sock liner thus guaranteeing minimal break-in period
  • Reputable brand


  • It has a slightly narrow toe region
  • The heel lock feature is absent

Adidas Performance Men’s Soccer Mundial Goal Shoes

Adidas Performance Men’s Soccer Mundial Goal Shoes

Despite their labeling as soccer shoes, Adidas Performance as bike sneakers has registered impressive performance among many cyclists. Besides it possess the comfort that knows no bounds as non-cleated bike shoes.

Its outsole that steps on the pedal presents the flat structure made of non-marking gum rubber material. As a cyclist, you won’t then worry about your cycling shoes slipping off the pedals. Even in wet conditions, you can count on your grip on the pedals.

The casual biking shoes that chaff the heel is of no good. However, when you look at the structure of the Adidas Performance Men’s Soccer Mundial Goal Shoes, it presents the extra-long padded tongue. So, even as you tighten the laces you won’t feel the hard pressing on your toes.

At the same time, its non-chaffing heel, synthetic lining, and Eva cushioning crowns the warm and comfortable feeling of the non-cleated Adidas cycling shoes. Using the smooth kangaroo leather upper, Adidas makes exemplary shoes for cycling regarding fit to the feet.

The leather upper material delivers flexibility and a snug fit around the feet. On the other hand, a split suede abrasion patch injects extra support to the sneakers. A quick look at the shoes indicates that the white stripes give it its alluring appearance.


  • Fits even those with wide feet
  • Skin-friendly; no chaffing
  • Flexible kangaroo leather upper
  • Good traction


  • Relatively uncomfortable for the first time

Rockport Men’s Dressports Luxe Bike Toe Slip On Oxford Shoes

Rockport Men’s Dressports Luxe Bike Toe Slip On Oxford Shoes

At the initial look of the Rockport Men’s Dressports Luxe Bike Toe Slip-on Oxford Shoes, they present the casual look. Consequently, it’s easy to doubt if they can hold up as bike commuter shoes. However, don’t be quick to judge them negatively; most likely their performance may surprise you.

The Rockport shoes boast a complete leather material in their all upper and accordingly high promising in sturdiness. But apart from the durability, its look easily charms many people. And to make it cater for wide tastes, the casual cycling shoes are available in two colors; black and brown.

Sometimes shoe laces easily get hooked to cogs and twigs thus becoming a real bother. But Rockport Men’sOxford shoes understand that clearly and accordingly present a non-lacing, slip-on closure. Wearing them on and off is quick.

A smelling shoe is of no good for any gentleman. Rockport Men’s, therefore, possess the Dewix lining and inner sole. So it absorbs moisture and thus greatly minimize the chances of foot odor occuring. As you pedal regularly the Vibram rubber sole not only provides the needed traction but also withstands the stroking of the pedal.

By picking on an authentic leather then sewing it strongly to form the upper, the Rockport achieves the much-desired robustness, therefore, qualifying as the best regular shoes for cycling.


  • Comfortable insole with moisture-wicking ability
  • Genuine 100% leather upper material
  • A sleek look
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Easy to clip on and off


  • Challenging to adjust the size or fit of the shoes

Nike Women’s Running Shoes

Nike Women’s Running Shoes

Without proper aeration during a long ride, your feet may feel quite uncomfortable and sweaty due to heavy pedaling. So, Nike Women’s Running Shoes resolves that problem by using the perforated mess material on the entire shoes’ upper.

As air penetrates the shoes it cools and refreshes the feet. The mesh also blends with the flywire and so allows you to adjust the fit of the Nike bicycle shoes to wrap around your feet snugly. And it does that while giving the sneakers a lightweight and stylish look, therefore, contributing among the best sneakers for cycling.

For prolonged comfort, your toes need to feel free and enjoy a wriggling space in the toe box. By moving the bottom eyelet slightly high, Nike opens up the toe box. That makes it the spacious women’s cycling sneakers and at the same time boosts its flexibility.

The beveled heel, rubber outsole, and the waffle pistons on the outsole all contribute to the sure grip of the pedals. A comfy foot bed extra-long padded tongue and upturned collar generate the soft and comfortable feel of the shoes that every female cyclist dreams of.

Even at the initial moment, you won’t suffer the uncomfortable feeling often presented by some new casual bike shoes. Its sock liner caters for that duty and it requires no break-in time like leather bike commuter shoes.

Apart from the functionality, the Nike Women’s Running Shoes have the smashing look that every girl would love. Not everyone adores black color. Fortunately, these Nike bicycle shoes exist in a plethora of colors. With over 40 options to choose from, you won’t miss your favorite color.


  • Lightweight and comfortable sneaker bike shoes
  • Keeps the sole and toes cool and fresh smelling
  • No chaffing at the Achilles tendon
  • Complete zoom air cushion


  • The sole and air pockets make it unideal for demanding duties

Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoe

Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoe

Any experienced long-distance cyclist would tell you that a pair of shoes that have significant weight and therefore pulls down on your legs is no good. For that reason when it comes to choosing the best non-cycling shoes for cycling, sneakers such as the Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoe become ideal.

Its lightweight stems from the mesh material in the upper. You can therefore pedal faster over protracted distance using Nike’s sneaker bike shoes. Besides the fly mesh provides a free flow of air to cool the feet and minimize bad odor.

Instead of using the standard eyelets, Nike picks on the flywire cables. The major benefit of such a design is that it keeps the laces low thereby reducing their chances of hooking to anything else while cycling at top speed.

From the toe to the heel region, Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 34 Running Shoe offers a full zoom air unit. So even as you press hard on the pedals the zoom air cushions your feet effectively.

Besides as you climb off the saddle and step on the ground, the high cushion ability of the shoes proves helpful indeed.

With the collar turned away from your ankle and the tongue slightly elongated, Nike’s bike riding sneakers minimize the nicking and uncomfortable rubbing of your skin. Regarding sizes and colors to choose from, Nike provides a wide variety that you might be spoilt of choice.


  • Provides plenty of air cushioning
  • Wide choice of colors and sizes
  • Lightweight
  • Wide toe region


  • Sizing issues
  • Slightly expensive compared to others

Five Ten Freerider Pro – Men’s BMX Mountain Bike Shoes

Five Ten Freerider Pro – Men’s BMX Mountain Bike Shoes

When compared to other casual cycling shoes with canvas the Five Ten Freerider Pro – Men’s BMX Mountain Bike Shoes provides superior protection to your toes. If you hit on a hard surface accidentally, its toe box has reinforced strength to shield your feet.

So they make remarkable casual mtb shoes. Its upper presents a striking synthetic material that fits pedaling up or down a slight hill. Being weather resistive, it counts as all-terrain mountain bike shoes with no clips.

However, at the toe box, it has multiple pores to stop your feet from smelling. On the inside, it has a removable molded sock liner matched with a breathable mesh lining. Your feet then not only feel warm but also enjoy a snug wrap of the cleats.

Long and winding resistant training may make the feet quite uncomfortable. The mountain bike cycling shoes use the padded tongue, soft foot bed, and cushioned collar to ensure prolonged comfort to the feet.

With these shoes strapped to your feet, you won’t struggle to keep them glued to the flat pedals. The full rubberized outsole sticks to the pedals effortlessly.

Backing the rubber outsole is the compression-molded Eva midsole. The result is a nice pair of non-cleated soccer shoes that delivers traction and shock absorption.


  • Removable sock line for easy washing
  • Protective toe box against hard impacts
  • Weather resistive synthetic upper
  • Lightweight
  • Available in 5 different colors


  • Slightly expensive more than its counterparts

Five Ten Freerider Pro Womens Mountain Bike Shoe

ive Ten Freerider Pro Womens Mountain Bike Shoe

One of the key features many cyclists admire about the Five Ten Freerider Pro Womens Mountain Bike Shoe is their adaptation to the pedals. First, it employs a phantom rubber outsole of a flat design. However, it possesses grip-enhancing patterns on it thus making the shoes tacky to the peals.

The matching of the non-marking rubber sole to the compression-molded Eva midsole delivers the much-needed flexibility of bike commuter shoes. Whether riding in town or the cross country, you can’t foresee any accidental knock of your toes.

That’s why the Five Ten Freerider Pro Womens Mountain Bike Shoe has sturdy synthetic material on the upper. Furthermore when it comes to the toe box region, it enjoys boosted strength for better toe protection.

Synthetic leather upper means lightweight bike commuter shoes yet still delivering in sturdiness. Inadequate flow of air in the interior of the shoe and profuse sweating greatly contributes to the smelly feet.

However, these women’s mountain biking shoes feature numerous perforations in the toe box. Moreover, it also has a breathable mesh liner. And when it gets dirty, simply remove the sock liner, wash and return it thus maintaining the fresh smell throughout.

From the 5 color variety, the mountain biking shoes accommodate many tastes. A sure lacing closure, padded tongue, and collar provide the comfy finishing on the shoes.


  • Superior grip to the pedals
  • True to size design
  • Warm and comfortable to the feet
  • Sturdy design
  • Easy to clean liner and quick-drying faux leather


  • Inadequate arch support

Tommaso Milano Men’s Indoor Cycling/Commuter Cycling Shoe

Tommaso Milano Men’s Indoor Cycling-Commuter Cycling Shoe

Besides designing superior bikes, Tommaso also displays her skills in forging versatile commuter /cycling shoes. When you take them to the pedals they give you the tackiness you need. When you met a hill you can’t climb and hop off the bike to walk, the sneakers still feel comfortable.

Owing to their unique lacing system, the Tommaso bike commuter shoes present a tennis-like appearance. However, the presence of an inner shank plate on the sole maximizes power transfer to the pedals.

Being a no cycling shoes, it allows for a high degree of muscle movement that also boosts your power on the pedals. The partial meshed upper allows for a free flow of air and thereby resulting in a fresh smell. Also the spacious toe box also injects additional air through its perforations.

Besides padding, its low lying tongue and soft collar provide an all-around comfortable surrounding for your feet. From indoor cycling to mountain biking, road and casual riding, the Tommaso Milano Men’s bike riding sneakers know no bounds.


  • Light and comfortable design
  • Keeps the feet cool and fresh smelling
  • Backed up by two-year warranty and free fit return warranty
  • Tacky rubber sole


  • It can’t put up with rigorous regular rides

Etnies Women’s Marana W’s Skate Shoe

Etnies Women’s Marana W’s Skate Shoe

Women always strive to look at their best in everything from footwear to cloves and headgear. So Etnies bike riding sneakers offer the female cyclist a chance to look beautiful even while cycling along the streets.

Apart from borrowing on the design of skating shoes, Etnies Women’s Marana shoes has a matching grey top and white midsole. So, very few women can reject its beauty. And most importantly, the cool bike shoes boast complete sued upper joined to Michelin rubber compound outsole.

The result is a tacky feeling to the pedals and durable performance. Few perforations on the suede lets in fresh air and thus drives bad odor away. Your ultra-soft skin won’t feel odd on brushing the equally soft interior lining.

And talking of comfort, the tongue, collar, and pro foam 1 polyurethane insole all contribute to the overall coziness of the sneakers. Since the toes have high chances of knocking onto objects, the Etnies Women’s Marana non cleated bike shoes have fused injected rubber material on the toe cap.


  • Dual colors
  • Numerous sizes for women
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Extra toe protection
  • Hidden shoe laces style


  • slightly narrow especially on the heel

Chrome Industries Southside 2.0 Sneaker

Chrome Industries Southside 2.0 Sneaker

When trailing paths through a narrow passage on a bike, you need a pair of shoes that maximizes protection to your feet lest you sustain a scratch. Chrome understands that and adds extra protection to the toe and heel area.

Hanging twigs may scratch your ankle but not so with the chrome sneaker bike shoes. The raised collar not only injects extra support but also protection from minor injuries. The entire upper boasts a waxed sturdy canvas with significant water resistivity.

On the other hand, the wide toe box gives plenty of room for the toe thus making Chrome comfortable cycling shoes. Its outsole is of sturdy Michelin rubber compounds. In the entire sole, it features numerous treads and pattern that gives it the non-skidding ability.

But on top of the great traction, the sole feels relatively stiff and therefore gives a great feel in each stroke of the pedal. Even though the collar is raised to wrap your ankle, it has great padding.

For the cyclist searching for the best shoes for riding, chrome offers the simplicity of design packed with comfort and power in each pedal stroke. Using the lacing closure style, you can adjust the fit of the shoes to reflect your comfort.


  • Reinforced support at the heel and toe
  • Hard rubber sole maximizes power to the pedals
  • Raised collar support for the ankle
  • Black color punctuated by chrome logo makes it attractive


  • Likelihood of the sole peeling off from the sides

How To Choose Good Non-Cycling Shoes For Cycling

When your bicycle is equipped with flat pedals, then you can wade through ordinary shoes and find the best non-cycling shoes for cycling. However, you still have to exercise caution and base your selection on the following factors;


Regardless of the type of shoes that you wish for, the top feature to consider is comfort. The best regular shoes for cycling have to provide all-around comfort otherwise you won’t tolerate them for a long ride.

So before making a purchase, note your feet structure and size. Ideally, you need a snug fit at the heel area but just enough space at the tip for wiggling your toes. Do you have wide or narrow feet structure? For instance, a wide-feet cyclist may need generous space at the toe box.

Besides the presence of a soft sock liner, inner sole and padded tongue greatly help to improve the comfort of the shoe against the skin. Even your underfoot arch needs to get adequate support for you to feel relaxed.

Secure Closure

When you decide to go for the best sneakers for bike riding that are light and comfortable, the closure system is very vital. You don’t need a pair of bike riding sneakers with a closure system that constantly comes off.

Some cyclists prefer the hook and looks closure system. But a better option is a lacing system that has a provision for tacking away the end loop. Such a design keeps off the laces from hooking onto cogs or any nearby twigs. Moreover, a lacing system allows you to tailor the desired fit to your feel

Sole Type

The type of outsole that the no clip cycling shoes have is very crucial. It will determine the amount of power that reaches the pedal to propel you forward. On that note look for outsoles of relative stiffness.

However the stiffness should still give you an easy time to walk with ease when not on the bike. For that reason, bike commuter shoes should be thin and stiffer. A blend of rubber and nylon often strikes the right balance.

The stiffness helps to maximize the transfer of energy from your feet to the pedals while the rubber compound injects the needed tackiness. Moreover, the slightly rigid outsole has a longer lifespan than a softer one as it can withstand the strokes of the pedal.


Having taken the chance and combed through several sneakers to find the best shoes for biking and commuting, the last thing you need is to see it fall apart within weeks. Therefore take a keen interest in the shoes’ upper material, stitching, and even quality of the outsole.

For the best regular shoes for cycling that can withstand rugged use and regular Mountain bike cycling, an authentic leather upper is the best way to go. It will tolerate winding rides through forests, uneven terrain, or bad weather.


As you press on with cycling, there is the tendency of the body to sweat including the feet. It, therefore, counts to have the bike commuter shoes of high breathability. A meshed perforated upper gives an adequate flow of air into the shoes. That way your feet stay cool and fresh smelling.


Cycling can take you through different paths; including on and off roads. But regardless of where you go, when you have the best casual cycling should, it should protect your feet.

There is the danger of hitting your toes on jutting objects especially when you have mounted off the bike. Reinforced toe support at the toe box is thus necessary. Besides cushioning your toes it boosts the durability of the biking shoes.


You don’t have to stick to predesigned clip in biking shoes always. On the contrary, you can find the best non-cycling shoes for cycling that give an exemplary performance. Whether you need casual Mtb shoes or stylish sneaker bike shoes you can find them with regular shoes.

However, such a selection must certify the factors highlighted above. And that’s why we have highlighted some of the top casual cycling shoes for you to try out.

The list is exhaustive and contains traditional leather cycling shoes, indoor soccer shoes, or even skating sneakers that fit cycling. Comb through the review and find your taste!