5 Best Electric Bikes Under $500 in 2020 Review

The future, as some may say, isn’t set in stone but it sure wants to make its presence well-known and loud every once in a while. This is especially true when it comes to the electric bike. Known as an e-bike to many others, the electric bike is a modified bicycle that has a motor integrated into its design that can be used for propulsion.

While it has some bumps and grinds to go through with the law, the electric bike can still be a great purchase. Of course, it might be too much on your budget since the word already echoes some kind of vibe that you got to have more money than usual which makes getting a road bike under 500 dollars more alluring. But don’t worry, you can actually find the best electric bike under $500.

With a little digging and reviewing, you’ll find the e-bike that matches up to you. Ready to see? Read on and find out more.

Best Electric Bikes Under $500 Review

ANCHEER Folding Electric Bicycle E-Bike ScooterANCHEER Folding E Scooter

When going for the best of the best in electric bikes, you’ll want to check out the ANCHEER Folding Electric Bicycle E-Bike Scooter. This electric bike, which makes it one of the top 10 electric bikes available, may look a little odd for you in design but once you give it a ride, you’ll see why it’s the best electric bicycle to go for.

The electric bike’s frame is made of innovative alloy and has a nice seat tube that gives a nice comfort for seating. As for charging time, you can expect it get full on with at least 3 hours. The best bike for 500 also has an app supporting system via the ANCHEER app which lets you do a variety of things such as speed tracking, battery life, and more. This means you can finally have the data you need when making your awesome rides.

With these many great features, is there anything else that already makes this e-bike great? Yes, and that is this electric bike can even handle the weight of bigger individuals so there’s no need to worry about it wrecking apart. So if you’re the kind of person that’s as tall as a basketball player, you can ride this bike with a smile.

The only downsides to look out for on this one is the sound of the horn isn’t so loud which can mean if you need to signal someone, it’s going to be a nuisance when they can’t hear it, and the seat may likely cause issues to body circulation so it may be a good idea to adjust the seat when needed. Also, you’ll need to know this e-bike is more suited on flatter routes, so you may have to carry it in case you’re going uphill areas. But if you can handle the cons, this electric bike is made right for you!


  • Complimentary app helps a lot
  • Easily foldable


  • Seat may cause issues regarding body circulation
  • Horn sound isn’t loud
  • Not quite good on uphill routes

RINKMO FEB-S1 Folding Electric BikeRINKMO FEB-S1 Folding

If ANCHEER’s design doesn’t capture your interest and you’re leaning more on the type that has that sturdy and slick look right from the get-go, the RINKMO FEB-S1 Folding Electric Bike is for you. This top electric bike already speaks volumes with its design. Just one look at it and it’ll have you reeling in for admiration.

One of the bicycle with battery’s strengths is its aluminum foldable frame which makes folding and storing easier. Another of its strengths is its gear motor with 250W high power, making it easier for you to ride uphill.

It can’t be a great electric bike if it doesn’t have a decent battery, right? That’s why the RINKMO FEB-S1 Folding Electric Bike packs one too. Aside from being able to provide the needed energy for your rides, this electric bike’s battery has a great management system that will ensure it won’t run into any issues such as overheating and overcharging.

To make this bike even greater, it has an LCD speedmeter attached to it too, giving you some great details such as your battery power and riding mileage. It also has a nice backlight built with it so if you can view the data you need at night as well.

Then of course, this e-bike has a removable battery to top everything off. This is a great feature because if you need to charge the battery in a separate place or store it for later use or have it used for other purposes, you can simply remove it and presto! You have it ready for whatever you need to use it for.

The only downside that’s been seen with one of the best electric bikes for sale is its total battery life. Unless you’re the rider who can smoothly go through areas without spending too much power, you’ll find this bike will run out of power faster than you every thought possible. This means you’ll be charging a lot more than usual.


  • Stunning design
  • Aluminum foldable frame
  • Easier ride on uphill areas
  • Speedmeter is a nice feature
  • Removable battery


  • Battery power may not be enough for some riders

TrekPower Folding 250W Lightweight Aluminum Electric BikeTrekPower Folding 250W Lightweight Aluminum

The electric bikes under $500 we’ve talked about so far may have piqued your interest, but you’re likely not intrigued by them because they don’t have the brightness you’re likely seeking. If that’s the case, then you can give the TrekPower Folding 250W Lightweight Aluminum Electric Bike a try.

This electric bike is a different breed amongst the well-known electric bikes because aside from having the usual black and white colors, it also has red and yellow colors to choose from. This complements the design it sports, aiming for a cute and smart design with eco-friendliness in mind.

This bike also has other great features such as an adjustable seat and handlebar, pedal assist, and selectable modes for your riding pleasure.

It may have you wondering: Will you have to put it together before you can ride? Don’t worry, you’ll be delighted to know this adult e-bike comes fully assembled when it’s shipped to you. This means you don’t need to do any complex assembling: You can open the box and ride it straight for fun!

Sounds like the perfect bike indeed, but there are a few downsides you’ll need to know. First, you’ll need to know that while the bike has 3 modes to choose from, the distances you get from them vary. This can mean one mode you may not like will get you farther while the other mode you love so much won’t bring you the miles you desire. Second, the time it takes to charge the battery takes a little longer than most electric bikes so if you’re on a rush or need something faster based on your time, this isn’t your bike.


  • Has bright color choices
  • Great features make it a complete electric bike
  • Design has eco-friendliness


  • Speed modes bring varied results on distance
  • Charging time takes longer than most electric bikes

EmioCycles Dual Power E-BikeEmioCycles Dual Power E-

The EmioCycles Dual Power E-Bike is for you if you’re big fan of all-black designs and fancy having the features make the talk with the bike you choose. This cheap fast electric bike already makes a statement right from the get-go with the design it displays to everyone. Unless you’re a fan of the bright and fancy color choices of some of the best electric bikes on the market, this one says it all with one color.

The electric bike also has a nice and sleek design that’s simple and elegant the more you look at it. Aside from the easy folding mechanism it has, you know what else is featured with this bike? It can also let you ride it like a regular bike. Yes, you read that right. As the name shows, it lets you ride it in 2 ways. This means if you’re in the mood to ride the roads like a regular bike, just switch the mode and you’ll feel it old-school.

This electric bike also has cool features such as a disc brake, a speed sensor, a great battery that can get you the distance.

The only downside we can see from this adult electric bike is to be very observant on how it’s assembled for you when it’s shipped. It has been noted that some parts may break apart or go missing. This means you may have to head a bike shop to help you out. But if the bike comes fully assembled without a scratch, you got yourself a winner!


  • Dual power mode lets you ride it either as an e-bike or a regular bike
  • Great features give it an overall finish


  • Parts may be broken or missing depending on how it’s assembled

ANCHEER Folding Electric BikeANCHEER Folding .

ANCHEER strikes it out again on our list with their other electric bike: the ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike. This e-bike differs a lot from the ANCHEER Folding Electric Bicycle E-Bike Scooter because the design already tells you right from the start it’s comfortable in going with what works while still sporting a nice and smooth finish. Whereas the latter has an odd look to it that may not be much for some, the former has a common design modified to give it that ANCHEER feel to it.

As one of the great ANCHEER electric bikes to get, it has a lightweight steel frame, giving it a nice look that will have people looking with envy. It’s also got a removable battery, so charging it on or off your e-bike is easier than ever. Also, if you need to replace the battery or upgrade it, you can finally remove it without too much effort.

The e-bike also sports some great features such as brake and gear shift system, which ensures you’ll have a safe ride, and the modes it’s built with so that when you need to ride with assistance or on your own, you got what you need.

But of course, aside from the pros, what are the cons we can see with one of the best biycles under 500? We only saw one and that is it can be a bit heavy so if you’re the type who likes to carry it upstairs, it’s going to have you break a sweat a lot and it comes 85% assembled. This means the rest of it, you’ll have to do it yourself. This isn’t necessarily a con if you’re the kind who can assemble bikes but if you want it all assembled from the beginning, you’re given the option to have it fully assembled but you’ll then have to pick it up. This can be a bit too much effort.


  • Removable battery makes it easier for charging and upgrading
  • Awesome features make it whole
  • Great lightweight steel frame
  • Fantastic design


  • May be a bit heavy for some riders
  • Need to pick it up if you want the bike to be fully assembled


Electric bikes are slowly making their presence known worldwide. From the odd-looking to the stunning, e-bikes are showing everyone that even a charged battery can give anyone a pleasurable ride without having to pedal too hard. Contrary to what many believe, you can find an electric bike under 500. Even the ones you think are too pricey are actually affordable.

It can be difficult to find the right e-bike under 500 since some have some cons that you may need to manage such as shorter charging times and the weightiness that will make storage a challenge, but with the guide we have made for you, you’ll be able to find the best cheap e-bike that works for you.