Best Enduro Mountain Bikes 2021 Review

Choosing the right type of enduro mountain bike can make a big difference between safely riding downhill fast and going over the bars. This article will walk you through some of the best enduro mountain bikes on the market and tips for picking the right one for your needs.

With so many choices on the market, finding an enduro mountain bike with the right features and components can be difficult. Pro-level enduro mountain bikes are also expensive, with a starting price of $4,000 plus.

Fortunately, there are many affordable and good-quality options out there, if you know where to look. Below, you’ll find 12 of them. Aside from their features, we’ve also included the reasons why you should or shouldn’t buy them.

12 Best Enduro Mountain Bikes Review

Diamondback Bicycles Release 3 Full SuspensionDiamondback Release 3 Full Suspension

The Diamondback Bicycles Release 3 Full Suspension is equipped with components that are worth bragging about, starting with a light and stiff butted aluminum frame that allows you to ride fast. To make it go faster and climb steep trails more efficiently and in a stable manner, it comes with Diamondback’s short-link, counter-rotating Level Link suspension system.

The Release 3 has one of the best mid-travel trail forks for the price—the Fox 34 Performance Float 150mm travel fork. The Fox Float DPX2 rear shock gives gravity-oriented riders the high-performance shock they need, both uphill and downhill. Together, they work perfectly to eliminate rattling sounds even as you ride down long descents.

Enjoy smooth and accurate gear changes with Shimano’s XT M8000 Cassette. The Shimano XT hydraulic disc brakes offer consistent and powerful stopping power to riders who love going down the mountain, fast.


  • Stable when going downhills
  • Provides excellent traction and climbing ability
  • The DPX2 rear shock, a good option for riders who want a serious performance on descents
  • Components could withstand the usual abuse that comes with enduro racing for non-professional enduro enthusiasts


  • Needs better components (like frame)
  • Available only in two colors

Mongoose Dolomite Fat TireMongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Fat-tire bikes are mountain bikes on steroids. If you’re curious about how well they perform on off-road trails, the Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire is a good candidate.

The Dolomite has 26 by 4 inches tires that are fitted on lightweight aluminum wheels with 36 spokes each. These extra wide and knobby tires will provide good traction and climbing ability, making them suitable for riding on soft, irregular, or rough terrains.

It has a steel frame, which is significantly stronger and more shock absorbent than enduro bikes with an aluminum frame, like the Diamondback Bicycles Release 3 Full Suspension. The size of the frame from the top tube to the middle of the bottom bracket is around 17 inches or 422 millimeters.

The drivetrain is a 7 speed, which is suitable for people who often ride on tricky terrains. With this drivetrain, it’s easy for the Dolomite to ascend and descend hills and adapt to rough conditions.


  • Possible to gradually upgrade the parts to improve its performance
  • Heavy-duty main components (frame, seat, tires, tubes, and wheels)
  • Comfortable and doesn’t feel as slow as you would expect from a fat tire bike
  • Good front and rear disc brakes


  • Difficult for people to climb steep hills due to its heavy weight
  • Not for tall and heavy people due to its small frame and brakes

Diamondback Bicycles Lux Women’s HardtailDiamondback Lux Women's Hardtail

The Diamondback Bicycles Lux Women’s Hardtail is suitable for teenage girls or petite women (particularly those 5’2” to 5’5” in height). If you plan to go back to mountain biking and don’t want to spend more than $3,000 on an enduro bike, this is a good option.

The Lux 3 has a double-butted, aluminum frame to save more weight. Combined with the stiffness of the frame, you’ll save a few more seconds when riding up or down hills. It has a low standover to give you the confidence and control you need when jumping, cornering, or descending.

The Vee Rubber Crown Gem tires (27.5 x 2.35 inches) are mounted on Diamondback’s 32-hole DP25 double-walled rims. The knobs of the tires are widely spaced and taller at the sides (than the center) to shed mud easily and increase traction and cornering grip, while providing the stability you need when descending.

The Rockshox Judy Silver TK (120-millimeter) front suspension is light and stiff, and yet it’s able to absorb the impacts instantly and move through its travel smoothly. To keep the shifting precise and dependable, it comes with the SRAM GX X-Horizon (11 Speed) and SRAM GX 11 Speed X-Actuation double-trigger shifters. And when you need to stop on the dot, the Shimano hydraulic disc brakes has got you covered.


  • Low standover height for easy mounting and dismounting
  • Lighter than it looks
  • Upright geometry and simplified single-speed drivetrain
  • Good-performing hydraulic brakes


  • Functional front suspension but not impressive
  • Low-quality grips and saddle

Mongoose Fireball Dirt JumpMongoose Fireball Dirt Jump

The Mongoose Fireball Dirt Jump is a good starter enduromtb for the aspiring pro rider. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly bike that you can ride hard, this would be a great choice.

Light and typically stiff, the Mongoose Tectonic T1 aluminum frame provides a responsive ride on the climbs and descents, and is strong enough to take any punishment you throw at it. The RST Dirt-T suspension with 100-millimeter travel absorbs hard landings and works great on descents.

The Fireball has a 1×9 drivetrain, so you have fewer things to worry about on the trail. And, if you like to become a stronger rider, this gear setup will surely push you to ride harder.

The correct set of tires can make a huge difference in your bike’s performance. For the Fireball, Mongoose chose the Kenda Small Block tires (26 x 2.35 inches ). These versatile tires perfectly combine speed and grip to suit a wide range of terrains and riding conditions—dry or wet trails, dirt roads or paved roads, loose or hard-packed.


  • One of the best dirt jumping mountain bikes at this price range
  • Relatively light and comfortable
  • Comfortably fits riders who are 5’2” to 6’2” in height
  • Doesn’t cost a fortune


  • Has a low-quality seat that’s not intended for casual riding
  • Not very efficient front shock

Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain BikeDiamondback Overdrive Hardtail

The Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hardtail Mountain Bike or the Overdrive 29 2 is described as the classic enduro 29er. Classic or not, this big beast of a bicycle is perfect for tall people who are on a budget.

Diamond Bicycles equipped this 29er enduro with a durable and light aluminum hardtail 29er frame and dressed with good components for this price range.

One of these components is the Rock Shox Judy Silver Solo Air 29-Inch Fork. It has a low-speed compression capability, which allows it to efficiently absorb your weight and road bumps as the 29er wheels move up. With the help of its external rebound adjust, the suspension can go back to its original position after absorption of bumps in a smooth and controlled action.

The wheels measure 29 by 2.25 inches. Both are quick release.

The tires have lower pressure and closely spaced knobs (to offer lower rolling resistance), allowing the bike to go faster and have a good grip of the ground. To keep you in control and ensure you stop fast, it’s equipped with the powerful Shimano MT500 hydraulic disc brakes.


  • Efficient front suspension
  • Solid and high-performing essential components (rims, frame, front fork, cranks, and handlebar)
  • Eye-catching graphics and glossy paint
  • Only a few parts (pedals, saddle, and front wheel) need to be installed


  • Uncomfortable and small saddle
  • Decent tires but replacing them could significantly improve the bike’s performance

Mongoose Boot’r 27.5″ Down Hill BicycleMongoose Bootr 27.5 Down Hill

The Mongoose Boot’r 27.5″ Down Hill Bicycle has a great spec for an enduro mountain bike of this price. It looks damn good, with the cables routed internally for protection and to create a clean look.

The frame is available in various colors (e.g., matte red, glossy orange, and black/red) to suit your personal style. It’s made of light and strong T2 Tectonic aluminum to provide faster acceleration and snappy handling.

The Boot’r has the Manitou Dorado Expert fork suspension to help you keep in control, even as you gain speed while descending. At the back, it has the X-Fusion shock, which runs smoothly straight away and helps make the bike as light as possible.

Like any trek enduro bike, it needs a good brake system in place. It has the Tektro Slate T4 four-piston hydraulic disc brakes and levers. On the trail, these hydraulic brakes show no signs of losing power and work perfectly every single time. (Although they might lose a bit of power during the end of extremely long and sustained descents.)

It has the Magic Mary DH tires (27.5 x 2.35 inches) by Schwalbe, one of the favorite brands by many enduro and downhill athletes. It’s not hard to see why. These tires perfectly combine strength, traction, speed, and damping—the characteristics you need to conquer almost all tracks and conditions.


  • Snappy and strong frame
  • Good shock absorption (if fork is properly adjusted)
  • Offers enjoyable and efficient rides
  • A competition-ready enduro mountain bike


  • Functional but basic cranks, handlebar, and seatpost
  • Seatpost too short for tall riders (over six feet tall)

Cinelli Hobootleg Complete Touring BikeCinelli Hobootleg Complete Touring

The Cinelli Hobootleg Geo bike is suitable for challenging cycling races and urban riding. It has a double-butted frame (2,190 grams) and fork that are made of Columbus CROMOR, which are relatively light and highly durable.

The 11-speed cassette (11-42T) is the usual choice for standard road and mountain bikes. This gear ratio gives the average cyclist a wide range of gears and faster shifting for touring, off-road riding, and climbing most steep terrains.

The large MICHELIN Wild Race’R tires (29 x 2.25 inches) are made for climbing efficiency and hard-packed ground. The tires have diamond-shaped, low-profile knobs that are closely spaced for optimum grip and low rolling resistance (more speed).


  • A good bike that’s well worth the price
  • Extra thick at each end of the frame tube for durability
  • A good starter bike for racers and city riders
  • Has a good set of MICHELIN tires


  • Frame paint might chip easily
  • Not for longer rides because of its seat (not enough cushioning)

Steppenwolf Tundra Carbon Race/Pro/LTD Team LTD Hardtail 29erSteppenwolf Tundra Carbon Race Pro LTD Team LTD Hardtail 29er

The Steppenwolf Tundra Carbon Race/Pro/LTD Team LTD Hardtail 29er, or simply Tundra Race (20 speeds), is a good entry-level enduro bike. It’s agile, light, and equipped with great mid-level components.

It’s one of the best 29 enduro bikes with a race-worthy carbon enduro bike frame. Light and shock absorbent, this frame makes it relatively easier to descend hills and maneuver around rough trails, without sacrificing your comfort.

The Tundra Race was designed to give you a more stable ride. It has the Rock Shox SID XXWC 100-millimeter remote fork that has a good level of control and impact absorption, thanks to its ability to quickly recover between bumps.

It’s equipped with the versatile Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires that measure 29 by 2.25 inches. The tires’ tread design features evenly spaced studs, which have self-cleaning properties, excellent grip, and low rolling resistance, so you can move up and down rough trails with efficiency and confidence.

Other components of the Steppenwolf Tundra Race include:

  • SRAM XX 175-millimeter crankset with 39/26T
  • Avid XX 180/180-millimeter disc brakes
  • SRAM XX shifters
  • SRAM XX front and rear derailleurs
  • Easton EC70 Carbon Flat 660-millimeter handlebars
  • Easton’s lightweight EC90 Offset seatpost
  • FA SX Pro No. 55 tapered headset
  • Easton EA 90-millimeter stem
  • SDG Circuit MTN saddle


  • Offers fun and comfortable rides
  • Offers enough room to properly stretch your legs (with the right frame size)
  • Lightweight (weighs around 24 pounds)
  • A gorgeous-looking bike


  • Hard and extremely uncomfortable seat
  • Comfortable grips but too narrow handlebar

Royce Union Men’s’ Gravel Bike 27.5″ or 700c WheelsRoyce Union Mens Gravel 27.5 or 700c Wheels

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced rider, the Royce Union Men’s’ Gravel Bike 27.5″ or 700c Wheels will help you enjoy and excel on different trails. It doesn’t have a rear shock and front suspension. Instead, it has a rigid steel fork and aluminum 3-piece crank for a more controlled and precise handling.

This mtb enduro comes with drivetrain parts from Shimano. It has the Shimano Claris 16-speed rear derailleur, which offers enough range of gears to get you up and down hills. To allow split-second shifting, it has the Shimano EZ Fire Trigger shifter with visible gear display. It’s also equipped with front and rear disc brakes that produce incredible stopping power.

The RMG is suitable for riders who are at least 5’2” to 5’5” in height. The aluminum hardtail frame’s top tube measures 19 inches, while the tires measure 27.5 by 1.95 inches. With the quick-release seat binder, you can easily and quickly adjust the height of the padded seat to fit your height. The stack and reach of the RMG is 22.8 inches and 14.75 inches, respectively.


  • The stiff frame makes the Royce Union RMG gravel bike fun to ride. *
  • Offers more precise handling and superb control (due to the lack of suspensions)
  • Incredibly sturdy for a bike at this price range
  • A cool-looking enduro bike for young riders


  • Has a bit of toe clip overlap (causes your foot to hit the front wheel)
  • Doesn’t have mounting screws for the water bottle

SAVADECK DECK300 Carbon FiberSAVADECK DECK300 Carbon Fiber

The SAVADECK DECK300 Carbon Fiber has the right components to get you started on enduro racing. It’s an ideal enduro bicycle for both men and women, newbies and experienced riders.

For the aggressive rider, it comes with the heavy-duty and light TORAY T800 Carbon Fiber Frame. The frame is wind tunnel tested to measure aerodynamic drag.

The SAVADECK DECK300 uses a tapered head tube to give you better cornering precision and feedback while riding. The fork is from SR Suntour. It delivers 100-millimeter of suspension travel, giving you a bump-free ride and better control when racing on any type of terrain.

The drivetrain consists mostly of Shimano parts, including the Shimano RD-M6000 front derailleur and Shimano RD-M6000 rear derailleur. With 30-speed options, it’s easy for beginners to start riding efficiently on various mountain trails. Helping you shift to the large or small rings is the Shimano SL-M6000 shift lever, which is light and responsive.

On the back and front wheels, you’ll find the Shimano BR-MT200 disc brake set that offers great stopping power. The tread design of the Michelin Country Racer’R mountain bike tires provide outstanding grip and low rolling resistance, so you can go faster with confidence.


  • Weighs around 26.9 pounds, which most people find light
  • Shifts and moves smoothly
  • Basic components are good enough to meet the needs of most riders
  • An attractive bike—minimal graphics and good color options


  • Annoying clicking noises coming from the gears
  • More suitable for beginners or returning riders

Montague Paratrooper Highline Folding Mountain BikeMontague Paratrooper Highline Folding

There are many reasons people choose the Montague Paratrooper Highline Folding Mountain Bike. One of them is its easy folding design, which allows you to store it into tight spaces and bring it anywhere you want to go.

The Paratrooper Highline is a solid enduro mountainbike. It’s perfect for cross country riding, rocky mountain trails, casual off-road rides, and rock gardens.

It’s equipped with a 2×10 drivetrain. The simplicity and reliability of this gear setup will come in handy during those long climbs at high altitudes.

Armed with 27.5-inch tires on double-walled rims, it’s easier to move around at faster speeds. It has front and rear hydraulic disc brakes to make sure you stop on time.

The matte gray frame is made of strong and corrosion-resistant 6061 Series aluminum. It’s available in two sizes: 18 inches (for riders 5’7” – 5’11” tall) and 20 inches (for riders 6’0” – 6’4”).


  • Easy to fold and store (folded size: 36 by 28 by 12 inches)
  • Has a comfortable seat
  • Has a heavy-duty frame and parts
  • Fast tires that give a snappy and responsive feel


  • Needs better hydraulic brakes
  • Too narrow handlebar for technical off-road riding

Diamondback Bicycles Atroz Full SuspensionDiamondback Atroz Full Suspension

If you’re on the market for good-quality enduro bike brands for beginners that are ready to roll out of the box, then the Diamondback Bicycles Atroz 3 Full Suspension is for you. This beast will save you hundreds of dollars because it doesn’t really need upgrades.

Diamondback outfitted the Atroz 3 with a single-pivot full suspension. This low-maintenance suspension system will smooth bumps and provide better traction on steep climbs.

Known as a reliable all-around drivetrain, SRAM’s NX 11-speed drivetrain (11-42 cassette) will benefit most riders because of its wide gear range. As you ride through off-road terrains, the Raceface Chester (780-millimeter wide) handlebar makes sure you steer precisely and keep control of the bike. For powerful and safe stopping, it has the Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes to depend on.


  • Main components (rear suspension, fork, shifters, etc.) working perfectly
  • Has a simple but attractive look
  • Light, fast, and moves smoothly
  • Performs well on rocky trails


  • Too wide handlebar (a good or bad thing, depending on your preference)
  • Thinly padded seat

How to Choose Good Enduro Mountain Bikes

Here are some considerations when buying enduro mountain bikes:

Enduro Racing Participation

If you’re dead serious about enduro racing, then it’s more logical to buy an enduro mountain bike that has higher-end components, particularly the suspension and drivetrain. However, it’s going to cost you a lot of money to find the right one that can consistently take you to the summit and fly down the mountain trail in record time.

If you don’t have plans to race, instead of chasing for the perfect enduro mountain bike, get one that meets at least 80-percent of the features and performance that you want. There are plenty of good enduro mtb bikes that could provide you with enjoyable rides and years of high performance, without the hefty price tag.

Type of Terrain Where You’re Going to Ride Most of the Time

You can ride enduro mountain bikes on flat and paved or unpaved roads, but they would feel a little too much. If you’re going to ride up steep, rocky hills and go down at 30+ miles per hour, while taking jumps, then these bikes are for you.

Knowing where you’ll ride most of the time will also help you determine the features and specifications you need to look for. This makes it easier to narrow down your options and determine how much you’ll most likely spend.

Your Budget

How much money are you willing to spare? What’s a reasonable amount to pay for an entry-level enduro bike?

Similar to buying other categories of mountain bikes, the right enduro bike for you will mainly depend on your budget and unique needs. It should be able to withstand the abuses that come with riding over a gnarly terrain, while still being light and efficient in between stages.

If you’re looking for an entry-level bike that’s ready to race right out of the box, you could expect to pay a minimum of around $2,400 to $3,000 plus. For that amount, you’ll already get an enduro bike that has good-quality components, which you can upgrade later to match your current needs.

Let’s try to take a closer look at each essential components of an enduro bike:

Forks and Shocks

Enduro racing needs beefy forks. That means 32-millimeter stanchion forks are out of the equation. Look for wide-stanced forks that are capable of handling challenging trails, without letting you lose control of your bike.

How much do they cost?

If you’re buying a Rock Shock Yari RC fork (150 to 180-millimeter travel), it could cost you around $800 or more. The Intend Edge fork (166 to 176-millimeter travel) usually costs around $2,123. Meanwhile, rear shocks could cost between $150 and $1,100.

Tires and Wheels

Most enduro mountain bike wheels are made from aluminum alloy. Expect to pay even more as the wheels become tougher and lighter. If you have the chance, upgrade your aluminum wheels to carbon fiber wheels, which are lighter and stronger.

However, it doesn’t matter if you have the best wheels or frame on the market. If the tires are low in quality, your enduro bike won’t be able to maximize its full potential. Some of the known brands for mountain bike tires are Continental, Kenda, MAXXIS, Michelin, Schwalbe, and WTB.

It’s possible to find tires that cost less than $15 to $40 each, but they’re not going to be long-lasting or highly efficient. Great tires—those that would take you through long, timed rides—are available for at least $80 each.


The drivetrain (cranks, chain rings, chain, cassette, derailleurs, and pedals) is a crucial part of any type of bicycle. Thus, it’s important to have the correct set up from the start and keep it clean and lubricated at all times to prevent problems when you’re out on a ride or expensive repairs in the long run.

For commuters and amateur racers, the standard drivetrain and brakes would be enough. It’s another story if you plan to participate in highly competitive enduro races. Getting a more expensive drivetrain would make a bigger impact on your bike’s efficiency and your safety.

The SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS Groupset is currently one of the most expensive drivetrains for mountain bikes on the market. It costs around $2,000.


As what you might already know, great enduro mountain bikes are expensive. That being said, it’s not impossible to find a pocket-friendly model that has most of the components and characteristics that you’re searching for.

The 12 enduro mountain bikes we’ve reviewed in this article serve only as your guide. Feel free to explore other options. In the end, the best enduro race bike should fit your budget, riding style, and the type of terrain you’ll usually ride on.