17 Best Electric Unicycles 2022 Review

You can make substantial savings on daily commuting expenses. The day-to-day taxi fare or long boring walks to the town can end now.

Why not look for the best electric unicycle?

It doesn’t matter how hilly or far stretched your destination could be. If you comb through electric unicycle scooter reviews, you will find what suit your need. Give the car a break and make use of battery-powered unicycles. Once charged, you don’t need to pedal a tall.

Why hire a taxi for short rides when a motorized unicycle provides a comfortable and cost-effective option? Below is our top selection for the electronically controlled unicycles to consider.

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Best Electric Unicycles Review

InMotion V10FInMotion V10F

Instead of going to the gym, small errand or post office driving your car, you can save on fuel by using the InMotion V10F.  The self-balancing unicycle is battery powered and hence requires no gasoline. After 8 hours of continuous charging, it will support you to cover a distance of 62 miles. And its maximum speed of 25mph is more than enough.

Although it’s relatively small, its payload capacity is impressive. It weighs 45.4lbs but will happily bear up to 260lbs. So that accommodates the average weight of most people. Once charged, it delivers impressive power for a longer period. It’s powered by a high capacity lithium-ion battery of 12.8AH, 960WH.

The battery drives a high power motor of 2000watts. Therefore owing to that motor battery combination, InMotion V10F is one of the high power unicycles. No wonder it will happily enable you to drive over a hill with a maximum inclination angle of 30 degrees.

The unicycle provides large and comfortable pedals. And during storage, they fold easily. Since it has LED light in the front, rear and sides, it gives you better visibility in dim light. Controlling the unicycle is easy because it has an advanced App. Besides, keeping track of your progress is easier too. From the App, you can switch on/off the light. And as a backup, it also gives you manual control of the lights.

Even at high speed, you won’t have to worry about the InMotion V10F overheating. It is equipped with an active cooling system for the internal parts. And while going for a long ride, its loud and clear Bluetooth speakers provide great entertainment when connected to a smartphone.


  • Covers longer range on a single charging
  • Accommodates high payload
  • Has a compatible App
  • High visibility at night
  • IP55 waterproof certified


  • Safety lock through the App only destabilizes the balance but has no alarm alert.

Airwheel Family (BINGS) – Q3 series of airwheelAirwheel Family (BINGS) - Q3 series of airwhee

This electric unicycle thrives on one major feature to draw all its fans. It has top features that maximize your safety while riding the one wheel unicycle. So even if you are just starting to ride unicycles, it’s relatively safer than other brands. Unlike other ordinary unicycles that uses thin wheels, Airwheel Family (BINGS) – Q3 series of airwheel employs twin wheel hubs. As a result that guarantees you a wide contact plane, improved riding stability and a higher payload of 265lbs.

Without a reliable battery, even the best unicycle becomes worthless. That’s why the Airwheel Family (BINGS) incorporates a dependable 170wh Sony battery. It promises more than 5 years of good power storage.  So that removes the possibility of battery failing after a few months.

Once charged you can cruise up to a maximum of 11mph. And should you need to stop, it has a strong reliable brake force. For safety reasons, it sets the maximum speed. For instance, when you exceed the 7mph, the front side of the pedal begins to rise. If you continue to speed up beyond 10mph it then locks the pedal at an angle of 10degrees from the leveled surface. Such protection is accompanied by a loud continuous beep.

Sometimes you can over speed unknowingly. So the Airwheel Family (BINGS) – Q3 series of Airwheel has a built-in mechanism for alerting you at different stages. Once the pedals lock up and thus prevent further acceleration, a buzzer sends out continuous beeps.

In case you trip and the unicycle tilts sideways beyond 45 degrees, the control system self-activates. That then triggers the tilting mechanism leading to the quick stopping of the motor. So it shields you from the danger of the continuous revolving of the wheel.

Think of the inconvenience of power going off in the middle of an action or when you are far from reaching home. When you have this electric Airwheel Family (BINGS) monowheel, catastrophic power failure is an issue of the past. That is because once the battery power goes down to 15%; its four lights will flash. Besides, a buzzer will sound.


  • Has an automatic low power alert
  • Long-lasting Sony battery
  • Makes a large contact with the ground
  • Automatic switching off of the engine in case it tilts over an angle of 45degres


  • The double wheels isn’t ideal for the pro or the aggressive rides

InMotion V5F – Solowheel Glide 2InMotion V5F - Solowheel Glide 2

The short stature persons aren’t locked out from reaping the benefits of battery-powered unicycles. One such brand is the InMotion V5F – Solowheel Glide 2. And do you know what makes it the right choice for such a group? It boasts a slim, portable design and has a 14-inch wheel. Its total weight is 26lbs only. But despite that weight, it happily carries the weight of 180lbs. however, if you push it hard, it stretches to a maximum payload of 260lbs. a separately sold detachable handle increases its portability.

The unicycle incorporates a 320wh lithium-ion battery in its design. This battery charges very fast in 3 and half hours. After which it will power the unicycle for 25 miles. That means on a single charging you can make it to and fro the gym, few rounds in town or to the workplace.

For ordinary tasks, its 550 watts motor provides sufficient speed. It can accelerate up to 15.6 miles per hour. However, the exact speed depends on the payload capacity and the topography. It incorporates safety motor switch underneath the handle. Therefore when you lift it to go over an obstacle, the motor automatically stops. That not only makes it safe but conserves power too.

To make its operation easier the InMotion V5F electric unicycle has an InMotion App for both Android and iOS devices.  From the software, you can access your live updates on your speed, distance covered and other important features. Moreover, even light shower won’t stop you from riding the InMotion V5F. And during those hours when you are late from the gym, it has unicycle LED lights to improve your visibility.


  • Weatherproof
  • Shorter charging period
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Has a motor safety kill switch


  • It struggles to carry a load of more than 180lbs

IOTAtrax Compact Style HoverboardIOTAtrax Compact Style Hoverboard

The key feature of the IOTAtrax Compact Style Hoverboard is its solid design. For that reason, the electric unicycle is trouble-free to ride through tight places and past obstacles. Besides portability, it employs a gearless system that supports a smooth and efficient turning mechanism. Many people, therefore, find it very convenient. And did I tell you that it weighs only 15lbs?

With two wheels between its pedals, the dual wheel electric unicycle offers superior balance. That’s especially helpful for the rider still struggling to grasp the ropes of riding a unicycle. From a single charging, its battery powers your ride for 8 miles. It can stretch its speed up to a maximum of 8mph. Unlike other unicycles that require longer charging hours, this model takes only 40 minutes. Despite its light weight of 15lbs, it will happily support high load capacity not exceeding 180lbs.

Thus it’s easy to maneuver around furniture, avoid obstacles and thru doorways. Once you have stepped on the pedals, its battery and motor are strong enough to enable you to climb an incline of 10%. Since it’s water-resistant, some light shower won’t deter you from enjoying your ride home.

Does your work require you to begin your journey at dawn? This electric unicycle makes you highly noticeable by other road users. That is so because it has a glowing LED light in front. And once you have reached your destination the device has a handle that makes it simple to carry.


  • Compact, slim and portable
  • Charges very quickly
  • makes it easy to dodge obstacles
  • Makes wide contact with the road
  • Water-resistant


  • In case of a puncture, removing the tire is highly challenging


The SEADOSHOPPING unicycle scooter has the ability to climb even High inclines up to 45 degrees without struggling. Thanks to its high power motor of 350watts. It employs a moderately sized wheel of 14 inches which features a high grip on the road. Since all the operations of a unicycle scooter are pedal operated, the battery-powered equipment takes a keen interest in them. The large pedals are made of aluminum alloy and also have great treading that increases your grip on the surface.

To charge the 59.2v 132wh battery, it requires about 1 to 2 hours depending on how exhausted it was. After the recharge, it can power the unicycle to complete a maximum of 25km (16miles). Its maximum speed of 12mph is sufficient for fun driving in a busy street.

Besides the compact design, it also has a very lightweight of 24lbs. And when you consider that it has a convenient handle, you’ll appreciate its portability. Its power on/off switch is also positioned below the handle and therefore easy to reach.

Before you set out for a journey on an e-unicycle you need to know the battery level. So the SEADOSHOPPING Electronic Unicycle provides you with 4 pieces of light. The lights make it easier to know the existing battery level. You can then help decide whether it’s enough to power you to and fro your intended destination. Since the unicycle is IP56 certified, it can take on light shower happily without any worry.


  • Lightweight and compatible
  • Easy to monitor battery level
  • High incline climbing ability of 45 degrees.
  • Sturdy aluminum alloy pedals


  • It’s only ideal for short distances owing to its battery capacity

Surfwheel SU One +4 Wheels Electric Skateboard (one Wheel Hoverboard)Surfwheel SU One +4 Wheels Electric Skateboard (one Wheel Hoverboard)

If you enjoy surfing then you are most likely to enjoy riding this Surfwheel SU One +4 Wheels Electric Skateboard. The motorized unicycle board takes your surfing to the urban street roads. Your teenagers will definitely love it. Moreover, its payload capacity of 220lbs accommodates the weight of the average persons.

Are you worried you don’t know how to drive it? It doesn’t matter since the unicycle board has a Surfwheel App. The software is compatible with both iOS and Android Smart devices. To make learning smoother, switch to the learner mode. After you have perfected your skill you can climb up to the speed mode.

Still, on the Surwheel App, it allows you to access every control of the board. For instance, you can check the battery level, adjust the LED lights and even track your speed from the integrated speedometer. On a single charge, you can drive it for 10 miles before recharging the battery. Its speed can stretch up to a maximum of 12mph. The battery is easy to remove and replaceable too.

This unicycle board is engineered to maximize your safety. It features LED lights all around it. Also, the wheel employs the right tire treads that offer a firm grip and also simulates surfing on land feeling. Besides, the tires incorporate the airless technology that makes them puncture-proof. You can, therefore, say goodbye to the tiring mending of a puncture. And to crown your security, it gives you safety wheels; two in front and two in the rear.


  • Light and portable
  • Has both learner and the pro ridding mode
  • Maximizes your safety
  • Features high visibility at night
  • Airless tires that re puncture proof


  • It’s very close to the ground, thus at times hinders you as you press either forward or backward.

LJHHH Electric Unicycle, Balance Car High Fidelity Bluetooth Audio with LED LightLJHHH Electric, Balance Car High Fidelity Bluetooth Audio with LED Light

If you need the right electric unicycle with impressive off-road performances, then consider this LJHHH Electric Unicycle. It employs 16 by 2.5 inches tires with adequate treading to handle off-road rides. To charge it to its full potential it requires about 8 hours. Although it seems to take longer on charging the results are impressive. The full charge will power your ride for about 90 to 100km.  Isn’t that enough to help you trail roads and back? Even little hills are no challenge to this electric unicycle. It can climb up to an incline of 30 degrees.

If you think you are too heavy to fit on this equipment then think again. It happily bears up to a weight of 120kg (264lbs). Besides the high load capacity, it can also speed up to a maximum of 20km/h (12mph). Such a speed is adequate for leisure riding.

Riding for a longer period can be boring. So the LJHHH Electric Unicycle gives you Bluetooth audio speakers in both the rear and front side. You can therefore get entertained by your smartphone and kill boredom easily. Besides the Bluetooth, it features 7 different ambient lights and thus enhances the visual appeal too. Pas by your friends and they won’t resist the urge to turn their head in your direction.

This e-unicycle hasn’t forgotten about your safety. Its bright front LED light improves your night visibility. The protective leg cushioning ensures keep you safe. The magnesium-aluminum pedals which measure 129 x 243mm are large enough to fit every foot. Besides, it features silicone pads to keep you from slipping.


  • Has Bluetooth audio function
  • Long-range of 90 to 100km
  • Has impressive safety features
  • Easy to track battery level
  • Good visibility
  • Ideal for challenging terrains
  • Waterproof, Ip55


  • Require longer charging hours

Electric Unicycle Black, Unicycle Scooter with Bluetooth SpeakerElectric Black, Scooter with Bluetooth Speaker

When riding a unicycle off-road, jutting rocks or tree trumps may hinder your smooth ride. But when you have this single electric unicycle, you are less likely to experience such problems. It’s equipped with a large 17-inch wheel. That lifts it up the ground with an appreciable clearance of 170mm. You can thus cruise over small rocks or tree tramps with ease. You can even sit and hold onto the handlebar as you steer your ride comfortably.

Its design accommodates a large age group from 8 years and above. Provided you don’t exceed the weight limit of 120kg; the e-unicycle fits you conveniently. To store full power, you need to charge it for a period of 3 to 5 years, depending on the previous battery level. After which it delivers power to drive the machine over 30 to 60km. However, the exact distance you can cover after a single charging depends on the terrain and the load subjected to the unicycle.

With its 500watts brushless motor it promises a long period of quiet operation. Such a powerful motor gives it the ability to attain a maximum speed of 18km/h. Once you have mounted on the unicycle, you don’t have to step down on small inclines like 25degres and below. Since it is Ip54 rated, you can safely ride through shallow water without interfering with the engine.

When darkness creeps in while you are still far away, switch the 500 lumen light for better vision. With this black electric unicycle as your choice, you can’t get bored. It has a Bluetooth audio system. Thus you can stream your favorite music from your phone.


  • Good ground clearance for better off-road performance
  • Water-resistant, IP54 rated
  • Supports Bluetooth music playing
  • Has a battery level monitor
  • Has high power, long-life motor


  • The 66lbs is heavy for a child of 8 years to carry

LJHHH Electric Unicycle, Pedals Contoured Ergonomic Saddle, Somatosensory CarLJHHH Electric, Pedals Contoured Ergonomic Saddle, Somatosensory Car

This LJHHH Electric Unicycle has the design that fits both adults and children. For example, it features a 14-inch wheel. Also, the tire bears sufficient treads and grooves. Consequently, it has fewer chances of slipping as the engine increases its acceleration rate. Its elliptical handle feels comfortable to the hands.

The sturdy aluminum alloy pedals are placed 85mm above the ground. To increase your safety especially kids, it has micro safety wheels on either side of the pedals. Its overall size makes it very portable. If you combine it with the retractable handle you can easily tow it away without feeling its weight.

Beneath the hand, it features one start push button. At a glance, you can tell the battery power level. And when the battery capacity goes down to 15 percent, the engine sounds an alert. You then have to plug in a socket for recharging. The high-quality lithium-ion battery charges fast in approximately 90 minutes.

After charging, it gives you enough power to cover 20 to 35 km. Note that the exact distance you cover from a single charge depends on some external factors like topography, air resistance, and even the existing payload.

From its 500watts motor, it generates enough power to climb hills of maximum incline of 25 degrees. At the same time, the powerful motor enables the electric monowheel to reach a top speed of 15km/h. Despite its seemingly small size, it can bear up to a maximum load of 120kg.


  • Very portable and 150mm slim
  • Simple starting mechanism
  • Employs a 500 watts powerful motor
  • Sturdy and slip-proof aluminum alloy pedals


  • It isn’t ideal for long-distance ride owing to the small range and low-speed capacity

Electric Unicycle with Bluetooth Speaker 60V/500W Motorcycle HoverboardElectric with Bluetooth Speaker 60V500W Motorcycle Hoverboard

If a 14-inch wheel doesn’t give you much comfort then try out the Electric Unicycle with Bluetooth Speaker. It employs a 17-inch wheel that equips it to have high ground clearance of 170mm. Even its pedals follow such a pattern and are positioned 200mm above the ground.

Unlike other units that force you to stand all the time, this one wheel electric scooter has a comfortable saddle and the handlebar for your hands. That makes it very comfortable for negotiating long journeys. Its body features mainly aviation type aluminum. Consequently, it attracts a lightweight of 25kg only but carries up to a120kg load.

The electric scooter is easy to ride, even for the first time. That is because it uses the auto-balance system. During charging it takes about 3 to 5 hours to store full charge. And from such a singe charging it powers the self-balancing electric unicycle for 30 to 60km. At the heart of the engine is the 500watts brushless motor. Apart from having less friction and running quietly, the brushless motor is energy-saving too. The motor’s high torque ability enables the unicycle to climb up to an incline of 25 degrees easily.

When you push it to its full capacity, it cruises t 18km/h. To prevent an abrupt battery failure, it integrates battery level monitor lights between the handlebars. Moreover when the battery level falls too low, the engine sounds an alert. To allow you to start your journey at dawn, the self-balancing unicycle has a 500lumen LED light. A taillight also increases your visibility on the road.


  • Uses a large 17-inch wheel
  • Has inbuilt Bluetooth speakers
  • Features easy battery monitor system
  • Comfortable to ride; has a saddle and a handlebar


  • Requires more time to learn

17 Inch Electric Unicycle Intelligent Balance Drift Car Thinking Somatosensory Scooter17 Inch Electric Intelligent Balance Drift Car Thinking Somatosensory Scooter

Although there are many unicycles in the market, this particular brand stands. That is so because of its extra-lightweight and a long range of 90km. So if you need the battery-powered electric unicycle for covering longer distances, then it’s worth looking into. Besides the contrast created by the white color to other black parts gives it an irresistible look.

It uses extra light aviation type aluminum to attract a weight of 66 lbs. So that gives it a higher tensile strength sufficient deformation proof. Riding on-off-road often has many challenges. But this one wheel electric cycle is adapted to such terrains. You want to know how? It has a large 17-inch wheel that features adequate treading too. Its large size gives it the adequate clearance needed for the off-road rides.

At the same time, it has a high torque brushless motor of 500watts. The choice of such a motor benefits you by supporting the silent operation and minimizing friction. In the end, it contributes to minimal battery wastage. Although its net weight is 61lbs, it can carry up to a load of 265lbs.

Charging the machine isn’t troublesome. It accepts a voltage input from 100 to 240. At the same time, it requires about 3 to 5 hours to achieve full charge status. The 60volts battery propels the unicycle to a maximum speed of 18km/h. Because of its high torque, you can ride the e-unicycle up an incline of 25degrees with ease.

To make long-distance riding comfortable, it has the inbuilt Bluetooth speakers. Hence you can connect your Smartphone to the speakers wirelessly for cool music. Once you are seated on its saddle, the pedals are within reach since they stand 200mm above the ground.


  • Has the appealing look
  • Large ground clearance
  • Satisfies the IP54 waterproofing ability
  • Longer range
  • Features the self-balancing system
  • Good visibility at night


  • Its damping system requires improvement

LJHHH Electric Unicycle, Adult Intelligent Big Wheel Off-RoadLJHHH Electric, Adult Intelligent Big Wheel Off-Road

The Adult Intelligent Big Wheel Off-Road is a self-balancing electric unicycle. It combines both the aerospace and gyroscope principle. As a result, it automatically detects the rider’s center of gravity to achieve self-balancing for a smooth ride. Moreover, its tire employs the parallel treading to minimize greatly the chances of slipping off. The unicycle employs a 468wh lithium-ion battery to store energy. The battery promises a long life since it has a maximum of 1000 charging and recharging cycles. When empty, it requires about 3 hours of charging to become fully charged. After which it powers the self-balance unicycle for a maximum of 60 km ride. Thus a single charging can take you to work several days before you recharge it.

Besides the powerful battery, it also integrates a 600 watts brushless motor. Consequently, it runs silently with minimum friction and promises longer life too. The high torque motor gives the unicycle the ability to climb an incline of 25 degrees with a maximum load of 120kg. So once you have mounted on the equipment, you won’t have to dismount on account of small inclines as obstacles.

From the 468wh battery, the unicycle can reach a maximum speed of 30km/h. For the day to day activities, that is sufficient speed. And when you look at its pedal you’ll realize that they present a groove pattern. Also the pedals also feature anti-scratch ability for longtime performance. The cross-sectional area of the pedals presents the angular design. Such a shape enables the footrest to support more weight.


  • High torque 600watts brushless motor
  • Long-range of 60km after a single charge
  • Scratch and rustproof sturdy pedals
  • Employs self-balancing technology
  • Features Bluetooth speaker system
  • Has bright headlight


  • Slightly expensive

One-Wheeled+4 Electric Skateboard 27″Surfwheel SU One +4 Wheels Electric Skateboard (one Wheel Hoverboard)

Unicycles exist in different designs. If you are tired of the electric unicycles that stand tall, then try the One-Wheeled+4 Electric Skateboard. Its design makes it very close to the ground thus very stable. Although it requires some time to learn like the Hoverboard, the outcome is rewarding. About 2 hours of daily practice for 7 days is all you need to master how to drive this unicycle board.

Owing to its low height design, it’s suitable for street road riding. The Surfwheel is suitable for everyone aged 13 years and above. With the help of the training videos provided in its package, learning how to ride the unicycle board is very easy. Besides the large main center wheel, it has other four micro safety wheels. All the wheels don’t have to be inflated. And that makes them puncture-proof too.

Its surfing tire treads make it safe and comfortable on street roads. With its weight of 18.74lbs, you can easily carry it over an obstacle. But although it attracts a lightweight it can carry up to a maximum of 220lbs.

Once charged, it will transport you for 10 miles where its top speed is 12mph. So, those frequent trips to the gym, post office or even workplace don’t have to call for your car. The unicycle board also embraces the App control technology. Its App enabled for both Android and iOS devices for smart control.

From the App, you can switch between learner and speed mode. Also, you can update the firmware and even check on the remaining power level. Once you have mounted on the Surfwheel, you can set on your trip at dawn or if time doesn’t allow stretch your muscles at twilight. That is because it has illuminating LED light on all its four sides.


  • Package includes training videos
  • Tires won’t go flat
  • Improved night visibility
  • Produces a comfortable ride
  • Has safety wheels in place


  • Meant for street roads only

LJHHH Electric Unicycle, Tire Balance Cycling ExerciseLJHHH Electric Tire Balance Exercise

Do you know what makes this LJHHH stand out from other electric unicycles? It is its capability to self-detect a rider’s Centre of gravity and thus quickly achieve balance. To further reinforce your safety, its 15-inch wheel has a tire that exhibits two parallel thread designs. That gives the unicycle superior performance even on slippery grounds.

Its 468wh battery charges to full capacity in just 3 hours. From the single charge, the battery is strong enough to power the unicycle over a distance of 30 to 60km. That depends on external influence like terrain, load capacity and even wind resistance. Besides you can charge and discharge that lithium-ion battery 1000 times before it deteriorates in performance.

Considering it has a maximum speed of 30km/h, and an ability to go up an incline of 25 degrees with ease, you can count on it for your daily rides. Thanks to the 600watts brushless motor. Whether it is commuting to work, gym or just fun ride around town the range is ideal. Even its maximum load capacity of 120kg accommodates many people.

Regardless of where you are, you can always listen to your favorite tunes. Thanks to the LJHHH Electric Unicycle Bluetooth player’s ability. Boredom doesn’t have to bite on you during your long rides.


  • self-detects a rides center of gravity for a quick balanced ride
  • superior grip on slippery ground
  • has LED light for improved night vision
  • powerful 600 watts motor with high torque ability
  • slim design
  • sturdy aluminum pedals


  • can’t climb steep hills

800W Folding Electric Scooter, One Wheel Self Balancing Smart800W Folding Electric Scooter, One Wheel Self Balancing Smart

If you regularly commute downtown, then this 22kg unicycle is worth looking into. Apart from its lightness, it’s also very portable. Simply fold it to fit the car trunk or elevator. And from its two riding modes of accelerated and motion control, you can choose what suits your needs.

The foldable electric scooter combines the comfort of a motorbike and the efficiency of a unicycle. Unlike many models that force you to stand all the time as you ride, this equipment allows you to sit comfortably. It also taps from the gyroscopic technology to achieve automatic self-balance with very limited support from the rider.

Besides, it’s also simple to ride. When you lean forward, it accelerates and when you lean backward it brakes. Even when you are traveling at its top speed of 15km/h, it has a reliable braking distance of 2meters. Its 10-inch wheel suits both off-roads and city roads.  Its frame is also strong enough to bear up to a maximum of 100kg.

The unicycle relies on a 264wh lithium-ion battery. On a single charge which takes 2 hours, it can power the unicycle to cover 25km. That is not only due to the powerful battery but also the efficient 800watts/60v hub motor. Moreover, such a motor-battery matching enables the engine to climb up to a 15 degrees slope.


  • Light and portable
  • Provides a comfortable sitting posture
  • Simple to control
  • Has a powerful 60v, 800watts motor


  • Not ideal for passing through narrow passages. It requires passage of 600mm

LJHHH Electric Unicycle, Intelligent Balance Drift Car Thinking Somatosensory ScooterLJHHH Electric,Intelligent Balance Drift Car Thinking Somatosensory Scooter

The LJHHH Electric Unicycle has the standard features and thus offers you a comfortable ride. Instead of using the small 14-inch wheel, it has the standard 16-inch wheel. That results in improved ground clearance. Moreover, it also employs a 60v/500watts brushless motor. And do you know what that means? It offers silent operation and longer life. A the same time the brushless motor equips the unicycle to cruise up to 10mph and even climb up an incline of 25 degrees.

Its lithium-ion battery requires about one to two hours to attain a fully charge status. After which it will store enough power for the unicycle to cover 18miles. However, the exact distance you can cover from a single charging depends on wind resistance, load, and state of the road. That battery has a long life since it has 3000 charging and discharge cycles.

From its Android App, you can connect to the engine via Bluetooth to view live updates like speed. At the same time, the Android app allows you to connect wirelessly to your Smartphone and enjoy cool music. So that means you are never bored during your rides.

Considering that it has a lightweight of 12.1kg, it shouldn’t be difficult to transport. Despite its lightness, it can carry a heavyweight of up to 130kg. Most average persons do not exceed that weight range. So it can accommodate many people.


  • many charging and discharge cycle; 3000times
  • Bright light for improved vision at night
  • Has lightweight of 12.1kg


  • Its App is compatible with Android devices only

LJHHH Electric Unicycle, 18″ Skidproof Butyl Mountain Tire Balance Cycling ExerciseLJHHH Electric 18 Skidproof Butyl Mountain Tire Balance Exercise

Except for the fact that it has a single wheel, the LJHHH Electric Unicycle has almost all the comfort that a regular motorbike provides. Its cushioned seat stands at 680mm. And from the double 18 inch row wheels; it gives you good ground clearance just like the ordinary motorbike.

The set of training wheels aids even the novice rider to grasp the skills very quickly. With your feet resting on the pedals and the hands clasped on the handlebar, you ride has never been much comfortable. Your legs are even cushioned from the revolving wheel.

By incorporating a 1000w hub motor, the unicycle electric scooter has a high torque ability to climb a 30 degrees incline. However, on a plain terrain, it will speed up to 12mph. From a single charge, the electric unicycle can cover 28miles. Its sturdy aluminum frame accommodates up to a load of 220lbs.

Even nightfall won’t deter you from riding. The electronic scooter has a bright headlamp. As you ride you can connect to your smartphone and get entertained with your favorite music via Bluetooth.


  • Double rows 18inch tires
  • High power and torque motor
  • Non-slip pedals
  • Has Bluetooth music connection
  • Has Ipx3 waterproofing ability


  • low speed limited to 12.4mph

How to Choose Good Electric Unicycles

You need to know the best criteria to follow when shopping for the right electric unicycle. Why do you need it in the first place? Answering the question will help you to choose a brand that has features tailored to your specific use. With that said, here are the primary factors to lead you to a good electric unicycle


Know the distance that you’ll be covering often. Then go for the engine with a sufficient range to travel that distance from a single charge.  However, if you are comfortable with charging it often at the workplace and home, then you can go for a short-range unicycle and make savings

Incline angle ability

Unicycles differ in the degree of the slope they can climb. Choose your engine depending on the topography of where you reside. If you have to go through a steep slope often, then choose a unicycle with high incline angle ability.

Wheel size

The general wheel sizes for electric unicycles include 14, 16 and 18inches. Usually, small wheels are lighter and more comfortable compared to large wheels. So if your focus is on portability and covering a shorter distance, then small wheels are appropriate. If you need wheels adapted to high speed, stability over potholes, uneven grounds and longer distance, then go for 16 or 18-inch wheels.

Battery type and capacity

A battery is a major component of an electric unicycle. Most e-unicycles employ either lithium-polymer or lithium-ion batteries. Remember the performance of your one wheel engine depends on the battery power. So go for reputable battery brands like Samsung and Panasonic. It may cost a little bit high initially, but in the end, it’s worth the investment. At the same time, the battery should be removable. That will make it easier to swap it for another once it deteriorates in performance.

Pedal design and shape

If your drive is limited to a few minutes around the neighborhood then you might not take much notice of pedals’ features. However, the rider who covers around ten miles per day needs a super comfortable pedal. Consequently, the pedals should have a large surface area that covers not less than 70 percent of the entire length of your feet. Moreover, it should be slip-proof and also raised at least 13cm from the ground. That reduces the chances of your feet slipping or bruising when negotiating turns. Besides angled pedals bear more load and comfortable too.

Top speed

Although many people fuss about higher speed, often it isn’t necessary all the time. For example, if you mainly ride your scooter unicycle in town, you will rarely make use of the full speed capacity. The human congestion and other obstacles on the street won’t allow you to travel beyond 10mph. However, if you mostly travel outside town on less congested roads, then top speed becomes a significant feature.

Motor power

A motor plays a significant role in an electric unicycle. To get the one wheel vehicle that will go fast and even climb a steep hill, the battery capacity and motor power become significant. So if you need good speed and the ability to climb inclined hills with ease, go for a high wattage motor, specified in watts.

Weight capacity

Every unicycle has a specified weight that it can safely carry. So know your weight and then choose the model that will support you without straining. Remember giving the one wheel vehicle undue load overstrains the motor. To realize the top speed and other features you have to take note of the load-bearing capacity.

Tire design

The last thing you need is a slippery tire. So look for tires that have lots treading for increased grip on the ground. At the same time, inflatable tires offer superior performance over the tubeless types. The air-filled tires have a wider surface area that comes into contact with the ground. Consequently, that means more stability and comfort on uneven grounds. In other words, it reduces the shakiness on uneven grounds. Although some unicycle comes with double wheels, such are ideal for beginners. However, a pro rider will find it less ideal.

Compatibility with App

Being able to track your performance and control your scooter unicycle from a Smartphone is very convenient. So strive to find a model that is compatible with your smartphone. You can thus regulate the speed, know the distance you have covered and even remaining battery power from your phone.

Night visibility

A good e-unicycle should be equipped to support you for a safe ride at night. Therefore, it should have the rear and front lights. Compared to a motorcycle, the unicycles are very small. Thus, ensure that the headlight has very bright light. With such a high lumen light you won’t have to struggle to see your way.

Bluetooth music player

Although not a must, it’s a useful bonus feature. Bluetooth compatible player on an electric monowheel makes long rides less boring. When boredom strikes, you can listen to music from your Smartphone.


What is an electric unicycle?

An electric unicycle (EUC) is a self-balancing personal transport vehicle that has only one wheel. Most electric unicycles consist of gyroscopes, a rechargeable battery, an electric motor, and side pads.

Like other electric-powered transport vehicles, it relies on an electric motor to move the wheels and a rechargeable battery to store power. The gyroscopes ensure the unicycle remains standing upright and disengage the motor if there’s excessive tilting. They also sense the rider’s body movements, which dictate the direction and speed of an electric unicycle.

What are electric unicycles made of?

The body shell of electric unicycles are made of different materials, such as aluminum, carbon fiber, hard plastic, and metal. Each material has its pros and cons, but if you want a good balance between lightness and strength, aluminum or carbon fiber electric unicycles are good options.

What are benefits of electric unicycles?

Electric unicycles are compact and light. Some of the latest models of electric unicycles weigh only around 16 to 19 pounds. The IPS I5 isn’t only mild in weight, but it’s also one of the thinnest electric unicycles on the market. It’s only 6 centimeters wide.

They’re also eco-friendly. Since they run on electricity, they don’t produce harmful exhaust emissions that contribute to outdoor air pollution.

In addition, they might save you time. You can get to where you need to be without worrying about traffic jams or finding a parking space.

How often should you clean electric unicycle?

There’s no fixed rule about electric unicycle care and maintenance. If you don’t use it often, you can thoroughly clean it at least once a month. But if you ride it almost each day, you may need to clean it during and/or after every trip.

Important: When cleaning your electric unicycle, make sure it’s powered off and its charging cable is unplugged. The charging port should be closed and kept dry at all times.

Are electric unicycles street legal?

It depends on where you live. Every country and state has different definitions and subcategories of a “motorized vehicle.” In New Jersey, for instance, electric unicycles are allowed on the street, including bikes lanes, but not on pedestrian footpaths.

Note: To make sure you’re not violating any laws by using an electric unicycle, it’s best to contact the department of motor vehicles in your state or country.

Are electric unicycles safe?

Electric unicycles can be both dangerous and safe. If you’re a relatively skilled rider and take the correct precautionary measures, they’re no more dangerous or safer than electric scooters. But if you’re complacent, inattentive to your surroundings, or have physical mobility issues, they can be unsafe to ride just like other types of transportation.

A few years ago, there was a new story about electric unicycles catching fire. This kind of incident usually occurs when you buy the cheapest electric unicycle, which normally comes with a low-quality battery.

How fast do electric unicycles go?

The speed of an electric unicycle is directly proportional to the power of its motor. The more power the motor has, the faster it will go.

Most cheap electric unicycles have a top speed of 10 mph (miles per hour). This might not seem that fast, but when you’re riding them, it actually feels a lot faster.

But if you’re an adrenaline junkie or just need an electric unicycle that can get you anywhere fast, you have plenty of options. Some models have a faster top speed of 25 to 45 mph, depending on your weight and the terrain you’re planning to ride.

What is the fastest electric unicycle?

The Veteran Sherman is supposed to be the fastest unicycle in the world. Thanks to its 2,500-watt motor, it can reach speeds of up to 45 mph (72 km/h).

It also comes with a 3,200-watt-hour battery. This quick-charge battery takes only eight hours to fully recharge, so you can be back on the road in no time at all.

Can you upgrade the voltage of an electric unicycle?

The voltage that an electric unicycle operates  on is based on its battery packs. So, a model with the same motor can still run using a different volt system. But just to be on the safe side, contact the manufacturer before upgrading the voltage of your electric unicycle.

Do electric unicycle tires have tubes?

The simple answer is yes. There are currently two popular tire brands that manufacturers use for their electric unicycles: Kenda and Chao Yang. Between the two, Kenda’s inner tubes are usually more superior than Chao Yang’s.

What is the expected lifespan of an electric unicycle?

Over time, you’ll need to replace some of the parts of an electric unicycle, such as the body shell, battery, and tire. The expected lifespan of a lithium-ion battery is around two to three years, or between 300 and 500 charge cycles. Body shells made from hard plastic tend to deteriorate faster than those made from other materials, such as metal.

Who invented the electric unicycle?

Figuring out who made the modern electric unicycle is a bit complicated because it might’ve evolved from different types of vehicles. For instance, the earliest prototype of this electric-powered unicycle could’ve been the 18th century velocipede. Another vehicle that’s believed to be the predecessor of the electric unicycle is the uniwheel (or monowheel).


The selection above provides you with wide varieties to consider. Whether your need is speed, ability to climb slopes or comfort, the list is inclusive. When your friends are still waiting for the next taxi, you can run ahead of time. Get a comfortable ride from the best electric unicycles. Instead of sweating profusely, you can arrive at school cool and composed.  Besides, they are very light and take up very little parking space. Don’t you think it’s worth trying out?