10 Best Electric Dirt Bikes 2022 Review

Does your profession rob you of many hours during the day?

Do you hardly get time to explore the backcountry, and flex your muscles?

Whether adults or teenagers we all have the spirit of exploration to satisfy. Besides, living a sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy. That’s why you need the best electric dirt bikes.

During those weekends when you are off duty you can trail roads and explore your surroundings easily. Even your teenager will always be looking forward to those rides after school. Moreover, electric dirt bikes allow the child to build up fine motorcycle riding skills. Here are the top electric trail bikes which have received impressive reviews from riders.

Best Electric Dirt Bikes Review

Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike


Do you have a teenager who is a real fun of Jeremy McGrath? Then this battery-powered electric bike could be one of the best birthday gifts for him. Besides it features an authentic McGrath graphics thus allowing the teenage to race like a real champ.

The bike uses 3, 12v rechargeable accumulators that output 36v. Once fully charged the dirt bike can cruise at the speed of 15mph for 40 minutes. That gives a 14-year-old teenager enough time to race around the backyard for a thrilling experience after school or during weekends.

Although it uses the variable speed motor, controlling its speed is easier. That is because it employs the throttle twist grip design. While ridding at supercharged speed and you need to make an abrupt stop, the hand-operated dual disc brakes are within reach.

The frame features sturdy steel material coupled to a double-crown fork. Consequently it carriers a rider of weight 175lbs safely. With this electric dirtbike, you can cruise on plains and climb uphill easily since it features high torque motor.

This teenager’s bike feels comfortable to ride. That is owing to the raised handlebars and the dual suspensions. Its large air-inflated Knobby tires provide a good grip on the dirt ground. And for convenience, the kickstand is retractable while the footpeg is foldable.


  • Supports variable speed
  • Ha double suspension
  • Can climb on hills easily owing to its high torque ability
  • Sturdy frame with a high weight capacity
  • Motor chain-driven technology


  • It feels fairly heavy (98lbs) for a teenager to lift off the ground by himself in case the bike falls.

Razor MX350 Dirt RocketRazor MX350 Rocket

Once more Razor displays its deep sited experience in designing motor cross bikes driven by batteries. Using adjustable riser handlebars, Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket accommodates riders of different heights of age 13 years and above. With this off-road bike, your child won’t have to pedal at all. After a 12hour charging, it can speed up to 14mph continuously for 30 minutes. That is enough to take you 10 miles with a maximum load of 140lbs. The heart of this electric bike is a 350W motor, powered by two 12 volt sealed lead-acid accumulators.

The twist grip throttle simplifies acceleration. Although driven from two 12v accumulators, using the chain-driven motor technology it’s very quiet. The combination of soft rubber padded handlebars and 12-inch pneumatic knobby tires provide comfort and stability of the bike. For safe and secure braking it incorporates hand-operated rear brakes.

Because it relies on a high torque motor, it will cross different terrains with ease. A foldable footpeg and retractable kickstand add safety to its design. Right from the package, it requires very minimal assembly and 12 hours charging. As a sign of its high quality, it features a UL listed charger. That promises longer years of operation for the 70.25lbs bike.


  • Requires minimal assembly
  • Runs quietly
  • Comes with battery charger
  • Large air-inflated tires for efficient power transfer
  • Features high torque motor
  • Adjustable handlebars


  • Charging tales longer time, 12hours

Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt BikeApollo DB-X18 125cc

For a fast electric off-road bike, Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike is hard to beat. Depending on the rider’s weight and road condition, this bike can supercharge up to a maximum of 55mph! It will therefore swiftly get past the ordinary electric bike and leave it in trails of dust. To support its high-speed capacity, it has a large17inch front wheel matched with a 14inch rear wheel. Fitted with a 4speed manual clutch, you can thus navigate different terrains easily without any difficulty.

Since its seat rests at 36.5 inches off the ground, the electric dirt bike is suitable for adults too. To provide sufficient power to propel the 147.7lbs bike, it’s driven by a 4 stroke, single-cylinder engine with a displacement of 1255cc. With that engine specification, this isn’t a bike to underestimate as it can deliver a maximum power of 6.5kw/7500rpm.

Such a powerful engine must be matched with reliable brakes. Therefore the off-road bike has both the rear and the front brakes featuring hydraulic disc technology. It also delivers a comfortable drive. That is it because it employs a 750mm non-adjustable front suspension and matched with a 320mm non-adjustable rear suspension. Once you have filled the 1.03gallon fuel tank to full capacity, you can cover several miles without the need of constant stop to refuel.


  • Made from a heavy-duty steel frame
  • Uses simple kick starting technology
  • Relies on air cooling


  • Difficult to secure replacement parts

Razor MX650 RocketRazor MX650 Rocket

If you desire your teenage to enjoy an epic journey on off roads on an electric dirtbike, then the Razor MX650 Rocket makes a viable option for you. The motor cross bike targets children aged 16years and above. Its sturdy frame that weighs 98lbs will happily support even a heavily built kid of 220lbs.

The electric motocross motorbike is driven by a 650watts powerful motor through the chain-driven motor technology. The combination of a powerful motor and battery enables the bike to speed up to 7mph. On a single charge which takes approximately 12 hours, the motorbike can run for 40 minutes continuously before calling for recharge.

Since your comfort counts, Razor incorporates an adjustable riser handlebar into its design. That means kids of different heights will still find it at ease to ride the bike. Also, it features dual suspension for maximum absorption of shock. Besides, it also integrates pneumatic knobby tires that transfer maximum power and maintains a fine grip of the road. The electric-powered dirtbike therefore not only feels comfortable but also delivers a smooth ride on off roads.

Once you have mounted on the bike accelerating is easy; all you require to do is a little twist of your grip. And when you want to come to a halt, the front and rear hand-operated disc drive braking system are reliable.


  • Supports customizable fit
  • Fitted with a powerful motor
  • Easy to reach the front and rear brakes
  • Backed by 90 days warranty period
  • Features quiet variable speed


  • The bike registers more discomforts on bumps

Razor MX500 Dirt RocketRazor MX500 Rocket

Although Razor uses pneumatic tires in both the front and the rear wheel, it makes the front wheel larger than the rear. As a result, the bike positions you rightly to face the wind as you perform a cruise of 15mph. The scaled-down motor cross bike relies on a high torque 500watt powerful motor to drive the wheels through the chain.

By incorporating adjustable riser handlebars, Razor allows your kids of different height to enjoy the bike. Considering its 175lbs weight limit and sturdy steel frame, it will readily carry most teenagers aged 14 years or more. The Razor MX500 electric motorbike is powered by three 12v sealed lead acid batteries connected in series. That delivers enough energy to propel the bike for 40 minutes of a continuous ride at 15mph continuously.

Adjusting or decreasing your acceleration on this bike is easy because it employs the twist grip acceleration mechanism. That not only eases your control on acceleration but also results in quiet but powerful operation. Bumps and small pebbles won’t give you a challenge. The combination of dual suspension and air-inflated tires provided improves cushioning on bumps. Besides the double crown fork adds more weight to the wheels thus staying on the road. A retractable stand, on the other hand, makes it convenient to pack the bike and easy to disengage too.


  • Dual suspension for superior shock absorption
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Longer ride time; 40mins
  • Customizable raiser handlebars
  • Quiet operation compared to gas models


  • Weight of 112lbs may not be easy for a kid to push, once the battery if down

SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt BikeSYX MOTO Kids Mini

For a teenager who has developed a fine grip and control on bikes, the SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike offers a good option from battery-powered models. Battery-powered models limit the distance you can cover before recharging. This SYX MOTO kid’s bike doesn’t since it uses the 2 stroke 50cc gas-powered engine. So if you want to trail a long winding off-road, this is the mini dirt bike to go for. From its 2 level speed governor, you can race up to 30mph.

Its braking system is secure and reliable. Both the rear and the front wheels rely on the disc braking mechanism. However in case of an emergency and you need to kill the engine, the safety kill switch is located close to the handlebar.

A seat height of 21inches from the ground makes it easy to mount. Igniting the engine doesn’t require a lot of effort since it employs the pull start system. Moreover, it has a steady retractable stand to keep it standing and stable. Considering that its design presents a fully automatic transmission, it is less challenging to ride.

Because it doesn’t rely on lead-acid accumulators, it has a very lightweight of 50.7lbs. So, in case it falls over, the lightness makes it easy for a child to lift off the ground by himself.


  • Starting mechanism doesn’t require more effort
  • Has very lightweight
  • Gas-powered thus so you don’t require long hours for the battery to charge
  • Has fast speed
  • Simple to assemble


  • Some parts are prone to breaking down

Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket RideRazor MX400 Rocket Ride

Kids especially teenagers enjoy exploring their surroundings. What’s a better way to encourage your son’s thrill of exploration than giving him this electric bike? A teenager of around 13 years will find this bike the perfect companion. Besides it features a weight limit of 140lbs which readily accommodates most teens. To make it even more comfortable for kids, the motorcycle features the scaled-down design.

As an off-road trail bike, it employs 12-inch air-inflated tires. That not only enhances power transfer but also increases its grip on dirt thus making it more stable. The adjustable riser handlebars accommodate teens of different heights. Thus you can buy one bike to fit all your kids happy.

This dirt bike is powered by a 24v accumulator. On a single charging, it stores enough power to last a rider 30minutes while traveling at a maximum speed of 14mph. The rechargeable battery powers a high torque 350W motor. The powerful motor delivers power to the wheels through the chain-driven motor technology.

Although battery-driven, it runs silently. When you desire to accelerate or decelerate, the twist-grip throttle makes it easier.


  • Adjustable riser handlebars
  • Runs quietly
  • Scaled-down to fit most teenagers’ height
  • Uses double crown fork
  • Battery compartment carefully sealed
  • Employs high power motor


  • Occasionally, the chain rubs against the chain guard

X-PRO Bolt 50cc Dirt BikeX-PRO Bolt 50cc

With the seat positioned at 22.4 inches above the ground, the bike is easy to mount and dismount by a kid. Besides it also exists in various stylish colors that are sure to impress your kid. But besides the appearance it packs good power that is 2.31kw at a maximum torque of 3.01 N.m/6078 revolutions per minute.

The 2-stroke, 50cc engine electric motocross bike won’t register any overheating problem since it employs the air cooling system. It moves pretty fast and has a maximum speed capacity of 25mph. However, for the ill experienced child, the speed governor allows the parent to regulate the comfortable speed. You can safely drive this dirt bike through the water since it integrates waterproof bearings. For added safety, the chain features a complete cover.

It uses the assisted pull start mechanism. That makes it convenient for a teen to handle in case the bike halt. Moreover, chain transmission makes it easier also for your kid to control. In case the bike accidentally falls, its light enough for a teen to lift; weighs 48.5lbs. When you need to stop the front and rear mechanical disc brakes come to your aid. It can carry a maximum weight capacity of 132lbs, which shouldn’t be a big challenge.


  • Requires very little maintenance
  • No need of frequent refueling; fuel tank carries 2L
  • Relatively light in weight
  • Minds about your safety
  • High torque engine


  • Brakes and throttle are plastic thus needs replacement

Razor SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrathRazor SX350 Rocket McGrath

From its general design and outlook, you can as well call this dirt bike the scaled-down McGrath version. That’s why it will readily interest a rider of about 13 years of age. The dirt bikes rely on rechargeable energy to thrust it forward up to a maximum speed of 12mph. Once charged, it can move at its top speed for 30 minutes before calling for recharge. Well, that offers time for your little one to toy around the yard or neighborhood.

Do your kids vary in height? Don’t worry because this Razor SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrath bike features riser styled handlebars which are adjustable in height and angle. The handlebars too are padded for extra comfort and grip

Its spoke air-filled wheels measure 12 inches in diameter. Also they blend perfectly to the knobby tires for maximum power transfer. Since your child may not need to operate the bike at full speed always, the bike has an easy to access throttle. In case of any emergency requiring a quick stop the teenager can easily reach the hand-operated brakes.


  • Has a decent battery life
  • Requires minimal assembly
  • Handlebars offer good grip
  • Customizable to your fit
  • Runs quietly
  • Has the stylish look
  • Convenient retractable kickstand


  • Lacks suspension and thus registers bumpy ride

125cc Adults Dirt Bike with 4-Speed Manual Transmission125cc Adults with 4-Speed Manual Transmission

Do you know what defines this electric dirt bike? It has a seat height of 34inches and an engine capacity of 125cc featuring a 4-stroke manual clutch. Consequently, it’s a motocross bike that can be ridden by both adults and big boys. As an adult electric dirt bike, it has good ground clearance thus making it ideal for navigating the backcountry environment.

Its ignition requires no battery but a simple kick starting. That means you won’t worry about a dead battery. On the other hand, the front wheel measures 17 inches and thus bigger than the 14 inches rear wheels. Such wheel size combination and the 8.16HP power give the bike the ability equip it to thrust forward at a speed of 55mph. However, its full speed is greatly influenced by the topography and the rider’s height.

With a 750mm front suspension and the rear suspension featuring 320mm, it is well equipped to be called an electric pit bike for big adults. When you need to come to a sudden stop it won’t fail you. Both the front and rear wheels integrate hydraulic disc brakes. Considering the fuel tank has a capacity of 1.03gallons, you can cover the greater distance before stopping to refuel.


  • Requires very minimal assembly
  • Reliable front and rear hydraulic disc brakes
  • Has swift speed and high power


  • From the package, the engine comes with low-quality oil that has to be changed.

How to Choose Good Electric Dirt Bikes


Think of the weight range of the kids that intend to ride the dirt bike. Then choose the bike with the weight limit that slightly exceeds your targeted weight. When you buy a bike with a lower weight capacity than the intended rider, it will greatly strain the battery and even the suspensions. Besides, it will also encourage faster wear and tear of the motor. Therefore, to realize the full speed of a bike you must adhere to its recommended weight limit.

Handlebar’s height

The best commercial electric bike should allow the rider to reach the handlebar happily without straining. Consequently, the best choice should a model that incorporates an adjustable height of the handlebars. That makes it possible for riders of different height to enjoy the bike.

Design and type of tires

The quality of the tires is essential. The most convenient tiers should provide for efficient transfer of power. Also, the chosen tires should deliver a superior grip on the ground. For that reason, pneumatic knobby tires perform better than non-inflatable tires.

Battery performance

The battery capacity influences the duration in which you can ride the bike before calling for recharge. The average bikes come equipped with a sealed lead-acid accumulator. However, if you need the battery with longer life and superior performance then go for the lithium-ion types. They offer longer performance, light in weight and thus won’t add more weight to the bike.

Electric Motor

It is the electric motor that produces the rotation effect. Thus its wattage and hence torque influence the dirt bike’s performance. For example, a higher wattage torque gives a bike the ability to climb hilly terrains easily. The wattage also influences a motorbike’s speed.

Height of the seat

For your teenager to get a comfortable ride over a longer distance, the seat height counts. Get the teen a bike that gives him an easy time to mount and dismount. The seat’s height may either allow the child to reach the ground easily or strain. To test if he fits the ride let him seat on the bike first. Only a third of his foot should touch the ground. If he can comfortably step on the ground flat with the entire foot then the seat’s height is low.

Level of experience

Dirt bikes differ in engine size capacity. When choosing an electric dirt bike your level of experience with bikes therefore counts. For example, an ill experienced teenager ride shouldn’t go for large capacity bikes like Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike. Instead, a model as Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike suits beginners.

Safety factor

Your safety while riding a motorcycle is of paramount importance. Therefore pay attention to the following features. This is especially true if you are shopping for your child;

Chain protector

For beginners just getting into dirt bike riding, a sealed chain compartment is essential. That helps to keep off the child’s hands from touching the chain. Accessing the chain might result in pinching of fingers.

Speed governor

At times you may wish to set the top speed limit for your kid. That’s especially important when the child hasn’t developed a solid experience in riding bikes. If that’s the case, then a speed governor makes setting speed limit easier to accomplish.

Safety engine kill switch

For extra safety, a simple engine kill switch is necessary for a kid’s dirt bike. In case of any mishap a simple snap of the button switches off the engine.

Reliable breaks

The reliable braking system is an essential feature when choosing a dirt bike. While riding in the backcountry you may come across an unforeseen obstacle that calls for sudden breaking. Consequently, look for the bike that has both front and rear braking system. Also, hand-operated breaks are easy to reach. But most importantly ensure that the components of the brakes aren’t made of any flimsy materials like plastic that may easily give way.

Frame construction

The frame of an electric bike determines its overall sturdiness. Since an electric bike is a serious investment, you need to invest in an asset that can withstand the relative recklessness of kids. You wouldn’t be happy with a bike that calls for constant repair after every ride. So here is the advice is to go for a reputable model with a longer warranty period for the frame.

Starting mechanism

For a dirt bike targeting an easy starting mechanism is appropriate. Most trail road bikes feature a pull start mechanism. However, an electric starter is better since it requires almost no effort. However, if you are targeting gas-powered models then settle for a model featuring both mechanical and electrical starting systems.


Your budget also plays an important role in the type of bike you can buy. To get the best out of your money, you should begin by listing the most essential features you desire in a dirt bike. After this, identify the bike that falls within your price range. Then pick on the brand that contains the highest number of essential features you highlighted before.


Both batteries powered and gas driven dirt bikes give you an easy time to explore the backcountry terrain. But, only if you chose the best electric dirt bikes will you realize the enjoyment. If you have no clue on how to approach the selection, then the above guide highlights some of the essential features to consider. However, you should prioritize your safety. Other features such as comfort, seat height, and the rider’s experience comers next. So have you chosen your perfect dirt bike?