8 Best Home Exercise Equipment for Beginners 2021 Review

Is your monthly subscription to the gym starting to pinch your budget? Or are you living a sedentary lifestyle with a tight work schedule? Whatever the reason, sometimes we can’t make it to the gym regularly as required. But, that’s no reason for living an unhealthy lifestyle.

There several pieces of equipment which you can use in your home or office for a quick workout. Find below, the best home exercise equipment for beginners. I’m talking about simple workout equipment that you can use with minimal or no assistance from an instructor.

Best Home Exercise Equipment for Beginners Review

LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

From gentle recovery to full work out, the LifePro Waver benefits all. This simple exercise equipment supports full-body wellness. And the best part is that offers multiple speed abilities. As a beginner, it gives you the user-friendly manual and online videos with bright concepts from pro trainers.

As the best home exercise machine, it features a handle and wheels. Thus, it’s easy to tow to storage or from one room to the other. Its 14.99kg weight further boosts its portability.

Although it’s that light, it’s sturdy enough to support a maximum weight of 300lbs. And after exercising, its 5 inches height allows it to fit in tight spaces, like under the bed.

It doesn’t matter the training intensity level you desire. The LifePro offers speed from 0 to 99. The higher the number, the more intense the vibration it produces. Adjusting your pace during the process is trouble-free thanks to the provided remote control.

Unlike running or jogging, LifePro Waver offers low impact exercise. Once you plug it into the 110v socket, it consumes just 200W. From that power, it produces vibrating oscillations that stimulate muscles and fibers all over the body, depending on the setting chosen.

Using the provided yoga straps, the LifePro helps you to tone both the upper and lower part of the body. Besides, it improves blood circulation, burn fats, increases bone density, and even suppress the stress levels in your joints. So you see it benefits you in numerous ways.

The combination of anti-slip rubber and the stabilizing suction effect from the bottom keeps you steady as you train. No worry about slipping off!


  • Requires no assembly
  • Sturdy frame
  • Simple to adjust from the  plenty of settings
  • Complete with instructional video and booklet
  • Benefits both the lower and upper part of the body
  • Backed up by lifetime guaranty


  • Accommodates weights no more than 330lbs

Core Max Smart Abs and Total Body Workout Cardio Home Gym

Core Max Smart Abs and Total Body Workout Cardio Home Gym

Are you looking for workout equipment to aid in toning Abs and arms? Core Max does that –and even more effortlessly. And you do all that while sitting down comfortably.

Most workout machine used at home requires some assembly right from the package. And not everyone is technically inclined to handle such assembly. However, this gym machine for beginners requires no assembly. No extra hidden installation cost!

Although a single machine, the Core Max features a unique design. It will aid you to participate in 8 muscle-burning exercises, in just 8 minutes daily. During the training, it offers the power enhanced rebound system in both ways. As a result, it maximizes the results but cuts down on the strain you feel.

The simple exercise equipment for home use packs three different levels of resistance. Consequently, you can begin on the level that suits you most and work your way up.

The package provides a two weeks nutritional plan to help you realize quick results. When you combine the nutritional guide and the given workout videos and illustrations, you can’t go wrong!

Are you living in a tight space? No worry since this beginner home workout equipment requires minimal storage space. When you fold down the handles, you can easily tuck it under the couch or bed.

Setting it up requires no special skills. All you have to do is adjust the arms to reflect your desired resistance level! Despite its portability, it has a maximum capacity of 220lbs weight. As a side training tool, that isn’t bad at all!


  • Provides different resistance levels
  • Requires no assembly right from the package
  • Complete with illustrations and video
  • Simple but allows you to exercise 8 muscles every day


  • You have to exercise caution when using it for it; to discourage sliping especially at level one

BodyBoss 2.0 – Full Portable Home Gym Workout Package

BodyBoss 2.0 - Full Portable Home Gym Workout Package

Dream of the starter’s workout kit that enables you to do squats anywhere, and BodyBoss 2.0 fulfills that dream. With this equipment, you can carry out exercise and resistance training everywhere. You don’t have to travel a long distance to visit the gym.

Opening and closing up the kit takes seconds. Despite that, it isn’t flimsy at all. BodyBoss 2.0 employs a combination of a heavy gauge plastic platform and sturdy welded tie down metals. Thus the entire set up is very reliable.

The clothe resistance bands are very friendly to the hands. When you connect them to the resistance platform, it allows you to carry out over 300 exercises. Depending on the resistance training level you desire, you can adjust accordingly.

From the numerous exercises, it supports workouts for both the upper and lower body. From cardio, resistance boxing to body part focus, the kit supports all that. You can exercise the entire muscle group.

Besides, when you match this BodyBoss 2.0 fitness starter kit to a portable bench, you can carry out bench presses effectively. To clip the band either on or off, the carabiner is quick. So it saves you a lot of time; connecting and disconnecting to switch from one form of exercise to the other.


  • Opening or folding it up is fast
  • Sturdy and long-lasting design
  • Supports plenty of exercises
  • Easy to adjust resistance levels
  • Connecting and disconnecting the carabiner hook is quick and effortless


  • For convenience, you may need a couple of extra bands. Saves you time from connecting and disconnecting and switching to different exercise

Cubii JR1 Seated Under Desk Elliptical Machine for Home Workout

Cubii JR1 Seated Under Desk Elliptical Machine for Home Workout

Does your profession force you to work on the computer or simply sit for long hours? That’s unhealthy for you. How about having an elliptical home workout machine that allows you to work and train at the same time?

The Cubii JR1 exercise apparatus is small such that you can comfortably put it under your computer desk or table and effectively exercise! On the contrary, it differs from jogging in that the Cubii JR1 offers a low impact exercise. Hence it will tone your legs without resulting in knee or leg pain.

During operation, it runs whisper quiet. That means you won’t cause a distraction to your office colleagues. Simply pedal and enjoy the smooth gliding motion without waking up other family members.

Regardless of your level of training, the apparatus is likely to suit you. That’s because it provides 8levels of resistance. As the beginner’s exercise tool, you can begin with the lowest resistance setting and gradually increase your level. Or simply start training at the intensity level that matches your ability.

With the Cubii JR1 as your beginner home gym equipment, it offers you several benefits that include toning your abdominal muscles, hip flexors core, calves, quad hamstrings, and even glutes! To make the training even more enjoyable, you can multi-task, watch TV or read your novel at the same time.

Knowing the effect of your training possible; the starter workout at home has a digital screen display. From the screen, you can track calories burnt, rpm, distance covered, and strides made.


  • Simple four screws assembly process
  • Has handles for enhanced portability
  • Sturdy and built to last
  • Outstanding customer team that stands by their product
  • Provides eight levels of resistance
  • Allows you to train and multitask


  • Very heavy and thus not easy to move.

Stamina Inmotion Elliptical

Stamina Inmotion Elliptical

Some situations just require low impact and reliable simple home workout equipment. For instance, if you are recovering from an illness or accident that weakened your legs, then the basic workout equipment is all you need. In that regard, Stamina Inmotion Elliptical makes a viable option.

First, its whole design makes it compact and 30lbs lightweight. Accordingly, moving it from one location to the other shouldn’t be difficult. And when pedaling, it operates smoothly and quietly, hence making a very minimal distraction.

For the versatility of use, Stamina Inmotion Elliptical allows you to train while sited or standing. At the same time, you can either pedal in the forward or reverse direction. Meaning, you can target different muscles in each case.

Each of the pedals features a textured surface. Furthermore, they have feet strap.

Therefore you can forward fast and hard without your feet slipping off midway. To adjust the intensity of the work, it has the easy to reach dial.

When you have this gym machine workout routine for beginners, you don’t just train blindly. It features an easy to read display. From the screen, you can know the total calories you have burned, how long the exercise has lasted, and strides you take per minute. So, it’s easy to track your progress and work towards a target.

When you use this workout machine daily, you can effectively increase your stamina; tone your hips, thighs, buttocks, and ankles. After sitting on the desk for a long time, a few cycles of pedaling on this device will boost your blood circulation and leg movement.


  • Simple to assemble
  • Supports versatile movement; use while sited or standing
  • Available in 3 different colors
  • Displays real-time statistics during your workout
  • Sturdy stainless steel body
  • Runs quiet –no distraction allowing you to multitask


  • Its weight of 30lbs is substantial

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 12 Adjustable Resistance Rowing Machine Rower w/Digital Monitor

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 12 Adjustable Resistance Rowing Machine Rower w Digital Monitor

Are you looking forward to the best beginner workout directed towards particular muscles group like legs arms, back, Abs and glutes? Then this makes use of this Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1205 is all you need to realize your dream.

It employs the hydraulic cylinder with a total of 12 different resistance levels. And even as the intensity increases, the device still maintains the smooth and quiet rowing. While training in this basic fitness rowing equipment, you will be doing so while sited.

But, that’s no concern since it features an extra padded seat. Such a comfy layer benefits you by easing pressure on your tail bone and boosting the blood flow. Hence you stay active throughout the workout session.

At the same time, the handlebars have foam padding and thus give a good grip. Overall it contributes to a comfortable workout routine you’ll always look forward to.

Its framework employs heavy-duty commercial steel. Consequently, it can bear a weight capacity of 220lbs without buckling down. Surprisingly it only weighs 20.5lbs, thus portable but provides the best exercise for beginners.

While rowing, the digital screen makes keeping track of your progress straightforward. It displays the time taken, calories burnt, and the total count in each session. To carry out your beginner exercises at home safely, the resistance rowing machine features adjustable pedal straps.

Besides, the pedal has a non-slip provision. Thus it can accommodate all feet sizes without any fear of slipping related accidents occurring.


  • Commercial grade stainless steel frame
  • Offers 12 different levels of resistances
  • Compact and portable at 20.5lbs
  • Adjustable foot straps that accommodate all foot sizes
  • Provides comfortable workout session for a long period


  • It can support a limited weight of 220lbs only

Marcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-708

Marcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-708

Riding a bicycle provides a good form of work out. That’s especially true when going up an incline. Without leaving the comfort of your house, the Marcy Bike allows you to simulate that exercise. That makes it one of the best home exercise machines.

The Marcy ME-708 design incorporates 14 gauge steel tubing awarded a powder coating to produce a smooth finish. That gives it the ability to carry riders of a maximum weight of 300lbs. At the comfort of the saddle, you can simulate the difficulty in different inclines, thanks to the eight magnetic resistance levels.

As you pedal, the LCD screen located between the handlebars displays crucial parameters of your exercise, thus, it shows your speed, time, calories burned, and distance covered. Besides, the writing is in large fonts that you can simply figure out.

Regardless of your height, you can easily adjust the seat height, assume a comfortable posture, and achieve maximum effect during the workout. To lock your feet to the pedals, it has adjustable straps that rivet your feet and thus prevent slipping off.


  • Adjustable seat height
  • Made of sturdy 14 gauge stainless steel tubing
  • Assumes eight magnetic resistance levels
  • High weight capacity; 300lbs
  • Complete with assembly tools
  • High density and comfortable seat


  • The screen is not highly visible in dim or extra lit light conditions

Schwinn Airdyne Bike Series

Schwinn Airdyne Bike Series

For the beginner’s exercise equipment that offers exemplary training at home, the Schwinn Airdyne Bike Series can’t miss. One of its unique features is that it doesn’t require any power from the wall socket, except for the two size AA batteries for the display unit.

The beginner home gym equipment measures 49.7” L x 25.7” W x 50.9” H, thus it doesn’t require such a large space. However, it makes a stable contact with the ground hence ruling out any chances of you falling.

This bike offers an effective workout for many groups beyond beginners. The Schwinn features progressive air resistance. The more you pedal, the harder it becomes. Its elevated seating position accommodates rides of heights 5 to 6 inches. However, for further flexibility the seat can be adjusted.

As the training intensifies and sweats drench you, the side-mounted fan gives cool breeze to refresh you. By employing a single-stage belt, the fitness bike supports a quiet operation. Thus you can exercise early or late into eh night without arousing anyone from sleep. The LCD screen strategically placed gives out the right data to help you track your progress.


  • Provides infinite resistance for all level training
  • Runs quietly
  • Requires no power except for the display unit
  • Sturdy and very stable
  • Wheels aid movement from one point to another


  • Very heavy; 112lbs thus not easy to move about

How to Choose Good Home Exercise Equipment for Beginners

If you don’t give it a deep thought, you might end up with home exercise equipment which you won’t use often. To avoid such a mistake here are the crucial factors to think of;

Recognize the Type of Equipment you Need

There are pieces of basic fitness equipment you can use at home. However, each has a targeted role it plays to the body. So the initial step in landing the right training apparatus as a beginner is to narrow down the kind of equipment you are seeking.

Depending on the role they play, all the pieces of home gym training apparatus falls under two types; strength training and cardio equipment

Strength Training

If you want to build your strength as well as shaping up your body, then you need the strength training apparatus. One of the best gears to help you tone your body to the right shape is the resistance bands.

Cardio Equipment

These apparatus will help you burn calories, lose weight, and boost your cardio health. Some of the best examples to think along here include ellipticals, treadmills, and stationary bikes.

Narrow Down to a Particular Apparatus

Having picked on either strength training or cardio equipment, next you have to move ahead and consider the particular machines within that class. So, reflect on the following:

Available Space

First, identify the spot where you would wish to carry out your daily exercises. It should have sufficient light and ventilated too. If possible, measure the dimension of the room. It could be a dedicated room for training, basement, or even garage.

Having known the available space, you can narrow down the type of apparatus that can fit into that space yet still leaving a perimeter walking space.

When space is limited, settle on compact or foldable training machine. Some you can easily keep under your computer desk. If that’s the case, ensure you can step on the equipment without your knees knocking on the table.

If Possible, Try it Out First

Sometimes you may be wishing to buy an apparatus you consider as the best home training machine. What if you haven’t used it before? If that’s the situation, visit a nearby gym and give it a physical trial a couple of times. If it convinces you, then go for it.

Don’t Be Swayed by Adverts on Social Media and TVs

An advertisement has the effect of swaying you into buying what you hardly understand. Don’t fall a victim. Weigh out the price of the apparatus and the real benefit it gives in return. Is it worth it? Does it resonate with your goal? Consider digging into customer feedback especially comments from renowned pro trainers.

Comfort and Safety

Remember, you will be using the best home training machine regularly. So your safety and comfort levels count a lot. Check on how comfortable the seat, grips, and pedals. Does the machine balances solidly on the floor without chances of toppling down? For example, the stationary bike should have adjustable seat, non-slip pedals and adjustable straps

How Noisy is the Apparatus?

Whether you are planning to use it in the office or home, pay attention to the level of noise it emits. Your training machine shouldn’t produce distracting sounds.

Accompanying Instructional Videos

The best way to use an unfamiliar workout starter kit is to follow an instructor’s lead. If not a visual illustration will do. So make sure that the gym machine for beginners you are buying has accompanying videos and illustrations.

Tracking Your Progress

Every person trains with a target in mind. Consequently, the best exercise equipment for beginners should have a visual display to help you track your progress during your training. That includes data such as distance covered, speed, time taken, number of strides, and calories burned.


As a beginner choosing the right workout starter kit could be challenging. Therefore, you should know your purpose for training and employ the above guiding factors. Such an approach will see you get the best home exercise equipment for beginners. With that done, browse through our top selected products, and pick up couple of products that suit you. You won’t go wrong with your choice.