15 Best Cheap Bike Locks 2021 Review

When you have a beautiful bicycle that is the envy of everyone in the neighborhood, you need to take good care of it. One way to boost its security is securing one of the best cheap bike locks.

Although no lock is theft-proof it significantly decreases the chances of the thief getting away with the bike. You don’t have to break the bank to own it.

Just a couple of dollars secures you an affordable lock that deters a thief from making a quick run with your hybrid bike while you take a few minutes at the post office or cafeteria.

Best Cheap Bike Locks Review

ONG: 8001 BRUTE STD U-lock 4.37″x7.96″ W/X4 LOCK

ONG 8001 BRUTE STD U-lock 4.37″x7.96″ W-X4 LOCK

Instead of leaving your precious bike vulnerable to a thief, the ONG U shaped lock gives you a simple but secure way to tie it to a bicycle rack. The lock comes in two different sizes of 4.37 x 7.96-Inch and 4.4 x 10.2 inches. Hence you can select the size that fits your bike.

Misplacing keys is a common happening with cyclists. Fortunately, the 8001 BRUTE STD U-lock provides you a total of 5 keys.

For that matter, you can pick one key to use regularly and keep the rest away as backup. At night one key emits bright light to make locking and unlocking much easier.

Though it’s one of the cheap bike locks, its sturdiness stems from the 16.8mm thick shackle that makes it not easy to meddle with at any time. Besides, the lock features an X4P Quattro Locking Mechanism that gives four-sided protection.

Furthermore, its long TriRadious shackle of 115 x 202mm measurement allows you to lock the bike at different parts. The lock’s entire body boasts a sturdy and weather-resistant construction that weighs 2.5lbs. That implies light showers and dust won’t affect its efficiency.

Using the provided multi-position mounting bracket, you get to decide where you want to install the cheap U lock in a way that doesn’t hinder your smooth pedaling. Its five laser-cut keys possess a unique pattern that’s not easy to imitate.

At an additional cost, ONG provides the bike and power sports protection plan. As a glimpse of its quality, the cheap u lock has a security rating of 97/100.


  • Large enough to lock the front wheel and standard bike racks
  • Complete with multiple keys
  • Happily fits a backpack
  • Sturdy and weatherproof


  • Has substantial weight

ABUS Chain Lock Bordo Lite 6050 Folding Bike Lock

ABUS Chain Lock Bordo Lite 6050 Folding Bike Lock

When you need to keep off unwanted persons from hoping and riding your bike carelessly, a cheap bike chain lock like ABUS Bordo Lite 6050 is all you need. The security lock chain helps you to lock a bike to even large diameter objects.

It measures 2.56 x 5.12 x 11.42 inches and employs 5mm thick steel wires rooted into a plastic cable. Therefore even multiple uses of the equipment won’t peel off or scratch paint from the bike.

An object that knocks the bike frame as you pedal produces an irritating sound. For that matter, the ABUS Chain Lock Bordo Lite 6050 folds to assume a compact state. Besides, the package provides a non-slip Velcro strap to bundle it up.

Despite its elaborate length, the affordable lock weighs 650g and foldable. Accordingly, it is highly portable and won’t add notable weight to the bike or your bag.

The ABUS Chain Lock Bordo Lite 6050 is complete with two keys. So as you use one daily, you can store the other at a separate location as a spare.

In minimal security zones, the ABUS chain lock offers adequate protection for your bike; thanks to its 7/10 security rating.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can round up even large diameter
  • Complete with two keys
  • Friendly to bicycle paint


  • Ideal for minimum security zones only

Bike U Lock with Cable – Via Velo

Bike U Lock with Cable – Via Velo

If you want to buy u lock for an electric bicycle, consider Via Velo as a viable option. It gives you a u-shaped lock complete with a 1.8m cable. For that reason, you can lock both the wheels and the frame to a post.

Its design borrows from alloy steel with a Rockwell scale hardness of HRC50-HRC58. Considering its weight of 3.2lbs and that it requires a force of 34.3KN to cut it, the Via Velo is one of the good locks to try.

As for the lock cylinder, it boasts pull and drill proof protection. The 1.8m long cable of 10mm thick enables you to lock the wheels together owing to its length. On the outermost surface, the lock has a woven cable that shields it from dust, water, and rust hence giving it a long life.

The U lock measures 250 x 150mm and 14mm thick. Using its easy to install the bracket, you can always secure the cheap u lock on the bike frame. The bracket easily fits bicycle tubes with diameters ranging from 20 to 42mm.

As part of the package, the cheap u lock has two keys. As you use one daily, you can keep the second copy as a standby key.


  • Quick-release bracket
  • Three-year warranty
  • Simple to keep on the bike
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to install and slip-proof mounting bracket


  • Lock cylinder requires occasional cleaning and lubrication for optimum performance

Titanker Bike Lock

Titanker Bike Lock

Sometimes keeping a bike lock key with you always isn’t that easy. At the same time, leaving the precious bike unlocked is exposing it to thieves. It is on such grounds that a four-digit resettable lock combination proves convenient.

The 4 feet long cable boasts sufficient length to round up bike wheels or a top bar to a bike stand. When installing the bike lock, its rubber pad and bracket combination gives it a good grip of the frame without scratching off any paint.

Apart from bicycles, the lock finds similar to use in lawnmowers, skateboards, and even gates.  Since its keyless operation, it permits you to set a code that you can easily recall. That way you don’t have to worry about losing or forgetting a key.

The steel lock cable promises extra strength that’s not easy to cut.  A PVC coating finally improves its look and makes it frame friendly. Depending on the appearance of your bike, the lock comes in a variety of 10 colors. That means you can easily find a color to blend with a bike.


  • Supports multiple lock combination of up to 1000
  • Simple to set up
  • Adequate length
  • Doesn’t scratch paint


  • Can occasionally get stuck

Sportneer Bicycle Chain Lock, 5-Digit Resettable Combination Anti-Theft

Sportneer Bicycle Chain Lock, 5-Digit Resettable Combination Anti-Theft

Unlike the usual four digits resettable lock combination, Sportneer Bicycle Chain Lock employs five digits. As a result, it presents over 100,000 possible combinations thus, making it hard to crack the unlocking code.

From the 3.2ft long cable, you can effortlessly tie up a bike top tube bar to a post. Alternatively, it can lock two bicycles together. At the core, the lock boasts 0.27-inch thick manganese steel with a zinc-plated coating. The outer coat reduces its scratching ability.

On the other hand, the lock cylinder is of solid zinc alloy. And following the combination of manganese steel and zinc alloy the cheap security device attracts a weight of 1.48lbs. Hence that speaks boldly of its robustness.

Although the chain is metallic, it has a cloth sleeve as the outer cover to keep off dust and water from degrading its quality. Instead of struggling to drag along a heavy bunch of keys everywhere, the Sportneer Bicycle Chain Lock permits you to set and reset a code you can easily remember.

When you compare its size of 6.1 x 4.8 x 2.9 inches and the security boost it gives your bike, you’ll appreciate that it’s one of the best value bike locks around.


  • Simple to use
  • Thick, robust and dependable
  • Generously long
  • Clear user instructions


  • You have to memorize the unlock code

NDakter Bike Lock Cable, 4 Feet High Security 5 Digit Resettable Combination

NDakter Bike Lock Cable, 4 Feet High Security 5 Digit Resettable Combination

Talk of one of the best city bike locks and Ndakter makes one of the top choices. One of its best features is that it presents sturdy braided steel wire as the core material. For that reason, it feels dependable and can only be broken by a tensional force of 2.4KN.

Since bicycles differ in colors, Ndakter avails you multiple colors to match your bicycle. Besides featuring a braided wire it is self-coiling and highly flexible, therefore, effortless to use. The good cheap Ndakter bike lock is 4 feet long and half an inch thick.

From such a length, you can use it to bundle up 2 to 3 bicycles or lock a single bike to a post and thus increase its security. When you want to mount it on your bike, you won’t look for other accessories as it is complete with quick to install mounting bracket.

Using a 5 digit resettable combination, the cheap security lock reduces the chances of a stranger guessing the lock code to 1/10,000. Henceforth it’s one of the best affordable locks with versatile uses.

In case the default locking code isn’t easy to memorize, you can easily enter your own set of unique numbers. By so doing you bid bye to carrying of keys.


  • Uses sturdy 0.5-inch thick steel wires
  • Plenty of colors to choose from
  • Not easy to guess the lock code
  • Can lock 2 or three bikes at a go


  • It isn’t a solid thick steel

UBULLOX Bike U Lock Heavy Duty

UBULLOX Bike U Lock Heavy Duty

When you wish to pack your bike in a zone you consider highly risky, just locking your bicycle to post isn’t enough. You’ll need to lock the front and rear wheel with one sturdy cable. Accordingly, the UBULLOX Bike U Lock Heavy Duty promises to deliver on such grounds.

It provides you with a combination of a u-shaped lock of an internal diameter of 5.71inch x 2.56inch. Its shackle together with the rubber coat varies in thickness from 0.63 inches to 0.71inches. So that means you can fit it on tight spots on the bicycle.

On the other hand, the hardened steel u lock has a 4 feet long cable of steel material. Altogether with the silicone cover inclusive, the flexible cable has a thickness of 0.48inches. Its generous length comes in handy when locking the bike to a thick post. Moreover, the cable has a double loop on either end.

Fitting the lock on a bicycle is a straightforward process. The package gives you a mounting bracket that accommodates circular pods of 30mm or less. Therefore you can effortlessly adjust the bracket to firmly grip the frame and thus avoid constant movement.

As for the cylinder it employs C grade pure copper material that awards it solid and reliable structure. Its 3 unique copper keys have laser etching quality, making the keys difficult to copy. And since the keys are of copper quality, you won’t have to worry about them rusting.


  • Protective silicone cover
  • Doesn’t take up much space on the bike
  • Adjustable mountable bracket
  • Attractive design


  • U shaped part can’t go round frame and rear wheel; though the cable can

Kryptonite Evolution 11-14mm U-Lock with FlexFrame-U Bracket

Kryptonite Evolution 11-14mm U-Lock with FlexFrame-U Bracket

When you browse about top-performing steel hardened u locks, one of the promising models you can’t miss is the Kryptonite Evolution 11-14mm. But since bike frames differ in sizes, the manufacturer avails Kryptonite Evolution in 6 different styles.

The Kryptonite Evolution 11-14mm employs an ultra-hardened steel shackle with a minimized diameter of 11mm.  Although it has a slightly thinner shackle than other versions, it still delivers the standard performance. Also, it stands out as the best mini u lock that withstands ordinary handheld cutters and leverage attacks.

Though it falls under cheap bike locks, its quality is promising. It even has the Kryptonite security rating of 7/10. Furthermore, it weighs 730grams only and as a result very portable.  The ultra-secure disc styled cylinder is resistant to drilling and picking.

For the willing parties the Kryptonite Evolution 11-14mm is one of the bike locks with an anti-theft guarantee and key safe program. And to crown it all, you get to enjoy three stainless steel keys Inclusive of a LED key fob.

If you misplace a copy, you still have two more copies. Its interior locking size of 2.75 x 6 inches is sufficient for locking most ordinary bicycles.


  • Available in six styles
  • Reinforced strength of crossbar and cylinder
  • Optional key safe program
  • Robust


  • At times difficult to operate

Kryptonite Keeper 12mm U-Lock with FlexFrame-U Bracket

Kryptonite Keeper 12mm U-Lock with FlexFrame-U Bracket

The Kryptonite Keeper exists in three different styles and each possessing a 12mm thick shackle and an interior locking space of 3.25 x 6inches. As a boost in security level, it employs hardened steel with double deadbolts and an anti-rotation feature.

Accordingly, it resists twisting, leverage attacks, or the usual cutting tools. Shackle features double deadbolts and anti-rotation, thus allowing you to engage both ends and resist twisting.

At an extra cost, the mini bike lock provides a key-safe program and antitheft protection that can compensate you up to $500. The bargain lock employs the disc styled cylinder with a center keyway.

Its keys are of durable stainless steel material that rarely breaks or bends. From the package, installing the equipment is straightforward since it is complete with a mounting bracket. Considering Kryptonite’s security rating of 5/10, it offers a basic security protection


  • Diversity of styles
  • Double deadbolts and anti-rotation feature
  • Easy to use
  • Provides antitheft protection


  • It’s an entry-level lock

UBULLOX Bike Chain Lock 3FT/4FT

UBULLOX Bike Chain Lock 3FT-4FT

In comparison to other 4 digit good locks, the UBULLOX Bike Chain Lock has a code that’s harder to crack. That’s because it boasts a 5 digit lock combination and thereby presenting over 100, 000 possible combinations.

The cheap bike chain lock exists in either 3 or 4 feet long.  Besides locking bicycles you can similarly use it motorcycles, toolboxes, ladder, and gates. All you have to do then is choose the length that best fits your purpose.

By construction, the affordable lock has a steel alloy core of 0.24thickness. At the outermost, it uses the flexible protective sleeve and therefore minimizes the chances of scratching paint from a bike. The sleeve also keeps dust and moisture from reaching the metallic core.

The zinc alloy cylinder on the other hand feels robust and hard to break.  When matched to the steel alloy chain, it thus feels durable.

However, though it measures 36 inches it weighs 1.71lbs and accordingly becomes very portable. Its automatic coiling mechanism makes it effortless to wrap around the bike frame.


  • A long chain that easily wraps the frame
  • Easy to set and reset
  • Multipurpose use
  • Sturdy


  • Slightly shorter: it can’t wrap and secure the front wheel and frame

Lumintrail 12mm (1/2 inch) Heavy-Duty Security Cable, Vinyl Coated Braided Steel

Lumintrail 12mm (1-2 inch) Heavy-Duty Security Cable, Vinyl Coated Braided Steel

When out to the gym, you can’t leave your bike outside, instead, it’s wise to lock it and keep watch on it. The Lumintrail is one such best bike lock for city life to help boost your bike’s security.

From a braided steel construction, Lumintrail enjoys both sturdiness, flexibility, and cut resistant properties. At either end, it has double loops of reliable strength.

The two loops thus accommodate U locks and padlocks. So after you have wrapped the security cable on a bike frame and nearby post, you can use a padlock or u lock on the loops.

Instead of leaving the braided steel wire bare, the lock features a friendly vinyl outer coating. For that matter, it minimizes the occurrence of rust and peeling off paint from your bike frame.

Considering the level of protection it adds to your bike and its affordable price, the Lumintrail counts as the best value bike lock. For the ease of accommodating different diameters, the security cable, is available in various sizes of 4, 7, 15, and 30 feet long with a thickness of 12mm (Vinyl cover included)


  • Simple to use
  • Won’t scratch the paint off the bike
  • Available in diverse sizes
  • Simple to use
  • Accepts u locks, disc locks, and even padlocks


  • The thickness of the steel cable should have been much higher

Etronic Bike Lock M6, Cable Lock 6 Feet Long

Etronic Bike Lock M6, Cable Lock 6 Feet Long

If your financial capability is limited and thus you are looking for the best budget bike lock, then Etronic may be your solution. Just a few seconds of leaving your bike unlocked and unattended is all that a thief needs.

The Etronic thus provides basic security protection to your valuable. By locking into a bike rack or post it deters a thief from making easy prey on your property. It does that through the use of a 4 digit resettable lock combination.

In contrast to key locks, the lockable relieve the stress of carrying keys with you always. Instead, the 6 feet long bargain lock requires you to memorize a code. Although it comes with a default code, it’s easy to reset then replace it with your chosen unique code.

Most cyclists mind the color of the accessories they add to their bikes. Fortunately, the Etronic lock is available in 5 different colors. When you combine the vinyl coated and the braided steel, it all presents a thickness of 3/8inches.

Therefore, as you ride your bike the security cable won’t remove the paint from the bicycle; thanks to the smooth outer vinyl coat.  Though it’s of steel the braiding technology gives it a self-coiling ability and super flexible. Wrapping it around the bike frame or storing it in the backpack then becomes effortless.


  • Self-coils into a compact and portable size
  • Extra-long at six feet
  • The package is complete with a mounting bracket
  • Supported by a one year warranty
  • Has versatile use


  • The dials are relatively small in size and demanding to visualize

BV 2.5FT, 4FT, 7FT Security Steel Cable, Double Looped Braided Steel

BV 2.5FT, 4FT, 7FT Security Steel Cable, Double Looped Braided Steel

A short security cable gives you hard time when you want to lock the two bike wheels. But that’s not so when you have the BV double loop cable. Regardless of the size of the bicycle, you can find a good cheap bike lock of the right length.

The BV security cable lengths include 2.5, 4, and 7 feet. For example, the 2.5feet model has a thickness of 3/16 inches (5mm). It uses 7 strands of robust steel wires awarded a smooth vinyl covering.

For that reason, the cable has significant strength, rust, and cut resistance. For ease of use, it has double looped ends. After wrapping the cable through a bicycle frame and binding it to a post you can thread a lock through the loop for a secure knot.

And talking of the double loop on the bargain lock, it accepts a wide range of locks and padlocks. Apart from the bicycle, you can also use it to lock the motorcycle and scooter. The reinforced strength at the cuff makes it even more secure and durable.

By combining steel strands to make the affordable lock, BV also achieves extra flexibility that makes it straightforward to wrap around a bike or coil and store in a bag.

As outdoor equipment, the vinyl coat keeps off water dust that could otherwise degrade its performance. The smooth cover makes it one of the best budget safe locks that won’t mar the paint on a bike.


  • Available in various generous lengths
  • Versatile with various locks and padlocks
  • Highly flexible and easy to hook to a bike
  • Sturdy and visually appealing


  • You have to buy u lock or padlock separately

Kryptonite KryptoFlex Looped Bike Security Cable

Kryptonite KryptoFlex Looped Bike Security Cable

Sometimes code operated locks just refuse to unlock. Thus it forces you to struggle for a longer duration. That may drive you to seek a better alternative like a Kryptonite KryptoFlex Looped Bike Security Cable.

It features a simply stylish and easy-to-use security cable. On either end, it has a loop that readily accepts a wide range of padlocks, u locks, and disc locks. Once you have painted your hybrid bike you wouldn’t wish to see a mark on it.

Kryptonite KryptoFlex security cable has a design that factors in that feature into a count. On the outermost surface, it has a smooth vinyl coat that won’t easily mar a surface.

Besides a bike thief also finds quick-release seats and helmets easy target. That’s why Kryptonite makes the most effective bike lock for keeping ease to remove bike parts secure.

For instance, you can easily pass the cable through the helmet’s perforations and the quick-release saddle thereby making them safe.

Kryptonite carefully braids steel strands and hence managing to strike the right balance between flexibility and sturdiness. The vinyl coat and the steel strands all together measure 5mm thick.

When you stretch it fully, it stretches to about 2.5ft. Such a length should allow you to chain the bike frame to a bike rack.  In terms of weight, it has a lightweight of 0.15lbs. Subsequently, you can either keep it in a backpack or tie it to any part of the bike without feeling any strain.

But in case the 2.6 feet, 5mm thick doesn’t suit your need, you can try out other thicker cables (10mm) of 4ft, 7ft, and 30feet lengths.


  • Compatible with various locks
  • Available in different lengths and thickness
  • Allows you to lock even bike accessories
  • You can loop individual cables to get extra length


  • You need to bundle it up with a Kryptonite U lock

Sanwo Security Bike Lock 4 Digit Resettable Combination

Sanwo Security Bike Lock 4 Digit Resettable Combination

A lock that assumes a compact state is portable and easy to store. Sanwo Security Bike Lock is only 2 feet long, 12mm thick and coils up easily. Thus it suits a child that commutes to school on a bike and looking for a light and easy to carry security cable.

Its 4 digits resettable technology provides numerous possibilities that are almost impossible to guess. But despite such vast combination codes it’s straightforward to use, provided you decide on a code combination that you can easily remember.

You don’t have to choose a lock that possesses a color that clashes with your bike; Sanwo is a cheap security cable designed in plentiful colors. That includes blue, pink, black, green, and orange.

Owing to its versatility you can use the same lock on the skateboard, toolbox, and gate. Even if you haven’t used the security cable before, you can quickly learn how to install and change the default password. That’s because the package offers easy to follow instructions and illustrations.

As outdoor equipment, its alloy steel material has a protective ABS covering against rain, dust, and rust. Besides, it can tolerate long hours in the sun without distorting in shape.

The number dials have clear markings, a dial pointer, and easy to set. And by extension that reduces the chances of making an error during setup.


  • Simple design
  • Marked and easy to rotate dials
  • Easy to follow instructions on resetting code
  • Doesn’t leave marks behind


  • Cable length is wanting

How to Choose Good Cheap Bike Locks

Every cyclist aims at providing top security to the prized asset; the bicycle. Without creating a big hole in your pocket, the best cheap bike locks can boost the security of your bike significantly.

Don’t rush yet to you plunge your money into the purchase: consider these crucial asset;

Identify the Risk Levels

Before deciding on whether to buy cheap security or Sold gold secure bike locks, you need to evaluate the level of risk the bike attracts. Hence the following factors can help you rate the kind of danger you are facing;

Residence or Parking Location

The location where you reside or often leave your bike influences its likelihood of getting stolen. For example, if you stay in a big city, town or commute and park your cycle on university grounds, then that becomes a high risk zone. For that reason, you should go for famous brands such as solid gold secure bike locks.

On the other hand, if you dwell in a small village, shopping center and hardly pedal to a large city, then you fall under low-risk zones. Accordingly, you can afford to get by with a good cheap bike lock.

Parking Duration

Generally, the longer you leave your bike unlocked and unattended, the higher the risk of a thief spotting it and getting away with it. Thus if your daily routine forces you to park your cycle for an hour or even more, then that’s a high-risk factor.

Bike’s Net Worth

Usually, thieves prioritize stealing bicycles that attract high price tags. So, if you own a model that draws compliments, turn heads to get a second look, thieves have it in their target list. You need to invest in the most effective bike lock.

Types of Bike Locks

Knowing the available types of bike locks, their structure, and recommended uses a step towards making the right purchase. That brings to the following lock types;

U or D Locks

These bicycle security pieces of equipment derive their name from the shape that they take. Their U/D-lock names apply interchangeably. The U bike locks differ in size, shackle diameter, and, thus the number of items it can lock up at ago.

U locks are widespread since they are simple to use and sturdy. Also, they employ solid metal and comes complete with mounting brackets. Depending on the internal available shackle space, you can use the lock to wrap the front wheel and part of the frame.

Except that they aren’t foldable and won’t wrap up large diameters, u locks offer good security. Besides, u bike lock cost is affordable.

Chain Locks

Chain locks feature a long chain dressed in a sleeve and accommodates D locks. The chief advantage of settling for chain over D locks is that you can tie a couple of bikes using one chain lock. Never the less they also differ in thickness.

If portability is your primary concern, then go for chain locks 12mm thick or less. But if you want to use it in a stationary place, then the extra thick (more than 12mm) steel cores combined with a secure padlock is the way to go.

Cable Locks

They are made up of several strands of steel wire braided together and dressed in a PVC sleeve. The outstanding benefits of cable locks are their flexibility, length, and portability. But they only provide basic protection since they can’t stand cable cutters.

In terms of the bike lock prices, security cables are the cheapest. Therefore you can employ security cables as secondary locks or use them to secure bike accessories like helmets and saddles.

Resettable Combination Locks

Carrying all sorts of key bunches isn’t easy for everyone. If you keep on losing your lock key then an option to consider is shifting to combination locks. However, the cheap locks are only helpful in low-risk zones.

Security Ratings

Everyone would wish to choose only the most secure bike lock. One way to rate a lock’s trustworthiness and ability to discourage thieves is its security level rating. Each manufacturer may offer its security rating on its products.

But more reliable international bodies. For example, sold secure gold bike locks or a brand with gold secure bike lock ratings is more reliable.

Bike Size

A bicycle’s size, especially the frame highly influences the lock to settle on. Take, for instance, a case where you wish to lock the front and rare wheel. You’ll need a considerable length of a chain.

Also, you may not always count on getting a bike rack. Sometimes you may have to chain the bike to a nearby thick post or tree.


Even when talking about the best affordable bike lock, the choice of material still counts. Whether it’s U-lock, chain, or cable lock, only the thick and sturdy material deters a thief to a significant degree. Ideally, struggle to find u locks at least 13mm thick.

Bike Frame Friendly

In most cases, you’ll keep the lock on the bicycle. Therefore you need a brand that won’t leave ugly scratch marks on your costly e-bike. Furthermore, an outer protective coat keeps off dust and moisture thus prolonging the security device’s lifespan.


Having narrowed down your choice to few cheap locks that tick all the features you want, the price comes into mind then. You can shop around the different platforms and then note any discounts offered. In some cases, purchasing two or more locks maybe economical than a single quantity.


The possibility of a thief stealing your bike is a reality that you have to factor in. From cyclist commuting to work, campus, or those taking leisure rides across town, all need the most secure bike lock.

A thief will find an unlocked bike very tempting to steal than a bicycle chained with thick hardened steel U-lock. That’s why we have provided some of the best cheap bike locks for you to try out.

You don’t have to leave your hybrid bike unattended outside a cafeteria, cybercafé, or public parking lot. Use any of the above budget locks to keep off the common thieves or unauthorized persons driving your bike.