12 Best Folding Mountain Bikes 2021 Review – Editor’s Choice Awards

From trailing roads, commuting to work, and exploring neighborhoods, mountain bikes play a vital role. However, sometimes you may need to border a train, bus, or check into a plane with your motorcycle. The ordinary mountain bike then requires a lot of space that becomes very inconveniencing.

That’s where the best folding mountain bikes come in. They fold easily to assume a compact size that fits a car trunk, plane, or tight rooms. That makes them portable and easy to store.

In this folding mountain bike review, we bring you some of the easy to fold, sturdy, and reliable mountain cycles. After conducting in-depth research and various customer reviews here are our best picks:

Best Folding Mountain Bikes Review

Montague Urban Folding 700c PavementMontague Urban 700c Pavement

If you think that foldable mountain bikes feature only smaller sizes then you are wrong. The Montague Urban Folding 700c Pavement bike features a 21-inches frame.

Therefore it happily accommodates adult riders of heights 5.11 to 6.4inches. However, it’s also available in frame sizes of 17 and 19 inches.

This 21-speed mountain bike is ideal for cruising streets, running grocery errands, or train rides. For easily transportability, it folds into 36″x28″x12″ small size. Besides, it also features a lightweight of 29lbs making it very portable. Therefore carrying it up the stairs doesn’t strain

Although foldable, its quality is reliable. Its Shimano drivetrain features Shimano Altus as the front derailleur. The rear derailleur boasts a 7 speed Shimano Acera. With Shimano EZ Fire trigger shifters at the handlebars, smooth and reliable change of gears.

Montague also awards this fold up mountain bike stable set of wheels. The front and rear knobby tires feature a 700c x 35mm KENDA quality. As a result, it roves over gravel, pavement as well as dampening your ride.

Its aluminum frame features a direct connect system with uncompromised strength. On the other hand, the Unicrown fork employs the CLIXWheel Release System. Thus removing the front wheel is quick and trouble-free.

To complement its high-speed ability it uses the 15 degrees stem post and a 580mm handlebar. That positions you for great speed.


  • Multipurpose Rack stand with fender
  • Quick-release front wheel
  • Available in multiple frame sizes
  • Uses all-weather, non-slip pedals
  • Reliable dual-pivot brakes


  • To install the front fender you first have to remove the brake

Montague Paratrooper 24 Speed Folding Mountain BikeMontague Paratrooper 24 Speed

Talk of a full-size wheel foldable mountain bike and this Montague Paratrooper 24 Speed provides it. Moreover, it displays the standard geometry. Consequently, it’s the bike that offers you a comfortable ride with no backaches when compared to other folding mtb.

Besides, it uses an 18-inch frame. That means if you have a height of 5.3 to 5.10 feet, it happily accommodates you. Although foldable, its aluminum frame has no breaks. Hence it provides uncompromised strength. So that makes it fit for the roughest terrain.

This collapsible road bike is designed for rough roads. By using 100mm travel suspension, you can glide over rocks and tree roots happily. Consequently, the Montague Paratrooper makes one of the best bikes for off-road adventures.

To collapse the bike, it takes seconds and you don’t have to struggle. Since it employs Montague’s patented folding system, you won’t require any tool during the folding process. When folded, it measures 36″ x 28″ x 12.” Also, it has a manageable weight of 32lbs.

When it breaks down, it’s easy to repair even at the local bike shop. That’s because it uses industry-standard components that are easily available.

Carrying grocery is simple on this bike. Thanks to the rear cargo rack. Even when folded it displays superior stability by resting on the rack stand. That also doubles as a work stand when you turn the bicycle up-side-down.

Since it’s a high-speed bike, it also incorporates reliable brakes with great stopping power. The mechanical disk braking system provides quick response and high efficiency even in wet conditions.


  • Easy to find industry-standard parts
  • Has a versatile rack stand
  • Easy to fold without using tools
  • Sturdy frame
  • Full-size wheels


  • All-weather reliable brakes

Montague Paratrooper Pro Folding Mountain Bike 18″ Frame, 27 SpeedsMontague Paratrooper Pro 18 Frame, 27 Speeds

Two features stick out that defines the Montague Paratrooper Pro Folding Mountain Bike 18″ Frame. It excels in the speed and structure that takes on even the roughest trail roads. It does that without any struggle.

This bike that folds in half has 27-speed ability. The plenty of gears accustom it to plains, slope, and even steep hilly grounds. So, wherever your trail expedition leads, you are assured that the bike is equipped to handle it.

On top of the plentiful gears, it adds an efficient front shock absorber. The 100mm travel front suspension has a greater capability to absorb the large magnitude of shocks. That means roots or gravel won’t be an obstacle to you.

The mtb folding bike boasts an 18-inch frame with adjustable seat height. As a result, it comfortably accommodates riders of height 5.3 to 6.1feet tall. To boost its 27-speed capacity it has 26-inch wheels.

Its design allows it to fit in your condo or car trunk and requires 20 seconds to fold. A quick-release system, which quickly detaches from the main top bar, contributes to the quick folding process. Thus, the bike easily collapses into halves measuring 36″x28″x12. Considering it weighs 31lbs, the Paratrooper Pro thus forms one of the best fold-up bikes.

For the convenience of stability, it gives you a rear rack with multiple uses. Apart from being a cargo carrier, it doubles as a stand when the bike is folded. Besides it also aids in the proper positioning of the fender.


  • Folds in seconds
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Plenty of speed to handle all terrains
  • High-speed capacity
  • Large wheels


  • Releasing the front wheel off the fork is a tedious process.

Montague Paratrooper Highline 20 Speed Folding Mountain BikeMontague Paratrooper Highline 20 Speed

Despite living in a tight room, you can still have a reliable mountain bike without eating up on your limited space. The Montague Paratrooper Highline Mountain Bike is an example of such bicycles. Instead of keeping a bike outside and exposing it to thieves, grab this folding mtb.

Because of its direct connect folding system between the front and rear frames, it collapses in one click. That means even when you’re from a tiring ride, folding and storing the bike won’t demand much energy from you.

To accommodate different riders it is available in two frame sizes. The 18-inch frame fits riders from 5.7 to 5.11 feet. Otherwise, if you have significant height, then the 20-inch frame fits you. It accommodates persons between 6 to 6.4 feet.

The solidly built bike employs a flat handlebar. Therefore, it’s very sensitive and makes navigating obstacles on the street very easy. If you wish, you can upgrade the handlebar’s height using a drop post. That’s especially important if you are very tall and wish to improve your vision for objects directly ahead.

With this folding bike, you will enjoy cross country riding and getaway weekends. Its large KENDA tires and the Rock Sox suspension can take on rugged grounds. You can, therefore, cross any terrain, thanks to the solidly built men’s folding bike.


  • Dual frame sizes
  • Solid frame that handles both on and off-road rides happily
  • Moderate speed
  • Fold and unfold easily
  • Adjustable seat height


  • Has a tendency of producing some squeaking noise as you ride

EuroMini ZiZZO Via 27lb Folding Bike-Lightweight Aluminum FrameEuroMini ZiZZO Via 27lb -Lightweight Aluminum Frame

Folding mountain bikes excel in portability and minimize storage space. The EuroMini ZiZZO Via happily satisfies those two conditions. You can fold it up in 30 seconds.

And once collapsed, it measures 27 x 31 x 12.7inches and weighs 27lbs. So it will require small storage space. Also, it’s portable and thus easy to load and offload form a car trunk. You don’t have to look for a string to keep it folded. Instead, it features a magnetic catcher.

Its design also adapts it to different riders’ height. Since its frame is adjustable, it fits persons from 4.8 to 6.4 feet tall. At the same time, the handlebar is also rotatable to give you a comfortable riding position. Adjusting the seat post is simple as it features a clamp.

The folding bike is ideal for the heavy rider as it can bear up to a weight of 240bs. To support such a heavy load it incorporates 20-inch double aluminum wall rims. And to top off its unparalleled strength it employs lightweight Kenda tires measuring 20 x 1.95

As a Shimano folding bike, the bicycle employs Shimano drivetrain. That is a 7 speed Shimano tourney and a Shimano Revo grip styled shifter. It then couples the cassette to a stainless steel crankset. As a result, it produces smooth shifting of gears with superior consistency. A KMC Z50 chain transmits power efficiently to the rear wheels.

When you use it as your commuting bike, you won’t worry about clothes catching road debris. Thanks to the front and rear fenders. At the same time checking on the speed is easier since it features the 110mm alloy V brakes.


  • has a straight forward assembly process
  • portable and has a lightweight of 27lbs
  • uses magnetic latch technology to keep it folded
  • high weight carrying capacity
  • has foldable pedals
  • has water bottle mounts


  • Plastic pedals are fairly weak and require an upgrade

New Montague Crosstown Folding 700c Pavement Hybrid Bike Boulder Gray 19″New Montague Crosstown 700c Pavement Hybrid Boulder Gray 19

If you need a mountain bike that can fold nicely to fit a small apartment, then the New Montague Crosstown Folding bike fits the bill. Although it features a 19inch frame, it easily folds into 36″x28″x12″.

With a stand over height of 28inches, it fits those who are 5.3 to 6.10 feet tall. The fold-out mountain bike happily supports up to a maximum weight of 250lbs. So if you wish to ride leisurely, or commute to town this hybrid bike fulfills your dreams.

For the experienced people folding this bike is very simple. It only requires 20 seconds of your time. To support quick folding it employs the quick release front and rear wheels. At the same time, its folding mechanism features no exposed part that can otherwise catch your cloth.

It presents the 7-speed capacity using Shimano drivetrain. So that gives it an advantage over wide types of terrains. The 700c x 35mm tires are wide and thus provide stable rides. When you combine it to the comfortable saddle, you realize it’s a bike that is geared for high performance.

To boost your comfortable riding position, the bicycle has a handlebar that adjusts up and down. Thus you can easily find a position that doesn’t force you to lean forward excessively.

And when you plan to go for a long ride, it gives you the provision to include a water bottle mount.


  • High weight capability
  • Simple to fold
  • its handlebar is easy to adjust up and down
  • Employs Shimano drivetrain


  • Tires and tubes are thin and require an upgrade for long-lasting reliable rides

Schwinn Loop Adult Folding BikeSchwinn Loop Adult

Do you know why many people fear commuting to work on a bike? It’s the fear of thieves. However, a portable bike that easily collapses for a footprint storage space is ideal. Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike steps up to such expectations.

In a few steps, it folds down to a size of 29.5 x 29 x 19 inches. Thus you can easily bring it into your office. At the same time, such a size easily fits in a camping tent or car trunk. Therefore its foldable compact size makes it very convenient in many cases.

Using a steel hinge, the fold-out bike can survive many folding and unfolding. At the same time, the package gives you a heavy nylon bag for keeping the folded bike. That keeps it away from cheeky eyes and scratches.

Even though it’s foldable, it has a sturdy frame and a rear rack. Thus it happily carries the weight of a six-foot rider plus a cargo at the back. Its elevated handlebar gives more room for those tall legs. At the same time, its frame features a step-through frame. Therefore, it’s easy to mount and dismount too.

In your daily commuting, it will help you overcome small hills and light wind with ease. Thanks to its 33lbs weight that makes it stable as you go against the wind. Besides it features 7-speed capacity using Shimano drive train.

It combines 7-speed Shimano Revoshift twist Shifter, Shimano Tourney rear derailleur and 20-inch wheels.  For that reason the cycle rolls smoothly.


  • Folds in simple steps
  • Keeps your clothes clean from dirt and scratches
  • Durable frame
  • Takes on light wind and hills with ease


  • It has no mechanism to hold it together when folded.

Xspec 26″ 21-Speed Folding Mountain Bike for AdultXspec 26 21-Speed for Adult

A good mountain bike should take on rough rides without registering discomforting vibrations. Xspec understands the nature of terrains that mountain bikes meet. So it gives you the mountain bike that is fully equipped to handle jagged paths like on roots and gravel

So how does it achieve that? First, the Xspec 26″ 21-Speed Folding Mountain Bike features a full-suspension frame. Both the front and rear spring are of strong steel material. So you don’t have to worry about jerky vibrations or the shocks breaking down.

At the same time, its frame feels very sturdy. In fact, the heavy-duty folding bike can bear up to a maximum weight of 220lbs.

Unlike many collapsible mountain bikes that require tools, the Xspec folding bike folds in 15 seconds with the use of any tool. The pedals also fold in for a slim appearance. Even its hinged latch features a secure folding mechanism. So that promises you a long time of smooth operation.

The 21-speed full suspension bike uses a reliable Shimano drive train. Both the derailleurs and shifters boast Shimano products. Consequently, that means durability and smooth shifting of gears.

To tackle uneven grounds easily, this mtb bicycle employs 26 x 1.95inches diamond tires. The inclusion of double-wall rims further boosts the strength of the wheels. As for rider’s height, the 26-inch folding mountain bike suits those who are 5.3 to 6.0 feet tall.

Any unforeseen obstacle doesn’t have to cause panic when you have this bike. That’s because it taps on reliable and consistent disc braking power. Moreover, such brakes are durable and cause very little wear and tear on the wheels.


  • Full suspension frame
  • Sturdy frame with double-walled rims
  • Folds in seconds without any tool
  • Sleek appearance


  • The assembly instructions aren’t fully compatible with the bike’s model

Columba Folding Bike Blue Color 26 inchColumba Blue Color 26 inch

Some mountain bikes fold into halves but leave pedals and handlebar protruding. Subsequently, that makes it difficult to fit in most car backseats. Columba understands the hitches associated with such designs. So it gives you the bicycle that folds in half completely, including the pedals.

Besides a superior slim fit, its handlebar features quickly to remove the design without any tool. As a result, the Columba Folding bike fits easily in tight spaces. Before you collapse it, the mtb presents the sleek design of an ordinary bike.

To collapse it, you only need 10seconds to reduce it to a size of 38″x14″x 29 inches. If its blue color doesn’t impress you, then don’t worry. It is available in three other colors like yellow, silver, and black.

Considering that it employs 26-inch full-size wheels and weighs 33lbs, this fold bicycle feels very stable. Moreover, it packs 18-speed capacity. So you have the ease to ride on both plains and little hills.

Besides, the sturdy frame the kickstand, and the hubs also boast steel material. That means it’s an all-round steady bike that suits difficult topography. Accordingly, it can bear a heavy load of 200lbs without breaking down.


  • Easy to remove handlebar stem with no tools
  • Foldable pedals
  • Rugged and reliable frame
  • Simple to collapse
  • Sleek design
  • Has bell and reflectors


  • Has neither front nor rear suspension

Cyrusher FR100 Folding Mountain Bike Full Suspension 24 SpeedsCyrusher FR100 Folding Full Suspension

Do you need a cool bike for casual rides? Then have a look at the Cyrusher FR100 Folding Mountain Bike. Right from its 6 spoke rims, it looks dazzling and unique. For short undemanding errands, this bike is ideal.

Built on a 17-inch frame, the bicycle fit riders 5.4 to 6.1 feet tall. When you look at the front and the middle fork, they feature suspensions. Therefore, when you travel over gravel or small potholes, you won’t feel any effect. Even going against the light wind you won’t feel much of its effect, thanks to its 41lbs weight.

To provide good grip and stability over various terrains, it employs 26 x 1.95 fat tires. Besides the large tires, it also packs 24-speed capacity. Thus most trail rides won’t offer much difficulty to climb. Additionally, it incorporates Shimano shifters and derailleurs which bring reliability in shifting gears.

When you need to store it, the bike offers very little resistance. By disengaging the quick release clamp the mtb easily folds into half. With a maximum weight capacity of 330lbs, it can most average adults.

From the package, the Cyrusher FR100 collapsible road bike is 90% assembled. To complete the assembly it only takes about 20 minutes of your time.

Whether you are riding in the mud, rain, or creeks the mechanical disc brakes promise reliable stooping power and efficiency. In addition, they provide long-lasting performance.


  • Has the unique appearance
  • Features full suspension frame
  • Simple to fold over
  • Has a reliable mechanical disc brake


  • The magnesium alloy wheels aren’t excellent for extremely rough terrain

CAMP 26″ Alloy Folding Mountain Bike Shimano 21 Speed Dual SuspensionCAMP 26 Alloy Shimano 21 Speed Dual Suspension

With a 26inch frame size, you wouldn’t expect this bike to fold so easily. Surprisingly it does in two simple steps. First, you have to disengage the quick release frame latch to fold the frame. Next, you undo the stem handlebar screw handle. That makes it easy to flatten the handlebar parallel to the frame.

When you do that the Camp folding mountain bicycle collapses down to the size of 56 x 8 x 27cm. Thus it will easily bring it inside a college bus or small apartment. Besides the front wheels features a quick release system.

The 26-inch bike fits riders of 5.3 to 6.3inches of height. Although it weighs 38lbs it happily supports a maximum weight of 250lbs. Thanks to its sturdy aluminum frame.

As full suspension folding bike, it employs suspension in both the front and rear fork. So that gives you a smooth ride over gravel or bumpy roads. To meet the demanding rough roads, this bike features double alloy rims. It then matches it to 26 x 1.95 inches fat tires.

Wherever your trail roads lead, be sure this 26 folding mountain bike will handle it. That because it has 21 speed capacity.  And since it employs Shimano drivetrain, the bike registers smooth operation of the gears.

The front and the rear derailleur feature Shimano 3-speed FD-TZ30 and Shimano 7-speed RD-TZ50 respectively. When you factor in the Shimano 7-speed TZ21 freewheel you get a foldable bike that is geared towards consistent shifting of gears.


  • Provides superior damping, thanks to dual suspension
  • Foldable pedals
  • Sturdy frame that carries high weight capacity
  • Folds easily in two steps to assume a slim shape
  • Has an adjustable kickstand
  • Available in four colors blue black white and red


  • Has no front and rear fender

Kingttu KTG6 Mountain Bike 21 Speed 26 Inches Dual SuspensionKingttu KTG6 21 Speed 26 Inches Dual Suspension

If you are looking for a heavy-duty foldable mountain bike then the Kingttu KTG6, fits the bill. First, it employs the sturdy steel frame and fork. Therefore, it feels reliable and doesn’t buckle with a weight of 330lbs. So if you feel you have significant weight, it can happily contain you.

The 16-inch frame is ideal for riders that stand 5.3 to 5.4 feet tall. At the same time, the framework incorporates dual suspension. So whether it’s the front or rear wheel that passes over bumps or rugged grounds, you won’t feel the discomforting vibrations.

This fold-out bike can handle different types of road terrains since it boasts 21-speed capacity. With a reliable drivetrain of Shimano parts, you shouldn’t experience the incompatibility issues of gears. The front and rear derailleurs feature Shimano TZS30 and Shimano TZ 50 respectively. The derailleurs also match to a Shimano EF 500 3 x 7speed shifter. That seals out any inconsistency in gear switching.

It folds down into a portable slim size of 96cmx85x35cm. Such a size fits easily the backseat of a car or small room. Accordingly you won’t worry about it getting stolen by roaming thieves. From the package, the bike is 85%assembled. To complete the assembly you just add in the front wheels, pedals, handlebar, and seat. Besides all the assembly tools are included in the package.


  • Uses reliable rugged steel frame
  • Superior damping using dual suspension
  • Provides assembly tools and instructions
  • 21-speed Shimano drivetrain
  • Reliable mechanical disc brakes


  • It has no fenders

How to Choose Good Folding Mountain Bikes

When you have the best folding mountain bike, you won’t suffer constant breakdowns and repairs. So, it’s imperative that you take time in the selection process. Particularly, here are the vital factors to think about;

Folding Mechanism

Before settling on any collapsible mountain bike, check on the mechanism by which it folds. Does it folds into half, or breaks away totally into two separate parts?

You need a bike that’s simple to fold in a few seconds. Besides, it shouldn’t require tools. With that said, here are the three most common folding mechanisms:

Half/Mid Folding

As the name suggests, these bikes fold midway of the frame. Usually, you will find a hinge in the middle. At the same time, the bikes feature a quick to release clamp. Thus opening or folding the bike is quick, simple and requires no tool. It forms one of the most common folding mechanisms in the market

Vertical Fold

Unlike the half folding, vertical fold collapses vertically.  So it will have at least two hinges. That is at the chain and main tube or the seat too. That also aids in reducing the vertical space it requires.

Triangle Fold

Under this, you fold the wheel and the rear triangle. Once you are done with that, flip them towards the inner side of the top frame tube. Although it might sound complicated, it lets the bike takes up the least space and compact too.

Frame Size

To feel comfortable on a bike you have to match your height and the frame size. So since mtb folding bikes also come in various frame sizes, know the size that fits you most. Fortunately, most manufacturers feature size guide charts.

Folded Size

The major reason for choosing folding mountain bikes is their portability. Most people carry them either at the back seat, border trains, or when checking into a plane. Whichever your option is, know the correct size that your car trunk, train, or plane accommodates. Besides if you need an extremely slim and portable foldable bike, then choose foldable pedals.

Driving Terrain

Each mountain bike features a definite structure and design that adapts it to a particular road terrain. So before shopping, think of the terrain that you will be covering frequently.

For example, if you ride feature mostly bumpy or rough trails, then you need a full suspension frame and 26-inch tires. Otherwise for casual rides on pavements, thin tires, and one or no suspension is just fine.

Frame Material

No one would wish to have the bike that bends easily. The frame material determines the sturdiness of the bike. Most fold bicycles either feature aluminum or steel frame. Only the rugged frame can withstand the jerky rides on rough terrain while bearing a heavy load.

Weight Capacity

Depending on the frame material and overall design, folding mountain bikes also have different weight capacities. So if you need the best performance from a bicycle, choose one that can happily support your weight. That is your weight should be slightly lower than its recommended maximum weight capacity.

Transport Accessories

Remember, without proper care, constant folding and unfolding might bring about scratches on your bike. And this is where the transport accessories come in.  Go through several best folding mountain bike reviews.

Look for models that give you protective transport accessories. For example, some provide sturdy bags for pocketing the bike. At the same time, a tripod stand or rubber stoppers are important too.

Bonus Features

For extra comfort and convenience, there are a few features that you might consider too. Although they aren’t really vital, these extra features add comfort to your rides. That includes water bottle mount, cargo rack, fenders, and even reflectors.


Choosing the best folding mountain bike doesn’t have to be confusing. But if you are blind about the vital features to consider, then it could be demanding. Fortunately, we have given you the essential features of the best folding mtb.

Out of the core features, know the primary requirements that you can’t do without.  That will depend on your type of ride and height too. Armed with such knowledge go through the 12 bikes reviewed and pick your best choice. Then finally, don’t forget to share your best pick with us. It may help some undecided mind, you never know.