8 Best Bike Bags 2021 Review

When going for a long ride, there are bike accessories that you have to carry with you. Unfortunately most cyclists prefer to carry some shopping on the bike rack instead of tools. That’s why you need the best bike bags that are convenient to carry.

The best bike packs enable you to carry essential tools and accessories like a small pump, adjustable wrench, and even tire tools. It does so yet still giving you ample space to pedal freely.

It is for that reason that we give you cycling bags that are sturdy, roomy, compact, and light. If that’s what you want, then read on.

Best Bike Bags Review

Topeak Small Aero Wedge Bicycle Saddle Bag with Straps

Topeak Small Aero Wedge Bicycle Saddle Bag with Straps

From inexperienced to pro riders, the Topeak Small Aero saddle bag has a design that suits both. Furthermore, it has an aero shape therefore minimizing air resistance and supporting cycling at high speed.

It conveniently buckles to the seat rails and straps to a seat post of diameter 27.2mm to 34.9mm range. Since it uses a dual fastening system that combines a sturdy nylon strap and buckle, it stays firmly in place even as the bicycle roves over bumps. Therefore, it counts among the best cycling saddlebag.

On top of that, the premium 1200 denier nylon material used in making the bag gives it sufficient water resistance and stain proofing ability. So water won’t easily seep through to destroy your precious tools.

Depending on the range of accessories that you wish to carry, the Topeak bike pouch bag comes in four diverse sizes. Its medium and large size enlarges to add 20 to 30% more storage space.

The micro size cycling bag has a volume of 0.41litres and weighs 85g only. In case that’s too tiny, try out the small size capacity of 0.66liters/100g.

Otherwise, the medium-capacity bike seat post bag weighs 130g and carries about 0.98 – 1.31liters. For the rider who requires voluminous storage space, the large 165g bag of volume 1.48 to 1.97liters is the way to go.

All the 4 four carrier bike bags offer you a large mouth. Such a spacious opening makes it trouble-free to load or offload the bag. Therefore you can put in a small pump, extra tube, tire tools, or even food effortlessly into the bag.

Although it hangs below the saddle, it doesn’t compromise your visibility. First, the bag features 3 meters highly reflective stripe and has a RedLite light clip. Accordingly, it improves your safety while driving.


  • Light and sturdy
  • Waterproof
  • Aero shaped
  • Appreciable volume
  • Made of sturdy and high-quality materials


  • Velcro strap should have allowed for even a tighter fastening


Bike Phone Front Frame Bag Waterproof

Bike Phone Front Frame Bag Waterproof

If you need the cycling tool bag that easily anchors on the front tube, then the ROCK BROS gives you the Bike Phone Front Frame Bag. It helps you to organize and keep the essential bike accessories close by when taking along a ride.

Whether you need to store an energy bar, small bicycle pump, or an iPhone the bike pouch has enough room for all. Its actual size is a length of 3.94inches, a width of 1.97inches, and a height of 1.97inches. Surprisingly, it still manages to maintain a lightweight of 200g when empty.

When pedaling steadily, the last thing you need is a cycling gear bag with a fastening mechanism that loosens with time. Fortunately, ROCK BROS counters that by making a bicycle tool bag that has three Velcro straps.

Therefore the bag holds onto the front, upper bottom on the head tube, and lower bottom. The multiple Velcro straps firmly fasten it to the bike, thus ruling out the possibility of the cycling gear bag falling.

But despite the numerous fastening positions, it boasts an easy to install and release buckle system. When carrying precious accessories, you don’t wish them to be rained on. So the ROCK BROS cycling equipment bag features a durable and water-resistive material.

It has a stylish carbon composite polyester fiber. Besides the water-resistive material, the pouch also features a double zipper provision. So a light shower won’t worry you. As a bonus, it also gives you a flashing board and sun visor that proves helpful in both rain and sunshine conditions.

Even after keeping your phone in the bag, you can still view its screen and use it through the extra sensitive touch screen TPU window. The pocket houses phones that are either 6.5 inches or less in size. For example, it easily stores Samsung Galaxy S8, S7, and iPhone XR.

Furthermore, the outdoor bike storage bag packs additional humanization features that contribute to an enjoyable ride. It gives you a hidden earphone hole so that you can answer the phone or listen to rocking music as you pedal.

On either side of the bag, it features a reflective tape that boosts your visibility while on the road. Zipping or unzipping the bike tool bag feels comfortable owing to the soft rubber material on the zip.


  • Very light
  • Feels sturdy
  • Multiple Velcro makes it hold firm
  • Complete with phone holder


  • You can occasionally hit the bag while pedaling


BV Bicycle Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag

BV Bicycle Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag

One of the admirable features of a compact saddlebag is that it doesn’t come in your way as you pedal. It is from such a setup that the BV Bicycle Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag borrows heavily. Instead of a large top-tube bag that hangs on the frame, the BV tool bag hangs on to the saddle rails and seat post.

While in that position, it prioritizes your safety on the road. The 3m reflective Scotchlite trim combined with the taillight positioned in the hanger makes you highly visible to other road users, especially those approaching from behind.

Its fastening system uses the strap-on mounting technique that’s quick and reliable. Besides the main storage area, it also has an impact-resistant meshed pocket and key clip. Consequently, it forms one of the best under seat bike bags for keeping wallet, cellphone, tire tools, and bike lock.

Inserting or removing items from the bag is effortless, thanks to its wide zippered opening. Moreover, it has an adjustable Velcro strap that adapts it to various seat post diameters.

When going for a triathlon or racing, each cyclist has diverse interests in the number of tools to keep in the rear seat bag. Hence the BV makes cycling saddlebags in different carrying capacities, with the medium and large size featuring expandable volume.

The smallest bag measures 3.3inches wide, 3inches high, and 5.5inches deep. From such a space, it offers a 0.4L capacity. Its medium size has a variable capacity from 0.7-1L. But for extreme storage of accessories, nothing beats the 1.1-1.5L capacity bag.


  • Reliable stitching
  • Available in different capacities
  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • Enhances your security on the road
  • Impact-resistant meshed pocket


  • Shortening of the seat tube strap could have given a more tight fit


Retrospec Bicycles Detachable Steel Half-Mesh Apollo Bike Basket with Handles

Retrospec Bicycles Detachable Steel Half-Mesh Apollo Bike Basket with Handles

Sometimes it’s convenient to have a bike carrier bag for carrying some fruits, shopping, or even a pet easily. If that’s your dream then the Retrospec Bicycles Detachable Steel basket helps you fulfill it.

Bikes have different paint finishes and adding an accessory that blends with the existing paint looks cool. So, Retrospec makes the basket in seven different colors. Thus you can effortlessly find a color that matches your bike.

Its design easily fits any adult-sized bicycle. And the best part is that you don’t need any tool to assemble it on the bike. It easily hooks onto the handlebar of diameter 22mm to 25.4mm and gets additional support from a bolt beneath.

As an outdoor carriage basket, it features built to last body. Its framework features steel material. However, to make it more weather resistive, the steel framework has a plastic coating. Accordingly, it paints a professional image.

The easy-to-remove basket measures 9.5 x 10.5 14 inches and weighs 3.05lbs. Despite its seemingly simple style, it has a load capacity of up to 15lbs. For that reason, it happily carries basic shopping like fruit and vegetables.

At the same time, its bottom has a meshed design that holds up even tiny items. When you feel like it, you can remove the steel basket from the bicycle, attach its handle, and hold it comfortably in your hands.


  • Simple to install
  • High volume carrying capacity
  • Weatherproof
  • Removable from the bike
  • Holds even small items


  • Fits only on an adult size bike


BV Bicycle Y-Series Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag

BV Bicycle Y-Series Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag

What makes the large BV Bicycle Saddle Bag stand out is that it is spacious enough to carry the essential accessories and tools, and still gives room for more storage.

For instance, the large bike wedge-shaped bag measures 8 x 4.2 x 4.0 inches and boasts a capacity of 1.2L. Accordingly, it packs enough room to store a CO2 pump, extra tube, 5.5-inch phone, and even levers.

However, if you require the best cycling bag that can carry strictly tools, then settle for smaller sizes. Fortunately, BV manufactures the bags in four different sizes including the extra small size 0.3L, small 0.4L, medium 0.9L, and large size of 1.2L. Therefore knowing the range of tools and items you need to keep in the bike accessories bag is crucial.

Even when you are in a hurry, packing or unpacking items from the large bicycle saddle bag takes only seconds. That’s possible since it has a large mouth that accepts even large items without any struggle.

If you have taken to commuting on a bike, the BV bag won’t disappoint you. It’s made of strong nylon material and a reliable zipper. Besides, the nylon provides a high degree of water resistance, thus further increasing its lifespan.

While cycling in dim light, the bike tail bag features a 3m Scotchlite strip that reflects light and accordingly, makes it easy to notice at night. With a couple of straps, the pouch firmly holds to the saddle rails.


  • Straps firmly to the rails
  • Wedge-shaped
  • Sturdy nylon material
  • Has a plastic liner that keeps it in shape
  • Lightweight, 4.8oz


  • Frayed bits of threads hinders smooth zipping
  • Reflective material is very thin


Aduro Sport Bike Storage Bag Triangle Saddle Frame Pouch

Aduro Sport Bike Storage Bag Triangle Saddle Frame Pouch

If you want to keep your bike repair tools in front of you, then the Aduro triangle shaped bag makes a good consideration. And considering it boasts seven assorted colors, you are most likely to get your best match.

The Aduro bike pouch bag has an adjustable Velcro strap that connects it to the underside top saddle tube. Consequently, it’s flexible to various frame thickness. And once installed, accessing its content is easy, thanks to the loud-mouthed opening.

Although it’s portable, it has wire netting inside that allows you to organize your valuables conveniently. So you can happily separate the keys and repair tools from delicate smartphones.

Once you have thrown in the bike tools, it uses a reliable zipper that rubs smoothly. The entire cycling pouch assumes a slim body with a low profile design to minimize air resistance. Its weather and water-resistant ability add to its long life.


  • Slim and low profile shape
  • Inner netting for easy organization
  • Water-resistant
  • Installs in seconds


  • The Velcro strap needs to be slightly longer (0.25inches) to accommodate thick tubes


Schwinn Girls Bicycle Basket, Kids Front Bike Accessory

Schwinn Girls Bicycle Basket, Kids Front Bike Accessory

Kids love to go on tour rides, especially adventure in the neighborhood. During the tour, occasionally, they come across small precious items to add to their treasurers. Therefore the Schwinn Girls Bicycle Basket makes it easy to transport such treasures easily on a bike.

The kid’s bike basket is easy to install on the front handlebar. Besides, it features adjustable straps. Consequently, it can fit on a wide variety of bike handlebars for kid’s bicycles. Most bicycles feature reflectors in the front area.

Thus the front-mounted basket is likely to block the reflectors. For that reason, it features light-activated lighted flowers to boost up your visibility at night.


  • Highly attractive
  • Improves your visibility in dim light
  • Fits on a wide range of handlebars


  • The straps may need zip ties to reinforce their strength


Nantucket Bicycle Basket Co. Children’s Surfside Wire Basket

Nantucket Bicycle Basket Co. Children’s Surfside Wire Basket

When searching for the best bicycle panniers for a kid-sized bicycle then the Nantucket Bicycle Basket is worth looking into. Its installation process is as simple as lifting and hooking onto the handlebars.

Since it has a nice pair of handles it’s easy to carry without any fear of it slipping to the ground. Kids usually like bright colors and so the Nantucket bike exists in 6 different fun colors.

Its framework is of sturdy metal given plastic coating. For that reason, it feels smooth to touch and won’t scratch off paint from your bicycle. Physically it measures 9.75 x 6.75 x 6.25 inches and bears up to a maximum of 8lbs. For that reason, it’s sturdy enough to bear personal items or groceries happily.


  • Easy to install and remove off the bike
  • Doesn’t scratch paint from a bike
  • 8lbs load capacity
  • Exist in diverse colors


  • Made for big kids bike


How to Choose Good Bike Bags

Best bike bags help you to carry bicycle accessories, groceries, energy bars, and even pets easily. However, to narrow down to the convenient bag here are the most vital factors you have to consider;

Mounting Position

The best bags for biking can fit in different positions on the bicycle. For example, if you have to carry some light accessories that you need to keep within reach, then front handlebar-mounted types may fit you. Bike handlebar bags are ideal for carrying gloves, maps, and sunglasses.

On the other hand, if you want to carry tools like small pumps, extra tubes, or torque wrench, then saddle bike bags fit the bill. Such a mounting position allows you to pedal freely and doesn’t hinder the flexibility of the handlebar.

And lastly, if you wish to carry more than tools and perhaps delicate shopping, then a basket or pannier bags may fit your use. Baskets have the flexibility of being mounted on the front or rear rack. They are ideal for carrying light loads over a short distance.

Bag’s Capacity

Having identified the type of bike carrier bag you want, next you have to look into its capacity. Before you rule out if it’s big or small know the number of items you wish to carry.

It’s only the cycling gear bag that holds your valuables happily without straining the stitching that lasts long. Particularly, check if it can carry your smartphone or has compartments for organizing the items. Some manufacturers design pouches that have adjustable capacities and that may come in handy.

Durability and Weight

Most probably you’ll be relying on the road bike saddle bag for your day to day use. Accordingly, it should be made of a sturdy material that doesn’t easily tear. Of particular interest is the reliability of the stitching.

At the same time, the cycling tool bag should have a sturdy zipper that runs smoothly. Its hard to predict when you can be rained on. So it pays to have a bike tool bag that’s water-resistant or waterproof. You can then cycle with the full knowledge that the contents of the bag are safe.

Even though you need a sturdy bike tool bag, it shouldn’t add significant weight to the bike. At best, look for a material that’s sturdy and light.

Size of the Bag’s Opening

The best bag for road bikes should give you quick access to either put in or remove items. And largely that depends on the size of its opening. Subsequently, check the tools you will be carrying and chose a bag that’s compatible with them.

Reliable Fastener

Whether you choose a bike bag that hangs on the handlebar, fastens on the top tube, or saddle rails you need a reliable fastening method. So select a cycling pouch that once fastened doesn’t need constant attention.

Remember you may accidentally go over bumps and gravel. Even when going through a rough ride, your bike riding bag should not fly out of place.

Therefore prioritize bags that has multiple Velcro straps or buckle points. Furthermore, an adjustable fastening system is ideal since it can fit on different tube and handlebar thicknesses.

Highly Visible

When out on the road, your safety forms the priority. Thus by extension, choose a bag that has outstanding features to boost your visibility to other road users. For example, the best bike pouches should have either wide reflective material on either side, provision for mounting a taillight, or even both.

Easy to Install

One of the top features of the best cycling bag is that it should be easy to install. Installing the bag on your bicycle should not require pro knowledge. And once mounted, the bag should allow you to pedal without your legs hitting the bag or the pouch making it difficult to make a turn.


If you regularly go for long weekend rides or commute on a bicycle especially over a long distance, then you can’t do without the best bike bags. You need to carry the primary accessories or tools like a micro pump, tire repair kit, min torque wrench, and an extra tube.

Your bicycle can break down at any time. You might run out of energy. And so you need the best bike seat bag. And depending on the convenient mounting style or the amount of storage space you need, you can benefit from one or two of the bike carrier bags reviewed in the post.

It’s wise to have your bike tools with you always because you never know when you’ll need them. Therefore, make up your mind on the best cycling pouch that suits you.