8 Best Cycling Sunglasses 2021 Review

Riding your bike on a sunny day can feel like heaven on earth. Everything’s bright and clear as the wind keeps you cool under the heat of the sun. But, you can’t always avoid instances wherein the sunlight is too much for your eyes, not to mention the possibility of stronger winds. That’s why you need a good pair of sunglasses.

However, not all sunglasses are ideal for cycling. The ordinary type will only distract you since it won’t stay still when constantly hit by the wind or shaken by dynamic movements. It also tends to fog up sometimes, depending on the weather. Don’t get us started on how uncomfortable it is to wear a regular pair of sunglasses while sweating so hard.

Don’t worry; we’re here to help you by introducing some of the best cycling sunglasses in stores. Read on to find out the features that make them perfect for the said activity.

Best Cycling Sunglasses Review

Rudy Project Propulse Sports Sunglasses

Rudy Project Propulse Sports Sunglasses

Both the frame and the lenses of the Rudy Project Propulse Sports Sunglasses are made of a composite material. A composite material is composed of different materials that are combined together to produce one specific set of benefits. You can expect these sunglasses to be quite versatile and reliable.

This product is super-comfortable, too. Its lenses are polarized, meaning they can reduce the glare of any light source.

Another feature that significantly improves comfort is the extremely lightweight wraparound structure of these sunglasses. The fit will be very secure, but it won’t hurt your head by reducing the pressure on your temples.

When it comes to safety, these sunglasses won’t fog up. That’s because they have vents for the sections that really matter like your temples, the part near your nose bridge, and even the lenses themselves. Another safety feature is their generous width that can fully protect your eyes and increase your field of vision.

Other features that make this option great for cyclists are the interchangeable lenses for different weather conditions, the nosepiece that can be quickly adjusted, and the vent controller. The free microfiber pouch can protect these sunglasses from impact and keep their lenses clean.

While the overall vent feature of these sunglasses sounds amazing, it’s still not good enough for highly windy places. More vents also mean more airflow that can reach your eyes and constantly dry them up, resulting in stinging pain or a sandy feeling.


  • Higher level of versatility and reliability
  • Protects your eyes from light glare
  • Secure fit but with a lighter feeling
  • No fogging all over the lenses
  • More coverage for maximum protection


  • Too many vents
  • Not comfortable for very windy places
  • Can keep your eyes dry


ROKA Oslo High Performance Modern Sunglasses for Men and Women

ROKA Oslo High Performance Modern Sunglasses for Men and Women

With their frame and lenses made of nylon, the ROKA Oslo High Performance Modern Sunglasses are technically plastic but still very durable because the material is generally known for resisting abrasion, oil, seawater, and ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun among others.

Meanwhile, the lenses are coated with an anti-reflective layer. This is important not just for vision quality and comfort but also for better appearance.

Speaking of appearance, these sunglasses prioritize style as well. They have a round frame with a timeless look so you can always wear them whether you’re riding your bike or spending quality time in classy establishments. This design is inspired by the fashionable locals of Oslo, Norway.

However, what good is an attractive frame if it can’t stay still on your face? More importantly, a secure frame is crucial to avoid distractions while you’re riding your bike. Fortunately, these sunglasses come with hydrophilic pads for your temples and nose to resist sweat, which can ensure grip despite constant shaking or bouncing.

Even though these sunglasses will feel light on your face, they can still trigger discomfort. The texture near the ear section is too rough for some people.

Some users also think that this product is too expensive for its quality. A lot of cheaper options are more comfortable.


  • Can resist UV rays, moisture, and abrasion
  • Not reflective
  • Versatile style
  • Secure grip
  • Timeless appearance


  • Rough texture
  • Not value for money
  • Not comfortable enough for some users


ForceFlex FF500 Sunglasses

ForceFlex FF500 Sunglasses

Compared to ordinary lenses made of polycarbonate, the added Diamond Shield coating of the ForceFlex FF500 Sunglasses is six times more resistant to scratches. This option can also endure a strong impact, which is why it has passed the Military Ballistic Standards. And, since protection against UVA and UVB rays is important, its lenses can totally block them.

When it comes to vision quality, the optics of these sunglasses guarantee zero distortion. That’s why your field of vision with this product is going to be wide and clear.

Meanwhile, to prevent discomfort at certain spots, the weight of these sunglasses is distributed evenly. You won’t have to deal with pressure points anymore, keeping you from adjusting this eyewear all the time.

Concerned about the possibility of a wrong fit? Don’t worry; these sunglasses can fit all face shapes because of their versatile nose pads.

Despite claims that these sunglasses are flexible, some users are still not convinced. Their frame is also breakable even with careful handling and casual use. And, once it’s broken, the lenses are more likely to pop out.


  • Highly scratch-resistant
  • Can resist a powerful impact
  • No distortion
  • No pressure points
  • Can fit any face shape


  • Not enough flex
  • Breakable frame
  • Detached lenses


Goodr Super Fly Sunglasses

Goodr Super Fly Sunglasses

No matter how much you sweat, the Goodr Super Fly Sunglasses won’t slip off your skin. That’s because it has a coating that provides a stronger grip. This is useful not just for cycling but also for activities involving a lot of up-and-down motions like running and jogging.

To enhance the grip, the frame has a snug fit. As a plus, it’s still lightweight to ensure comfort.

Focusing on the lenses, they can completely block UV rays. They’re specifically called the UV400 lenses. In addition, they’re polarized to reduce glare from the sun and other sources of light. And, about their size, they’re much thicker than the usual cycling sunglasses to fully hide your eyes. This is very helpful, especially when the sunlight is too bright or when you’re trying to conceal flaws around your eyes.

Unfortunately, the bulkier lenses have a downside. They tend to pull the lightweight frame downward if you’re doing so much movement. Some people also think that they’re unattractive.

Worse, the coating of the lenses requires a specific cleaning process. That sounds reasonable enough, but a few mistakes can remove the coating. Without it, the lenses will fog up.


  • Resistant to sweat
  • Slightly tight fit but still lightweight
  • UV protection
  • Polarized lenses
  • Wider coverage


  • Won’t stay still sometimes because of the heavier lenses
  • Not fashionable for some people
  • Fragile coating


Cutline Sunglasses

Cutline Sunglasses

Since cycling can be a dangerous sport, especially in extreme conditions, you need all the protection you can get as a cyclist. To prevent severe injuries in case of minor accidents, the Cutline Sunglasses have several bumpers to ensure gaps between your face and the lenses. If you find them uncomfortable and you’re just going to casually ride your bike in a safe area, you can definitely remove them.

To keep you comfortable during hot days, these sunglasses have a well-designed ventilation system. Called the Power Flow System, it includes at least four vents on the temples, bumpers, and lenses to evaporate heat quickly and prevent fogging.

Another feature we want to highlight is the convenient design of the temples. As expected, they’re adjustable just like what typical sunglasses have. However, they only need a little pressure for adjustments, unlike other options. They also include a quick-release feature for easier replacement of the lenses.

The materials used for the composite lenses aren’t specified, though, which isn’t helpful if you want to research more about the features of this product. Meanwhile, the frame is definitely plastic, nothing special. You should also know that these sunglasses aren’t polarized.


  • Can prevent serious face injuries because of the bumpers
  • Comfortable even when it’s too hot outside
  • Stops fogging
  • Easier adjustments
  • Hassle-free lens change


  • Vague list of materials used
  • Typical plastic frame
  • Not polarized


Smith Flywheel ChromaPop Sunglasses

Smith Flywheel ChromaPop Sunglasses

With the polycarbonate lenses of the Smith Flywheel ChromaPop Sunglasses, what can you expect? Polycarbonate is an impact-resistant material that can block UV rays, hence commonly used for sporty eyewear. It can’t exactly resist abrasion, but it can be coated with a protective layer. Although, that can also weaken its impact resistance a little.

More about the lenses, they feature ChromaPop technology for much better vision quality. You’ll see finer details and more vivid colors to let you enjoy your surroundings while riding your bike and even help you become more alert to avoid accidents.

Since these sunglasses can repel moisture, grime, and grease, it goes without saying that sweat won’t affect their grip and quality. And, when beads of water stay on the lenses, they’re going to evaporate without streaking. Fingerprint smudges won’t even stay on the lenses because you can wipe them off without any hassle.

Just like what we’ve explained earlier, polycarbonate lenses are so fragile against abrasion. No wonder some users have noticed scratches on the surfaces even if these eyeglasses are placed inside their storage or travel pouch.

Despite their ability to resist moisture, these eyeglasses have a weak grip near the nose area. That’s why they don’t always have a secure fit. They can’t also repel excessive amounts of sweat.


  • Excellent material
  • Super-clear view of your surroundings
  • Can repel dirt and liquids
  • No streaking
  • No smudges


  • Scratches on the lenses despite the protective pouch or sleeve
  • Needs more grip in the nose area
  • Can’t handle too much sweat


Tifosi Optics Marzen Swivelink Sunglasses

Tifosi Optics Marzen Swivelink Sunglasses

More than just eyewear with a nylon frame, the Tifosi Optics Marzen Swivelink Sunglasses can resist chemical damage and bend without breaking because of their special material called the grilamid tr-90. It’s technically nylon but with homopolyamide properties.

Aside from the UV protection provided by the said material, the lenses also have a coating that can block UVA and UVB rays. That’s why these sunglasses are perfect for sunny days.

If you want to change the design of these sunglasses, simply fold their arms and turn them until they’re removed. The arms are interchangeable so you can switch different styles from time to time.

However, the process of removing the arms isn’t as easy as it sounds. Some users avoid replacing them after the first try because of the hassle and the strange fit.

While the frame is made of a special kind of material, the lenses are just plastic. They’re also non-polarized.


  • Not susceptible to chemical damage
  • Flexible
  • Double UV protection
  • Interchangeable arms
  • Allows changes to its design or style


  • Inconvenience and discomfort when the arms are replaced
  • Plastic lenses
  • Not polarized


Smith Optics Attack Max ChromaPop Sunglasses

Smith Optics Attack Max ChromaPop Sunglasses

If you don’t prefer wider lenses with a tighter fit, then you might like the Smith Optics Attack Max ChromaPop Sunglasses. Their shield-type frame only has a medium fit and coverage.

Meanwhile, both the nose pads and the temples have hydrophilic megol. Your sweat will only strengthen the grip, making it a highly recommended product for cyclists, athletes, and other fitness enthusiasts.

As a plus, the nose pads can conform to any nose shape. That’s because their position can be adjusted for better airflow. The ideal adjustment is to keep the lenses far from your eyebrows to prevent fogging.

Sadly, the lenses are quite fragile and breakable. And, some users aren’t convinced about the UV protection feature because the sun still hurts their eyes. Lastly, if you’re not sweating enough, the grip isn’t too strong.


  • Not too bulky
  • Stronger grip when exposed to moisture
  • Versatile nose pads
  • Prevents overheating
  • No fogging


  • Not durable enough
  • Not enough protection from the sun
  • Weak grip during initial use

How to Choose Good Cycling Sunglasses



Generally more attractive than traditional sunglasses, the frameless type has a modern, youthful appeal that can go with any style. It’s also more lightweight than a typical pair of sunglasses.

However, rimless sunglasses aren’t very durable due to the lack of support and protection for the lenses. They’re not sturdy as well since the fit seems off, especially on the nose bridge.

With Frame

Since the lenses are securely held by a sturdy structure, sunglasses with a full-frame are much more durable. That’s why this design is still popular nowadays despite being the traditional kind.

In fact, a well-designed frame can also boost protection against UV rays. It’s ideal for wide lenses because a bigger size requires more stability and strength.

Knowing the benefits of full frames, how come they’re less preferable for some people? Let’s face it; a lot of them look outdated. Frames can also significantly affect the overall weight, which is a big no-no for cyclists.



Most of the time, the color of the lenses has a specific set of benefits. It’s not just about aesthetics. No wonder eyewear lenses come in different colors.

Gray lenses are great not just for sunny days but for cloudy weather as well. They ensure glare protection, which makes gray a common color for cycling sunglasses. They can also retain the natural colors of your surroundings when you perceive them while wearing the eyewear.

Meanwhile, amber or brown lenses are only for sunny days. That’s because they’re all about providing better contrast to prevent the sunlight from hurting your eyes and make your surroundings more attractive to look at. No wonder they’re quite popular for beachgoers and boaters.

If you can’t choose between gray and brown lenses, we suggest green ones instead. They’re generally better than the first two colors because they feature the best aspects of both options.

For serious activities like competitive sports, target shooting, and flying airplanes, that’s where yellow lenses come in. They focus on clarity even in darker surroundings with nonstop movement all around.

If your eyes are very sensitive to light, choose sunglasses with blue lenses. Aside from their appealing look, they have a higher level of UV protection compared to other colors. They can be extremely comfortable.

Lastly, pink or red lenses prioritize vision quality and comfort. That’s why they’re mostly used for winter eyewear. They’re also ideal for indoor use since they can protect your eyes from blue light emitted by computers and other electronic devices.


You can instantly identify mirrored sunglasses once you clearly see your reflection on their lenses. They have that effect because of their special coating specifically designed to reduce the intensity of light for up to 60%.


Not all sunglasses can reduce glare. That’s why you should choose sunglasses with polarized lenses if you’re living near a massive body of water or in an area where there’s a lot of snow during winter. The sun’s reflection on water and snow can be so painful to the eyes.

However, many people still prefer non-polarized lenses to decrease the intensity of sunlight instead of just focusing on brighter spots. You really need to consider the climate and the geographical features of your area before choosing between polarized and non-polarized lenses.


As soon as the sunlight hits photochromic lenses, they instantly look darker. They’re perfect for light-sensitive eyes. However, they’re more expensive than polarized lenses. The latter is also more stylish.


Don’t ever forget about your vision problems, if any, when buying sunglasses. Most sunglasses aren’t the prescription type, so you need to go the extra mile to make sure you can clearly see everything even without wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses.



The arms of your sunglasses should have a certain grip to stay fixed on your temples no matter how much you move. Some arms rely on pressure while others are heavily textured to stick to your skin, especially when you sweat.


The weight should be evenly distributed around the arms to boost stability. High-quality material should also be used for the arms to avoid breaking despite frequent folding or bending. In addition, the hinge should be smooth and durable.


Out of all the excellent sunglasses we’ve introduced, we specifically recommend the Cutline Sunglasses. This product highlights its multiple bumpers that can protect your temples, eyes, and nose bridge from impact caused by accidents, which is why it can be considered as part of your protective gear. It’s the perfect match to your helmet.

Luckily for cyclists, choosing the right sunglasses for themselves isn’t too complicated since any type of eyewear only has three major parts: the frame, lenses, and arms. Remember to consider the pros and cons of frameless and full-frame sunglasses. When it comes to the lenses, think about the perfect color and design for your eyes and lifestyle. And, regarding the arms, simply prioritize grip and stability without compromising comfort. Their texture shouldn’t rub against your skin painfully.