9 Best Bike Bells 2021 Review

When riding a bike, you have to mind the safety of others and yours too. Therefore you need the best bike bells that’s loud enough to alert your presence to pedestrians blocking your path.

Without a simple to operate and reliable cool bicycle bell, you can easily run into others. After far-reaching research and combing through customers’ preferences, we bring you such bike ringers that you can count on for everyday ride.

We aren’t talking about cycle bells that sound falsely whenever you go over bumps or gravel, we mean those that only ring when their need arises. Read on to find our best picks!

Best Bike Bells Review

Firmstrong Classic Beach Cruiser Bicycle Bell

Firmstrong Classic Beach Cruiser Bicycle Bell

Having gathered over 10 years’ experience in designing sturdy and functional bikes, Firmstrong displays its expertise in making bicycle horns and bells. It makes stylish classic ringer bells in 9 different colors.

That means if you need a color to mix and match with your bike frame, then it won’t let you down. The bike accessory is of solid and heavy-duty metal that promises a long life. Its design allows it to accommodate different handlebar thickness.

Firmstrong presents the uniquely designed bells with a simple to install and uninstall process using a screwdriver only. From its thumb-operated mechanism, the loud bike bell requires very minimal effort to push.

Its ergonomic thumb lever makes it easy to push without having to look at the bell. Even without pressing the thumb to a far end, it emits fairly loud chimes that other people quickly notice even a couple of feet away.

The bell bike effortlessly blends with other Firmstrong’s cruiser bicycles for women, children, and men. You don’t have to look for other accessories; the package provides for the bell and its complete assembly fittings.

Once mounted, it holds to the handlebar firmly and rarely produces false alarms. Moreover, it’s straightforward to adjust to fit handlebars of varying thickness.


  • Simple to push with minor effort
  • Rings loudly for easy alert
  • Sturdily constructed
  • Stylish in design


  • Might scratch the bar where it’s mounted


Knog Oi Bike Bell – Original & Luxe Styles, Built-in Cable-Clip

Knog Oi Bike Bell – Original & Luxe Styles, Built-in Cable-Clip

Your bike’s handlebar doesn’t matter; the Knog Oi Bike Bell has a flexible fit. That is mainly due to its dual size availability.

If you need to fix the oi bicycle bell on the lower end of a dropped handlebar, then the large size makes an ideal choice. It will happily blend with a handlebar of 23.8mm to 31.8mm. Accordingly, it fits even thick dropped handlebars.

But, for the best bicycle bell that fits on most MTB or BMX bicycles, then try out a small size. It readily blends with bars of about 22.2mm thick, usually near the grip region.

Cycles differ in frame colors. However, each rider only wishes to add an accessory that features a color that matches its bike. Therefore the Knog Oi Bike Bells feature four widespread colors. That includes brass, silver, black, and copper.

Both the small and large size have robust and durable construction. The mountain bike bells combine aircraft-grade aluminum and high tensile steel spring. The result is a sleek bell with non-corrosive interior parts.

Unlike most designs that must slide into the handlebar, the knog bike bell features an open mount design. Therefore it’s easy and quick to install.

All you have to do is open the mount bracket, fix it on the bike and tighten the one hex screw. And the best feature; the package provides the alen key that you need during installation.

When you have fixed it on the bike, it adds very negligible weight, thanks to its lightweight design of 18g and 25g for the two sizes. During mounting, the brass bike bell has a convenient cable routing clip that assists in better cable organization.

Its low profile look and dazzling colors add to its sleek look and charm. Owing to its choice of metals the Knog bike bell has a promising design and use even in high-pitched traffic zones.


  • Available in dual sizes
  • Sturdy and weatherproof
  • Adapts to various bike types
  • Provides installation tool


  • Tiny vibrations can cause it to sound
  • Should have been much louder


iLiveX Bike Ringer Bell for Kids and Adults

iLiveX Bike Ringer Bell for Kids and Adults

Riding a bicycle on the road without a loud bike bell is like gearing for an accident. The best option is to settle for even a cheap but effective bike bell, such as the iLiveX Bike Ringer. Most cyclists are selective when it comes to bicycle accessories.

Fortunately, iLiveX Bike Ringer doesn’t disappoint since it avails the bells in 7 diverse colors. That includes silver, purple, green, black, blue, red, and mini silver. You don’t have to be a professional to install it; all you need is a screwdriver and a minute to spare from your busy schedule.

The carefully thought designed bell combines an ultra-tough plastic base and sturdy brass metal. So it should last you a long time. In terms of size, it features a diameter of 1.2 inches and weighs 1.6oz only.

That means the bike ringer takes up insignificant space and adds negligible weight to the bicycle. And once you have installed the brass bicycle bell, it doesn’t obstruct you in any way.

But despite its tiny size, it emits 90 to 100db loud sound. Thus you won’t strain to alert a pedestrian or a cyclist couple of feet ahead of you.

For the perfect fit, it requires a handlebar of 2.7inch in circumference. The loud bike bell features internal rotation and collusion to generate a clear and sweet sound. Ad in case the bell doesn’t fit your intended use, the manufacturer guarantees you a complete refund.


  • Simple to install in one minute
  • Produces up to 100db loud sound
  • Requires limited space and ultra-light
  • Available in diverse colors


  • It has a limited fit adjustment


Crane Bike Bell E-Ne

Crane Bike Bell E-Ne

If you have a high-end cruiser bike, you need an aesthetically pleasing bell to mount on it. On that ground, the Crane Bike Bell E-Ne doesn’t disappoint. The low-profile bike bell features a unique Japanese design.

Also, it employs a rust-resistant stainless steel mount with no plastic part. You can either mount it on top of the handlebar. But if you need a more invisible and aerodynamic position, then install it in front of the bar.

In either of the position, it fits a handlebar of 22.2mm to 31.8mm, owing to its adjustable steel mounting strap. From its diverse nine color option, the Crane bell for bicycles gives you options like matte black, stealth black, neo black, polished brass, all chrome-plated, chrome, copper, scotch Brite alloy, and scotch Brite brass.

Mostly the cute bike bells feature brass or aluminum alloy. The alloy gives high rust resistivity. At the same time, the brass bicycle bell rings loud, for long, and even sounds pleasant to the ears. Besides, the brass gives it a shouting appearance.

Regardless of where you install it, the bike ringer consumes very little space and adds insignificant weight. Thus it still allows you to add other vital accessories like GPS and light without overcrowding the handlebar.

Its installation process is quick; you only have to fix one hex key. However, the Crane Bike Bell E-Ne mounting strap has a vinyl coating and thus won’t cause scratches on a bike or slip off once you have tightened it.

At a slight press of the thumb lever, it emits a loud sweet sound that reaches a pedestrian several meters ahead of you.


  • Tiny but amazingly loud
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Straightforward to install
  • Pleasant tone
  • Has no plastic parts


  • Relatively easy to uninstall by a thief


Mirrycle Incredibell Original Bicycle Bell

Mirrycle Incredibell Original Bicycle Bell

The Mirrycle Incredibell Original Bicycle Bell has a design that mounts on the standard handlebars effortlessly. Besides, the classic bicycle bell has an adjustable mount and therefore easily fits on bars of a thickness of 21.7mm to 26mm.

Mirrycle bike ringer assumes a dome shape that has a diameter of 33mm. For that matter, when you install it on the handlebar, it only takes up an insignificant area hence still allowing much space for other accessories.

Its compact and tiny shape allows it to fit with most bikes without it presenting an awkward appearance. Notwithstanding its size, it has an easy to press thumb lever and emits a loud sound.

The cute bicycle bell is of lightweight alloy. Therefore it possesses reliable rust resistance. From its three color options of black, silver, and brass, you can easily choose what can mix and match your bike frame.

When you pick on the brass bicycle bell, you’ll enjoy a loud and melodious tone. And since it doesn’t rust, it maintains its true sound for a lifetime. You don’t have to possess a unique ability to install the handlebar bell.

Its mounting strap boasts a strong plastic material. However, it has a design that won’t scratch off the paint from the bicycle. If you want to produce a ding alert tone, pull the thumb lever and release it. It will then produce a loud alerting sound.


  • Rustproof
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Employs dual clamp
  • Resonates for a long period


  • You have to pull and release the lever before getting the bell sound


Kickstand Cycleworks Classic Beach Cruiser Bicycle Bell

Kickstand Cycleworks Classic Beach Cruiser Bicycle Bell

If you are very particular about the color of the handlebar bell you wish to install on your bike, then Kickstand Cycleworks offers a solution. It’s available in 21 color options. And each cycle bell boasts uniform appealing color.

Therefore it can fit on bicycles for different age groups and sex like men, boys, girls, and women. The installation process for the cool Kickstand Cycleworks bells is quick and straightforward. You don’t need a wide range of tools except a screwdriver.

The dome-shaped ringer boasts an outside diameter of 55mm. With a pair of screws and a metal mount bracket, it holds steadfastly to a handlebar of about 22.2mm. And once you have tightened it, it stays firmly in place without toppling over even when going over bumps.

Since it is thumb-operated, it has a non-slip and easy to push thumb lever. For that reason, it’s effortless to push even when at high speed. Accordingly, it forms one of the best bicycle bells you can mount on a bike to boost your safety.

At a slight pull of the lever, it sends out a fun ring rich sound. And owing to its easy-to-use feature, Kickstand Cycleworks provides 90 days money refund period on the product. In case it doesn’t meet your need, you can claim a refund.


  • 21 color options
  • Simple to install with only one screw
  • Stays firm in place
  • Metal mount straps
  • 90 days money-back guarantee


  • It has some plastic parts


CRANE Bell Suzu Lever Strike

CRANE Bell Suzu Lever Strike

One of the key features that make CRANE Bell stands out among other top mountain bike bells is its simplicity. It combines a curved striker lever and a dome-shaped metallic bell. Besides simplicity, it also features a retro vintage design that makes it even look stylish.

But it also doesn’t disappoint in performance. The 55mm dome shape bell boasts a brass material given copper plating. For that reason, a single strike by the curved lever results in loud sound and prolonged resonance.

By tapping from the unique Japanese craftsmanship and copper plating, the CRANE Bell achieves an appealing look that fits both elegant city bikes and traditional cycles too.

Some bike ringers present an appealing look but possess flimsy plastic parts, thus disappointing in performance. However, the CRANE brass bicycle bell excels in both looks and performance. That’s because it’s 100% metallic. By extension, that also awards it a long life.

A handlebar bell that stays firmly in place is simple to operate while on the move. Consequently, CRANE Bell is available in two sizes. The large ringer accommodates bars of thickness within a range of 22.2 to 26mm thick.

Installing it is quick and painless. You only need the standard screwdriver and to tighten the steel clamp in place. Since it produces loud, clear, and pleasant tones it makes one of the best copper brass bells that mind about your safety.

Some bells disappoint in overcrowded areas or paths going through the tree. However, the CRANE Bell emits a loud piercing sound that stands out in a high traffic zone. However, depending on how noisy your environment is, you can vary how far you pull the striking lever and thus predetermine how loud the bike bell sounds.


  • It has a simple retro vintage style
  • Produces loud chime that lingers for long
  • Available in two different sizes
  • It’s 100% metal
  • You can vary the intensity of the sound


  • Slightly pricey


Schwinn Classic Bicycle Bell

Schwinn Classic Bicycle Bell

One feature that makes Schwinn Classic Bicycle Bell adored by many people is its size. The handlebar bell presents a small and non-obstructive size that takes up a negligible size. Besides, it’s so simple to install that you require no elaborate tools, hence it earns its name as a tool-free ringer.

However, the manufacturer Schwinn avails the classic bicycle bell in two styles namely; classic and tool-free versions. Hence you are free to choose what blends with your bike handlebar style.

Whether you are left or right-handed, you can still install the bike ringer and use it effectively. Its entire body plus the strap is of sturdy metal that can withstand daily rides.

The Schwinn small bike bell has a standard fit mounting strap. For that reason, you won’t have difficulty fixing it on the average handlebar found in most bicycles. The intensity of the sound of generated is directly proportional to the amount of push you give the lever. Therefore to announce your presence to a pedestrian you only give it a slight push.


  • Small and stylish
  • Completely metallic
  • No tool installation
  • Fits the average-sized handlebar


  • The limited adjustment range for the mounting strap


Bell Minnie Mouse Child Bike Accessories

Bell Minnie Mouse Child Bike Accessories


Ordinary sized bike bells do not fit kid’s bicycles. Yet children also need to enhance their safety by fitting the correct bike bells for kids. It is on such grounds that the Bell Minnie mouse 3D bell comes into the picture.

Right from its appearance and size, it fits children. Kids are often fascinated by striking colors. So the 3D bell incorporates two contrasting colors black and pink. Thus it commands attention. Besides, at the sides, it has the signature ears of Minnie that adds to its cuteness.

Whether your child has a scooter, bike, or trikes, the 3D bike bell readily fits it. Provided your child is at least three years of age, he’ll find it easy to operate the smallest bicycle bell. Despite its tininess, it produces a loud ring sound that serves its purpose.


  • Easy to ring by a child
  • Tiny and charming
  • Fits most children bikes, trikes, and scooters
  • Easy to distinguish with its signature ears


  • Its single fastening screw system is inadequate in some cases

How to Choose Good Bike Bells

Instead of verbally announcing your presence every time you approach a crowd or traffic, the best bike bells make it simple and polite. Besides, it’s a language understood all over the world. With that said, reflecting on the following key points will see you select the best bicycle bells.

Material Used in Making the Bell

In most cases, a bicycle provides a means of commuting to work or school. Therefore when going through bike bell reviews take note of the materials used in the entire body.

It should possess the ability to withstand daily use without breaking down frequently. For that reason, the best material to prioritize is metals such as brass, aluminum, or steel.

For instance, if you pick on cheap plastic bells, you may only use it for a while before it breaks, jams, or malfunction in one way or another.

A metallic bell on the other hand presents a robust construction that can tolerate minor vibrations without deteriorating in quality quickly.

Sound Intensity

The core function of a bell is to help alert others of your presence so that they give way. There are times when your trail can take you to quiet places while in some cases, you would have to go through a high traffic zone.

In both cases, you need the loud bike bell that can rise above the crowded street, penetrate the woods or sound softly in a lonely street.

Accordingly, particular material like brass provides outstanding performance. It not only rings louder but also for long period.

If you pick on a bike ringer that isn’t high-pitched, it may not fulfill its purpose when the sound of car engines and murmuring of the crowd is within reach.  Can the chime reach out to a couple ahead lost in a conversation?

Ease of Installation

The best bicycle bell should give you an easy time to install. Ideally, you should install it within minutes without any external assistance.

So it’s helpful to pay attention to the type and number of screws it requires. Besides check, if the screw used is compatible with standard screwdrivers.

If not, then it’s better to settle on the bells that come complete with all the installation accessories needed. Otherwise, the additional purchase of accessories will increase the overall cost of the bicycle bell.

Compatibility With the Handlebar of Your Bike

Most if not all bike bells sit on the handlebar. Unfortunately, handlebars differ in styles and thickness. There are bells meant for small bikes for kids, there are those that fit on the standard handlebar and still, others are ideal for a dropped handlebar.

So know what fits your bike. At best know the thickness of the handlebar where you wish to mount the bell. Usually, manufacturers do note the ideal size of the handlebar a particular bell requires.

That should be of interest to you. But ideally, prioritize cool bicycle bells that have a wide adjustable mounting provision. That way, you can tinker it to fit firmly on your bicycle.

Size and Design

The size and design of the bell should match where you intend to mount it. For example, most bike ringers fit on the handlebar. So, its size matters. It should blend with the bike such that the bell doesn’t look out of place.

At the same time, it shouldn’t be so heavy so as affect the natural balance of the handlebar. If it takes too much space on the bar, then other vital accessories such as light and even GPS may not find their space.  Remember, when the installation is complete your bike should still maintain its elegant look.

Simple, Smooth, and Reliable to Operate

Even when pedaling at high speed, the bike bell should be easy to reach and operate. In most cases, you will realize that many ringers employ a push or a pull thumb lever.

However, the significant factor here is that it shouldn’t require too much effort to generate a ring. Some designs are so efficient that a slight pull produces an audible chime.

The more you pull the lever, the louder the final sound will be. And at the same time, while pulling, it feels so smooth and almost effortless.

Rust Proof

As said earlier, metal bike bells are the best in terms of durability and loudness. But besides the performance, it should also have the ability to withstand corrosion. Pick on a metal that has a high corrosion-resistant finish.

A Matching Color

Although it may seem minor, a bell’s color concerning the frame matters. When you select a color that blends with your bike’s color, the overall picture of the finished product looks amazing. And who wouldn’t want a city bike that commands attention?


Without the best bike bells, you’ll have to shout and strain your vice in alerting other road users to let you pass. For some pedestrians, your voice may sound unpleasant and rude.

That’s why you need the modern bike bell; stylish and functional such as the ones picked in the review. They not only elevate your safety but boosts the overall image of the bike.

So does your bicycle have the reliable cool bike bell? If not use the buyer guide to help you land the correct choice.