13 Best Hybrid Bikes for Women 2021 Review

Hybrid bikes are mashups of road, touring, and mountain bikes. It is marketed as a do-it-all bike optimized to perform on various terrains, although, it is best used on paved surfaces.

If you are looking for a bike designed for casual riding and one that can promote your highest level of comfort, then it is hard to go wrong with a hybrid. They promote an upright riding position, making this bike great for leisurely strolls, even if you frequently get stuck in traffic.

Compared to hybrids designed for men, the best hybrid bikes for women usually have a smaller frame. This is because women are generally smaller. The seats are also designed specifically to suit the female anatomy. It is also built to be less aggressive, such as by having longer and swept-back handlebars.

Are you looking for the best women’s hybrid bicycle? We got you covered! Read on and we’ll talk about some of the top products that should be on your radar.

Best Hybrid Bikes for Women Review

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Women

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women, 21 Speed, 28-Inch Wheels, Step-Through or Step-Over Frame, Multiple Colors

Just the mere mention of the brand can already be a compelling reason to choose Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike over its competitors. More than being made by a reputable company, we love how it comes with a suspension fork. The front suspension will make every ride smoother, even when the road is bumpy. This also minimizes fatigue.

Shifting gears will be effortless, and you will have several gearing options depending on the surface conditions where you are riding. This bike is equipped with a 21-speed SRAM grip shifter and Shimano rear derailleur. Even if you have to pedal uphill, this hybrid bike will require minimal effort on your end.

Another reason why it is one of the best lightweight bicycles for women is that it incorporates a rear rack. The latter means that it will be ready to haul cargo, making it a great commuter bike. Whether you are going to work or having a trip to the supermarket, you can utilize the rear rack for whatever you have to bring with you.

The fender is also a nice touch to the bike. This will help keep mud and dirt away from you and the bike. You won’t have to deal with mud on your trousers or legs because of the integrated mudguard.


  • Comfortable handlebar
  • Easy to pedal
  • Comes with a rear rack


  • Not for short women

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Hybrid Alloy Beach Cruiser Hybrid Bicycle

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Steel Women's

The sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Hybrid Alloy Beach Cruiser Bicycle is guaranteed to turn heads. The style of this product is one reason why it is amongst the best hybrid bicycles you will find in the market. It has a vintage-inspired look, complete with the oversized brown saddle.

This bike is a combination of form and function. You won’t be disappointed when it comes to its performance. Although, it is designed in such a way that it is best used on paved surfaces. If you are looking for a bike that you can use for off-road cycling, this isn’t for you.

The step-through frame is another asset of this cruiser bike. The latter has a low profile, which also means that it will be effortless to get on and off the bike. This is one feature that most short women will appreciate. Another good thing about the frame is that it uses aluminum as its main material, which is known for being lightweight.

With the 7-speed gearing system, you will have several choices depending on the environmental conditions. Plus, it also comes with front and rear handbrakes, making it reliable and safe. It has great stopping power, especially considering how affordable this hybrid bike is.

The semi-slick and cushioned tires are also notable. They do not just look great, but they are also a monster on the trail because of their exceptional performance.


  • Stylish
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Easy to get in and out


  • Not good for off-road cycling

sixthreezero Pave N’ Trail Women’s Hybrid Road Bicycle w/Rear Rack

sixthreezero Pave N' Trail Women's Hybrid Road Bicycle w Rear Rack

Made by the same company as the product mentioned above, the sixthreezero Pave N’ Trail Women’s Hybrid Road Bicycle w/Rear Rack is another great choice if style is what you are looking for. It has a distinct appearance that will surely turn heads when you are on the road.
Looking at the features, one thing that makes it impressive is the fork suspension. It has a technology called Vibrazorb, which refers to the ability of the bike to absorb vibrations on bumpy roads, which is also what will ensure your highest level of comfort.

This 21-speed hybrid bike is built to tackle a wide array of environments, although, it is not built for off-road conditions. The EZ Fire Plus Shifter is also a good add-on on this bike, which will make it effortless for you to shift gears.

You will be captivated by the design of the slim-cut saddle. It has dense compression comfort foam, which will make every ride more comfortable, even if you are on rough terrains.

The handlebars are equally great. It has synthetic leather grips, which will add a visual appeal to the bike. These grips won’t leave your hand sweaty, even when you are cycling for a long time.

Lastly, this is a good candidate for the best ladies’ hybrid bikes because of its customization features. From a basket to a baby seat, you can have several additions to make the most out of this bike.


  • Front suspension reduces vibration
  • Step-through frame design
  • Comes with a rear rack


  • Assembly can be trick

Raleigh Bikes Alysa Women’s Urban Fitness Hybrid Bike

Raleigh Bikes Alysa Women's Urban Fitness Bike

The Raleigh Bikes Alysa Women’s Urban Fitness Bike is designed for young girls. According to the manufacturer, it is best for riders who are 8 to 12 years old or those with a height of 53 to 56 inches. Because it is for kids, it is not as feature-packed as most of the options that are included on our list.

Among others, one of the exceptional features that you will find in this bike is the low stand-over frame. The main benefit of the latter is that it will be a snap for the little riders to get on and off the bike. The frame is also notable because it is made of aluminum. The latter means that the bike is lightweight, which is also what will make it easy to move around.

The 24-inch wheels are also great. it can be big for some kids, but for most riders, the size is perfect. This will help to prevent the wheels from wiggling, which also makes it easy to control the bike.

For the stopping power, it has alloy V-brakes. V-brakes are common in older bikes, so this isn’t the best. However, considering that this is a bike for kids and often used in easy terrains, the brakes should not be much of an issue.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Low stand-over frame
  • Smooth gearing


  • Poor braking system

Schwinn GTX Comfort Hybrid Bike

Schwinn GTX 2 Comfort

If you are looking for a versatile ride for your daily commute, the Schwinn GTX Comfort Hybrid Bike is one of the best options to consider. It combines the benefits of road, cruiser, and mountain bikes in one.

This is a great choice if you are looking for a lightweight hybrid bike. One of the reasons for the latter is the aluminum dual sport frame. It also comes with a front suspension, which the manufacturer claims will make the bike suitable for all riding conditions.

Speaking of weight, the alloy double-wall rims are also notable. They help to keep the weight of the bike at a minimum without compromising quality and performance. They are equipped with multi-terrain tires, which will also make the bike versatile.

The 21-speed twist shifters are also commendable. From uphill climbs to downhill descents, you can have the right gearing option. Plus, shifting gears will be an effortless experience. This is possible because of the user-friendly twist shifters.

Another reason why this is one of the top hybrid bikes is the warranty that the manufacturer offers. You can enjoy a limited lifetime warranty, which should be enough to provide you with peace of mind. However, take note that the warranty is valid only if you are the original owner of the bike.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight rims and frame
  • Durable


  • Limited handlebar adjustment

Raleigh Bikes Detour Hybrid Bike

Raleigh Bikes Detour 2

If you are looking for an affordable option for the best women’s bike, the Raleigh Bikes Detour 2 is one choice to consider. Despite being from one of the top manufacturers, this is easy on the wallet.

The 6061 aluminum frame is one of the best features that you will find in this product. It is lightweight, which means that using the bike won’t be too much of a burden for you. If there is one problem with aluminum, however, it would be that it isn’t as forgiving as steel. This means that you can easily feel vibrations when you are on rough terrains, which can negatively impact your comfort.

Aside from being lightweight, the step-through design of the frame is also notable. This means that you can easily get on and off the bike, especially if you are not gifted with height.

The Raleigh Comfort Saddle is another feature that has captivated the attention of many of its users. The seat comes with two big springs, which will provide a springy cushion where you can rest. The springs will do a great job of absorbing impact. Nonetheless, when you are off-road cycling, this might not make up for having an aluminum frame.

Lastly, the bike comes with Tetra 837 alloy V-brake. This will provide great stopping power. This is important for your safety since it will assure that the brakes will work regardless of the surface conditions.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable saddle


  • Sizing issues

Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike

With its alloy hybrid frame, the Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike is known for being lightweight. This is one of those bikes that will be effortless to steer because of its weight. To add, it also comes with a front suspension fork, which makes it lighter compared to bikes with a dual suspension. The front suspension is also beneficial in terms of impact absorption, which can ensure your comfort even when riding bumpy terrains.

We also like how it comes with Shimano 21-speed Revo twist shifters. As one of the top hybrid bikes for women, it has multiple gearing options, which also makes it versatile enough to optimize its performance depending on environmental conditions. Plus, it has Shimano rear derailleur, so you can expect great precision whenever you are changing gears.

Another notable feature of this bike is the Schwinn hybrid elastomer spring saddle. With its spring-loaded design, it will minimize the impact that your body will feel. Along with the fork suspension, the spring in the seat will ensure a comfortable ride.

The ergonomic grips also add value to the bike. They are easy to hold and control. They will not make your hand sweat. The size is just right so that you won’t experience strain on your wrist or hand. Even when riding for a long time, the grips will ensure the best in terms of your comfort.


  • Comfortable spring-loaded seat
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a suspension fork


  • Pedals can easily warp

sixthreezero Explore Your Range Women’s Hybrid Commuter Bicycle with Rear Rack

sixthreezero Explore Your Range Women's Hybrid Commuter Bicycle with Rear Rack

If there is one thing that makes sixthreezero Explore Your Range Women’s Hybrid Commuter Bicycle with Rear Rack stand out, it would be its design. It is one of the most beautiful of the options listed in this buying guide.

When looking for lightweight hybrid bikes, this is one product that deserves your attention. It has an aluminum diamond frame. Despite being lightweight, you can expect that this bike will withstand many years of use. It can resist rust and corrosion.

This bike comes with a 7-speed Shimano gearing system. The gears are flawless, providing options for different environments. Shifting will be precise and smooth, which will contribute to the overall biking experience.

Another thing to love in this aluminum hybrid bike is the front and rear hand brakes. The latter will provide exceptional stopping power so that you can be more confident about your safety. Even when you are on slippery roads, the brakes won’t disappoint.

The rear rack is also a great add-on in this product. This makes a great bike for commuting. Whether you are going to school or work, the rear rack will provide the cargo space that you need. You can also add pannier or basket.

Lastly, with the handlebar geometry that you can find in this hybrid bicycle for women, it won’t exert unnecessary strain on the wrists and hands. This also means that the bike will be comfortable.


  • Intuitive braking system
  • Has a rear rack for cargo haul
  • Stylish


  • Not for off-road cycling

Diamondback Bicycles Clarity Women’s Fitness Hybrid Bike

Diamondback Bicycles Clarity Women's Fitness Hybrid Bike

One thing that we love the most about Diamondback Bicycles Clarity Women’s Fitness Hybrid Bike is the lightweight 6061 aluminum tubing. Complemented with the woman-specific design, this will make it effortless to use. It is built in such a way that it will fit the inseam and torso length of female riders, making sure of your highest level of comfort.

The flat handlebar is also a plus in this lightweight bike for women. Its design promotes an upright sitting and riding position. As a result, it will exert lesser strain on the upper body, making you more comfortable even after riding for a long time.

To make it more comfortable, the bike also comes with a woman-specific saddle. It is gel-filled, which will make you cool and comfortable throughout the ride.

The 21-speed drivetrain is also a good thing. Whether you are going uphill or downhill, among other environments, this hybrid bike will demonstrate optimal performance.

This hybrid bike comes with large 700c tires. These tires are great because they are stable, which we can attribute to its size. However, because the tires are big, you will find it quite challenging to make sharp turns. Plus, some people also complained about how there are instances when the pedal will touch the wheel.


  • Easy and smooth gearing
  • Comes with provisions for racks and fenders
  • Comfortable upright riding position


  • Pedals can hit the wheels when you are turning

Raleigh Bicycles Detour 2 Comfort Hybrid Bike

Raleigh Bicycles Detour 2 Comfort

The Raleigh Bicycles Detour 2 Comfort is designed with an aluminum step-through frame. It is also one of the reasons why it is among the top-rated hybrid bikes. More than just being lightweight, the frame is designed in such a way that it will be quick for you to get on and off the bike.

Another highlight of the bike is the Shimano EZ Fire Plus 8-speed trigger shifter. The latter will provide 24 gearing options. This makes it smooth to transition from one terrain to another. It also ensures that the bike will demonstrate good performance regardless of where you are. However, since it is a comfort bike, it is not meant to withstand aggressively rough terrains. In the case of the latter, you are better off riding a mountain bike.

The bike comes with V-brakes. These brakes are traditional, almost obsolete. This can be a problem for some, especially for those who prefer more powerful brakes. If the latter is what you need, then you should choose a hybrid bike equipped with a hydraulic disc brake.

Lastly, for your peace of mind, the frame of the bike is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. One of the conditions of the warranty is that you should be the original owner of the bike.


  • Lightweight frame
  • Frame comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Easy to assemble


  • Size can be inaccurate

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Women’s Vital 2 Complete Hybrid Bike

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Women's Vital 2 Complete

If you are on a budget, then you have one good reason to choose Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Women’s Vital 2 Complete Hybrid Bike. This is one of the most affordable from the products on our list. While the price is cheap, the quality is pretty decent.

It comes with 6061-T6 aluminum frame. More than being lightweight, we also love how it has Sport Hybrid Geometry. This will promote a more upright pedaling position, which will be more comfortable. It puts a lesser strain on your body and will also make you more efficient. Even after an extended period of biking, you will remain comfortable.

As one of the best women’s hybrid bikes, expect that it will be comfortable. One reason for this is the suspension fork. With the front-loaded suspension of this bike, it will perform well even when you are on bumpy roads. Plus, the seat also comes with generous cushioning, which will help in the absorption of impact whenever you are cruising on rough roads.

The Shimano drivetrain is also impressive. It is guaranteed to provide many years of dependable performance. It has a smooth gearing system that will help optimize performance and comfort in various riding environments.

Lastly, the bike is built ready to ride. Most of the components are already assembled upon shipping. When it is taken out of the box, you will have to follow only four steps and you are ready to take the bike out for a spin.


  • Smooth-rolling wheels
  • Comes with high-quality components
  • Affordable


  • Vague assembly instructions

Pure City Classic Step-Through Hybrid ybBicycle

Pure City Classic Step-Through Bicycle

The Pure City Classic Step-Through Hybrid Bicycle is designed with the needs of beginners in biking. It is effortless to use, which is partly because of its simple gearing system. It has a 3-speed Shimano Nexus Revo-3 gearing system, which is known for being user-friendly. There is an internal hub, so it has a clean look.

It comes with a classy and curvy step-through frame, which will surely turn heads. It is sleek and sexy. This bike is a combination of form and function. Because of the step-through frame, it will be easy to get on and off the bike, which is important for women who always think of their poise when using a bike.

A great hybrid bike, this is packed with practical features that you will love. For instance, it comes with a rear rack, which will come handy when you are hauling cargo. It also has a bell, which will easily warn people in the front that you are coming. It also has vegan leather saddle cover and grips, which will add aesthetic value to the hybrid bike.

When this bike is shipped, it is already 90% pre-assembled. This means that you do not have to deal with complicated assembly. It won’t take long before you can finally ride your hybrid bike.


  • Great for beginners
  • Sturdy
  • Has a rear rack


  • Can be wobbly

Motobecane 2018 Cafe 21-Speed Shimano-Equipped Flat Bar Hybrid Bike

Motobecane 2018 Cafe 21 Speed Shimano Equipped Flat Bar

Wrapping our list is Motobecane 2018 Cafe 21-Speed Shimano-Equipped Flat Bar Hybrid Bike, which is known for being affordable. This is a great budget-friendly bike that comes packed with exceptional features. This is a great entry-level adult hybrid bike.

Like many of the options for the best women’s hybrid bikes, this product also comes equipped with a full Shimano drivetrain. Quality is top-notch despite being affordable. The brand name of the bike may not ring a bell for most, but considering that it has Shimano components, you have a good reason to believe that it can deliver great performance.

To ensure your comfort in every ride, the bike has flat bars and  an adjustable stem. The latter will help you to customize the bike based on what you find to be most comfortable. The flat bars, on the other hand, are great for promoting a more upright riding position, which minimizes the pressure that you exert on your body.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Smooth gearing


  • Braking system can be better

How to Choose Good Hybrid Bikes for Women

As you try to narrow down your choices for the top hybrid bikes brands and models, below are some of the most important things to consider.


When reading hybrid women’s bike reviews and checking the available options, one of the most important considerations is the frame. Look at the material used. This will directly impact the price, durability, and performance of the bike.


This is perhaps the most common material that you will see in hybrid bikes, regardless if they are designed for men or women. It is affordable, lightweight, and durable. This is great for women who are looking for a bike that is easy to move around because of its weight.


It is heavier than aluminum, but that does not mean that it is inferior. Some people like steel because of its flex. It is also more forgiving, which means that it will be more comfortable, especially if you always ride on bumpy terrains.

Carbon Fiber

This is the best material but also the most expensive. This is the lightest and strongest. In some cases, carbon fiber is used in the seat post and fork only instead of the entire frame so that it won’t make the bike too expensive.


The suspension of a hybrid bike is crucial for your comfort. This will provide a sort of cushioning, allowing effective impact absorption. This means that you won’t feel most of the vibrations.


When a bike is rigid, this means that it has no suspension. You might think that this is bad, but this is a good thing! A lot of riders would prefer to not have any suspension. Suspension adds weight to a bike. Besides, hybrids are often used on pavements, so the suspension isn’t a deal-breaker.


A hardtail bike comes with a suspension at the front. Located at the fork, this cushions the rider from impact on bumpy rides. It requires lesser maintenance and cheaper compared to a full-suspension bike.


If you want to use your hybrid bike even on rough roads, then a full-suspension bike will be a great choice. This has dual suspension, one at the front and another at the back. The added weight is worth it if comfort is your priority.


For your safety, make sure to consider brakes when looking for top-rated women’s hybrid bikes. The bike should have impressive stopping power. It should immediately stop once you engage the brakes.


Also called rim brakes, it is the traditional braking system that you will see in old bikes or cheap models. While they are easy to maintain, you might want to avoid this as it does not have impressive stopping power compared to what disc brakes can deliver.

Mechanical Disc Brakes

It is affordable and does not require too much maintenance. However, over time, the brakes will need manual adjusting as the pads will wear.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

If you want the best brakes for lightweight hybrid bicycles, then this is what you should choose. It has progressive and strong power without requiring a lot of effort to engage. It also self-adjusts, making it easy to maintain.


This is one thing that most people ignore despite its importance. The design of the handlebar will directly impact your comfort and performance.

Drop Bar

This is more common in road bikes, although, you can also find it in some hybrid bikes. It is lightweight and aerodynamic, which is why it is a great choice is speed is what you need. However, it makes you hunched and it lowers your body, which can make it quite uncomfortable.

Flat Bar

It is the most common type of handlebar that you will find in hybrid bikes for women. This will allow you to sit in a more relaxed position. It also gives you a clear sight of what is ahead, making it easier to identify potential hazards. The design also minimizes strain on your hands, making you comfortable even on long-distance rides.

Riser Bar

Another common handlebar type that you will find in hybrid bikes, it extends slightly upward and back. This can also help you maintain an upright riding position, making it crucial for your comfort.

Moustache Bar

It looks almost the same as a drop bar, but the drop is only very little. It will allow you to experiment with various hand positions depending on what you find most comfortable.


The overall performance of the hybrid bike will also depend on its tires, which will also impact safety. The tires will be slightly wider than what you can expect in a traditional road bike. It can be anywhere from 28 to 42c. The bigger size will make it more stable. This will also provide you with better control of the bike. However, larger tires can be more difficult to maneuver, especially when you are in tight spaces.

When evaluating the tires, you should also look at the tread patterns. It should have an excellent grip regardless of the surface where you will be riding.

Size and Fit

At the end of the day, the most important is how the bike fits. If it does not fit properly, then you will end up being uncomfortable. In turn, you won’t be able to move easily, and this can end up compromising your performance.

When determining the size of the bike, look at the length of the frame. This should be dependent on your height. Women are often shorter than men, which is why women’s bikes also tend to have shorter frames. The length from the seat to the ground is also important to make sure that you will be able to pedal properly.

We recommend that you take the time to try the bike physically to be sure about its size. It is only after fitting the bike that you can see if it is comfortable or not.


The best hybrid bikes for women are designed for a casual and comfortable ride, mostly in an urban setting. Although these bikes are also capable of tackling even rough terrains, they are not as aggressive as mountain bikes.

With a hybrid bike, you will enjoy an upright and easy ride. These bikes come in all shapes and sizes, but do not take this as an excuse to choose just any product. For the best bang for the buck, keep an eye on some of our recommendations above and it will be hard for you to go wrong!