19 Best Folding Bike Locks 2021 Review

A lot of people nowadays are investing in a decent bike as their primary mode of transport. One of the downsides to having a bike is that it can easily be stolen if parked without the proper precaution. These days, a good number of bike lock designs have been developed to cater to this need. And one of the newest options is a folding bike lock.

Folding bike locks address the need to secure bikes in awkward structures and bulky lampposts. Since its’ a relatively new product in the market, we’ve decided to come up with some of the best folding bike locks that you can choose from.

Best Folding Bike Locks Review

West Biking Folding Bike Lock

The West Biking Folding Bike Lock is a great option for those who are looking to protect their bike from theft but at the same time refuse to buy overpriced bike locks. It is compact, lightweight, and convenient to have on your bike. Compared with the other bike locks that weigh up to three times its weight, it is something that won’t bother you whether you decide to keep it in your backpack or attached to your bike’s frame.

It comes in a sturdy build using high-grade material that can withstand a considerable amount of effort on the part of thieves. It is known to tolerate cutting and smashing. It is made of quality zinc alloy and ABS material. ABS is known for having a higher melting point and is the same material used on helmets and even golf clubs because it is known to withstand a considerable amount of impact.

It is also waterproof which means that you can leave your bike and not worry that the parts and mechanism of the lock. You won’t have to worry about corrosion brought by elements. If you decide to have it installed in your bike, one of the things that make it a good choice is that it isn’t exactly noisy thanks to the rubber lacquer that was sprayed all over the locking system.

This bike lock also doesn’t make use of any spring structure. It means that it can withstand the toughest conditions.

You also get three keys with this foldable bike lock making sure that you will still have a spare key in case you lost one.

The only thing you have to consider is that you’ll be limited to smaller staffs and poles where you can lock your bike. But as far as peace of mind is concerned, it’s possible.


  • Waterproof
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Saw proof and smash proof
  • Affordable


  • Can only be used in smaller posts and staffs

Foldylock Bike Lock | Heavy Duty Anti Theft Foldable

Some people buy foldable bike locks because they want to be able to lock their bike on large posts and not worry that someone’s going to steal their bike. The Foldylock Bike Lock is a heavy-duty choice that can expand up to 37.4″ allowing users to secure the bicycle virtually in any kind of lamppost. Its alloy steel material is known to withstand drilling, sawing, and smashing. It comes in with 6 heavy duty steel bars connected by durable rivets that can protect your bike even from hacksaws and bolt cutters.

It also doesn’t rattle once you have it attached to your bike. It comes with a rattle-free holder that ensures that it stays in place minus the annoying noise.

So just how good is this bike lock? Many are torn between the Foldylock vs Abus Bordo bike locks for the title of best mountain bike lock. It has even been approved, tested, and certified by Sold Secure. It means that it has met the standards in bike locks.

Unfortunately, there are still a few flaws that you will have to check before you choose the Foldylock Bike Lock. For starters, many considered it to be more suitable for a scooter than a bike given its weight. Some users complained about the keyhole catching dirty. It would’ve been nice if the maker included a keyhole cover.


  • Rattle-free
  • Highly durable
  • Can be used on large posts
  • Can withstand bolt cutters and hacksaws


  • A bit too heavy and bulky for some users
  • More suited for scooters according to its size

IGLUFU Folding Bike Lock

The IGLUFU Folding Bike Lock is a good option for those who always tend to forget or lose their keys. Instead, it comes in with a four-digit combination making it difficult for anyone to crack the right combination.

A four-digit combination is equivalent to 10,000 possible answers. However, you also have to make sure that you won’t forget your four-digit lock combination because it might take some time before you get to unlock your bike once the four digits slipped off your mind.

You can keep the IGLUFU Folding Bike strapped on your bike’s frame. However, you might want to double-check how you plan on attaching this folding bike lock to your bike. A lot of users complained about the lock holder as it tends to shake when you hit a few bumps on the road. It’s one of those locks that makes an annoying rattling noise as you ride downhill using your mountain bike.

The IGLUFU Folding Bike Lock is also known for its high-grade materials including alloy steel, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, and rubber. This lock can tolerate getting drilled, smashed, and sawed. It is even one of those rare locks that can withstand the pressure coming from a hydraulic cutter. At 2.64 pounds, it comes in as a heavy-duty lock not only for bikes but even for lawnmowers, gates, and fences.


  • Smash-proof and drill-proof
  • Can tolerate even hydraulic cutters
  • Heavy-duty design
  • 4 digit combination


  • A bit heavy

Bike Lock Folding Steel Joints – Via Velo

If you don’t trust your $1,000 bike on some flimsy cable lock, then you might want to take a closer look at the Via Velo Bike Lock. The Via Velo Bike Lock is a practical choice for bike owners who plan on leaving their bike clamped in some random pole. It has a sleek and heavy-duty design with modern stainless steel construction.

With this bike lock, not only do you have a chance to choose poles of different sizes but you could also have peace of mind that your bike won’t get stolen by thieves even if they use a hydraulic clamp, saw, or drill. Is it as good as chains? Not exactly. However, thieves will need a 2-foot long bolt cutter to get through this bike lock.

The Via Velo Bike Lock is designed to withstand all of those thanks to its hardened alloy steel material. It is also covered in PVC plastic which means that it won’t scratch your bike. Plus, Via Velo is known for its easy to fold design thanks to its 8 joints. This is also convenient to carry around in case you don’t plan on attaching it to your bike’s frame.

The biggest downside to this bike lock is that it’s a bit short compared to other folding bike locks. It comes in at around 25” in length which is not bad but it couldn’t be tied around large posts and trees.


  • Easy to fold design with its 8 joints
  • Convenient to carry around
  • Lightweight but durable



  • Smaller than most folding bike locks

Bike Chain Locks with 3 Keys

The Bike Chain Locks from Clothink allows users to secure their bike without the bulky chains that people have to carry around. It is also tamper-proof considering the high-quality materials used on this product, It was made with a combination of zinc alloy combined and ABS material giving you the confidence that you need that thieves won’t have an easy time stealing your bike. It has anti-cut properties that can withstand a substantial amount of pressure from the usual tools that thieves bring.

It is also waterproof which means that you can just leave it with your bike regardless of the weather and not worry about corrosion. You can also adapt to posts of different sizes. It can be expanded up to 78cm or around 30 inches. Though it isn’t the largest foldable chain that we’ve mentioned, it does the job well on most occasions.

However, compared to the other foldable bike locks that we have featured in our review, this is one of the lightest, weighing roughly around 575g. And for under $30, this brings a good choice for those who are not exactly looking for a high-end bike lock for their average-priced bike.

It may not have the most durable materials to sustain large cutters, but it does get the job done for most bikes in the market.


  • Offers decent quality materials
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to fold
  • Lightweight design


  • May not offer the highest level of security

Bike U Lock with Cable – Via Velo

Via Velo also made a Bike U Lock that comes with a cable for bikes. It has multiple layers of protection for your bike that can frustrate the average thief. For around $30, you get a good value for your money as far as security is concerned. Given the U lock combined with a cable lock, thieves are most likely just going to leave your bike alone instead of risk getting caught.

Via Velo made it possible to use an all-weather material that can resist corrosion from the elements including water, dirt, and even the sun. Also, you can install the bike lock in your bike’s frame. As far as durability is concerned, there is a gap between the clamp and the cable. The cable seems decent but the clamp feels a bit flimsy compared to other clamps that we’ve tried.

But is it a practical choice for those who want to give their bike extra protection without the need to spend a good amount of money? Definitely. It is something that can serve as a deterrent especially from people who might check your bike’s security system for vulnerabilities.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Dual protection for a bike
  • Waterproof


  • The quality of the clamp is questionable

Winkeyes Folding Bike Lock Heavy Duty

If you are looking for a retractable bike lock that won’t break the bank, compact, and at the same time secure, then you should take a closer look at the Winkseye Folding Bike Lock. It is more flexible than the typical U lock that you see in the market.

It has features that you see in more expensive bike locks in the market. It was made with hardened alloy steel capable of withstanding all sorts of techniques implemented  by thieves who might be interested in your bike. The lock has anti-sawing, anti-drilling, and anti-cut features that give you peace of mind when you leave your bike clamped in some random post in your neighborhood.

It is also easy to keep considering that it has an 8-joint design helping users to retract and save space when they bring the lock with them. And also, if you don’t want to carry it around your bag, you can easily have it on your bike without causing scratches on your bike.

You can also forget about the keys. It has a four-digit combination that makes it hard to figure out on the part of people who might mess around with your bike. Be sure that you are going to choose a password that you won’t forget. That’s around 10,000 possible combinations in case you forgot your password and you have to guess for the right combination.

Though it comes with durable metal, the biggest deal-breaker for a lot of users of this bike lock is that some complained about the links giving out early. If this is the case, many are questioning whether it can really fend off a determined thief who brought the right tools against this lock?


  • Anti-drilling, anti-sawing, and anti-cut properties
  • Made of 8-joint design making it compact
  • 4-digit combination to unlock


  • Questionable durability by the link

Kryptonite Keeper Folding Bicycle Lock

The Kryptonite Keeper Folding Bicycle Lock comes in two options. You have the 39” and the shorter 33” version. The choice ultimately depends on where you want to lock your bike. Are you usually using trees to secure your bike or perhaps large lampposts in your favorite corner? This foldable bike lock is made of steel and could easily be reduced in size and placed in your bag or somewhere in your bike where it can be discreet.

Weighing around 1.9 pounds, it is a testament to its overall durable construction. It is made of 3mm hardened steel giving you the desired security that you need against theft. However, if you will look at its rating, it is ranked 5/10 which means that it comes as a moderate security lock that you might want to invest in if you have an average priced bike or if you don’t typically leave your bike in one spot for more than 15 minutes.

It has some nifty features that make it a good pick even if it only comes with moderate security. For starters, it comes in with a bracket that makes transportation easy. It also doesn’t scratch the bike. Plus, you get a sliding dust cover that protects the keyhole from debris and dirt that you’d typically have to deal with when you are using a mountain bike.


  • Easy to use
  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Available in two length options
  • Easy to transport


  • Moderate security rating

Anti-Theft Folding Bike Lock with 4 Password

Having a foldable bike lock with keys may not always be the best choice especially for people who already own a lot of keys. Could you imagine carrying a key to your car, front door, locker at work, not to mention worry about the lock on your bike lock? That’s part of the reason why a lot of bike riders prefer to have a bike lock secured by a password rather than a key. With a four-digit combination, you get 10,000 possible passwords making it difficult for someone to mess around with your bike.

The BRZYEAI foldable bike lock offers a tamper-proof design with its 4-digit password. Plus, you also get 8 thick steel bars that give you the confidence to leave your bike tied up in a post. The material used has been tested and is proven to withstand smashing. It also comes with a waterproof design that makes it a handy foldable lock even for those who love biking outdoors. It is also easy-to-carry once it has been retracted.

It measures 33 inches which could lock your bike on a decent-sized pole. And because of the durability of its materials, some even use it as their foldable motorbike lock.


  • Durable
  • Hard to tamper
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Waterproof


  • There is a chance that you might forget your password

FoldyLock Compact Folding Bike Lock – Award Winning Patented Lightweight High Security

The Foldylock Compact Folding Bike Lock is known for its great materials ranging from hardened steel that comes with nylon six plus a glass fiber cover to top it off. Its locking mechanism is a standout considering that it has patented ultra-protected rivets to make everything work smooth whether when you are folding the lock or when you in the process of securing your bike.

It even won the 2020 European Design Award for being stylish and durable. It is also waterproof considering that there are bikes designed for the outdoors and rough terrains. It measures around 33 inches in circumference allowing you to use most of the posts that you see. And with its mount and lock system, it doesn’t rattle when you ride your bike.

The biggest downside is that you might feel limited to where you can lock this bike. The keyhole also doesn’t have a cover which makes it common to encounter dirt to get stuck in the keyhole.


  • Doesn’t rattle
  • Award-winning design
  • Durable and compact construction
  • Smooth lock mechanism


  • Keyhole doesn’t have a cover

Revere Vault Folding Steel Bike Lock, Uncuttable Combination

Revere Vault Folding Steel Bike Lock was built with 3mm thick hardened steel. It could resist bolt cutters and common types of tools that could potentially be used to steal your bike. It has a 4-digit resettable lock system keeping you from losing your key.

One of the things that make it special is the fact that it is easy to carry around or install in your bike’s frame. It is compact and easy to transport making it a practical choice for all riders. And if you are worried that the bike lock is going to get scratched and have the paint job ruined, it is vinyl encapsulated preventing these situations from happening.

Though it comes in with a price tag under $50, it is quite heavy. It can even be used not only for bikes but even for scooters. And that’s probably the reason why the company is confident to issue a lifetime warranty with this.


  • Affordable
  • Resettable 4-digit combination
  • Prevents scratches when attached to the bike
  • Heavy duty


  • A bit too heavy for other riders

Folding Bike Lock with Heavy Duty Alloy Steel

If you are very particular about the construction of the bike lock that you use to secure your bicycle, the heavy-duty alloy steel folding bike lock from Jahul can give you the confidence to leave your bike in some random part of the park. It comes in with a foldable design thanks to the special rivets that make folding and unfolding smooth. It can also be collapsed to a small size that you can store it inside your bag or have it placed on your bike’s pole via a bracket. This foldable bike lock can also withstand the elements thanks to its waterproof design.

And if you are the type of person who happens to forget the keys often, then you have three keys for your convenience.

Though everything looks good on the Jahul foldable bike lock, its maximum length is 33.5 inches which means that you might be limited where you can have the bike locked.


  • 3 keys
  • Easy to fold
  • Heavy-duty material that can withstand cuts and smashing


  • Might feel a bit short for some users

ABUS Bordo Combo Lite 6150/85

Many have already made their ABUS folding lock review. And if you’ll do a bit of research, the folding bike lock reviews are unanimous as to what they think about this brand.

The first impression that we have with this folding bike lock is that it looks sleek.  It has 5mm steel wires that have been plastic coated to make sure that it won’t damage your bike when you decided to have it installed by the post or by the frame. This German bike lock makes use of a four-digit combination to secure the bike.

Though it is already the “lite” version, it is still heavier than most of the U-locks that we tried. Upon closer examination, it is heavy for a reason. It is because of the materials used on this bike lock. For a $99 bike lock, it offers one of the best (if not, the best) protection that you could offer to your bike. It is known to withstand not smashing, cutting, and other usual attempts by thieves to steal a bike.


  • Sleek design
  • German technology
  • Made use of 5mm steel wires covered in plastic
  • Compact


  • A bit more expensive than other bike locks
  • Heavy despite being the “lite” version

Abus Bordo Combo 6100, 90cm, with New SH-mounting Bracket

A thicker version of the ABUS Bordo Combo “Lite” is the Combo 6100. It comes together with a New SH mounting bracket to give you an easier time bringing the lock with you when you ride your bike. It is made of thicker 5mm steel bars made of hardened steel. It has also been coated to make sure that your bike’s paint is also protected.

When used in different scenarios, the ABUS Bordo Combo 6100 offers a variety of locking options that make it a versatile option especially when you plan on leaving the bike in different areas. You can have it locked on some tree, pole, or bike rack. And once retracted, it is compact and easy to store. However, because of the heavy-duty design of the bike, you might find this foldable bike lock to be a bit too heavy for your taste. Come to think of it, this is a tradeoff for the protection that you need on your bike.

As far as security is concerned, many consider it as the benchmark of foldable locks. It has a 4-digit password that gives you 10,000 possible combinations making it difficult to guess the right password. On top of that, just like the Lite version that we’ve featured, this German bike lock looks slick. Who should invest $99 on this bike lock?

If you have an expensive bike, might as well not skimp on security. It can withstand the usual efforts of the average thief. It can withstand drilling, sawing, cutting, and even smashing. To break this bike lock, the person will have to bring large tools. And even so, there is a chance that this bike lock will still prevent someone from taking your bike.


  • Made of 5mm steel bars of hardened steel
  • Protected by plastic to prevent scratches
  • 4-digit combination password
  • Provides different locking configurations


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

Bike Lock Made Steel Alloy Anti-Sawing Anti-Drilling with Mount Bracket

My-Etook developed a bike lock that is reliable for people who want better protection for their bikes. The foldable bike lock that they’ve developed is made of steel alloy and is known for providing high protection against theft. It can withstand a 9T hydraulic cutter, sawing, drilling, and even tampering.

The brand claims that this foldable bike is twice stronger than your average lock. Based on the material and the built of this foldable bike lock, it seems that this claim isn’t just based on pure marketing. It has an innovative connecting method as well. The gap between connecting points only measures 0.2mm. It means less vulnerability from attacks of thieves who are interested in stealing your bike.

The extended length is also not that bad. It measures 35 inches, practical for someone who wants to lock the bike on some large pole.

And because of the heavy-duty design of this foldable bike lock, it isn’t just designed for bikes. It can also be used on motorized rides such as e-bikes and scooters. One issue that people have with this bike is that a lot of them complain about its weight. Weighing 2.9 pounds, it is definitely something that might weigh a bit more even against other foldable bike locks in the market. The weight isn’t just for nothing. It’s a compromise to the level of protection that you can get from this bike lock.

If you don’t have plans of spending close to $100, then this might seem like a good alternative. It is priced at less than $50 which makes it a practical pick for people who are budget conscious.


  • 35 inches when extended
  • Compact design
  • Heavy-duty materials
  • 2mm gap in between connecting points


  • Heavy

Kryptonite Kryptolok 12.7mm U-Lock with FlexFrame-U Bracket

The Kryptolok is a U-lock that comes in with a wire lock to provide users with two times the protection that they can get from an average bike lock. The U-lock is made of a 12.77mm hardened steel that performed well when put up against the usual things that thieves use to get someone else’s bike parked in a pole. In addition to this, it also comes with a 10mm steel looped cable. It means that it will take some time before thieves can get rid of the locks. And most likely, they are to lose interest in stealing your bike given the probability that they could get caught.

Just how confident is Kryptonite with their Kryptolok? It comes in with an anti-theft protection offer which is up to $1750 reimbursement in case something happens to your bike when using this bike lock. It also has a lifetime warranty.

At less than $60, you might find this as a good investment to protect your bike. And compared to foldable bike locks, this is way lighter and easier to carry around. Sold Secure rated this as a 6/10.

The biggest downside to this type of lock design is that it rattles. Aside from this slight inconvenience, it’s a good choice for those who want protection from their bike.


  • Affordable
  • Offers twice the protection than just one U-lock
  • Comes in with an anti-theft protection offer
  • Made of hardened steel that can withstand sawing and smashing


  • Rattles when you have it on your bike

Amazon Basics Folding Bike Lock

The Amazon Basics Folding Bike Lock is a good basic bike lock that you could invest in. This option comes in with a reasonable price based on its performance and its overall construction. It is made of hardened steel plus an ABS cover to make sure that your bike’s pain won’t get chipped or scratched once you have it installed in your bike. This bike lock also includes a mounting case that you can attach to your bike’s frame. It also doesn’t rattle when you ride.

It has two keys. You can leave one at home and keep the other. Unfortunately, other bike locks have included more keys. When fully extended, the Amazon Basics Folding Bike measures 29.6 inches in circumference. It means that you will be limited to the type of posts you can lock your bike on.

As far as security is concerned, this lock can give people a hard time given its weight and material. It weighs around 1.75 pounds give or take. This can withstand a decent amount of smashing and cutting. However, we doubt if it can deal with a grinder.


  • Heavy-duty build
  • Doesn’t scratch the paint
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable


  • Limited to lock on small posts

RockyMounts Hendrix Compact Folding Bicycle Lock

The RockyMounts Hendrix Compact Folding Bike Lock is a perfect fit for individuals looking for a foldable bike lock that can fit in their palm but offers a high level of protection on your bike. Constructed with 5mm hardened steel and covered by a rubber coat, it comes in as an ergonomic design that can withstand cutting, sawing, and other attempts to steal your bike. It has a rating of security level 7 which means that thieves will need to try hard to be able to get to your bike.

One of the things that we’ve noticed with this foldable bike lock is that it can easily retract and expand without any problem. It unfolds like origami and measures 27 inches in circumference. What this means is that you will not be able to use it in thick poles and trees. However, it can still be a practical choice if you simply lock your bike on a bike rack.

You also get 3 keys which are more than enough for most users. Plus, you also have a mount that can keep your bike lock. Some users reported that the lock mechanism started to feel sticky just after getting wet. It simply tells us that it doesn’t have the best waterproof property. Be sure to keep the mechanism well lubricated if you plan on leaving your bike out in the open.


  • Compact design
  • Offers a high level of protection to users
  • Covered in rubber coat
  • Ergonomic design


  • The lock mechanism tends to stick after getting wet

Kryptonite Kryptolok Folding Bicycle Lock

The Kryptonite Kryptolock Folding Bicycle Lock is an easy-to-carry option for those who want to secure not only their bicycles but even their e-bikes and scooter. It measures 39 inches when fully extended making sure that you can find the right spot where to leave your bicycle even large posts. It offers two keys to make sure that you have one spare in case you lose or forget where you place the other one.

It is made of 5mm hardened steel capable of withstanding a decent amount of smashing, cutting, and even tampering from thieves. It has a 6/10 security rating which also means that it offers a moderate amount of protection on your bike. You can also have it installed on your bike so you avoid forgetting it when you leave your house. However, many are hesitant to buy this foldable bike lock mainly because of its price.


  • Made of 5mm hardened steel
  • Easy to install
  • Can expand to 39 inches


  • A bit more expensive than average foldable bike locks

How to Choose Good Folding Bike Locks

If you ever considered having a folding bike lock to secure your bicycle, it might be a good idea that you know what to expect from this relatively new bike lock design. Since it is still relatively new compared to other bike locks in the market, you can expect different designs from different brands.

But before you even buy one, keep in mind that foldable bike locks have its advantages and disadvantages. Here is a guide that can help you pick the right folding bike lock for you.

Finding the right amount of security level

Comparing the available U-locks to the newer folding bicycle lock, the latter can be considered weaker when it comes to providing your bike the level of security that you need. Now that we have this concern out of the way, how do you determine the right security level for your bike lock?

There are third-party organizations that can give you an idea about the level of security that you get to receive from the lock. Sold Secure and ART are among the most popular testing houses that give ratings to different types of bike locks including the newer folding bike locks.

However, between ART and Sold Secure, the latter is known to test more products which is why it is the preferred option by most companies out there. Should you always get the one with a Gold Rating from Sold Secure? For practical reasons, no.

What are factors that you have to consider when deciding on the right amount of security that your folding bike lock should possess?

First, how much does your bike cost? There are steel bikes that are not worth stealing in the eyes of thieves. However, anything over $1,000 is already something that can catch someone’s attention. If you have an aluminum or a carbon fiber bike, then it is worth investing in the best lock in the market.

Next, is bike theft common in your area? Do you have friends or family members who lost their bike after just parking their bike? If so, then you might want a lock that can give you a high level of security.

And last, you want to consider the amount of time you leave your bike. If you leave your bike for just less than 30 minutes every time, it is suggested to stick to bike locks with a moderate rating. On the other hand, if you are always leaving your bike for more than 1 hour, thieves will have enough time to do their work. Then might as well invest in a bike lock with the highest security rating.

What can it withstand?

So what are the things that you should check to make sure that your bike won’t get stolen? Does it have materials that can withstand the most common tools used by thieves who are after expensive (and even non-expensive) bikes? For instance, there are folding bike locks that can only withstand a bit of picking while there are others won’t break even if they saw or drill the lock.


A folding bike lock is heavier than your average U-lock. An Abus folding lock is known for being heavy. What does weight have to do with your selection process? The weight will tell you something about its built. The heavier the bike lock, the more durable it is.

If it’s a bit heavy, then you might think of having a place where you can have it by the frame of your bike. This way, you won’t be carrying it around inside your bag. Some heavy-duty bike locks can weigh less than 4 pounds. That’s a lot considering people nowadays even want to spend money on aluminum and carbon fiber frames to make their bike small.

Where can you secure your bike?

An important question that you have to ask is where can the lock secure your bike? Is your heavy-duty folding bike lock capable of securing the bicycle on large posts and irregular structures?


Is it easy to store? The thing with folding bike locks is that it is designed to be kept in small pockets of your bag or placed in your bike’s frame without getting in the way whenever you pedal. Try to check the measurement of the bike lock when it’s all folded to know if it’s bulky or not. Keep in mind though that if you are going to look at bike locks that extend up to 35.4” and above, it isn’t as compact compared to other bike lock versions such as U-locks.

Easy Installation

Also, is it easy to fold and unfold? You’d want to have a hassle-free experience if you plan on locking and unlocking your bike. Is the mechanism of the bike lock easy to operate? You also want to make sure that you have something that won’t rattle so much especially if you are going to attach it to your bike’s frame.

How many bikes are you looking to secure?

Foldable bike locks are designed not only to secure just one bike but multiple bikes in some instances. If you have two bikes that you want to secure, perhaps you are riding with your partner, then you want to check if the bike lock’s circumference is big enough to cover both bikes.

Quality of the materials

You will also have to evaluate the quality of the parts of your folding bike lock. Some of these bikes even use hardened steel that can provide users with a sufficient amount of protection from thieves. Some would even have components that can withstand drilling.

The best folding bike lock in the market should not only have the ability to provide security on your bike, but it should also last for a long time. And because there are a lot of moving parts with a folding bike lock, it is important to make sure that none of these parts are going to give out. Since even if the plates are bent and rivets are damaged, expect a bike lock to still offer theft some level of protection on your bike. However, damage can prevent you from folding the bike lock completely.


At some point, you will have to ask yourself how much you are willing to spend on your bike lock. Whether it’s the most expensive or the cheapest, it is important to make sure that you still get the best bang for your buck. You can buy a good foldable bike lock for as little as $50. Also, there are the more popular brands that come close to $100.


Having a foldable bike lock has its advantages especially if you want to secure your bike on large posts. However, make sure that you are also going to check not only the material used on these bike locks but also check its mechanism how it folds and how it can be installed on your bike frame. Try to compare at least 3 of the bike locks that we’ve featured before you make up your mind.