8 Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500 in 2020 Review

Have you ever dreamed of being able to ride a bicycle that lets you ride on the road and mountain without having to switch tires all the time? Do you have a desire to tackle terrains without breaking a sweat? If you do, there’s already one that’s been made just for you: Hybrid bike.

The hybrid bike is a combination of the mountain and road bikes that merge the best parts to make one great vehicle. It’s not exactly the kind of bike that will let you tackle everything easily but you can bet this kind of bike will help you go through the common terrains without putting too much strain on you.

With that being said, you have to wonder: what are the best hybrid bikes to get under $500? Read on and find out what are the best hybrid bikes to get.

Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500 Review

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Discover

The brand Schwinn is well-known amongst the bike community, so it’s no surprise they’ll have a hybrid bike of their own. The Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike is the one of the best affordable hybrid bikes that really gives more bang for your buck.

From its great features such as the grip shifter to its light aluminum frame, this budget hybrid bike has a lot going for it. It even has an adjustable stem with a back sweep handlebar that’ll adjustments easier than ever. The hybrid bike also comes with the Schwinn-branded parts such as the suspension fork and alloy crank to make it feel complete.

The only downsides you’ll experience from this is the wheels’ durability aren’t so great and it’ll be a hassle when you have to replace some parts since there will come a time when the company has to track down main parts for you.

Overall, the Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike is a great choice to go for when you need one of the best bicycles under 500 that’ll get you through your city rides easily.


  • Rear carrier made for smooth city rides
  • Nice padded seats
  • Changing terrain is easy


  • Wheel durability isn’t good
  • Replacing some parts will be a bit of a hassle


Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men’s Single Speed Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men's Single Speed Cruiser

The sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men’s Single Speed Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle is one of the great options for best mens’s bikes under 500. It’s designed to accommodate men of all sizes. It also has a lot of science built into it and will have you amazed on how gorgeous it looks with you.

This hybrid bike is also designed to make your city rides smoother and sleeker than ever. So if you’re commuting to a meeting or just need some coffee at your local café, this cruise will help you get there easily.

The sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men’s Single Speed Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle is known for not just its sleek modern design but also the choices it provides when it comes to size.

The issues you’ll be facing with this affordable hybrid bike is the company’s customer service isn’t great and it has been noted by some customers that the parts might be broken upon shipment. That’s why it’s a good idea to find shippers who can send you this bike with the parts still intact.


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Comfortable seat
  • Riding position provides comfort


  • Horrible customer service
  • Parts may be broken when shipped


Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike

Yes, Schwinn has another hybrid bike aside from the one that was noted earlier. The Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike is a great hybrid bike that has a stunning design from the moment you look at it. What makes it different from Schwinn’s other hybrid bike is that its frame was designed to accommodate more riders, so you don’t need to worry about it being only for men, and it has great color choices that will surely brighten up your day such as blue and white.

The Network hybrid bike also has some great features to go along with it. What are they you might be wondering? Its frame, which is designed for fitness and cruising and its assortment of gears that’ll make hill climbing much easier for you when you need to make the ride, making it one of the best hybrid bicycle for beginners.

The downsides that can be noted is it’s going to be troublesome for big riders and it’ll have a tendency to fall over to the right side when the kickstand isn’t engage. This can mean you’ll have to be very careful on how you keep your bike standing.

Another complaint that can be noted is that the seat, while it looks cool and sleek, won’t offer the comfort it was supposed to provide after 20 minutes because it’ll be a bit of a burden.


  • Frame nicely designed to get the best of hybrid bikes
  • Gears will make hill climbing easier


  • May be a bit of a problem for bigger individuals
  • May fall over to the right side when kickstand’s down
  • Seat can be a bit uncomfortable after 20 minutes of riding


Diamondback Bicycles Trace St Dual Sport Bike

Diamondback Trace St Dual Sport

The Diamondback Bicycles Trace St Dual Sport Bike is another one of the affordable bicycles to go for when you’re inclined to go for the type that has a mountain bike look to it. But it isn’t just the looks of it: It has the feels of it too!

This cheap hybrid bike is designed to really make you feel like you’re riding a mountain bike but at the same time, it takes the best of the road bike so that it still has the characteristics of a hybrid bike. But what makes it so? You can check that it has great alloy linear pull brakes and dual sport 700c tires that’ll show you it was made for the trails.

Before you make the investment on this, it’s a good idea to make an upgrade to it, especially the tires and chains because there may be a tendency that they will wear out the longer you go with it. This is why it’s a good idea to also keep a good maintenance when using the bike.


  • Has a variety sizes to accommodate riders of different shapes and sizes
  • Assembling bike can take you between 30 – 60 minutes


  • Not good for long rides
  • May be a bit of a hassle to have some tools by hand when parts aren’t assembled nicely


Vilano Diverse 2.0 Performance

Vilano Diverse 2.0 Performance

A closer look at the Vilano Diverse 2.0 Performance Hybrid Bike can already show you it’s really built with greatness in mind. Made with hydroformed alloy frame, great rims, and other high-quality parts, the Vilano Diverse 2.0 Performance Hybrid Bike is made for any riding scenario. Whether you have the need to get to your workplace, head over to a friend’s house, or crave for a leisurely stroll along the park, this dual sport bicycle can do it for you.

The Vilano Diverse 2.0 Performance Hybrid Bike is also great to take on trips with rougher terrains when needed. From the hills to the rocky, this hybrid bike will get you through rough trips with ease.

You know what else is great about this multi purpose bike? It’s more lightweight than most of the best hybrid bicycles under 500 on the market. This means that when you’re going from one terrain to another or you need to commute and bring the lightweight hybrid bike with you, it’s already made to be easily carried.

The issues seen with this all purpose bike so far is it doesn’t have a kickstand (which will be a bit of a hassle if you don’t have anything to lean the bike on), the quality of some of the bike’s parts are sub-par, and assembling the bike will take work from a good bike shop to get it done nicely.


  • Lightweight than most hybrid bikes
  • Great quality shifters assembled for the bike
  • Can be taken on any riding situation with ease


  • Doesn’t have a kickstand
  • Assembly’s a bit tricky and may need to be checked at a bike shop
  • Quality of some parts are sub-par


Retrospec Barron Comfort Hybrid Bike 21-Speed

Retrospec Barron Comfort 21-Speed

The Retrospec Barron Comfort Hybrid Bike 21-Speed is made for you if you want the bike has the looks of the leisure road bike but can still get you through terrain like a mountain bike. This top hybrid bike has a lightweight and steady frame that makes it strong and agile for various tips across different terrain.

The lightweight hybrid bike has also been designed to let you ride upright while still feeling like you’re riding a crossbreed between a road bike and mountain bike, so it’ll get you places. It’s also got great quality parts that really give it the strength to truly be one of the best comfort bikes under 500 for comfort.

The only downsides we’ve seen from this best budget bicycle so far it only has one color choice, doesn’t have other frame sizes other than what’s listed officially, and you’ll need to go to a bike shop to get your fine tuning done. But don’t worry, this bike will still get you places when you’re able to handle the cons.


  • Lightweight and sturdy frame
  • Shifting system made simple for safe riding
  • Very comfortable to ride with


  • Only has one color choice
  • Doesn’t have other frame sizes
  • Fine tuning needs to be done in a bike shop


Sixthreezero Explore Your Range Men’s Hybrid Commuter Bicycle

sixthreezero Explore Your Range Men's Commuter

If the sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men’s Single Speed Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle isn’t much of your style, then you can head for the sixthreezero Explore Your Range Men’s Hybrid Commuter Bicycle instead. This best budget bike, while similar to what we listed down earlier, has a different design when it comes to its frame and gears.

Just as the name has in it, this hybrid bike is made greatly for everyday commutes. So if you’re looking to have some fitness in your life, you can start with this. It also 2 styles that can suit you whichever you go for. And dare we say it: the frame design is really stunning. Nothing like a great looking bike to ride on when you’re leisurely exploring the city right?

So far, the downsides we’ve taken notice of is you won’t find a smooth ride on rougher terrain, it has a heavier weight than other inexpensive hybrid bikes, and the seat it comes with isn’t really made for the upright position as it was originally described. This means you’ll need to make sure you’ve got a replacement seat ready.



  • Has 2 styles that accommodates the riding style of every rider
  • Frame design is gorgeous
  • City riding is made easier


  • A bit heavier than most hybrid bikes
  • Not quite good on rougher terrain
  • Initial seat is not really made for upright position


Giordano G7 Men’s Hybrid Bike

Giordano G7 Men's

Most of the best hybrid bicycles will lean on the road bike design as they have a sleeker and stylish look to them. But if you’re craving for the hybrid bike that already looks like a cool mountain bike right from the beginning, you can get that with the Giordano G7 Men’s Hybrid Bike.

This best budget commuter bike is a great one to go for if you’re more into mountain bikes because it’s made with aluminum frame, high quality branded shifters, and amazing tires. It is also designed to get you through some rough terrain easily while still letting you have a leisurely commute without breaking too much of a sweat. Cool right?

Before you go for it and get this bike, take note of the issues you might face with this. The first one is you’ll have difficulty with it if you don’t pick the right frame size right away. The second one is you’ll need to look for a good bike shop to help you assemble this bike if you can’t do it yourself.

But if you’re up and ready to face the challenges this bike has for you, then go for it!


  • High-quality aluminum frame
  • Great quality parts


  • May be troublesome if the right frame size isn’t ordered
  • Will need to be assembled at a shop if you’re having difficulty assembling it yourself


How To Choose Good Hybrid Bikes Under 500

The hybrid bike is a great investment to go for your riding since it can be seen as the best all purpose bike, but it can be a hassle to know which one to go for especially when one hybrid bike has the looks of the mountain bike and the other has the looks of the road bike. So what do you need to do? Here’s a guide to help you easily make your decision with dignity.

Check Your Surroundings

Before making your choice, it’s a good idea to check your surroundings more closely. While the best inexpensive hybrid bicycle combines the best qualities of road bikes and mountain bikes, they’re not designed to replace either bikes for either terrain. You need to know what kind of terrain you’re going to be on every day. This means if you’re surrounded with mostly city ground, your best bet is going for the best hybrid bicycle for beginners that’s been heavily used by city riders. But if you got some rough terrain going around, you can go for one of the entry level hybrid bikes that has mountain bike qualities more prominent in its design.

Get The Measurements That’s Right For You

As you’ve seen from some of the bikes under 500 listed above, there are many that may be too big or small depending on the size of the rider. That’s why before you make an investment on one of the best bicycles under 500, make sure you’ve made the right measurements. It will be a big disappointment if you find the best value bike you wanted so much is actually too small for you.

You can also check on the listings of one of the good hybrid bikes you want to buy for any sections that can give you an idea on the measurements. Some will give you an estimate guide while some already have sizes measured for all rider’s sizes. When you’ve got the idea, you’ll have a clearer view on what’s right for you.

Consider What The Hybrid Bike Is Leaning More On

Another thing to consider is knowing what one of the best hybrid bikes for the money is leaning more on. Is it built with the road bike qualities more prominently? Or the mountain bike parts? Just as you know your surroundings, you’ll also need to know more deeply on what you truly want with the hybrid bike you’re desiring.

You also have to consider that when you want the sleeker and stylish design frames, you’ll go for the hybrid bike with more qualities of the road bike while you’ll go for the hybrid bike with more qualities of the mountain bike if you want a design that has more practicality.

Choose Your Color Wisely

When making a good choice for the best bike under 500, make a consideration of the color you’re aiming for. As you’ll no doubt learn, the brighter and vibrant types come from the sleek and stylish hybrid bikes while the darker and neutral ones come from the practical ones with mountain bike tendencies. It may not be much but when you pick the right color, you’ll see have quite a feel for it.

Upgrade Possibilities

As you’re slowly narrowing your choices, another factor to consider is upgrade possibilities. As you’ll no doubt see, some of the best inexpensive bikes come with lower-quality parts that have some riders upgrade the parts themselves. In your case, you can take note of the parts of your desired hybrid bike and compare to the other parts that can be replaced. From there, you can plan out on you budget and see what needs to be done when you’re getting it on with the upgrades. But if you’re okay with what comes with the package and you don’t have any anxieties for making upgrades right away, you can ease down on the possibilities without having to worry too much.

Brand Reputation

This can be a silly factor to consider but when you’re going for the best hybrid bikes under 500, you need to know the brand well and how it can be of great value to what you’ll choose. Knowing the brand reputation will tell you a lot of things right from the get-go: The quality of the frame, the gears assembled, the reviews taken from its respectful customers, and more. You can also consider the best affordable bike brands that are available and how it’ll go for the hybrid bike cost.


When picking the best all purpose bike, it’s a good idea to know its comfort level. This means you’ll need to make sure if the best affordable bike you’re buying has comfortable seats for the rides you’ll be going for. So if you’re getting a hybrid bike that has seats that aren’t designed for long rides, you’re best of with the kind that has a practical design to it. But if you don’t mind short rides and want to look cool, then the stylish hybrid bike is the one to go for.


When it comes to safety, it’s always a good idea to keep it by heart at all times. This means that when you’ve checked your surroundings, be vigilant on the safety measures you need to take. Are there any routes that can be risky to take with your hybrid bikes? Are there any places that may become dangerous when certain weather conditions are met? You must also be strong on making sure your hybrid bike is already assembled nicely with all the gears and parts in place. You can also check for info from some hybrid bike reviews for good measure.


Another good thing to consider when looking for a bicycle among the best cheap hybrid bikes is knowing the warranty it has. If the hybrid bike you ordered has a warranty hotline or a center you can go to, it’s a good one to go for. Otherwise, you can check for shops that will accommodate your needs when there’s no existing warranty at all.


Finally, when you’re getting your hybrid bike, be sure to see how easy it is to assemble. You can check the hybrid bike reviews to see what customers say about it. You can also Google or search on Youtube for videos on how assembling your cheap commuter bike can be done. But if you’re still starting out, you can go to your local bike shop and help you out.


Hybrid bikes are very awesome to look at and ride on. While many may think they’re expensive pricey due to them being a combination of road and mountain bikes, you can get the best bike for under 500. From the sleek stylish designs to the durable and practical ones, many riders can get the best hybrid bicycle for beginners or one of the performance hybrid bicycles.

There may be some hybrid bikes that can be a bit difficult to assemble and will get shipped with some lower-quality parts, but with some deeper looking and a closer review on the best of the best, you can get the top hybrid bike that’s just right for you with the right budget.