10 Best Mountain Bike Gloves 2020 Review

All mountain bike riders are susceptible to one thing. The difference is the frequency and the severity of bike accident. You may never appreciate the importance of having the best mountain bike gloves till you experience a crash.

When you are thrown off the saddle, you are most likely to likely to land with your hands. At the same time riding with bare hand exposes the palm to hard impacts. Consequently it develops fatigue and unresponsiveness.

But that doesn’t mean you quit off riding. All you need to do is add padded mountain bike gloves to your protective gears. You can thus ride and keep physically fit without compromising your health.

If you are looking for the best mountain biking glove to relief numbness of your hands, then you are on the right track. Here are the top performing bike gloves to consider.

Best Mountain Bike Gloves Review

Giro DND GlovesGiro DND

Do you know the best feature of the Giro DND Gloves? It’s the ability to provide complete protection to the fingers, palm, and wrist of the hands. Although they are full finger mountain bikes gloves, the knuckles have flex zones. Thus stretching and folding of your fingers is still easy.

Giro DND Gloves doesn’t use the Velcro straps that stick on anything. Instead, it uses the Super-fit three-panel design with a four-way stretch ability. Consequently, you can slip your fingers through and experience the super comfy fit.

The synthetic material glove features AX suede microfiber at the palm. That gives it a good moisture-wicking ability. When sweat accumulates on your face it acts as a good towel.

With 2mm EVA crash pads it cushions your hands adequately during a fall.  Your hold on the handle also remains comfortable even after far stretched rides.

Naturally, there are parts of the gloves that experience more wear and tear. Giro DND Gloves identifies those parts and provides extra reinforcement. The unisex gloves exist in 14 different colors. Besides, they don’t shrink even after washing.

Though thin and stretchy, the backhand of the glove can withstand bramble snags. Bear in mind that these mtb gloves are breathable. So it means even amidst high heat like summertime it still feels comfortable to wear. The thin material promotes quick heat loss and the breathable material allows air to seep through.

Despite being full finger mtb bikes gloves, it doesn’t compromise on your gripping ability. The thumb, index, and middle finger have a special layer at tips. Therefore they exhibit superior gripping ability at the brakes or gear shifters.


  • Has extra gripping ability at the thumb, index and middle finger
  • Adequate cushioning at key pressure points of the palm
  • Designed in a variety of colors
  • Has good breathability thus making it every day biking glove


  • Operating touch screen using the gloves is difficult. But, it allows you to zoom on the screen.

Fox Racing RangerFox Racing Ranger

If you are a seasoned rider, then you understand the importance of wearing good mountainbike gloves always. So are you thinking of replacing worn-out gloves?

Fox Racing makes a good replacement for full fingers mountain bike gloves. For the casual occasional rides, these fox bike gloves are ideal.

The Fox Racing Ranger bike gloves combine two materials; synthetic material on the palm and complete polyester on the back. That gives it good breathability at the back. Its full finger protection feature Velcro closure. That makes it very easy to adjust the wrist fitness.

Its slight padding and breathability make it the perfect bike glove for fall and summertime. Do you know you can make a statement by wearing the gloves that complement your bike’s color? Fox Racing Ranger makes that easier to accomplish by availing the gloves in five different colors.

These fox racing mountain bike gloves have silicone grip on the fingers. So they won’t hinder you when shifting gears, grip on the brakes or handlebar.

Even though the biking gloves cover the fingers completely, they are touch screen compatible. So you won’t have to wear them off to operate your Smartphone.

If your palms measure 2inches high and 5 inches wide, then this pair makes the perfect fit for your hands. Besides, fox racing provides one year warranty against the product. So you can invest in them without any fear.


  • Offers full finger cover
  • Ideal for bot fall and summertime biking
  • Compatible with touchscreens
  • Offers good grip on the brakes and handlebar


  • The grip reduces when the gloves are wet

GEARONIC Cycling Shockproof Foam Padded Sports Full Finger Short GlovesGEARONIC Shockproof Foam Padded Sports Full Finger Short

Do you wish to enjoy the benefit of gloves without compromising the sensitivity of the finger? Using fingerless technology, the GEARONIC bike gloves give you such double enjoyment.  Besides, it incorporates heavy-duty material that can withstand regular use without tearing easily.

The half finger gloves exhibit the unparalleled flexibility at the knuckles.  When you grip the handlebars, you won’t experience any discomfort even under vibrations. Thanks to the padded foam at the palm area.

Although padded, the cushioning provides comfortable compression. Besides the fingerless technology, GEARONIC also includes multiple holes all over the palm region. So that maximizes its breathability.

Therefore, if you are looking for the right summer mountain bike gloves, it fits the use. Moreover, its meshed back also enhances more heat loss. That means you won’t suffer sweaty hands.

The GEARONIC short gloves leave you with free thumbs for easy operation of your Smartphone. Whether you are looking for a pair to suits your wife or children, you won’t miss your size. That’s because the manufacturer avails the mountain bike gloves in both small and large sizes.

When it gets dirty, toss it in a machine wash. Owing to its design, it provides versatile use. From MTB, professional and casual cycling it’s an all-round biking glove.


  • Highly flexible at the knuckles
  • Provides versatile use
  • Uncompromised gripping ability by the fingers
  • Anti-slip padding at the palm
  • Superior breathability


  • The material is not ideal for regular and demanding use

INBIKE Cycling Gloves 5MM Gel Pad Shock-Absorbing Anti- Slip Breathable5MM Gel Pad Shock-Absorbing Anti- Slip Breathable

Have you been of late troubled by fatigue on your hands as a result of frequent rides? INBIKE provides you with a solution. With a 5mm thick gel mountain bike gloves, your biking won’t have to be characterized by slippery palms or blisters.

The fingerless bicycle gloves employ Lycra material at the back. Besides the fabric features mesh pattern. That not only makes it elastic but also breathable. So when the temperature goes up your hands won’t have to sweat extremely.

It is the palm of the hand that gets in touch with the handlebar. At the same time during a fall, you are most likely to land with the palms on the ground. Consequently, INBIKE Cycling Gloves cushions the area with 5mm thick gel.

Unlike other poorly designed cushions, INBIKE features equally distributed gel pad on the palm. So it helps to spread out the pressure across the area. The super shock absorption gloves contribute to comfortable and relaxed riding.

Wearing or putting off of these biking gloves is simple. That is because it features a pull tab at both the top and bottom of the gloves. Besides, the bike gloves have a big hook and loop Velcro fastener. You can thus adjust easily the Velcro to the size of your wrist.

Does your face get sweaty during bicycle exercise rides? The terry clothing design on this glove helps to wipe and wick off the sweat. At the same time, the palm region exhibits a non-slip silicone treatment. So you won’t have to bet on your grip of the handlebar.


  • Has terry clothing for wiping off sweat
  • Features 5mm thick gel padding adequately spread on the palm
  • Simple to wear and pull off; thanks to pull-tab
  • Touchscreen compatible


  • The Velcro strap hinders smooth wiping off of sweat from the face. Fortunately, you can easily trim it off

BOODUN Cycling Gloves with Shock-absorbing Foam Pad BreathableBOODUN with Shock-absorbing Foam Pad Breathable

One of the major problems of gloves is the difficulty of removing them after rides. BOODUN, a seasoned company in the mountain bike niches feels your pain points. So it designs cycling gloves that have two pulling straps. It, therefore, makes the putting off gloves trouble-free.

This mtn biking gloves use top quality material that blends polyester and nylon. At the same time, it employs double stitching. Consequently, it feels strong to withstand everyday use. The back of the gloves features Lycra material. So as you deep in your hands it stretches easily and thus offers a comfortable fit.

In addition to its elasticity, the Lycra is also breathable. Hence, even if you wear them for a longer duration, it won’t feel excessively hot.

The bony structure of the hands feels very uncomfortable to shock. However, with the best mountain biking gloves like BOODUN, you won’t experience the discomfort. It employs elastic shock-absorbing 8mm foam padding.

The cushion is adequately spread at the base of the palm and the fingers. Thus the key areas that experience numbness are well taken care of.

On top of the padding, the BOODUN short gloves have the fingerless design. So it still gives you the natural feel and grip of the shifters and brake levers. And when sweat starts to trickle down your face, wipe it off using the towel cloth on the thumb.

It doesn’t matter how wide or long your fingers are. BOODUN padded gloves guarantee you a fit from a variety of five sizes. Moreover, it also avails the hand protective gear in 12 different colors. Hence finding a color that matches your wear or bicycle frame is no hassle.


  • Wide color variety and sizes
  • Flexibility at the knuckles
  • Natural grip of fingers
  • Touch screen compatible
  • 8mm extra thick padding


  • The pull off strings can easily stick on hook-shaped parts of a bike or objects


Have you been unsuccessful in your search of long finger gloves? Then end your search with FIRELION Cycling Glove. Since they are touchscreen responsive, you won’t have to pull them off to operate your phone. The index and thumb finger have special treatment making them touchscreen compatible.

During hot days, their breathable surface proofs useful. Your hands can then remain comfortable. Thanks, to the combination of Lycra, spandex, mesh, and terry cloth. These full-finger mtb gloves have adjustable wrist tightness. Thus, whether you have small or large wrists, they’ll still fit you snugly.

The palm has particular impact prone zones. FIRELION takes care of that by placing soft gen on the heel of the palm and base of the fingers. Hard impacts or vibrations won’t have to reach your hands.

Moreover the cushioning also exhibit anti-slip ability. Therefore, you can still grip the handlebar and brake levers effectively. Also, the padding neither shifts nor decreases in thickness with time. And do you know what that means? Years of comfortable numb free hands.

Still, on the palm region, the mtn bike gloves employ synthetic leather material. That gives these gloves the much-desired durability without compromising on suppleness. So at the end of the day, you won’t experience the usually discomforting fatigue on the hands.

As you ride uphill or just on a hot day, your face is bound to sweat. However, these mtb gel gloves give you a moisture-wicking layer at the thumb region. Therefor a quick pass of your hands across the face will wipe off the sweat completely.

Only the perfectly fitting glove provides ultimate protection and comfort. That’s why FIRELION cycling biking gloves exist in four different sizes. So if you have a narrow palm then the medium size (8 to 9cm) fits you. Otherwise, when you are gifted with a broad palm width you need to go for the XXL size that features a width of 11to 12cm.

Are you still hesitant about this padded mtb gloves? You don’t have to, because it also give s you 30 days money-back guarantee period. After purchasing the pair of gloves, if you aren’t satisfied with their protection, then you can claim back your full refund within thirty days.


  • Adjustable wrist fitness
  • Has moisture wicking surface at the thumb
  • Non-shifting or reducing gel padding
  • Breathable surface


  • Although touch-responsive, the degree of responsiveness can’t match bare hands

HTZPLOO Bike Gloves Cycling GlovesHTZPLOO

Whether you are navigating complex road conditions or not you need a reliable pair of gloves. In addition to effective bike suspension, having the best-padded mountain bike gloves counts. Therefore if you wish to feel less or no jerky vibrations, then this HTZPLOO Bike Cycling Gloves fits the bill.

When you slip your fingers through it, the glove fits snugly and conforms to your hands’ shape. However, you have to choose carefully a pair that matches your palm width. Fortunately, HTZPLOO fingerless bicycle gloves provide 5 different sizes. So whether your hands are narrow as 2.95 or wide as 4.52inches, you are guaranteed your fit.

It fits like second skin but features loop fingers. Pulling the gloves off your hands or turning them inside out is quite simple. The short gloves also help to wipe distracting sweat off your face. Thanks to the cloth towel on the thumb position.

If you think this glove is slippery then you are wrong. Do you notice the crackle pattern covering the entire palm and even fingers? That awards these gloves the tacky rubbery feeling for increased gripping of the handlebar, gear shifters, and brake levers. Even when sweat develops, your grip of the handlebar remains tight.

Ever experienced those jerky vibrations when riding through gravel, gravel, or over bumps? These road bike gloves employ effective shock-absorbing padded protection. The padding surrounds the entire palm edges. So it efficiently cushions your hands from those hard impacts, vibrations, and fatigue.

As for flexibility, it couldn’t have been much better. Apart from being fingerless, the biking gloves also employ smooth Lycra material on the surface. That further boosts its flexibility since Lycra is highly elastic and flexible. Therefore despite wearing clothes, you can still control the bike with high sensitivity.


  • Easy to wear and remove; thanks to the loop finger design
  • Effective padding all-round the palm area
  • Features crackle pattern all over that increase the glove’s grip ability
  • Lightweight
  • Touchscreen friendly


  • The center of the palm lacks padding. However, that shouldn’t be a big issue if you know how to grip the handlebar correctly

Seibertron Dirtpaw UnisexSeibertron Dirtpaw Unisex

Have you ever crashed during your bike rides? Well, it isn’t an experience you would wish to go through again. The hands are also most sure to sustain injuries on the knuckles or palm region. Seibertron Dirtpaw as one of the best full finger mtb gloves provides superior protection on your knuckles and backhand in general.

To feel less impact during a crash, the gloves feature direct injection rubber on the knuckle area. Therefore in case of a hard impact, the rubber cushions your hand and thus leaving you safe. Furthermore, the Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex gloves are available for both adults and youths.

Following such design, these biking gloves have a versatile use. They are useful for any sporting activity where crash might feature. So you can pretty where them as downhill mtb gloves, or during bmx bike rides.

At the wrist area, the gloves employ TPR hook and loop wrist closure. That makes up for easy fastening and unfastening. Moreover, it also allows you to adjust your fit without compromising the flexibility of the wrist.

Even though they provide full cover to the fingers, still you can operate a touchscreen from these gloves. The tip of the fingers is touchscreen sensitive. Thus to make or answer a call, you don’t have to remove the gloves.

In addition to the knuckle protection, the palm also features light padding. A double layer material protects your hands from sustaining bruises. But even while doing so it still presents the sticky surface. Better still the silicone gripper features on all fingers.

When it gets dirty, you can machine wash it in cold water. However, if after purchase you aren’t satisfied with the biking gloves, the manufacturer guarantees you a full price refund within the first 30days.


  • Good grip ability
  • Superior knuckle protection against impact injury
  • Easy to fasten and unfasten
  • Touchscreen friendly index finger


  • At times the Velcro strap sticks on the underlying material thus causing fraying

100% Cognito Men’s Off-Road Motorcycle Gloves100% Cognito Men's Off-Road Motor

Do your rides take you mostly to off-road paths? Then you need the reliable bmx gloves to cover your hands against thorn scratches and palm fatigue. Off-road cycling is often characterized by unsmooth paths.

But 100% Cognito Men’s Off-Road Motorcycle Gloves offers a solution. It gives you a pair of gloves that feels comfortable, but durable for everyday wear.

The biking gloves feature a 4-way stretch. So as you stretch or coil your fingers, the elasticity of the gloves allows for free movement. The all-directional stretch also makes the gloves easy to wear. Besides, it makes it abrasion-proof. So as you go through past bushes the top back of your gloves won’t exhibit multiple ugly scratches.

Each rider has a different wrist size. But the Cognito Men’s Off-Road Mtb Gloves accommodate all sizes. That’s because it employs the TPR wrist closure backed up by hook and loop. The Velcro enclosure is simple to adjust for proper wrist fitness.

Your grip on the levers even while wearing gloves shouldn’t be optimized. Fortunately, these full-finger Mtb gloves feature silicone printed palm and various finger graphics. That gives it superior grip ability. You, therefore, won’t have the slipperiness when grasping gear shifters or brake levers.

The knuckles region is very prone to serious injury in case of a hard impact. But with the extra layer of padding provided, your knuckles should have adequate protection.

Apart from the knuckles the palm heel also receives hard impacts. So the D30 bike gloves employ an overlay material to cushion the region. So even if you go for long rides your hands won’t develop blisters.

Even though it provides full-finger cover, it still permits you to operate your touchscreen. That because it integrates tech-thread at the fingertips that make them touchscreen sensitive. Thus you can always stay connected to your friends or answer phone calls happily without taking off gloves.


  • Full finger cover
  • Doesn’t compromise on the hands’ grip ability
  • Stretches freely in all direction
  • offers mesh finger gussets for wiping off sweat
  • Adjustable wrist size
  • Scratch resistance


  • Doesn’t have the pull off string for easy removal of the gloves

G-Form Pro Trail GlovesG-Form Pro Trail

The backhand and knuckles are prone to injuries. G-Form Pro Trail bike gloves are all-round and possess CE certification. Using the SmartFlex pads, G-form provides superior protection to your backhand.

Although it maps out the backhand with SmartFlex pads, the cushion exhibits hinge-like flexibility. So, it protects the hands but also allow for the free movement and flexibility of the fingers. On receiving hard impacts, the pads harden and thus disperse energy. After which, they regain their initial flexible state.

To allow for easy operation of your Smartphone, the index finger and thumb have touchscreen friendly material.  That therefore makes it easy to operate a touchscreen without removing the gloves. At the same time the palm are has several perforations.

The multiple holes make it cool even during hot weather.  Furthermore, the backhand features a UPF 50+breathable fabric. Air can, therefore, flow in freely. Thus, the G-Form Pro Trail forms one of the best summer mountain bike gloves.

Besides the exceptional breathability, the glove has moisture-wicking ability. Hence, you won’t have to fumble for a towel to wipe sweat off your face.

However even though it wicks out moisture, the gloves are waterproof.  So, it locks out moisture from seeping to the foam and thus prolonging its lifespan.

As a regular rider, your palm experiences more wear and tear.  G-Form Pro Trail Gloves therefore employs synthetic leather on the palm. That allows it to withstand hard impacts, constant wear and thus prolonging its life.

The synthetic skin exhibits a low profile and thus fits on the hands like a second skin. Thus, it offers you high sensitivity yet feels light. That means you won’t feel the extra heavyweight on your hands.


  • Provides snug fit
  • Have adequate perforations
  • Exemplary protection to the backhand
  • Allows for free movement and flexibility of the hand
  • Adjustable wrist fitness


  • Has light padding. Therefor it can’t withstand hard rock impacts

How to Choose Good Mountain Bike Gloves

A good mountain bike provides maximum protection to your hands and also feels comfortable. But do you know the qualities that contribute to the best mountain bike gloves? If you shop blindly, you might end up with a wrong pair of gloves.

So here are the essential features to look out for;


Padding prevents your hands from experiencing discomforting vibrations. In the event of a crash, the cushion prevents your fingers from sustaining bruises. Consequently, look for adequately padded gloves.

Are you looking for a gel to cushion you against hard impacts against jutting rocks or just ordinary hard surfaces?  That determines the degree of padding that you need.

Besides, the gel pad should cover the prime hard impact prone areas. That includes the heel of the palm and base of the fingers.


Just like bikes differ in frame sizes, biking gloves also have sizes. So, before you think of shopping for cool bike gloves, know the width of your palm. That will lead you to the best fitting glove. Remember it should neither be too tight nor too loose. Bedsides pay attention to the length of your fingers.

Glove Material

The material used in making a glove determines its lifespan. So if you want the best BMX gloves that can last you at least five years, pay attention to glove material. The inner material that meets your skin should be made of soft, durable, and moisture-wicking material.

The outer surface should be waterproof. Consequently, that calls for double layers. At the same time, the palm area should have a texture that gives you a good grip on the handlebar.

Smartphone Friendly

Think of the discomfort of taking off the gloves every time you want to use your Smartphone. Isn’t that irritating? Thus the best mountain bike gloves should give you an easy time with your Smartphone. Luckily most of them feature fingertips that are touch screen compatible.


When it comes to glove design, we have mainly two choices;


These, as their name suggests, are gloves that do not cover the entire fingers. Instead, they only cover half the length of your fingers. The main advantage of fingerless gloves is that they leave you with bare fingertips.

Consequently, that makes it easy to operate your phone smoothly. At the same time it looks stylish to some riders. However, in the event of a crash, your fingers are sure to receive severe injuries.

Full Finger Gloves

The gloves provide complete cover to the whole fingers. Therefore compared to fingerless gloves, the former provides superior hand protection. Contrary to popular opinions there are many full; finger design gloves that are sporty and comfy too.


In addition to being protective, good MTB gloves should be breathable. It is adequate breathability that allows your hands to remain at a comfortable temperature even after prolonged wearing of gloves.

Non-breathable gloves will instead trap air inside the gloves. That makes your hands sweaty, cold and discomforting. So if you are searching for the best summer mountain bike gloves, go for full breathable models.

On the other hand, during winter you need to keep your hand warm. During such times it best to use gloves with good insulation capacity.

Other Factors

Although not really a must, the following features boost the performance of mountain bike gloves.

Machine Wash Compatible

If you find it hard to hand wash a pair of biking gloves, then consider investing in machine washable brands. That will make it easier to remove built-up sweat before finally air-drying them.

Ease of Removal

After a tiring ride, the last thing you need is struggling to remove gloves from your hands. Some models make this easier by incorporating tabs or strings for pulling out the gloves.

Sweat Wiping Ability

Prolonged riding at times produces sweat from your face. To make wiping off such sweat easier, some gloves incorporate mesh moisture absorbing cloth at the backhand or thumb. Thus you can use the sweat-absorbing part of the glove to wipe off sweat from your face.


Gloves play a vital role in your bike rides. It, therefore, should, form one of your primary protective gears. Consequently, it is important to take your time and choose the best mountain bike gloves.

When you follow the key features listed above, you can’t get wrong. Besides the guide, we have also sampled out some of the top-performing gloves. That includes both full fingers and fingerless types of gloves. So do you need the worry-free bike ride? Revisit the list and pick a reliable MTB glove.