Best Hybrid Bikes for Beginners 2020 Review

Hybrid bikes are now gaining popularity in different cities all over the world. It has revolutionized the way people ride their bikes. Unlike your mountain bikes and road bikes, the hybrid bikes are designed for general use. A bike mainly used for commuting, these bikes are known for having a flat handlebar and a comfortable seat.

And since it is used for your daily commute, it has a more relaxed frame geometry allowing the rider to have a more upright position. This makes it safer in traffic when used on the road.

These days, you can choose from several hybrid bike designs that match your level of experience. This alternative mode of transportation is available from something that looks more of a mountain bike to something that looks more of a road bike.

But if you’re a beginner or it’s your first time to buy a hybrid bike, here are some of the best hybrid bikes for beginners that you might want to check.

Best Hybrid Bikes for Beginners Review

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Hybrid Alloy Beach Cruiser Bicycle

EVRYjourney Women’s bike is a good option for a lot of beginners. It’s one of those beginner hybrid bikes that don’t need any explanation for you to enjoy. Made of an aluminum frame that makes the bike lightweight plus no transmission system to confuse beginners, it might even be an ideal hybrid bike for first-time bike owners.

However, you also have to note that the EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Cruiser Bicycle is a single-speed bike. It becomes tricky when dealing with inclined terrains.

In terms of comfort, riders get to experience an upright posture when using this bike. You also get a stylish curvy frame that was made not only for aesthetic purposes but to also make it easier for the rider to hop on and hop off the bike. And if you are going to ride the bike for hours, you get a dual-spring saddle that allows you to sit with minimal discomfort.

This bike also makes use of a different brake system compared to the other hybrid bike recommendations that we will cover. It made use of pedal coaster brakes that perform well. If offers a decent stopping power on both dry and wet pavement.

Is it one of the best hybrid bicycles? If you are simply traversing flat roads, then you can consider this as a decent entry-level bicycle. You even get to have some space for cargo in case you are going to use it for groceries. However, if you are using this bike uphill, then that is a different story. Imagine having groceries and riding a single gear bike uphill?


  • Made of aluminum frame
  • Comfortable to use
  • Powerful brakes


  • Single-speed option

700c Royce Union RMX Mens 3-Speed Commuter Bike

Made of alloy wheels and frame, the 700c Royce Union RMX Commuter Bike is a lightweight and comfortable option that you can use regardless if you are looking for an alternative mode of transportation or just something to use to burn off calories. It has a simple yet elegant construction. This bike has the 15”, 17”, 19” and the 21” frame options that cater to many consumers.

This bike is made of aluminum frame and aluminum wheels. Aside from being sturdy, expect that it is also lightweight.

It even has decent stopping power with its rim brakes giving you the stopping power that you need regardless if it’s a wet or a dry road. You also don’t have to worry whenever it’s raining because it has fenders to stop the mud from messing your clothes or getting dirt on your buddies behind you.

You also get to enjoy its 3-speed Shimano transmission system that helps give you that assistance that you need when you are riding uphill.

It might be one of the best entry-level hybrid bike options out there but let’s set your expectations correctly. Though there are 3 speed options, you will still have a difficult time riding uphill with this bike. Unlike those bikes that have a complex 21-speed transmission system, 3 speed options are usually not enough for most novice riders.

Apart from traversing steep roads, a lot of people also had a difficult time when it comes to its assembly although it was advertised to be 90% assembled already. It is best if you get it to your local bike shop and let the experts do the work for you.

Though it has its flaws, it has a straightforward design, which is something that a lot of beginners can enjoy. But judging by the pros and the cons, it’s a great hybrid bike not only for first-time buyers but even for those who tried several bikes already.


  • Made of durable aluminum frame
  • Strong brakes
  • Available in different frame sizes


  • Hard to assemble on your own
  • 3-speed transmission feels a bit limited when riding uphill

Schwinn Wayfarer Bike Mens and Womens Hybrid Retro-Styled Cruiser

The Schwinn Wayfarer Bike is a unisex hybrid bike designed with stylish aesthetics and great functionality.

Made of steel step-through frame, it makes it easy to ride and get off the Schwinn Wayfarer Bike. Its retro look is perfect for the everyday city commute. And unlike other hybrid bikes that give users a difficult time climbing uphill roads, this bike has a 7-speed drivetrain that allows you to choose the right gear to lessen the effort on the part of its rider.

Also, it is comfortable to use. You get to enjoy an upright posture thanks to its relaxed frame geometry. The Schwinn Wayfarer Bike also provides a well-cushioned seat that allows you to have a comfortable ride for hours.

And since it is designed for daily activities, you get to enjoy a rear rack, which allows you to have a basket especially if you are going to use it for buying groceries. The Schwinn Wayfarer Bike also has fenders on both front and rear wheels making sure that you stay clean and dry even when you riding on wet pavements.

Its 700c wheels are comfortable for city ride. And when you need to stop or slow down, you get to enjoy pull brakes that provide the right amount of stopping power.

If you are looking for hybrid bikes under 200, this can be a good candidate. However, you also have to consider its steel frame. It means that it’s a bit heavy. This get your legs to work more, but it isn’t exactly a big deal because you have a 7-speed option that can help lessen the effort on your part especially when you need to conquer steep roads in your neighborhood. The worst thing about the bike is the fact that it’s quite difficult to assemble.


  • 7-Speed options
  • Comfortable to use
  • With fenders on both front and rear
  • Easy to get on and get off


  • Hard to assemble
  • Heavy frame

Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike, 15-18-inch Frame

The Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike is the type of hybrid bicycle that looks more like a mountain bike than your typical city bike. Unlike other hybrid bikes that we’ve covered, this bike offers a front suspension fork that promotes a smooth ride even when used on a rough road.

It is made of an alloy frame that makes it both durable and lightweight. This means that riders will have an easier time pedaling regardless if it’s a flat road or a steep incline. And also, there are different frame sizes available for a variety of users. This bike, in particular, caters to users from 5’4”

Though it looks more of a mountain bike than a city bike, the Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike allows the users to have an upright posture that makes it safe for the road. Apart from its frame geometry, the rider also gets to find the most comfortable riding position with its alloy hi-rise stem and swept-back handlebar.

When it comes to taking the Schwinn Network Hybrid Bike to difficult roads, it has a Shimano 21-speed transmission that can help give you the necessary help you need whenever you are tired or when you don’t feel like sweating too much going uphill.

On top of that, you also get a bike that has reliable brakes. Its alloy linear-pull brakes are responsive and can make the bike stop or slow down according to your preference.

The only downside to this bike is the fact that it’s not the best option for those who are looking for something that they can use to buy groceries. It’s not the type that comes with a basket.

And also, this bike might require a lot of tuning. You might want to get it to your local bike shop for a safe measure to get the right feel on this bike.


  • 21-speed transmission for an uphill climb
  • Lightweight frame
  • Availability of different frame sizes


  • The bike requires a lot of tuning

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Steel Women’s

The EVRYjourney Steel Women’s bike is a commuter-friendly hybrid bike that fits the profile of those users particular about comfort. Made of steel frame with a low swooping design, it makes it easy to step on and step off the bike. This city bike allows you to have an upright posture and have a comfortable experience. Also, this can help minimize accidents as you get to see what’s happening on the road with an upright posture.

When it comes to climbing difficult uphill terrains, you get to choose from the 7-speed options to make sure that you don’t end up sweating too much. You also have room for cargo. Riders can easily put their basket at the back of the bike whenever they go to the grocery.

And when it comes to its brakes, the handheld brakes are strong and responsive giving you the option to stop or slow down without any issues.

However, there are a few downsides to this bike. One of the main complaints on this bike is the noise that you get to hear from the bike when you are using it. You’ll notice that the seat and the gear make weird noises, something that could signify a bigger problem. However, after a trip to the bike shop, you could get this bike to work perfectly fine. Also, let’s not forget that the bike has a steel frame. Compared to other bikes within its price range, you can already have a frame that is made of aluminum.


  • Easy to get on and get off
  • Room for cargo
  • Decent brakes
  • With 7-speed transmission system


  • Steel frame
  • Requires a few adjustments from the bike shop

sixthreezero Ride in The Park Women’s Touring City Road Bicycle with Rear Rack

The Ride in The Park Women’s Touring City Road bike is one of those options that can give you a comfortable ride to the grocery or your workplace. It comes with a relaxed handlebar and frame geometry that allows the user to be upright. This also makes it easier to see what’s happening in traffic. Plus, you get to be comfortable while commuting in this bike.

The seat is also something that gets the rider to relax. Unlike other bikes that have uncomfortably hard seats, the Ride in the Park Women’s Touring City Road Bicycle used a cushioned dual-spring wide saddle. The saddle has high-density base and support foam that won’t hurt on your hips even if you ride for hours.

This bike has a lightweight aluminum frame that makes it easier to pedal. You also get double-walled rims that make it easier to conquer a few bumps here and there with its 700c wheels. And to top it off, you have a Shimano 3-speed or a Shimano 7-speed transmission that can assist users when they are trying to climb uphill.

It even has fenders for both front and rear wheels to make sure that you don’t end up getting dirt on your shirt when you are riding on wet pavement.

So what are the downsides of using this hybrid bike? Some consumers reported that their gear was slipping when they shift. However, a trip to your local bike shop can do the trick. It’s a minor problem that can easily get addressed by the right people.


  • Lightweight frame
  • Comfortable frame geometry
  • Comfortable seat


  • Hard to shift gears at times

Schwinn GTX Comfort

If you are looking for a bike that you can also bring off-road, the Schwinn GTX Comfort is one of the best options that you can go for. With its features, it looks more of a mountain bike than a road bike. But what makes it possibly the best starter hybrid bike is the fact that it combines both comfort and performance.

For some experienced riders, it’s arguably the best all-purpose bike that you can use for your daily commute whether on paved roads or on some off-road adventure during the weekends. Because you don’t have to buy a separate mountain bike, it’s not surprising why some consider it as the best value hybrid bicycle in the market.

Made of aluminum frame while it resembles a racing bike, this bike still gives you the impression that you are going to lean forward whenever you are using it.

Next, you get small seats while you get to enjoy Shimano 21-speed transmission system. Based on these specs, you will notice that it has more of a race bike feature than a comfortable city bike. It means that it is less comfortable than other bikes, but it is something that can be enjoyed for daily commute and off-road bike trips.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use for uphill climb
  • Can be used for both paved roads and rough roads


  • Not so comfortable

sixthreezero Explore Your Range Women’s

The Explore Your Range Women’s Bike could easily be the best hybrid bike for the money. This bike was designed not only for novice riders but even for more experienced riders. If you are in it for a hybrid bike that offers a relaxed posture, lightweight frame, and intuitive usability on the road, then you can never go wrong with the Explore Your Range Women’s Hybrid Bike.

Sixthreezero is known for the curvy frames for their hybrid bikes. For the Explore Your Range Women’s Hybrid Bike, things are a bit different. Though its frame is less curvy and has a similar shape to a mountain bike, you still get to enjoy the comfort expected from a city bike. You get to enjoy an upright posture thanks to its handlebar and frame geometry. And with a 17” frame, it is the perfect size for most women.

This hybrid bike performs well on different roads. It uses 700c tires giving you a smooth ride on both paved and rough roads. You also get to enjoy a powerful brake system to ensure your safe. It has front handbrakes and rear coaster brakes to give you peace of mind that you need whenever you need to slow down or make a complete stop.

You get to choose between a 3-speed and a 7-speed mechanism for this bike. This means that you have the freedom to choose the most comfortable gear for you especially when you need to climb difficult trails.

The only issue with this bike is its assembly. You want to get the help of your local bike shop.


  • Easy to use even on some rough road
  • Strong brakes
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable posture


  • Hard to assemble

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike was designed for both male and female riders. Many consider this as one of the great hybrid bikes in the market today. It is a lightweight hybrid bike that is perfect for your daily commute. Unlike hybrid bikes that are hard to use when dealing with difficult roads, this isn’t the case with the Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike.

Made of aluminum frame that is both lightweight and durable, the Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike only weighs 35.5 pounds. This alone makes the Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike even a candidate for the best mid-range hybrid bike.

Also, using a bike is not a problem. Riders can enjoy an upright posture thanks to its handlebar’s geometry. You also have the 21-speed SRAM shifter paired with Shimano rear derailleur to make pedaling uphill to be an easy task.

But unlike your typical mountain bike, it has both front and rear fenders installed to make sure that you don’t mess your attire when you go to work and you have to pass through some wet pavement. It even includes space for cargo at the back which is could be used when you do your groceries. The handbrakes are also decent when it comes to slowing the bike down or making a full stop.

There are some issues that you might have to anticipate when using this bike. For instance, you have the 700c wheels that don’t live up to the expectations of most users. Some riders complained about the spoke becoming an issue after using the bike for a while.

Is it the best hybrid bike under 200? Despite the problems that you might encounter with this bike, the Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike is a favorite among riders that have a $200 budget.


  • Designed similar to a mountain bike
  • Comfortable to use
  • Strong brakes
  • Easy to use uphill


  • Flimsy spokes

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Steel Men’s

The EVRYjourney Steel Men’s Hybrid Bike is another good option for those who are looking to transition towards using a bike for their daily commute. You get to enjoy a hybrid bike designed with a low center of gravity that allows the rider to have an upright posture.

The 19-inch steel frame with its step-through makes it a good option for a lot of users. And when it is time to deal with upright climbs, you don’t have to worry about exerting a lot of effort using this bike. Unlike other bikes from SixThreeZero, the EVRYJourney Steel Men’s bike made use of Shimano 7-speed external derailleur. This gives you enough gears to choose from especially when you are already tired or when you feel that you don’t want to exert too much effort to reach the top of the uphill part of the road.

It made use of a matte steel frame with cruiser features and 26-inch wheels. The 2-inch tires are designed to give the rider an easier time whenever he or she is dealing with some bumps along the road. However, it is still a budget hybrid bike. This means that it isn’t exactly perfect.

The biggest drawback of this bike is the fact that it has a frame made of steel. It is heavier than most aluminum bikes. And also, some riders reported hearing noise from the brakes even when it isn’t being used.


  • Allows rider to have an upright posture
  • With 7-speed options
  • Thick tires that tolerate bumps along the road


  • Heavy frame

Schwinn Sivica 7 Comfort Cruiser Bike, 7-Speed Shimano Drivetrain

The Schwinn Sivica Comfort Cruiser Bike is a hybrid bike designed to make the rider feel comfortable. It features a comfortable saddle that comes with double spring suspension. On top of that, the saddle has a memory foam insert to prevent your hips from experiencing discomfort whenever you ride for long hours.

This hybrid bike also comes with an aluminum frame. This makes the Sivica 7 Cruiser Hybrid Bike lightweight and durable at the same time. This bike was catered for users from 5’4” to 6’2”. It has a geometry that allows users to touch the ground and have an upright posture. This allows them to keep an eye out of what’s happening during traffic situations.

This bike also performs well when you need to go uphill thanks to its 7-speed Shimano drivetrain. And if you need to slow down or make a complete stop, you have front and rear linear brakes that deliver crisp stopping power regardless if you are running on wet or dry pavement.

Though it is a stand out among affordable hybrid bicycles, the instructions for assembly can be confusing. It is a good idea that you turn to your local bike shop for assembly if you want to minimize the stress.


  • Easy to use uphill
  • Durable frame
  • The rider enjoys an upright posture
  • Powerful brakes


  • Complicated assembly instructions

Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Road Bike

The Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Road Bike is the type of hybrid bike that gives you that aerodynamic feel of a race bike. However, unlike the race bike with an aggressive geometry that gets the rider to go low and lean forward, the Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Road Bike can still be used comfortably in an upright manner.

This bike is made of a lightweight aluminum frame coupled with a rigid fork that promotes responsive riding. You also don’t get to have any problem with this bike in terms of conquering steep hills thanks to the 14-speed Shimano A050 shifters and Shimano rear derailleur. It allows quick switching from one gear to the next. You also have 28C road tires that are large and thin allowing you to cruise smoothly.

You also get to enjoy a sport saddle and alloy seat post that is both lightweight and performance-savvy. But this is also one of the biggest sources of frustration especially for those who are looking for the best performance hybrid bicycles. Though it performs well especially on the paved roads, many believe that comfort has been compromised intentionally by the manufacturer.

Even though it lacks comfort, this is a strong contender for the best hybrid bikes under 300 because of its performance on the road. But is it the best hybrid bicycle for beginners? If it’s your first time riding a hybrid bike, there is a chance that you might not like this bike.


  • Aerodynamic design
  • Less-aggressive geometry compared to race bikes
  • Lightweight
  • Great for climbing uphill


  • Comfort wasn’t a priority in this bike’s design

Kent Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bicycle

A good balance between comfort and performance, these are the things that a rider can expect the Kent Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bicycle. It’s one of those bikes that a lot of novice riders can enjoy in different ways. The Kent Springdale Hybrid Bike is a recreational bike that doesn’t forego the performance.

This bike made use of a 6061 aluminum frame with a 60mm travel front suspension fork giving you a smooth ride despite encountering a few bumps on the pavement. You also get to cruise uphill parts of the road without any problem with its 21-speed options. As for the brakes, it has linear-pull brakes that get you to make a full stop or slow down without any problem.

The wheels are made of double-wall alloy rims that are meant for long durations of travel. And just like a good hybrid bike, you have fenders on both front and rear to stop the dirt from getting on your shirt.

However, there are a few problems with this bike that you also need to watch out for. One, it is hard to assemble. Next, despite being marketed for females, it feels a bit big for petite individuals.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use uphill


  • Not designed for petite individuals

Raleigh Bikes Route

The Raleigh Bikes Route Hybrid Bike leans towards a mountain bike design rather than a city bike. It’s one of those bikes that may not fall under the category of best cheap hybrid bikes considering the under $900 price tag. However, this bike gives you a superb experience as a rider. It is reliable especially when it comes to dealing with difficult roads. It made use of Shimano shifters and 24-speed options to its users. On top of that, the frame is made of aluminum alloy that has been butted to increase its durability especially when it comes to handling difficult roads.

And unlike other hybrid bikes, this is the type of bike that can lessen the vibration thanks to the front fork that has a 75mm travel. You can also select the right gear when it comes to traversing uphill climbs. It has a Shimano 24-speed transmission system that can help lessen the effort on your part.

And when you need to stop or slow down, it made use of powerful mechanical brakes that are reliable regardless if it’s the paved road or a rough road.


  • 24-speed options for climbing uphill
  • Smooth ride thanks to the front fork
  • Lightweight and durable frame


  • A bit pricey for most beginners

sixthreezero Pave N’ Trail Women’s

The Pave N’ Trail Women’s Hybrid Bike is a stylish city bike that allows the riders to have a fun experience.

It has sleek and elegant features of a city bike that can stand out among the other bikes in the market. Also, this bike has feminine features that were designed for the average size of female users. The frame is designed to make it easy for users to enter and exit the bike. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum material allowing the rider to enjoy a sturdy bike that isn’t too heavy making it easier to pedal the Pave N’ Tail.

And also, expect the bike to be a handy option especially when dealing with difficult terrains including a lot of uphill climbs and even a few bumpy roads. It made use of Vibrazorb front suspension fork that can ease the vibration when you encounter rough roads. And if you are going to be climbing uphill, you don’t have to exert all your effort to get the bike to the top. The 21-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur and EZ Fire Plus shifter give you the ability to choose the right gear and conserve your energy.

Its brake system is something that riders can look forward to. You get front and rear handbrakes that give you precise stopping power.

It has a low profile frame that lets the rider to have an upright posture. It also means that it makes it easier for the rider to see what’s going on in his or her surroundings whenever he or she is in traffic.

This bike even has a rack found at the rear to give the rider an option to install a basket that makes it easy to do things like grocery shopping.

The only complaint that we have for this bike is its complicated assembly. The instructions are hard to understand especially for a beginner. You might want to get the help of your local bike shop if you want it to work properly.


  • Easy to use for an uphill climb
  • With rear rack for optional basket
  • Frame designed for female users
  • Lightweight


  • Hard to assemble

Schwinn Men’s Voyager 2 700C Wheels

Schwinn Men’s Voyager 2 looks more like a race bike with a less aggressive frame geometry. This bike is something that can give you the speed that you want on the road. With some of the best features of a racing bike integrated to the Schwinn Voyager 2, you get something that can be used for leisure, fitness, and even for your daily commute.

Since it has more features of a racing bike than your typical city bike, don’t expect the Schwinn Voyager 2 to be comfortable. Though you can use it with a more upright posture than your racing bikes, it is still not as relaxed as a city bike. However, you get to enjoy a lightweight frame that comes with SR Suntour M3010 suspension fork to absorb some of the shocks from the road.

On top of that, you get to enjoy 21-speed drivetrain with SRAM grip shift shifters. This makes it a good option especially when you need to climb difficult roads. However, many riders have hesitations to include this in their best rated hybrid bicycles wish list. If you will look at the reviews online, a lot of complaints come from defective parts of the bike including the brakes.


  • 21-speed options
  • Lightweight frame
  • Racing bike inspired design


  • Defective parts

Schwinn Suburban Sport Comfort

The Schwinn Suburban Sport Comfort Bike has a steel frame. For a lot of riders, they’d most likely stay away from this bike because of this. And that’s because steel tends to be heavier than aluminum. However, it is also a good idea to take a closer look at the other features of this bike before you make your final decision. You’d be surprised how this bike can be a good choice regardless if you are a beginner or someone already experienced.

Since it has more of a mountain bike design, you have a front suspension fork that somehow lessens the vibrations. But compared to your conventional mountain bike, this is more comfortable to use given the more relaxed geometry. The company even included fenders on both front and rear wheels to get rid of the dirt that sticks on your clothes if you ride on wet roads.

Using the bike on inclined portions of the road is the main reason why it is one of the top hybrid bicycles for beginners. You get to enjoy a 7-speed Shimano rear derailleur along with micro shift twist shifter allowing the rider to choose the right gear to match the road’s difficulty.


  • Includes fenders
  • With 7-speed Shimano rear derailleur for difficult inclined roads
  • Front suspension to absorb shock


  • Steel frame

sixthreezero Explore Your Range Men’s

The Explore Your Range Men’s Hybrid Bike is the type of lightweight bike that looks sleek and functional at the same time. It can make your morning commute easy thanks to its lightweight and functional design that promotes comfort among riders.

The Explore Your Range made use of lightweight aluminum on the frame. On top of that, you also get to enjoy a low profile to keep you upright and keep your eyes on the road. Since this is made for both tall and average size users, you can adjust the height of the handlebar to give you the most comfortable position when using the bike.

This bike is meant for daily use, it even has a rear rack where you can place your basket when you need to buy things for the grocery or if you are going to bring some stuff going to work or school.

Riders get to enjoy both handbrakes and rear coaster brakes to make it easier for the rider to get the bike to slow down or make a complete stop. The700c tires are also perfect for riding different road conditions regardless if it is dry or wet.

The downside to this bike is that it’s a bit difficult to use going uphill. It only has a 3-speed transmission system that makes uphill climbs a struggle especially for a lot of novice riders.


  • Reliable brakes
  • Tires that are reliable for both wet and dry roads
  • Relaxed frame geometry
  • Lightweight


  • Only has 3-speed options

Retrospec Venus Dutch Step-Thru City Comfort

The Restrospec Venus Dutch Step-Thru City Comfort Hybrid Bike gives you the vintage aesthetics that promotes long term comfort for the rider. It has a step-thru frame that makes it easy to hop in and out of the bike.

But as a beginner hybrid bike, it has a steel frame with no suspension whatsoever. It means that you can only use it on paved roads and not on rough roads. There are three different versions of this bike. You get to choose from the single-speed, 3-speed, or the 7-speed option. For both 3 and 7 speed versions of the Venus Dutch Step-Thru City Comfort Hybrid Bike, it made use of RevoShift Grip Shifter that allows you to choose the right gear for your needs especially when you have to climb uphill.

The brake system is also something that stands out for on this bike. The front and rear caliper brakes are also responsive enough to allow you to stop or slow down.

If you have a $200-$300 budget, this could arguably be the best cheap hybrid bike that you can buy with that money. All things considered, it’s a beginner-friendly option that can do well for everyday use.

But if you are going to compare it with other bikes, it is a mediocre bike pales in comparison against higher-end bikes.


  • Different versions to choose from
  • Comfortable to use
  • Strong brakes


  • Made of steel frame

sixthreezero Pave n’ Trail Men’s 21-Speed

Pave N’ Trail Bike is a popular model from SixThreeZero available for both male and female users. The Pave N’ Trail Men’s 21-Speed hybrid bike is known for its rugged design. Unlike other hybrid bikes that have a city bike design that you can’t use in off-road terrains, the Pave N’ Trail offers features that can give riders the freedom to explore both paved roads and rough roads.

With an aluminum frame and Vibrazorb front suspension, you get something that is lightweight that can lessen the vibration when you encounter a few bumps during your ride. And on top of that, you also have slick tires that are 1.75 inches thick that can be handy for both wet and dry roads.

You also get to enjoy a relaxed frame geometry that alleviates the discomfort on your body especially on your lower back and shoulder. And if you plan on conquering uphill trails, the 21-speed transmission can help you choose the right gear for you.

The only downside is that some of its parts are not durable. Some parts are made from China which you will have to replace sooner than later. But fortunately, the derailleur, brakes, and frame are impressive enough to be considered a good bike.


  • Can be used even on rough roads
  • Easy to use for uphill climbs
  • Lightweight


  • Some parts are not durable

How to Choose Good Hybrid Bikes for Beginners

If it is your first time in the market for a decent entry-level hybrid bike, things can be a bit confusing. There are a lot of things that you will have to consider if you are planning to invest in the right entry-level hybrid bike. From all the parts that make your ride comfortable and extra special, to the things that more experienced riders tend to look for, you need to be very particular whenever you are buying a starter hybrid bike.


First, what can you expect from a good starter hybrid bike when it comes to its frame? Do you want something that is made of steel or do you want something that is made of aluminum? Carbon-made hybrid bicycles are nowhere near the classification of entry-level hybrid bikes simply because carbon is expensive.

You have to expect that a lot of these beginners are looking for affordable hybrid bikes. Carbon is not exactly the inexpensive hybrid bicycle that you can get for under $200. However, carbon can minimize vibrations allowing better comfort. And not to mention, it is a lightweight material for bikes.

If you are in the market for good hybrid bikes for beginners the best option would be aluminum. It is lighter than steel. And also, technologies made it closer to carbon’s weight without putting a dent on your budget.


Comfort is another important factor that you want to consider if you are looking for a hybrid bike for beginners. If the bike isn’t comfortable, there is a higher probability that a beginner will not be using the bike. Instead, he or she will probably resell it or just buy another one.

What contributes to the comfort of your bicycle? Seat, the height adjustment of your seat post, and the frame geometry are some of the things that can contribute to the overall comfort of the user. When it comes to the seat, it is important to have enough cushion especially if you are going to use the bike every day for your commute or doing grocery shopping around town.

Next, the seat post should be adjustable to the point where it fits your height. Some bikes don’t fit taller or smaller individuals. Next, you also need to check the frame geometry of your bike. Racing bikes are different from your average bike.The best entry-level commuter bike should be more relaxed. It means that you have a more upright posture.

Brake System

Brakes are important for any type of bike. One of the biggest misconceptions is that you have to pay a lot of money to enjoy a good brake system on your hybrid bike. Even good cheap hybrid bikes have powerful brakes to ensure that the rider is safe the entire time.

It is common for an affordable hybrid bike to use a rim brake. The mechanics are quite easy for a rim brake. You have pads that grip on the wheel rims that stopping wheels from turning. One of its advantages is the fact that it is highly economical. And also, it is easy to replace the pads once it is worn out. However, since it causes friction by the rims, it also damages the rim itself.

A gold standard for a brake system is a disc brake. How are the disc brakes different from your rim brake? Disc brakes operate by having the pads grip into the brake rotor that is mounted by the wheel hub.

The best type of disc brake is a hydraulic brake. It is known to be more progressive and possesses stronger brake power compared to your typical rim brakes.

Another popular disc brake option is a mechanical disc brake. Though it is slightly less powerful than hydraulic brakes, mechanical disc brake can still give you the stopping power that you need. However, mechanical disc brakes need manual adjusting since the pads wear compared to the self-adjusting feature of the hydraulic disc brakes.

Wheel Size

There are different types of wheel sizes for hybrid bikes. You have the 700c which is the standard wheel size for most hybrid bikes. On the other hand, you also have the 26-inch versions. The 26-inch wheels are smaller than your 700c wheels. So which one is a better option? It depends on how you are going to use the bike. Are you going to use it for climbing hills or simply dealing with flat roads? If you are traversing a lot of uphill climbs, it’s better if you are going to have larger wheels.

You also have the thick tires for some hybrid mountain bikes. A lot of users prefer thick tires because it adds cushion in your ride plus you also get to enjoy better traction that can be used in both wet and dry terrain.

Suspension System

The best value hybrid bike has a superb suspension that can help lessen vibrations especially when the bike is going to be used on rough roads. Rarely do you see an entry-level hybrid bike to have a full-suspension system. In most cases, it is going to be a front fork. But in reality, there are a lot of city bikes that waive any suspension on the bike.

For those consumers who are sensitive about the weight of their hybrid bike, some of them even opt for no suspension. Does it mean having no suspension on your hybrid bike makes a bad choice? If you are simply riding on a flat road, then this is something that you could consider. It also removes the additional weight brought by a suspension system making this a lighter than other hybrid bikes.


Not a lot of beginners are fit. A lot of beginners are most likely going to have a difficult time climbing uphill especially if it’s a single gear bike. The best beginner hybrid bike should have a decent transmission system that allows you to select the right gear for the right situation. Apart from the number of gears, a hybrid bike for beginners should also offer a smooth transition from one gear to the next.

A good starter hybrid bicycle should have at least 7-8 gear options. This gives the rider enough number of gears to deal with uphill and flat roads without relying too much on your stamina and legs.


Some of the beginner hybrid bikes in the market today are used for the daily commute and doing different chores such as buying groceries. Some have racks where you can place your cargo for your groceries and other stuff.

However, not all hybrid bikes have a rack where you can place your basket. There are some hybrid bikes that are designed more of a racing bike or a mountain bike.


One of the biggest struggles of different riders is having mud on their clothes whenever they are riding their bike. Since hybrid bikes are designed for daily use, you shouldn’t hesitate to use your bike even during the wet days.

Some of the top-rated hybrid bicycles installed fenders to keep the mud off the riders’ clothes. It can also avoid annoying your friends behind you because you are not going to spray them with mud and water.


More and more riders prefer to use hybrid bicycles for their everyday activities. It helps them save gas plus it can also give them the chance to exercise. Whether it is going to work or buying groceries, hybrid bikes are the perfect alternative mode of transportation. And the best thing about it is that you have a more relaxed posture and even room for your cargo.

But if you are in it for the best value hybrid bikes, don’t just go for comfort. You have to take a closer look at overall performance and functionality of the bike. Some bikes are only designed for flat roads while others for climbing uphill as well. To get the best bang for your buck, you want a hybrid bike that allows you to switch gears when you need it the most.