11 Best Exercise Bikes to Lose Weight 2021 Review

Certain professions and health conditions may force you to live a sedentary lifestyle. Such a routine life will see you gain excess weight. However when you have best exercise bikes to lose weight, you can exercise at home anytime.

You don’t need to have an extra ordinarily big space. Some models even fit under the table, help you exercise and work at the same time.

Let’s take a look at the following tried and tested brands.

Best Exercise Bikes to Lose Weight Review

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike with Digital Monitor and 8 Level Resistance

Sunny Health _ Fitness Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike with Digital Monitor and 8 Level Resistance

If you want to pedal with your legs or hands and thus burn fats in different locations, the Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike fulfills your wish. Its dual-purpose pedals come in handy.

The stationary bike for weight loss accommodates riders up to 220lbs owing to its sturdy steel frame. Its robust design of 21lbs and spread-out legs grip the ground firmly, thus minimizing the chances of you slipping while pedaling. Accordingly, it counts among the best exercise bikes for weight loss.

Although it’s a stationary weight loss bike, it gives you 8 levels of adjustable tension through a magnetic resistance mechanism. Therefore you can set the resistance level that suits your demand.

Adjusting the tension level when riding the stationary bike is simple since it has a marked dial. Normally, you set a target when exercising. On the same note, the lose weight exercise bike helps you to achieve your set goal accordingly.

It gives you a clear LCD screen to help you track your progress when riding the exercise bike. You can thus read out the time taken, calories burned, the ODM, and distance traveled at a glance on the screen.

Owing to the difference in legs and hands size, the exercise bike and weight loss machine gives you adjustable straps. Therefore you can adjust the straps, hold your feet or hands in place and thus enjoy stable pealing. Furthermore, the pedals also feature a non-slip design, thereby boosting your firm grip.

The screen runs from dry cells and automatically goes off after five minutes of inactivity to save power. Moving it from one location to the next is simple using the ergonomic carrying handle.


  • Easy to monitor your progress from the screen
  • Runs quietly
  • Easy to adjust the tension
  • Dual-purpose pedals


  • It has no button for switching off the screen; you have to remove the battery

Best Choice Products Folding Upright Exercise Cycling Bicycle for Cardio w/Resistance Knob

Best Choice Products Folding Upright Exercise Cycling Bicycle for Cardio w-Resistance Knob

Instead of stooping low, the stationary bike and weight loss equipment give you the versatility to assume your comfortable posture. Its design allows you to pedal in an upright, or a seated back posture.

Thus you can test different postures till you achieve the position that works best for you. It allows you to adjust the vertical position of the seat and the backrest over three different heights.

The exercise bike cardio machine measures 26 x 21 x 50 inches and employs a sturdy stainless steel frame. That gives it a weight of 40.35lbs and the ability to bear up to a rider’s weight of 220lbs.

When biking to lose weight, at times, you need to simulate the resistance of different terrains. The weight loss cycle helps you achieve that by offering adjustable magnetic resistance of 8 steps. All you have to do is turn a dial to increase or decrease the tension.

Determining the calories burned on a stationary bike shouldn’t be difficult. Therefore, Best Choice Product Riding Exercise Bike gives you an easy to read display.

The display shows the distance you have covered, time, and cycling speed. From such parameters, you then know how to adjust accordingly.

It’s only the comfy exercise bike workout that supports you to train for a long period. So, the upright exercise bike besides the sturdy frame offers a padded seat and handlebar. When your training room is small then you can fold the weight loss bike to save on space.


  • Straightforward to assemble
  • Adjustable riding position
  • Foldable and easy to store


  • Has no place for holding a tablet or phone while pedaling

Ivation Exercise Upright Magnetic Cycling Bike Fitness Machine Foldable

Ivation Exercise Upright Magnetic Cycling Bike Fitness Machine Foldable

Instead of enduring daily boring training, the Ivation stationary weight loss bike promises to make it comfortable and exciting. The exercise bike cardio equipment avails a platform to keep your Android phone or tablet closeby and thus get entertained.

Its framework boasts robust steel (ABS) material that happily carries a rider with the maximum weight of 300lbs.  Transporting the stationary bike is simple because it has transportation wheels and weighs 35.05lbs only. Furthermore, it’s foldable too.

For you to reap the benefits of a stationary bike regarding weight loss, Ivation avails you a magnetic tension system of 8 levels. Therefore, from the comfort of your seat, you can assume different levels of difficulties when using the stationary bike to lose weight.

The seat for weight loss cycles can either make training enjoyable or hell-like experience. Fortunately, the Ivation stationary bike eight losing equipment gives you an extra-wide seat that measures 320 x 245mm.

Furthermore, the seat height adjusts from 77 to 90cm. Following such adaptability, when riding a stationary bike to lose weight, it takes care of your comfort. Both the short and tall riders feel relaxed on the bike.

The exercise machine has an easy to read screen that shows clearly the calories burned, elapsed time, distance, and heart pulse rate. Knowing such results lets you know how much effort to inject into the exercise bike workout program.

By using a 2.5kg flywheel and a V belt drive system, the bike supports a smooth pedaling void of jerky movements.


  • Easy to assemble in about 15minutes
  • Requires small space to set up and foldable too
  • Measures heart pulse rate
  • Foldable design


  • Seat wobbles slightly

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike

The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike is a stationary bike good for cardio since it gives extensive feedback with over 13 parameters. From its dual LCD screen, it allows you to track your progress from the intensive results displayed.

After setting your goal, you don’t have to keep on riding the stationary bike blindly to lose weight. The recumbent exercise bike has a connect system and data export that aids you to gauge how far you are from attaining your preset goal.

Although it’s a single bike, it allows you to keep two rider profiles and keep their progress record independently. You can increase the volume of calories burned from the stationary bike by increasing the tension on the belt.

Fortunately, the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike features 22 programs and 20 different level tension using magnetic technology. Furthermore, the stationary bicycle has a high inertia weighted flywheel that boosts speed, makes every cycle smooth and quiet.

When you put it together, the exercise bike calories burner measures 64.02 x 27.01 x 49.02 inches. Since its frame is of sturdy steel material, it weighs 81.6lbs and tolerates up to 145lbs load, thus giving it a good balance on the ground.

While riding the exercise bike, you can charge your phone from the USB port and listen to music from the built-in speakers. When the temperature threatens to go high, switching on the multispeed cooling fun comes to your aid.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Dual tracking profile
  • Adjustable pedal straps
  • Built-in speaker


  • The seat has less padding

DeskCycle Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

DeskCycle Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

Even limited time won’t stop you from exercising; you can do it right in the office. The DeskCycle is a stationary bike of low profile that fits below the desk. Owing to its low height, compact size (24 x 20 x 10 inches), and portable weight of 23lbs, you can use it almost anywhere.

From children to the elderly, the best exercise bike to lose weight benefits all, thanks to its low impact on the joint. However, if you want to reap more benefits from stationary bikes for a weight loss program, then it offers 8 different resistance levels.

By turning the dial you can change the resistance levels from step one to the eighth-step, depending on the tension level that suits your need. Furthermore, the DeskCycle has a low impact on the legs such that you can even pedal it while sitting on a chair.

The exercise bike for burning calories employs an LCD screen that shows five functions. That is the current speed, the distance you have pedaled, the time you have taken, scan, and even the calories burned.

Considering that the exercise bike cardio machine accepts up to a 500lbs rider, it accommodates the weight of many individuals. From its size of 24 x 20 x 10 inches it happily fits even under desk space of 27 inches.

Although the spin bike exercise machine has both easy and challenging pedaling levels it operates quietly thus won’t cause distraction in the office.


  • Fits even under low profile desks
  • Runs quietly
  • LCD easy to remove and reposition
  • Tolerates up to a rider of 500lbs weight


  • Has no carrying handle

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

An indoor stationary bike for weight loss like a velocity upright bicycle allows you to exercise at your convenient time. You don’t have to bend low since it measures 33.5 x 21.5 x 50 inches.

It doesn’t matter how short or tall you are; the adjustable seat and handlebar guarantees you an upright comfortable posture. You can raise or lower the seat to give you a relaxed pedaling height.

From lightweight to 250lbs heavy riders, the velocity exercise calorie-burning machine has a robust steel frame and legs that provide stable support. Using magnetic resistance technology, it gives eight resistance levels of varying degrees.

You can easily know the calories burned on the stationary bike by glancing at its screen. Besides, you can make out the time taken, pulse rate, and distance pedaled. Such metric then assist you to calculate your progress.

Its manageable weight of 49.1lbs and the rotating wheels makes it effortless to tow from the training room to the store. If you are color-conscious, velocity bike is available in two colors. A two-way weighted wheel also helps to produce smooth and quiet pedaling motion.

Putting it together is straightforward and requires a few minutes of your time only. After placing your feet on the ergonomic pedals you can adjust the Velcro straps to hold your feet firmly.


  • Effortless to assemble
  • Adjustable to fit varying riding heights
  • The stable grip on the ground
  • Produces quiet and smooth pedaling motion


  • The seat is slightly uncomfortable

Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709

Without subscribing to the gym, the Marcy ME 709 is a recumbent bike good for weight loss training. It uses tough tubular stainless steel material in its entire structure and also has legs extending from both sides.

For that reason, it rests on a leveled surface with unparalleled balance. The stationary bicycle for weight loss exercise carries up to a maximum weight of 300lbs.

Unlike most cycles that are difficult to climb, it’s a lose weight exercise bike with a walk through design. Depending on your height, you can move the seat close or far to the pedals and hence achieve your comfortable position.

The Marcy ME 709 Recumbent lose weight stationary bicycle supports light and difficult challenging 8 level resistance levels. Besides the stable legs, the recumbent bike has additional handlebars on either side of the seat.

Thus as you pedal to more challenging tension levels, gripping on the handlebars gives you more support and the ability to press on. Changing from one tension level to the next involves a simple rotation of the dial.

Instead of pedaling blindly, the Marcy ME 709 is one of the weight loss cycles that allows you to track your progress from the LCD screen. At a glance of the display you read out the calories you have burned, current speed, distance pedaled, and ODO meter.

With the help of a second party, you can easily put it together in a couple of minutes. Its adjustable strap, on the other hand, ensures that your feet never slip off even as the tension increases.


  • Easy to climb seat
  • Tubular sturdy steel frame
  • Adjustable seat distance from the pedal
  • Easy to read LCD screen


  • Its frame doesn’t fold

Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike with 40 LB Flywheel and Dual Felt Resistance

Sunny Health _ Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike with 40 LB Flywheel and Dual Felt Resistance

One of the drawbacks to achieving high calories burned on a stationary bike is an ill-fitting exercise bike. That’s why the Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor bike allows you to customize your comfort in many ways.

For example, it features a 2-way multi-grip handlebar. At the same time, its seat can adjust in four various ways. You can move it towards or away from the handlebar at a range of 17.5 to 22 inches.

At the same time, you can take the seat up or down thereby varying the leg inseam length from 30 to 42 inches. Therefore, in terms of customizing your fit, it forms one of the best stationary bikes for weight loss.

Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor spin bike weight loss equipment measures 46.5L x 18W x 46H inches. It can fit on both even and slightly tilted surface owing to the levelers on the base.

Its structure incorporates a 40lbs chrome weighted flywheel. Accordingly, while cycling, the flywheel boosts your momentum, as well as smooth consistent spin.

From the legs to the entire frame, the cycle features a heavy-duty structure that weighs 102lbs but bears up to 275lbs. When moving it from one point to another, its rotating wheels bear the heavyweight thus simplifying the exercise.

In contrast to most exercise calories burners that use magnetic resistance, the Sunny health and fitness bike employs friction resistance technology. Therefore you can even make micro tension adjustments on the machine.

But even when you are cycling at a high speed and you encounter a sudden need to halt, the exercise equipment has an emergency brake knob within reach.


  • Robust steel structure
  • Simple to assemble in about 15 minutes
  • It has a reliable fabric friction resistance mechanism
  • 4-way adjustable seat


  • It requires occasional oiling to eliminate squeaking irritating sound

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike with Pulse

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike with Pulse

Sometimes limited space can discourage you from buying your dream exercise bike. However, the Exerpeutic Folding upright bike fits in tight spaces comfortably. Its assembled size stands at 31L x 19W x 46H inches.

Regarding riders’ specifications, it accepts those who are between 5.3 to 6.1feet tall. The tubular steel bike frame happily bears up to 300lbs weight.

However, the lose weight stationary Exerpeutic bike folds to 22 L x 20W x 55.5H inches. Added to its 39lbs lightweight, it then qualifies as a compact and easy to store bike.

From the package box, it requires very minimal assembly process. Most cycling weight loss machines stand tall and demanding to climb. But the Exerpeutic Folding cycle gives you an effortless to mount and dismount design.

You don’t have to strain in reading out its LCD since it measures 3.3 x 1.5inches. And from the screen, you can find out how much time you have pedaled, how many calories you have burned on the stationary bike, speed, and even pulse rate.

Strange and sounds irritate while riding an exercise bike in the morning. That’s why the Exerpeutic bike features a 3 piece crank system and leg stabilizers.

Besides, it also has a weighted flywheel and V belt drive system. That gives it a good grip of the ground and stays quiet as you pedal.

Even when you seat on the equipment for a prolonged period its large cushioned seat makes every passing minute bearable. On the other hand, the 8 level tension system featuring a magnetic resistance mechanism supports light to difficult pedaling.

After exercising, you don’t need to carry the whole weight of the bike; the transportation wheels prove helpful in towing indeed.


  • Folds to a compact size
  • Runs smooth and quiet
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Takes up very limited space


  • Plastic pedals

3G Cardio Elite RB Recumbent Exercise Bike

3G Cardio Elite RB Recumbent Exercise Bike

The 3G Cardio Elite RB recumbent bike gives you two ways to measure your heart pulse rate. Besides having comfortable handlebars of multiple positions, it has pulse rate sensors embedded in them.

Alternatively, its package also gives you a wireless heart rate chest strap device. When you set it up, it occupies a space of 41 x 22 x 55 inches. When you further consider that it possesses a heavyweight of 87lbs, you’ll appreciate its firm balance.

And tapping on the stable balance it effortlessly supports a rider weighing 350lbs. Whether you want low or high workout intensity, its 16 magnetic assisted levels are more than enough.

Regarding comfort, the 3G Cardio Elite UB Upright Bike doesn’t lag. Besides being oversize, the seat can also slide backward or forward.

Furthermore, the high handlebar supports a comfortable riding posture. Apart from boasting a large screen, you can also program it to suit your workout goal.


  • Oversize seat
  • Wireless heart strap pulse monitor
  • Programmable display
  • 7 years warranty on its parts


  • Lacks seat tilt angle adjustment

Concept2 BikeErg 2900 Stationary Exercise Bike

Concept2 BikeErg 2900 Stationary Exercise Bike

For the unique weight loss cycle that supports all forms of exercises from war-ups, HIT, recovery, and even rehab the Concept2 BikeErg 2900 is hard to beat. The bike measures 42L x 21W.

Its frame is of light but sturdy aluminum material. Hence weighs 68lbs only but can bear up to 300lbs. Towing it is straightforward since it has caster wheels. If you want to lose weight with an exercise bike then you have to choose a bike that fits your height and take regular training.

Concept2 BikeErg 2900, therefore, offers a customizable handlebar position and seat height. You can vary the seat’s vertical position from 30.75 to 41 inches. However to customize either the seat or handlebar height you don’t need any tool.

Apart from the bike the package further adds you a performance monitor and the assembly tools you need. Its legs grip the ground firmly and thus eliminates imbalance problems.

Its LCD screen has a backlight that makes it possible to read it in darkness. Instead of just viewing your data, the Concept2 BikeErg 2900 allows you to save them in a USB flash.

Sometimes you may need the assistance and motivation of an instructor. The bike allows you to connect to a virtual instructor since it has Bluetooth and ANT+ features.

Accordingly, you can then connect to Apps such as Zswift or wireless heart rate monitoring devices.

Although it’s indoor cycling for weight loss equipment, it allows you to assume cycling up various topographies that present different challenges. That’s possible since it has a clutched flywheel incorporating air resistance technology.

Most of its parts like the saddle, pedals, and handlebar are compatible with the ordinary bike. For that reason, you can easily swap them for those models you adore.


  • LCD screen with backlight
  • Ability to save your workout statistics on a USB flash
  • Customizable eat height and handlebar position
  • Heavy-duty and commercial grade design


  • The flywheel is positioned at a point where sweat easily drips on it.

How to Choose Good Exercise Bikes to Lose Weight

You too can join and share in the stationary bike weight loss success stories. But first, secure best exercise bikes to lose weight. Find below the key factors to consider when making such a selection.

Bike Type

When laying out the strategies on how to lose weight on a stationary bike, the initial step is to determine the type of bicycle that fits your intended goal. That brings us to the main types of exercise bikes;

Recumbent Bikes

The cycles let you choose a slightly backward reclined posture with back support. For that reason, a recumbent bike offers more benefits to working out the lower parts of the body. Usually, it allows you to adjust the distance between the forward pedals and seat position.

Traditional Upright Bike

Unlike the recumbent exercise bike, the traditional upright cycle lets you sit just like in the ordinary outdoor bicycle. Accordingly, they occupy less horizontal space thus ideal for small rooms.

Comfort Level

Both occasional and regular riding of exercise bike to lose weight require a comfortable posture. For that reason check on the seat size and degree of padding.

At the same time, the weight loss cycle should allow you to adjust the seat position on a horizontal and vertical plane. Besides the seat the handlebar should also be adjustable and if possible support multiple holding positions.

Weight Limit

All exercise bikes for weight loss training have recommended riders’ weights. Thus you should consider the average weight of those who intend to use the cycle and settle on the appropriate weight limit.


Portability often becomes a key factor if you don’t have a stationary room allocated for carrying out your workouts. It isn’t therefore easy to hold an indoor bike like a briefcase.

Therefore, look for the models that have sturdy transportation wheels. With a slight tilt in the angle, you can then tow such bikes easily to or from the storage room.

Size, Design, and Available Space

Exercise bikes that aid in weight loss differ in size. Therefore you should check on the available space in your house then choose the right cycle. Furthermore, if you need the exercise equipment that fits under the desk then check on the height of your work table.

Smooth, Quiet, and Balanced on the Ground

Once you have mounted on the riding exercise bike, you need to feel stable and balanced. Therefore, it pays to choose on the exercise bicycle whose legs offer a good grip of the ground without the danger of skidding amidst intense pedaling.

If the location where you intend to install the bike isn’t leveled up then consider leg levelers on the exercise bike vital. You might schedule to use the stationary bike 30 minutes a day in the morning or late at night.

So, you need a piece of equipment that you cycle smoothly and quietly without causing distraction. As a result, shop for an exercise bike workout with a weighted flywheel.

Resistance Level

The quantity of calories burned is directly proportional to the tension level you subscribe to while pedaling and time taken in training. Most workout bikes have eight resistance levels.

But if you need more challenging exercises, then an exercise bike workout with more levels (for instance, 16 levels) is ideal. Also, ensure that adjusting from one tension level to the next is straightforward.

Ability to Track Your Progress

You can’t achieve many benefits of bike riding weight loss sessions if you don’t set out a goal. On that note, you need an easy to read LCD screen incorporated into the bike.

Such a display shows you important data like time taken, calories burned, your speed distance pedaled, and your pulse rate. Knowing such parameters is vital since you can then know how far or near you are from hitting your preset goal.

Preset Programs and External Coach Assistance

Sometimes you might have the general target of how much weight you need to shed but lack the strategies on how to achieve it. In such an instance securing weight loss bikes with preset programs and the ability to hook up with a virtual instructor proves helpful.


The benefits of an indoor exercise bike workout machine are real. But it all begins with selecting the best exercise bike to lose weight.

We have narrowed down your list to few trusted models that have contributed to stationary bike weight loss success stories in many lives.

At the comfort of your house, you can shed excess weight and break out from living a sedentary lifestyle. Just grab any of the exercise bikes mentioned above.