10 Best Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss 2021 Review

Shedding excess weight and attaining a toned body contributes positively towards leaving a healthy life. Many people strive towards achieving that goal. But not everyone realizes that dream.

Tight work schedules and a slim budget don’t allow them to attend far located gyms. Hence, the needs for the best home exercise equipment for weight loss.

The media on the other hand clouds our minds with pieces of training equipment promising quick unrealistic results. That’s why we wish to help you find an effective weight loss machine.

Best Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss Review

ANCHEER Folding Treadmill, Electric Running Machine with LCD Monitor

ANCHEER Folding Treadmill, Electric Running Machine with LCD Monitor

Using a 1.5hp motor, ANCHEER Folding Treadmill packs enough power to propel a 220.5lbs weight up to a maxim speed of mph. But even though it provides such a tremendous power it features a compact design and needs only a small space from your room. Thus it makes one of the best weight loss equipment for a small room.

The actual anti-slip lawn measures 14.04″ x 40.95 inches thus very spacious. Moreover, it provides a textured belt surface that keeps your feet from slipping even at a high pace jog. As a workout machine for weight loss, it must withstand regular use. That’s why the equipment employs a multilayer belt to resist wear.

To boost its durability, it also features a durable steel frame that is mechanically solid. Accordingly it reduces noise level, absorbs shock and cuts down on the impact significantly. Therefore you can walk, jog or run without disturbing someone in the adjacent room.

From the touch-sensitive LCD screen, you can read out the time you have taken, calories burned, your current speed, and your heart rate. That makes it easy to track your progress when using the weight loss exercise machines.

To aid you in realizing your goal of losing weight, the ANCHEER Treadmill gives you 12 preset programs together with heart rate sensors. But in case of an emergency during your work out, the provided safety shut off key instantly stops the apparatus.


  • Runs smooth and quiet
  • Simple to assemble
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • The screen makes it easy to track your training progress
  • Sturdy stainless steel frame
  • Has phone and Ipad holder


  • Nonadjustable incline

Fitness Reality 1000 Plus Bluetooth Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine

Fitness Reality 1000 Plus Bluetooth Magnetic Rower Rowing Machin

Rowing is one of the most effective ways to burn calories and work out your biceps. Fitness Reality 1000 Plus allows you to practice this right from your home even if you weigh 250lbs. For convenient rowing, it accommodates a wide range of persons between 4.9 to 6.6 feet tall. For that reason, it counts as one of the simple but effective weight loss equipment for home training.

Its best feature is that it offers full-body workout at a low impact. Therefore, it targets forearms, biceps, shoulders, and thighs. The foam-padded handlebar is 21.5 inches wide thus spacious and comfortable to hold.

With a total of 14 magnetic resistance levels, this fitness rowing machine supports simple to more challenging workouts. Since it requires you to take a sitting posture, the apparatus has a large countered and comfy seat.

For easy tracking of your progress, this rower has a 3.5 LCD screen to display important data regarding your workout. At the same time, its cloud fitness App connects wirelessly to your phone. Accordingly, you can keep check of the distance, time taken, calories burnt and thus know how far you are from achieving your goal.

While rowing, it operates quietly and offers a convenient place to hold your phone. Also, you can adjust the seat height from 9.5 to 12 inches.


  • Convenient thick nylon cable offers smooth and quiet pulling
  • Provides a wide range of resistance training
  • Folds into half for easy storage
  • Features front stabilizing foot pads
  • Extra-wide, comfy and adjustable seat
  • Simple to assemble with the provided assembly tools


  • The pedal is anchored in one place only, thus moves more than necessary

NordicTrack T Series Treadmills (6.5S, 6.5Si, 7.5S, 8.5S, 9.5S Models)

NordicTrack T Series Treadmills (6.5S, 6.5Si, 7.5S, 8.5S, 9.5S Models)

Think of the benefit of training at home with the help of a trainer to guide you and push you to achieve your goals. NordicTrack T Series Treadmills are weight loss exercise machines that provide such experience.

When unfolded, it takes up a space of 73″ L x 36″ W x 54″ H only. However, the treadmill happily accommodates a maximum weight of 300lbs. The actual tread belt measures 22″ x 55, therefore spacious enough for most feet sizes.

To support such a heavyweight, it employs a powerful 2.6 continuous horsepower motor. Accordingly, it will spin the belt to accelerate up to 10mph. Considering that it also allows you to adjust its incline up to 10 degrees, it counts as the best home workout equipment for weight loss.

It has an App that permits you to stream live studio training sessions and reap guidance from Ifit coach trainer. As a bonus, the package gives you a free one month trial of Ifit membership.

During the action, the weight loss exercise machine offers 20 workout challenge programs and a 5inch display to keep a check on your progress. A 2-inch speaker and music port keep you entertained. Also it has a cup holder where you can keep a cool drink nearby, keys, cell phone, and watch.


  • Free one-month membership to Ifit training
  • Live guidance and training from Ifit coach
  • Adjustable incline up to 10 degrees
  • App compatible
  • Large screen
  • Ability to stream live studio session


  • Speakers produce inadequate volume

Sunny Health & Fitness Stair Stepper Exercise Equipment

Sunny Health & Fitness Stair Stepper Exercise Equipmen

Talk of a machine that enables you to work out your hamstrings, core, and glutes group of muscles effectively and Sunny Health & Fitness Stair Stepper Exercise Equipment delivers. And the best part of this home weight loss exercise machine is that it features a simple design that saves on storage space highly.

The climbing stepper employs a heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder offers an easy to adjust incline settings from 1 to 12. Hence you can either increase or decrease the tempo as you desire.

Although it’s light and weighs 29.8lbs, it has a strong frame that supports a weight up to 220lbs. After training, fold it and keep it in a corner. Unlike other machines, this sunny climbing stepper has dual pedals that work independently. As a result, you can exercise both legs and core. Therefore that makes it one of the most effective exercise equipment for home use.

During the workout you may wish to know the time you have taken and the calories burned. That’s why this workout machine has an easy to read LCD screen. Once you have leveled it on the ground it rests with perfect stability thus ruling out chances of slipping.


  • Slim, lightweight and portable
  • Targets a wide group of muscles
  • Boats adjustable speed settings from one to 12
  • Dual pedals that work independently


  • The clock requires some insulation from water/

Merax Magnetic Exercise Rower Adjustable Resistance Rowing Machine

Merax Magnetic Exercise Rower Adjustable Resistance Rowing Machine

One of the best calorie-burning exercise machines is the rowing equipment. Using a sturdy steel frame, the Merax Magnetic Exercise Rower provides a durable rowing machine. The steel material allows it to bear up to a maximum weight of 264lbs.

The rowing exercise machine packs 8 levels of resistance. To shift from one level to the next, simply adjust the knob. Therefore, whether you want simple or more challenging rowing workouts, the Merax won’t disappoint you

Using the built-in magnetic flywheel, the fat burning exercise equipment supports smooth rowing with very minimal noise. Henceforth you can use it early or late in the night without disturbing occupants of the next room.

The apparatus requires you to sit while training. Consequently, it offers you a fully padded sliding seat. With the sliding rail measuring 43.3 inches, you can easily slide the seat to a length that accommodates you comfortably.

By angling the seat at 15 degrees, it allows you to row effectively for a long duration. On the other hand, it features an adjustable strapping footplate to lock the feet to a stable position as you exercise. Since the strap is adjustable it accommodates users’ feet of varying sizes.

The unit is equipped with an LCD monitor. Accordingly, you can set your goal, and the display relays crucial data like time taken, count, and calories burned. From that information, you can gauge how far or near you are to achieving your preset goal. Thus you can adjust or redouble your effort to achieve optimum results.


  • It features a foldable frame
  • Trouble-free to assemble
  • Smooth and noise-free rowing
  • 8 level magnetic resistance levels to accommodate the varying intensity of training
  • Comfy upholstered seat for comfortable longer training sessions


  • Small and a basic screen display

TRX ALL-IN-ONE Suspension Training: Bodyweight Resistance System

TRX ALL-IN-ONE Suspension Training Bodyweight Resistance System

Are you looking for a versatile piece of training equipment that you can use both indoor and outdoor? Then TRX ALL-IN-ONE fulfills such demands. The suspension training apparatus supports a full-body workout. Moreover, you can hook it to almost anything. That includes beam, rafters, door, or a tree. For versatile best weight loss equipment, TRX ALL-IN-ONE is hard to beat.

Its lightweight of 1.65lbs makes it very portable. Despite its lightness, it doesn’t compromise strength. It effectively withstands 350lbs resistance.  This workout weight loss apparatus works on the principle of movement-based training. Thus it offers you the 7 fundamental moves such as pull, plank, squat, push, hinge, and rotate.

From the movement-based exercise, you get to enjoy over 1000 workouts and thus shed excess weight and tone your muscles easily. Besides, it’s App compatible and therefore eases tracking your progress towards your set goal.

Setting it is very simple. It employs a single anchor point compared to the dual anchor system. Combined with the solid locking loop, it provides reliable support even amidst the most demanding exercise.

The package also provides for a 35-page workout guide and a 30 days free trial using the TRX App. Accordingly, you get suggestions on how to use the suspension strap for even more challenging exercises.  Better still you can carry out the exercises while seated or standing. It, therefore, qualifies as a versatile fat burning exercise equipment.


  • Effective core training
  • Built to last; withstands 350lbs of resistance
  • Light and portable
  • Can anchor in many different places easily
  • Doesn’t require much training space
  • Supports many kinds of exercises


  • Adjusting straps when switching from one form of exercise to the other is time-consuming

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower w/LCD Monitor

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower w LCD Monitor

Have you tried ordinary rowing machines and found them to be of insufficient length? Then look no more than the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515. With its inseam length of 44 inches, it accommodates even the tallest figure.

And whether you stretch on the direct floor or over a carpet, it rests with a solid balance. Since the handlebar forms one of the crucial parts of a rowing machine, it features a comfortable foam padding that boosts its grip too. Therefore it minimizes any chances of you slipping or sustaining blisters during your training.

By borrowing from the magnetic resistance technology, this best indoor workout equipment packs 8 levels of resistance training. To move from one level to the next, twist a knob and the tension changes effortlessly.

As you row, its large digital screen displays crucial data like time taken, calories burnt and total count, you then use these data to adjust your training accordingly and achieve your goal.

Even when the exercise becomes intense, you won’t worry about losing grip on your foot placement. That’s because it features textured foot pedals that keep the feet from slipping. Besides the foot strap further rivets your feet to the right place.

The magnetic rowing machine benefits all groups of muscles. But despite that, it offers low impact aerobic and cardiovascular exercises. So as long your weight doesn’t exceed 250lbs, you’ll find this sunny health rowing equipment a fun exercise machine.


  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Targets all muscle groups
  • Folds up to take only a footprint of space
  • Accommodates even the tallest user
  • Stable foot placement
  • Easy to read display
  • Low impact form of exercise


  • You can’t track the distance you have rowed

Cap Barbell Enamel Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell

Cap Barbell Enamel Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell

Sometimes burning calories doesn’t have to involve complicated pieces of equipment. A simple at-home exercise machine like Cap Barbell Kettlebell swing may be all that you need. A simple as it seems, with the right choice of weight, a Kettlebell swing will aid in burning considerable calories as well as working out the muscles in the hips, hamstrings, and even shoulders.

This cast iron Kettlebell gives you effective training that targets a particular group of muscles or full-body workout as your training demands. The apparatus boast solid cast iron material without the use of welding and has no seam. Moreover, it also features coting in the outer surface thus promising many years of use.

The home weight loss exercise apparatus has a wide and comfortable handle. Consequently, you can grip it with a single or double hand and still swing it happily. Besides, it features a flat bottom. So it makes it easier to carry out handstands or renegade rows.

The Kettlebell is available in different weights. The 5lbs to 50lbs weights are available in increments of 5lbs while the 60lbs to 80lbs are available in increments of 10lbs. Thus depending on the intensity of training you desire, you are bound to find your perfect choice.


  • Solid one-piece design that promises long life
  • Offers a comfortable grip to the hands
  • Available in different denominations to fit the varied interest


  • You need several of the Kettlebells for a fulfilling workout

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

When considering the best gym machines for weight loss and toning that you can use at home, the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike makes a viable choice. The stationary bicycle accommodates riders of a maximum weight of 275lbs. When erected it measures 46.5″ L x 18″ W x 46″ H inches.

In most homes, every inch of space counts. Sunny health manufacturers understand that and allow the bicycle to fold into half for easy storage. As for the height, it fits riders of inseam length of 30 to 42inches. Thus it should accommodate a large group.

This fun exercise stationary bike allows you to adjust the distance between the seat and the handlebar from a minimum of 17.5 to a maximum of 22inches. Besides, the seat is also adjustable in four ways, thus offering higher versatility.

Using a 40lb heavy flywheel, the Sunny fitness bike supports jerky free and consistent motion. Owing to its high weight it supports a high-speed motion. From the provided knob, you can easily adjust the intensity of the workout that enables you to simulate riding uphill of different inclines.

The at-home exercise machine is simple to assemble in about 20 minutes. Moreover the adjustable legs help you to ensure that the bike stays leveled and stable to the ground.


  • Four-way adjustable seat
  • Heavy flywheel for smooth high momentum rolling motion
  • Adjustable inseam length


  • Require occasional tightening of the bolts and bolts especially the seat

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike with Pulse

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike with Pulse

Are you considering yourself overweight and looking for the best exercise machine to shed excess weight? Then look no more than the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic bike. Made from the sturdy material, it can safely bear a cyclist weighing 300lbs! So it will happily bear you.

Although it measures 31″L x 19″W x 46″H inches, during storage it folds into half and thus occupies negligible space. Besides it only requires very minimal assembly right from the package. Once assembled, it’s easy to get on and off the bike.

As one of the best calorie-burning machine, it offers you 8 different levels of magnetic controlled resistance tension. In order to fit a wide range of users, it’s designed to accommodate users of heights 5.3 to 6.1 feet tall.

With your feet strapped to the large and comfortable pedals, you can cycle at high speed without fearing your hold slipping off. At the same time, the 3 piece crank system supports smooth and quiet cycling. Thanks to the precisely balanced flywheel and the V-shaped belt. So you can cycle anytime without distracting anyone.

From its LCD screen which measures 3.3 by 1.5inches, you can make out the calories burned, distance covered your cycling speed, and even the pulse rate. Coupled with the hand pulse sensors on either handle, the exercise bike makes tracking your progress very simple.


  • Sturdy frame that bears up to 300lbs of weight without shaking at all
  • Secures your feet to the pedals
  • Folds into half for minimal storage space requirement
  • Simple to adjust the workout intensity
  • Easy to adjust the seat height


  • An upgrade of the plastic pedals could have made this an excellent exercise bike.

How to Choose Good Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss

To find the right weight loss equipment that will help you burn the most calories while also providing an enjoyable workout session, reflect on the following:

Comfort Level

Training to cut on weight demands that you carry it out regularly. So whether the exercise requires you to sit or stand, it should feel comfortable throughout the workout session. Accordingly, consider that your inseam length matches the stationary bike or the rower machine.

At the same time, the seat should be adequately padded. Ideally, you should settle for equipment that allows you to adjust in height or seating position. That way it can accommodate most members of the family.  For the treadmill consider its length, width, and shock absorption quality.

Ability to Track Your Progress

Training becomes meaningful if you have already set a target and work towards it. Accordingly, whether you desire a treadmill, rowing machine, or stationary bike it should make tracking your progress simple.

Thus the best exercise machine for weight loss should have a screen to display important parameters. That includes the time taken, calories burned, counts, number of strides, and even the distance covered. That way it’s easy to know how far or how much you need to adjust, to realize your goal.

Adjustable Workout Resistance

At the onset of training, it is understandable that you may need warming exercises of low resistance before upgrading. At the same time, each individual may have varying demands. So, identify the level of challenge that you intend to get from the machine.

Ideally, it’s better to go for the at-home exercise equipment that offers wide resistance levels of training.  For instance, dig on the top speed for the treadmill and the ability to adjust on its incline.

If possible, try it out at the local gym to know if it really offers a challenging workout as per your standard. Remember the more challenging the workout is the more calories it burns from your body.

Do You Need Full Body Workout or Targeting a Group of Muscles?

Remember exercise machines for weight loss may support full-body workout or target a few groups of muscles.  For example, if you need a low impact weight loss machine that engages both the upper and lower body parts simultaneously, then a rowing machine fits the bill.

Thus it will benefit an overweight individual that needs full workout exercise that’s friendly the joints. But if all you need a less demanding training, then a stationary bike or treadmill will do.  So before you dish out your cash, know the group of muscles the exercise machine targets.


These home workout apparatus vary greatly in prices. The price ranges from three-digit figures to four figures. So a set price range for the exercise machines you wish to buy. That way you can compare pieces of equipment within a given price range.

Space Factor

Next, think of where you intend to have your workout sessions. Does it have enough space to accommodate the machine? If you are limited to space, then choose either a compact apparatus or a workout machine that you can use even out does.

Weight Capacity

Whichever home weight loss exercise machine you decide to settle on, think of its maximum weight capacity and your mass. Make sure it can tolerate your current weight. Picking on equipment that can’t tolerate your weight, cuts down its lifespan.


When you have the best home exercise equipment for weight loss, you can achieve your goal within a short duration. Moreover, the workout then becomes enjoyable.  Such at-home training equipment allows you to squeeze sessions even earl in the day or few minutes after work.

You can even watch your favorite program and ride the stationary bike at the same time. Achieving the perfect body weight and core strength reduces significantly your chances of contracting some diseases. Therefore make up your mind and pick the best home exercise machine today.