11 Best 10-Speed Bikes 2021 Review

Looking for a bicycle that can go uphill or downhill effortlessly as well as travel long distances without any hassle? Then you need a road bike with at least 10 resistance levels. Before we introduce some of the best road bikes in stores, let’s understand first why they’re so perfect for long commutes and hill climbing.

Bikes with at least 10 speeds can reduce drag. This helps the rider spend less energy no matter how fast he pedals, resulting in longer rides. A 10-speed bike can also reduce friction whether you’re moving slowly or not, hence its effectiveness not just for racing but also for casual riding.

Now, one of the main features of a 10-speed bike is its cassette with five big and small stacked sprockets. However, since that type of bike is quite rare these days, we’re going to suggest alternatives. Learn more about the most common features of road bikes by going over our list of top products from different brands.

Best 10-Speed Bikes Review

Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 Drop Bar Road Bicycle

Schwinn Phocus 1400 and 1600 Drop Bar Road Bicycle

The frame of the Schwinn Phocus Road Bicycle is made of lightweight yet durable aluminum. You can easily speed up with that kind of frame material.

Amazingly, the fork uses different material. It can even be considered better than aluminum in some ways. It specifically uses carbon fiber, which is generally more expensive than aluminum since it’s sturdier and more durable.

Another durable feature without adding too much weight is the pair of double-walled alloy rims with spokes. They include a quick-release mechanism for easier repair and maintenance.

When it comes to its system, this bike uses a Shimano Claris derailleur. It also includes a high-quality combination of its shifter and brake lever. To increase the range of its gearing, it comes with a reliable crank. Just like the rims, it’s also composed of alloy.

More importantly, for your safety, the Promax caliper brakes have an alloy composition and dual-pivot design. That’s why they’re so powerful.

However, no matter how good the brakes are, the tires aren’t very reliable. They’re more likely to have some sort of permanent defect in less than a month, which will only force you to spend for replacement.

Even the pedals can affect your performance. For some reason, they can detach from the bike despite proper assembly.

The same exact problem is possible for the chain. While you’re pedaling, it might fall off out of the blue.


  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Can easily speed up
  • Sturdy suspension
  • Easier repair and maintenance
  • Reliable system


  • Unreliable tires
  • Detached pedals
  • Falling chain

SAVADECK Carbon Road Bike

SAVADECK Phantom 2.0 Carbon Fiber Road Bike 700C

Because of the carbon fiber material of the SAVADECK Road Bike, it’s extremely solid but very lightweight. TORAY T800 carbon fiber is specifically used on the most crucial parts: the seat post, fork, and frame.

Carbon fiber isn’t the only thing that makes this bike durable overall. Its Shimano system is made of high-quality components. Expect effortless control from start to finish, especially when you shift gears, because of the Shimano SORA derailleurs and shifter lever.

If you’re all about speed and adrenaline, you can go all out with this bike because of its shape that’s specifically designed for better aerodynamics. To achieve the aerodynamic shape, its seat tube and post have a special contour.

To ensure that the aerodynamic structure of this bike is foolproof, the routing of all the cables is arranged internally. The result? The air flowing all over the whole structure of the bike is smoother.

Speaking of air-related concerns, the tires and rims of this bike aren’t durable enough. They can be easily punctured or damaged and, for some reason, they can’t contain air anymore despite repair.

If you’re into downhill riding, we suggest skipping this option. The brakes of this bike aren’t strong enough on steep slopes. Some riders need to use their shoes just to increase the grip between the tires and the ground more efficiently.

Shifting can be a problem, too. Some units have malfunctioning derailleurs despite proper assembly. The possible reason is that they’re always disconnected.


  • Extremely solid but very lightweight
  • Made of high-quality components
  • Effortless control from start to finish
  • Better aerodynamics
  • Smoother airflow all over the whole structure


  • Tires and rims aren’t durable enough
  • Brakes aren’t strong enough
  • Malfunctioning derailleurs

Schwinn Vantage Sport Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Vantage Mens-Womens Sport Hybrid Bike

If you’re still improving your skills as a cyclist, the Schwinn Vantage Sport Hybrid Bike can push you to the limit. It’s ideal not just for intermediate cyclists but also for first-time riders.

The average height and physique of women are kind of tricky to consider when it comes to manufacturing bikes. That’s why there are unisex models and units specifically made for female cyclists. This particular product is the unisex type since it’s built for riders who are at least 5’3” up to 5’7” tall.

Another reason why this bike is great for women is its comfortable design. Its frame uses the brand’s Smooth Ride Technology. To be more specific, its suspension at the tail is made of soft elastomer for smoother rides wherever you go.

While performance, versatility, and comfort are guaranteed, this bike isn’t exactly durable. It might require constant repairs because of loose or flimsy components.

One specific example is the possibility of loose pedals. Some units have pedals that simply separate from the bike out of the blue.

When it comes to flimsiness, some disc brakes are bent before you can even open the package. This will only force you to spend more money on replacement.


  • Can push you to the limit
  • Ideal not just for intermediate cyclists but also for first-time riders
  • Built for riders who are at least 5’3” up to 5’7” tall
  • Comfortable design
  • Smoother rides wherever you go


  • Not exactly durable
  • Loose pedals
  • Bent brakes

Bikes EURXC550 21 Speed Road Bike 700C Wheels Dual Disc Brake

Bikes EURXC550 21 Speed Road Bike 700C Wheels Dual Disc Brake

Not used to tools and DIY work? Then you need an option that promotes easier assembly. Fortunately, the EURXC550 21 Speed Road Bike is a convenient choice. Every unit is already 85% assembled in its package. What’s left for you to do is to simply install its seat, handlebar, front wheel, and pedals as well as fill its tires with air.

Meanwhile, the frame is composed of steel. It’s extremely sturdy and durable. It won’t corrode as well.

As for its braking system, this bike uses disc brakes. They’re more powerful than rim brakes. They’re also better when it comes to weather resistance, speed, and durability.

When it comes to style, this bike looks bold and youthful. It features the edgy color combination of black, white, and red.

Unfortunately, the welds of this bike can affect the entire appearance. They’re unappealing because of their inconsistency.

And, even though this bike is mostly pre-assembled, you might still need to pay a professional to adjust several components because of possible factory mistakes.

Once everything is assembled correctly, another potential problem arises since the structure is quite heavy. It weighs more than 33 pounds, meaning it’s heavier than MTBs or mountain bikes.


  • Easier assembly
  • Already 85% assembled in the package
  • Extremely sturdy and durable
  • Won’t corrode
  • Looks bold and youthful


  • Unappealing welds
  • Possible factory mistakes on how the components are installed
  • Quite heavy

6KU Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike

6KU Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike

The frame of the 6KU Urban Fixie Road Bike is so durable because of its high-tensile steel composition. Even with frequent use, it’s heavy-duty since it can last for a long time without breaking.

Just a brief explanation about what makes high-tensile steel special: this type of metal has a low amount of carbon but with additional materials like vanadium, nickel, manganese, silicon, molybdenum, and chromium to improve various aspects such as ductility, malleability, and–of course–durability.

While the frame is high-tensile steel, other parts are composed of forged aluminum. This contributes to versatility, balancing the lightness of aluminum and the sturdiness of steel.

As a plus, the saddle is synthetic leather. Artificial leather is ideal for bikes since it can endure more serious abrasion, unlike the real thing.

Before the initial use, there are a few concerns regarding this bike. Some of its units have bent frames, which can affect tire installation. Also, steel can’t be repaired easily.

Other possible problems have something to do with missing features. The front wheel lacks a quick-release mechanism. No kickstand is included as well.


  • Can last for a long time without breaking
  • Versatile structure due to the presence of two different materials
  • Combines the lightness of aluminum and the sturdiness of steel
  • Durable saddle
  • Can endure more serious abrasion


  • Bent frame
  • Lacks a quick-release mechanism for the front wheel
  • No kickstand

Giordano Libero Aluminum Road Bike

Giordano Libero Aluminum Road Bike

Made of 6061 aluminum, the frame of the Giordano Libero Road Bike has excellent weld quality. That type of metal is a hardened alloy composed of silicon and magnesium, which is why it’s ideal for machines and welding. No wonder it has a wide range of applications, not just manufacturing bikes.

While the frame is aluminum, the fork is high-tensile steel. That material is typically used for bike frames, but it can also be concentrated on the fork to improve the suspension.

When it comes to safety, the alloy brakes are the dual-pivot type. That design features longer levers to increase the pads’ pressure when holding the rims.

Since durability is a crucial factor for the rims, they’re composed of alloy. More importantly, they’re double-walled to boost support.

Beginners might have a hard time with this bike, though. The pre-assembled parts are more likely to require a lot of adjustments. Worse, components like the brakes are derailleurs are usually time-consuming to adjust.

First-time users who aren’t used to DIY work might also find this bike impossible to assemble without somebody knowledgeable guiding them. Bike shops can be expensive.

Some units also come with damaged parts. Cable adjusting barrels are quite breakable.


  • Excellent weld quality
  • Improved suspension
  • Better support features
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy enough for stability


  • More likely to require a lot of adjustments
  • Almost impossible to assemble if you don’t have enough knowledge about bike setup
  • Damaged parts


Merax 26″ Mountain Bicycle with Suspension Fork

Merax 26″ Mountain Bicycle with Suspension Fork

Don’t let its affordable price fool you. The Merax 26″ Mountain Bicycle is so much better than a lot of expensive options. That’s because it has all the standard features of a high-quality bike to help beginners improve faster and adapt to different riding preferences.

In addition, anyone can use this bike, especially in terms of weight. The weight capacity of this product is 330 pounds.

Surprisingly, the frame is aluminum, not steel which is generally sturdier for higher weight capacities. However, it doesn’t change the fact that the aluminum structure can support weight more than 300 pounds. The construction is obviously high-quality.

The sturdy aluminum frame matches perfectly with the suspension fork. Rolling over road bumps will be much easier, resulting in smoother, more comfortable rides.

But, you might not enjoy those benefits as soon as you receive the product despite being pre-assembled. Some units have poorly installed tires, derailleurs, and brakes, which will force you to spend more time setting the whole thing up.

You might also need to replace the saddle. Some users claim that the seat is too uncomfortable for them.

Doing all the necessary adjustments and replacements might not be enough, too. Making a sharp turn can be a challenge since the radius isn’t big enough.


  • Better than a lot of expensive options
  • Has all the standard features of a high-quality bike
  • Helps beginners improve faster
  • Adapts to different riding preferences
  • Anyone can use this bike, especially in terms of weight


  • Poor installation of pre-assembled components
  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Turn radius not big enough


Max4out Road Bike with Aluminum Alloy Frame

Max4out Road Bike with Aluminum Alloy Frame

Steel is generally more durable than aluminum, but the endurance geometry of the Max4out Road Bike effectively boosts the strength of its aluminum frame. Aside from the solid feel, the shape can also keep you comfortable on the bike for hours.

Since taller people usually find it hard to choose the right bike for their height, this product is built for cyclists standing 5’5” to 6’1” tall. It also has generous weight capacity. It doesn’t have the highest capacity but 220 pounds is enough to support most riders.

As expected, this bike is already 85% assembled. Setup can take 15 to 20 minutes only. However, that’s more likely to happen if the owner is handy with tools and knowledgeable about assembling bikes. Some users find the process challenging, forcing them to go to bike shops.

Besides, a lot of pre-assembled bikes tend to have parts that are installed carelessly. Some units of this product have pedal components facing the wrong way, making the assembly process more time-consuming.

Broken parts are also a possibility. Some shifters are damaged before you can even use them for the first time.


  • Solid feel
  • Can keep you comfortable on the bike for hours
  • Built for cyclists standing 5’5” to 6’1” tall
  • Generous weight capacity
  • Already 85% assembled


  • Challenging assembly process
  • Pedal components facing the wrong way
  • Broken parts


Giordano Aversa Aluminum Road Bike

Giordano Aversa Aluminum Road Bike 700c

Just like the first Giordano bike we’ve introduced earlier, this one also has a frame composed of 6061 aluminum. In case you’ve forgotten, 6061 aluminum is a hardened silicon-magnesium alloy commonly used for constructing mechanical systems.

The Giordano Aversa Aluminum Road Bike also uses high-tensile steel for its suspension fork. The metal’s strength is ideal for making the fork effective in dampening vibrations.

To keep you safe, the alloy brakes feature a dual-pivot design. Having longer levers means higher pressure on the rims. Speaking of the rims, they’re double-walled and made of an alloy as well.

The overall design is great and all, but there are a few flaws. This bike has a single bolt on its handlebar stem instead of the usual two to four. Having multiple bolts is a safety feature since one loose bolt won’t make a difference anymore, decreasing the likelihood of broken handles that can stop you from controlling the brakes.

Another safety risk is the presence of loose pre-assembled components. That’s why you need to double-check everything before the initial use.

And, when it’s time to assemble the rest of the parts, you might have a hard time because of the vague instructions. It needs to be more detailed for beginners to understand.


  • High-quality mechanical system
  • Can dampen vibrations
  • Hard structure
  • Strong suspension
  • Maintains higher pressure on the rims for safety


  • Single bolt on the handlebar stem
  • Loose pre-assembled component
  • Vague instructions


700c Women’s Giordano Acciao

700c Women's Giordano Acciao

If you prefer a more feminine look with a cool, edgy appeal, you’ll probably like the 700c Women’s Giordano Acciao. The bright color is only used as an accent, which perfectly complements the black components that dominate the entire appearance of the bike.

While the previous Giordano bikes have aluminum frames, this one uses high-tensile steel. The same metal is used for its suspension fork, though, just like the first two Giordano bikes.

To stay consistent with the superior quality of the frame and fork materials, the rims are alloyed with a double-walled structure.

Knowing the excellent quality of the frame, fork, and rims, it’s quite disappointing to know that some of the units of this product come with damaged shifters. You should also know that it doesn’t include a kickstand.

Assembly can stress you out, too, because of the poor instructions. Some users spend a couple of hours assembling this bike.


  • More feminine look
  • Cool, edgy appeal
  • Sturdy frame
  • High-quality rims
  • Perfect combination of the light and dark colors


  • Damaged shifters
  • Doesn’t include a kickstand
  • Poor instructions


HeartsBio Carbon Frame Road Bike Model H 18.7 lb

HeartsBio Carbon Frame Road Bike Model H 18.7 lb

The Toray T700 carbon fiber frame of the HeartsBio Road Bike is better than steel and aluminum in some ways, especially when it comes to sturdiness. What sets it apart from most bike frames, however, is its extreme lightness. It’s one of the lightest options in stores since it only weighs approximately 18 pounds.

Since the frame is lightweight yet sturdy, it can support cyclists standing 5’5” to 5’7” tall. As a plus, it has a bright color that can easily impress most people. Despite the catchy color, the overall design is still simple, making it easier for you customize its look with extra graphics.

Unfortunately, the saddle’s placement is too high for some people. This obviously requires additional adjustments.

You might also find the pedals a hassle to control because of their slightly heavy feel. On the bright side, you can just buy a new set of pedals that can fit this bike.

While the color is fun and youthful, some users find it too distracting. At the end of the day, it’s a matter of preference.


  • Extremely sturdy structure
  • One of the lightest options
  • Can support cyclists standing 5’5” to 5’7” tall
  • Eye-catching color
  • Simple look for easier customization


  • High saddle
  • Slightly heavy pedals
  • Distracting color

How to Choose Good 10 Speed Bikes

Frame Geometry


Whether the frame is heavy or lightweight, it can have the right geometry for commuters if it’s in an upright position. That riding position is the most comfortable and can be the safest as well since the rider will be more visible on the road.

Bike frames for commuting usually have racks and mudguards, too. Racks will hold your belongings if you don’t want to carry anything around your body. Meanwhile, mudguards can protect your legs from dirt, dust, and mud, which is perfect if you’re heading to work.


Since aerodynamic or racing bike frames are all about speed, their front end is much lower than usual. A lower position means a flatter stem, a smaller head tube, and lower handlebars.

This geometry can still be comfortable, but you have to get used to it first. That’s why it’s more popular for competitive cyclists. In fact, it’s similar to bikes used for triathlons, except for the fact that it can also be an ordinary road bike because of its user-friendly features.


If you want to hit the trails with your bike, it has to be ready for off-road use. Aside from the wheels and the tires, its geometry should be effective, too. Its frame should be the gravel type.

The frame geometry of a gravel bike is more comfortable than the design of cyclo-cross bikes. Both bikes, however, can endure extreme terrains because of their frames’ strength and bigger clearance for heavy-duty tires. It’s up to you to decide whether to prioritize comfort or speed.


If you want to join a cycling event that involves long-distance racing, you shouldn’t settle with a mere aerodynamic bike. It has to be super-comfortable as well so you can last longer in the competition. The frame’s shape must be an endurance type.

One of the main features of endurance bikes is their lightweight upright frame. It combines the aerodynamic aspect of racing bikes and the comfortable upright position of commuter bikes.

Meanwhile, the tubes of this bike aren’t too stiff. They’re a little flexible so you can achieve higher speeds without compromising comfort.


Because of its longer frame, a touring bike is ideal for carrying camp essentials, clothes, and other things that are important for long-distance travel or outdoor activities. The frame is also more durable with its heavier structure to ensure it can support heavier weight.

To make long-distance rides easier, a touring bike guarantees an upright position. This is crucial for comfort no matter how heavy the bike gets.

Frame Material


If you prefer a more lightweight road bike, you should choose a model with an aluminum frame. This is effective for racing since a lighter bike is generally faster than a heavier one.

Since aluminum can either be cheap or superior in quality, avoid mediocre options by buying a bike that specifically uses a 6061 aluminum frame. That variation is very strong, which makes the lightweight metal more durable.


Obviously heavier than aluminum, steel is generally more durable. That’s why most bike frames using that material can last for years.

Steel frames are also sturdier. This is important for steadier rides because a sturdy frame can actually minimize vibrations. It contributes to comfort.

To be more specific, high-tensile steel is used for most road bike frames. It’s not just durable; it’s quite versatile as well since it contains different materials with different benefits.

Carbon Fiber

Made up of carbon atoms and other lesser-known elements, carbon fiber is an extremely tiny strand. If combined with other carbon fibers, it creates a structure that’s highly resistant to heat and chemicals. More importantly, when it comes to bike frames, it’s very lightweight, strong, and stiff.

A carbon fiber frame is like a combination of aluminum and steel frames. It’s stiffer than aluminum but much lighter than steel.



Achieving an upright riding position isn’t just about looking for the right frame geometry. The handlebars should also be higher so you’ll find it easier to maintain a more comfortable posture. Lower handlebars will only force you to bend forward, which is effective for increasing speed but not helpful for long commutes.

The handlebars should also have well-designed grips. The texture of the grips should secure your hands, but some sort of cushioning is important as well for comfort.


Referring to the bike’s system that’s specifically designed to maintain comfort on rough terrain, suspension comes in many forms, not just the front fork. It can also be applied on the rear end, seat post, saddle, or stem.

One function of the suspension system is to keep the wheels and tires on the ground as much as possible to avoid unnecessary jumps. That’s why it’s also important to have a heavier frame for this. The added weight can push the wheels further into the ground’s surface to enhance grip.


The HeartsBio Road Bike definitely has some flaws, but there’s really nothing bad about it. It’s probably the best option from our list when it comes to road bikes that can be used by most people, beginner or not. It’s very simple, but highly impressive no matter which aspect.

The main reason why that bike has superior quality is its carbon fiber frame. That material is generally more expensive than steel and aluminum, which actually makes sense since it features the best aspects of those metals. It only weighs 18 pounds, but it can last for a lifetime.

When it comes to choosing the right 10-speed bike for you, don’t make things complicated by considering most of its components in its complex mechanical system. You just need to think about the major factors like the frame’s geometry, material, and features that can ensure comfort such as the handlebars and suspension.