8 Best Bike GPS Trackers 2021 Review

Unlike automobiles and motorcycles, bicycles are so easy to steal. Aside from their portable structure you can effortlessly carry around, they also don’t need keys. Sure, you can just buy a special bike lock, but it’s not exactly foolproof if the thief’s very experienced or simply desperate. That’s why you should also buy a GPS tracker for bikes to double the level of security.

You can easily tell whether a GPS tracker is designed for bikes or not if it’s extremely compact. Once spotted, it can easily be detached from the bike and thrown away or ultimately destroyed. No wonder high-quality trackers are usually hidden so perfectly no matter which angle.

To give yourself a fair chance to get your bike back if stolen, here are some of the best bike GPS trackers:

Best Bike GPS Trackers Review

Family1st Mini GPS Tracker Device for Vehicles

Family1st Mini GPS Tracker Device for Vehicles


Because of its smooth design, the Family1st Mini GPS Tracker Device can be effortlessly hidden almost anywhere. It can be used to track luggage, small bags, strollers, cars, motorcycles, and–of course–bikes. That’s why it’s highly recommended for the safety of your family members, pets, and most valuable possessions.

However, a well-hidden GPS tracker is useless if it’s always inaccurate. Fortunately, this option can function real-time, thanks to its super-fast network using 4G LTE. Whether you’re going to use your computer or mobile phone, each update can go as fast as five seconds only. That’s enough for instant information regarding your bike’s location indoors or outdoors within the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

If you’re going to buy multiple trackers for different purposes like monitoring a child, senior, or pet, you should know that this product also comes with a geofencing feature. That means you’ll receive an alarm or notification on your PC or phone as soon as the tracker reaches a restricted area. Other factors that can activate the alarm are low battery, abrupt braking, late-night drives, and high speeds.

Unfortunately, in order to utilize all the helpful features of this GPS tracker, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee that’s quite expensive compared to some popular mobile apps. Activation can even be tricky based on a few claims that you still need to contact support for basic functions like the GPS itself.

As expected from an electronic device, it’s a little inconsistent with the updates because the readings can be so delayed. For example, you’re already 10 miles away but the same location remains on the screen.


  • Easy to hide
  • Multipurpose
  • Real-time
  • Can flawlessly work with computers and smartphones
  • Reliable notification system


  • Requires subscription
  • Reliance on customer support
  • Inconsistency



Tracki 2020 Model Mini Real Time GPS Tracker

Tracki 2020 Model Mini Real Time GPS Tracker

If you’re in it for the long haul, the Tracki 2020 Model GPS Tracker offers a prepaid plan that’s much cheaper than what other options promote. It prioritizes users who are going to be with them in the long run, which only makes sense since securing your bike should be 24/7.

Aside from the usual purposes like tracking bikes, cars, kids, seniors, and pets, this tracker is also commonly used for ATVs, boats, and even monitoring employees. It can definitely fit pockets and compact spaces under vehicles. Its system is compatible with iOs, Android, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant as well.

More about the portability of this GPS tracker, it’s 30% smaller and lighter than most options. That’s why it’s ideal for bikes. You can choose one of these attachments: lanyard, keychain, belt clip, and magnet. This only proves how versatile this product is.

Despite its versatility, this tracker has a limited reach. Some users complain about a certain malfunction after traveling several miles. They believe this device is only for home or office use.

Inaccuracy is also a big issue with this tracker. You might need to refresh the signal frequently just to get the right reading.

It sounds amazing that the device’s battery can last for 30 days, but there are some users claiming that it’s much shorter than that. Some units can only work for 48 hours before the next recharge.


  • Cheaper subscription rate for long-term plans
  • Great option for bigger vehicles, not just bikes
  • Extremely small and lightweight
  • Different attachments can be used
  • Good connectivity


  • Limited reach
  • Signal needs to be refreshed often
  • Battery can’t last for a month





Even though the PRIMETRACKING Personal GPS Tracker needs the user to subscribe first, it already comes with a SIM card with unlimited data. That’s why it can track without limits and notify you based on geofencing information and real-time speed. Don’t worry about budget issues; you can cancel anytime you want and there’s no need for signing a contract and paying for activation.

With its tiny size, this GPS tracker is so hard to find if you don’t have any clue about its exact hiding place. It can travel across cities in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico and provide information to the user without other people noticing it.

The updates on this tracker are five seconds longer than the first option, but 10 seconds is already fast enough for real-time monitoring.

As expected, this device is inaccurate. On the bright side, the delay is usually less than a mile only, unlike the 10- to 20-mile difference of some trackers.

Other inaccurate details include the graphics of the route. The line just goes straight sometimes despite obstacles like houses, trees, and fields.

And, for some reason, some users can’t convert the unit of measurement to miles. It turns out that this tracker provides data in either miles or kilometers.


  • Fewer charges
  • Easier activation process
  • Tiny size
  • Enough reach for American, Canadian, and Mexican users
  • Decent real-time performance


  • Slightly inaccurate tracking
  • Inaccurate graphics
  • Tricky conversion from kilometers to miles



Tile Sport (2017)

Tile Sport (2017)

Bikes are technically vehicles with a totally open design, so low-quality GPS trackers are surely at risk of damage caused by different environmental factors. One of the most durable options out there, the Tile Sport (2017) is completely waterproof with an IP68 rating, meaning it can survive being 1.5 meters underwater for a maximum duration of 30 minutes.

This tracker has a very limited range, but that’s because it’s designed for local use only. It can only track within 200 feet, which is quite enough if you’re just going to do quick errands and leave your bike outside for only a few minutes.

In case of theft, you can definitely rely on the network of users to help you find your bike. You can even do it anonymously without giving other people an idea about the item stolen. Just use the app for this tracker.

Now, that’s a downside for some people. This device is heavily dependent on smartphones and location services.

The setup can also be very complicated. You might need to spend more time learning the system before you can even use this tracker.

If you’re planning to use a separate unit for your phone, the feature for that purpose can be glitchy. In some cases, the phone won’t ring even after the user does the right command.


  • Waterproof
  • Practical use
  • Wide network
  • Extremely durable
  • Easier connectivity


  • Complicated setup
  • Requires perfect connection with the app
  • Flawed phone-related feature



Spytec GL300 GPS Tracker

Spytec GL300 GPS Tracker

Claimed to be one of the options with the fastest tracking feature possible, the Spytec GL300 GPS Tracker relies on 4G satellites. With its compatibility with certain Android and iOS mobile apps, it can instantly provide you with location alerts.

The apps will also help you monitor the real-time route of the tracker itself while taking into consideration the boundaries you set, saving essential data, and tracking crucial factors like distance and speed. No wonder this device is usually bought for tracking cars and kids.

Another reason why this tracker is ideal for kids is its practical size. It’s so portable because it’s only an inch thick.

While most trackers guarantee real-time updates between five to 10 seconds, this one ensures a lightning-fast processing time of .256 milliseconds only.

However, based on the trend of GPS trackers so far, nothing’s perfect. Some units of this device require frequent resetting just to stay accurate. That problem is only worsened by the fact that the monthly charges of this product are too expensive for most users. Not only that; there are issues with the battery’s lifespan and charger as well.


  • Super-fast processing time
  • Location alerts
  • Allows system customization
  • Saving important data like distance and speed
  • Slim structure


  • Frequent resetting
  • Expensive monthly charges
  • Failure to recharge the battery in just a few months of use



Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker

Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker

Allowing nonstop monitoring of your bike, the Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker encourages you to take your trusty vehicle anywhere you go. No more time-consuming walks and stressful commutes while staying fit and productive.

Amazingly, this tracker can conveniently detect suspicious activities. Its system can read different factors to ensure no thief can steal your bike. In fact, you can adjust the settings so you’ll receive alerts once the device crosses certain boundaries.

While other trackers guarantee weeks of nonstop use, this one has a powerful battery that can last for at least two months. And, the best part? Recharging only needs an hour or so no matter how long you’ve used the battery.

There’s a risk of using that kind of high-powered battery, though. It’s possible that it can only be used once. For example, after three months of flawless performance, it will immediately stop working despite several attempts of recharging.

And, worse, the tracking feature can be extremely inaccurate, too. Some units can’t process updates for several hours.

If you’re planning to use a PC sometimes, this tracker is best for mobile apps. You might not be able to use it if you don’t have a phone with you.


  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Perfect for cyclists and people who commute with their bikes
  • Detects suspicious activities based on real-time data
  • Months of use before recharging time
  • Quick recharging


  • Higher risk of battery malfunction
  • Significantly more inaccurate than some options
  • Requires a phone



LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

Another high-quality option for tracking vehicles, possessions, and loved ones, the LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker is a reliable gadget. It can be accessed not just via app but also with software for real-time tracking through Google Maps. Geofencing  and location alerts will be through email and text while data will remain in the memory.

Aside from compact and shallow pockets, this tracker can easily fit small purses as well without attracting attention. For bikes, it has an extremely strong built-in magnet. When it rains, there’s no need to worry because this device is highly waterproof.

We’re not certain that this is also going to happen if you’ll use this tracker for your bike, but one user claims that the magnet isn’t strong enough for cars. In addition, even if the magnet’s totally fine, this device might travel for several miles without any reading since some units automatically stop working at 60% battery.

Even with a full battery, another problem emerges. Some updates happen after traveling for several minutes, which leads to inaccuracy in terms of real-time tracking.


  • Reliable tracking
  • Great connectivity
  • Different types of notifications
  • Discreet monitoring
  • Waterproof


  • Faulty magnet
  • Stops working out of the blue if the battery’s not full
  • Longer processing time with some units



Tile Mate (2020) 2-Pack – Bluetooth Tracker, Keys Finder and Item Locator

Tile Mate (2020) 2-Pack -Bluetooth Tracker, Keys Finder and Item Locator

Exactly like the first Tile Mate we’ve introduced, this product is mainly for phones, bags, keys, and other things you can easily lose like bikes. However, the Tile Mate (2020) highlights a useful feature that will help you track your bike even outside the range of your Bluetooth. You’ll be able to see the latest location tracked by the system as long as you use the app correctly.

Because of the attractive look of this device, you can buy it as a gift for your loved ones. Besides, it comes in two units per pack, perfect for tracking different items.

Sadly, some units of this product aren’t durable at all. Their adhesive eventually loses strength, which breaks their casing into two parts even without impact.

Since this tracker can only work when the location service of your phone is activated, it can also be a huge inconvenience. Your phone’s battery will drain fast.

However, the worst downside is when the system gives you a location you recorded several weeks ago. This might happen if your bike’s out of reach already and you’re trying to use the device’s memory.


  • Specifically designed to secure your important possessions
  • Can still be helpful even when the item’s out of range
  • Has a strong memory
  • Stylish appearance
  • Practical gift idea


  • Weak adhesive
  • Easily drains phone battery
  • Shows much older locations from the memory



How to Choose Good Bike GPS Trackers


Navigation System

The technology used for most bike trackers is obviously the GPS or Global Positioning System. It’s a global system using radio navigation that relies on satellites and ground stations. The invention of GPS was so groundbreaking that it was first utilized by the U.S. military.

There are two major kinds of GPS. The passive type stores data about your location from time to time. You can generally view the reports through downloads. This is what cyclists usually need if they want to check their performance or route after riding their bikes for leisure or fitness goals.

What you really need, however, when it comes to securing your bike is the active system. It’s all about real-time monitoring. This will help you detect movement when you’re parking your bike outside.


You’ll instantly know when there’s suspicious activity once your mobile app or PC software shows the tracker moving away from its original spot. But, since you can’t always look at the map, your bike’s GPS tracker should have the ability to signal quick alarms or notifications to let you know what’s actually happening.

The notifications are typically in the form of emails or texts. They can be about other things like speed and access to restricted areas, not just sudden movements.


We’ve already mentioned that the notifications should reach your phone or computer. Unfortunately, not all GPS trackers work with PC software. Others can’t even work with both iOS and Android phones. That’s why before buying a tracker, make sure to consider all the devices you’re using and the specs of the product to avoid any hassle.


Even though you’re going to use an active or real-time GPS tracker, it’s still important for the system to record data. Let’s face it; trackers aren’t always accurate so it’s possible to rely on location history if you lose signal for a while or the stolen item is already out of reach.



This time, we’re not exactly talking about the safety of your bike. How secure should the tracker be? This is an important question to prevent thieves from separating your bike and its tracking device.

The first crucial factor is the tracker’s size. It should be really small so it can fit the most unexpected places. Specifically, it should be compact and slim. A bulky one will only make it hard for you to hide it. After all, bikes are mostly made of open frames, which means limited chances of total concealment.


For a more hidden tracker, it’s ideal for its color to be dark or metallic to match most bikes. However, at the end of the day, it all depends on the design of your own bike. If your bike’s colorful, feel free to use trackers with unusual colors or patterns.


A good type of attachment for bike trackers is magnet. The magnet should have a built-in design to avoid the risk of a detached tracker when the ground becomes bumpy. And, of course, it should be really strong no matter what.

However, the best options are actually flexible cords or wires that can provide good camouflage. The downside? You need to spend some time installing the tracker.

Avoid hanging the tracker with a chain and other similar attachments. It may look stylish and appear like a simple decoration, but you just can’t risk it.

Come to think of it, sometimes, you don’t need attachments at all. A few trackers look like tubes and other common bike components. They can be directly connected to actual parts of your bike. High-quality ones are quite rare and expensive, though.

Meanwhile, some options are very tiny like microchips. They’re obviously hard to find, which is what we all want to confuse thieves.


This factor is just as important as functionality and security. A broken tracker every now and then will only take a toll on your budget. And, worse, you’d have no idea about the damage and just assume everything would be fine when a theft happens.

Simply make sure that the tracker is waterproof to survive rainy days. Weather resistance should also be a priority to endure changing conditions. Having a dustproof exterior helps as well to prevent debris or particles in the system.


Since the purpose of bike GPS trackers is pretty straightforward, there are only three major factors to consider. Considering functionality, security, and durability is already enough to know whether a tracker is good or bad. First, it should have a reliable tracking and notification system. Next, it should be compact with an effective attachment for camouflage and security. Lastly, it must survive different outdoor conditions.