Top 8 Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bikes 2022 Review – Editor’s Choice Awards

Have you ever thought of shedding excess weight, thereby having a toned body with good cardiovascular health? You don’t just have to wish for it, because it’s easy to realize. With the help of the best commercial recumbent exercise bikes, you can easily fulfill your wish.

Whether you are young or old, it’s good to keep physically fit. Even when you have no time to visit the gym far away, you can exercise right at your home. That’s why this article reviews some of the top-performing commercial exercise bikes. Shedding excess weight and building your cardiovascular health has never been much easy to achieve right at your doorstep.

Best Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bikes Review

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709Marcy Resistance ME-709

For a commercial recumbent workout bike that takes a footprint of space, the Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709 makes a good choice. Its frame boasts 14 gauge steel tubing, thus strong enough to bear a weight of 300lbs. Besides it’s also scratch-proof since it features a powder coating finish.

With its step-through design, it’s easy to mount and dismount and thus friendly to the knees and back. Right at the front panel, it features a clear LCD computer screen, which shows the distance covered, time, calories burned and speed. The Marcy bike, therefore, makes it easy to track your progress during exercising.

At your sitting level, it allows you to switch between 8 different levels of resistance. Switching from one level to the other is easier since the changing bar is located below the handlebar. The professional recumbent exercise bike uses the magnetic technology to simulate cycling difficulty of different terrains

Its pedals are designed to support maximum control and support. Besides being counterbalanced, the pedals have a textured surface that increases grip and discourages slipping. At the same time, it uses an adjustable foot strap to secure your feet to the level without compromising on comfort.

Considering its adjustable height you can easily customize your distance from the pedals and get comfortable stride. The inseam length is adjustable from 26 to 36inches.


  • Makes it easy to track your progress
  • Adjustable height for customizing your correct striding position
  • Feel comfortable and supports sitting at the correct posture during training
  • Sturdy steel tubing frame
  • Simple to move on transport wheels


  • The back seat is non-adjustable

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike Exercise BikeSunny Health & Fitness Magnetic

Besides pedaling this Sunny stationary bike, it allows your arms to move up and down and thus burn more calories. Stepping into the bike is easy; you don’t have to overextend your legs to a tall height.

Using the magnetic mechanism, the commercial bike for exercise provides 8 levels of resistance. Thus it accommodates all levels of work out challenges. Its large seat and back, provides the correct posture and hence making the exercise healthy and comfortable. Besides, the seats have extra padding for increased blood flow. Hence discourages the sleepy feeling effect.

To prevent slipping of the feet, the pedals have a large surface area and employ an adjustable strap. At the flick of a handle, you can adjust its seat distance to the pedals while seated. Its inseam height is changeable from 26.5 to 34 inches.

Although the training bike weighs 94.8lbs, it employs the heavy-duty frame and thus can carry a maximum weight of 350lbs.Using its digital display screen, you can track out the distance, speed, time taken and calories burned. Besides it also incorporates pulse rate monitor.


  • Runs silently on a belt drive
  • Movable handlebars for increased effort and calorie burning
  • Easy to adjust seat without standing
  • Extra padded seat for maximum blood flow
  • Has count down timer and alarm


  • Arms are positioned relatively high and non-adjustable

ProForm 235 CSX Recumbent BikeProForm 235 CSX

For the gym quality equivalent bike, ProForm 235 CSX Recumbent Bike is hard to beat. To begin with, it employs the magnetic resistance mechanism to deliver 18 levels of digital resistance. For easy selection, the stationary bike has 18 workout apps.

The step-through design provides easy climbing into the padded seat. Using an oversized cushioned seat, this bike provides correct posture and comfortable to ride. To make it more enjoyable it integrates the Ipad friendly audio system. The adjustable straps lock your feet to the pedals

The 14lbs effective inertia-enhanced flywheel supports your pedaling to be smooth and steady. Between its handlebars, it provides a blue tint LCD screen to display the wattmeter reading thus help you know how you progress.

Its sturdy 102lbs frame safely supports up to a maximum of 274lbs. The front-mounted wheel aids its transportation.


  • many levels of resistance
  • runs quietly
  • uses step-through for low entry
  • can track the heart pulse rate using the EKG grips
  • sturdy frame backed by 7 years warranty


  • Display not visible in dim light
  • Power supply sold separately but indicated as provided

Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent BikeStamina Elite Total Body

The Stamina elite commercial grade recumbent bike is easy to mount and dismount. If you need to keep physically fit and have a toned body then this bike is worth considering. It offers 8 levels of quiet magnetic resistance. That gives you simple to intense resistance work out thus fitting different levels of training. At the same time, it ensures that you can wake up to exercise without disturbing other members of the family.

To make longer hours of riding comfortable, it gives you an extra-large padded seat and seatback. Besides, the seatback is angled to provide extra comfort. At the same time, the seat can be adjusted to suit riders of various heights

A healthy exercise should focus on both the lower and upper body parts. For that reason, this gym quality exercise bike provides you with both foot and hand pedals. That enables you to exercise arms, shoulders chest muscles, and hips for complete body workout.

Even as you increase your cycling rate, the stationary bike still feels safe. The foot pedals are padded thus have superior grip and comfortable too. The foot pedals are not only textured but feature an adjustable strap for a secure fit. Its 117lbs sturdy body safely bears up to a maximum weight of 250lbs.


  • Supports full body workout
  • Comfortable angled seat
  • Easy to transport
  • Runs quietly
  • Accommodates different user heights
  • Easy to mount and dismount


  • The tension adjustment knob is far from the handlebar thus not easy to reach quickly.
  • The seat requires constant adjustment to stop wobbling

Nautilus Recumbent Bike Series

Nautilus R614 Exercise Bike Review
Nautilus R614 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

This stationary exercise machine qualifies as a high-end bike for home exercise. Instead of training aimlessly, it allows you to set your exercise goal and advance towards it. Tracking your progress then becomes easier. Besides, it packs 22 programs including 2 fitness tests and 8 heart control programs. It has sufficient inseam length to accommodate a 6.2 feet tall man happily.

With its sliding seat rail, adjusting is simple. Its 20 levels of resistance provide complete work out intensity for the beginners and even advanced training. This commercial class exercise bike features perimeter weighted flywheel and high speed. That makes it easy to start, ride smoothly and thus give consistent workouts.

It has additional functions to make your training comfortable and entertaining too. For instance, it features in-console speakers, MP3 input port, USB charging port, and even a media tray. If your phone threatens to go off there is the USB charging port.

Its dual track LCD screen is slightly raised in between the handles for easy reading. When the heat becomes unbearable the adjustable fan comes to your aid. Besides the backseat is also vented thus providing cool and comfortable exercise. The adjustable straps secure your feet to the pedals. Its 93lbs frame safely supports up to a weight of 136kgs.


  • vented seat to provide a cool ride
  • runs extra quiet
  • comfortable and entertaining too
  • allows you to set an exercise goal


  • With time the seat begins to wobble and requires adjustment

FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike and Office Workstation with Massage BarFitDesk and Office Workstation with Massage Bar

Do you want to enjoy the comfort of exercising and working at the same time? This recumbent exercise bike makes that possible from its adjustable desktop surface of 16 x 19 inches. It can safely hold a tablet without slipping. Besides you can pull the working surface close to you as you want for easy typing on your laptop. The storage space keeps your pens, music player and other work accessories close by.

The padded armrest and the contoured massage rollers help to relive the typing strain on the arms. The resistance bans, on the other hand, ensures that the upper body also benefits from your cardio workout.

Its gearbox is made of aluminum and steel for extra reliability. The combination of twin belt drive and sealed semi-precision bearings gives quiet operation. Using powder coated rigid frame, it feels sturdy enough to support a weight of 300lbs while maintaining its stability.

Its seat and backrest is adjustable to accommodate a rider of height 4.1’ to 6.6 feet.  It also assumes a semi-recumbent position for added comfort. The commercial gym quality bike provides 8 levels of resistance using a magnetic control system. To boost your comfort while training it incorporates a massage bar. The easy to read performance meter allows you to keep track of calories burned, distance and mileage.


  • Foldable frame for easy storage
  • Runs quietly
  • Uses sturdy materials to give years of reliability
  • Supports upper body workout
  • The seat can be adjusted and repositioned for added comfort


  • The seat may be uncomfortable to some people

NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle (S15i and S22i) Includes 1-Year iFit MembershipNordicTrack Studio (S15i and S22i)

NordicTrack Commercial Studio stands out among other pro recumbent exercise bikes by bringing you international renowned trainers at your home, courtesy of iFit. Think of how much you can achieve by blending professional trainers with a pro commercial exercise bike? That’s what this bike gives you.

It employs a 22 inches HD touchscreen to bring the interactive global and studio on exercise programs at your fingertips. Following your trainer then becomes easy. Besides, for convenience, the screen rotates 360 degrees. For complete training at all levels, it has 24 digital resistance levels. But during workout programs, you don’t have to adjust the resistance manually, the machine self-adjust. However, it delivers silent performance because it employs silent magnetic resistance and a flywheel.

Your comfort matters so the recumbent gym quality bike is highly adjustable. The seat, handlebars, and feet level are fully adjustable. The saddle is padded too and an auto breeze fan ensures that your environment remains cool

With the included pair of 3lbs dumbbells, you achieve physical fitness of the shoulders and arms too. So both the lower and the upper body benefits from the training leading to full-body toning. The innovative drive system allows you to realize 20% incline and 10% incline grade thus achieving convincing training. Its sturdy 204lbs frame can support up to a heavyweight of 350lbs.


  • Automatic adjustment of resistance and incline
  • Simple to follow assembly instructions written in perfect English
  • Adjustable handlebar and monitor height
  • Thrilling Interactive video instructions


  • The light wobbling of the handlebar register s on the monitor too

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle BundleKeiser M3i Indoor Bundle

The Keiser has unique features that make it an exercise commercial quality bike. Its unique V-shaped frame allows it to assume various road bikes frames. Besides, the saddle and handlebar adjust concurrently to fit users of height range 4.1 to 7 ft. However, despite its rich features, it presents the simple but elegant look that will command attention in your house. Its simplicity also translates into virtually no maintenance

It allows you to have your accessories close by as you train. The medial tray helps you to keep a phone, music player and other vital items close. It also places a water bottle within your reach. To provide meaningful training it integrates easily via Bluetooth with Keiser M series App. And between the handlebars, it has the provision to hold your tablet, phone or computer to display the real-time graphs for parameters like pulse rate and power rate.

Regardless of the type of shoes that you have, this bike uses the curved crank arms to accommodate even bulky shoes. At a glance of the screen, you can read all the parameters you need like gear level, speed and time.


  • It’s compatible with many Apps like Bkool, Spivi, GOlnd and heart zones training
  • Provides smooth and quiet performance
  • Sturdy Steel Construction
  • Handlebar easy to adjust


  • Some assembly tools aren’t included in the package.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bikes

To reap the best from your cardiovascular training at home you need the best recumbent exercise bike. However, the challenge is that there are many bikes in the market and to the unsuspecting mind; you can end up investing your hard-earned cash in the wrong gym equipment. That is a bike that won’t last even a year or can’t help you get good cardiovascular health.

To get eh best result from the commercial exercise bikes here are the vital factors to guide your shopping

Available space

Identify then measure the available space where you plan to erect the exercise bike. Remember you need an extra perimeter space around the bike where you can move freely. Having taken such measurement, you safely go on your shopping to pick on the bike that best utilizes that space. At the same time, if you are short of storage space, you can think of choosing foldable frame bikes.

The type of exercise you subscribe to

Most recumbent bikes have different resistance levels. The type of exercise that the bike supports depends on the resistance level it possesses. So for intense training and workouts like those needed by pro athletes, stationary bike with 18 levels of resistance or more are the best. Otherwise, if you are the ordinary person that just wants to keep fit and stay healthy then equipment with 8 levels of resistance isn’t bad.

At the same time, the resistance level should be easy to adjust. So look for a brand that positions the resistance adjustment knob close to the handlebar. Otherwise, the self-adjusting resistance level bike is ideal. It will save you from the pain of stooping so low every time to adjust the resistance.

Safety and comfort

When going through reviews of different exercise bikes, think of your safety and comfort. You can only go through a longer duration of training if the bike feels comfortable and safe. Consequently, it should have the following features;


Uncomfortably hard pressing seat makes training unpleasant. So look for the extra-large seat that accommodates your hips comfortably other than a small seat that presses on your genitals. The seatback should be equally padded

At the same time, the seat should allow you to customize your seat position. Therefore go for an exercise bike that can move backward, forward, up and down.


The handlebars should offer you a soft and comfortable grip. Hence they should be adequately padded and slip proof.


Large surface area pedals allow you to exert more effort. At the same time, you want your feet to have a solid grip on the pedals. So the pedals should be textured and feature adjustable strap. Such features allow you to use even large gym shoes to pedal. At the same time, it discourages your feet from slipping off

Weight and height capacity

Most likely you will be using the quality exercise bike regularly. Each model has its recommended weight capacity. So consider your weight together with other people who intend to use the equipment. Having done so, pick on a model with a weight capacity that slightly exceeds the highest weight capacity you have.

Exercise bikes do have adjustable heights. However, to ensure that it will comfortably accommodate your height, check for its minimum and maximum height adjustment values. You don’t have to pick on a bike where you strain to reach the handlebars or pedals.

Easy to read display

During your training, you will need to track your progress. Therefore you need an easy to read display that shows you various parameters as virtual distance covered, heart rate, calories burned, speed and elapsed time. Ideally, it should be a display unit that gives you all the value at ago on the screen. Besides, it should have easy to navigate controls and highly visible in even dim light.


Training equipment needs to be sturdy enough to withstand regular use without wobbling. Since no company would admit that their brand is weak, look for hints of sturdiness from the warranty period offered on the product. Give priority on bikes with a longer warranty period. At the same time read the comments from previous people who had acquired the bike.

Bonus features

Although not essential features but high-end exercise bikes do possess some qualities that make them extra comfortable. That includes the following

Desktop working surface

If you desire to browse the internet, send emails or read a magazine while training then a desktop surface on a bike is a vital feature. The best example of such a bike is FitDesk Desk Exercise Bike and Office Workstation with Massage Bar. It allows you to multitask and thus kill boredom while riding your stationary bike.

Inbuilt speakers

If boredom is your enemy while training, then go for the cycle with in-built speakers and MP3 port. That allows you to listen to your favorite music while exercising at the same time. Besides, it will also provide you with a USB port to charge your Smartphone and the mp3 player too.

Cooling fan

For an extra cool environment, look for the bike with a cooling fan. Moreover, some models feature an automatic cooling fan. Your training environment can then remain conducive.

Laptop, Ipad and iPhone holder

High end commercial recumbent training bikes often feature the provision for holding your tablet computer or iPhone between the handlebars. That makes it possible to stream training programs through various Apps. You can thus visualize real graphs of your progress.

Media tray

For a convenient place to keep your phone, magazine or pen then a media tray is a suitable feature to look for.

Water bottle holder

As you exercise, you may wish to sip some water. A water bottle holder integrated into a bike then becomes essential consideration.


Choosing the best commercial recumbent exercise bikes doesn’t have to be a challenge when you know the essential features to look out for. The post gives you a highlight of the vital features you must not overlook. If you follow the guide above, your cardiovascular training will be comfortable, safe and productive too. Besides we also provide you with the top 8 such bikes to consider. So, all you need to do is to identify the kind of exercise that you need, know your weight capacity and even height. Once you have such parameters and employ the guide above, you will never go wrong with your selection.