Types of Exercise Bikes

So, you have finally decided that it is about time to set-up your home gym! You have endless options when it comes to equipment investments, including an exercise bike. However, take note that they are available in different designs, each with its respective benefits. If you are clueless about which to pick, read on as we walk you through some … Read more

How to Use Mini Exercise Bike

Good mini exercise bikes are compact, portable, and affordable. They are great for working out your legs or arms, especially if you are looking for low-impact exercises. To make the most out of a pedal exerciser, it is crucial that you use it properly. Read on and we’ll share some of the most important things that you need to know. … Read more

Types of Resistance on Exercise Bikes

The resistance is one of the most important things in understanding how an exercise bike works. In a nutshell, it is the component that is responsible for increasing or decreasing the intensity of your workout. Plus, it mimics the feel of riding a traditional bike outdoors. It contributes to the overall experience when exercising. That said, it is crucial that … Read more

How to Use Upright Exercise Bike

With the plethora of upright exercise bike benefits, it is undeniably one of the best additions to your home gym. Nonetheless, all the good things are only possible if you know how to use it properly. Read on and learn from some of the insights that we’ll be sharing. Position the Bike on a Flat Surface One of the first … Read more

How to Record an Indoor Cycling Ride with Strava

If you run or cycle, chances are, you are familiar with Strava. It will help you keep track of your fitness activities. While it is more commonly used outdoors, some people are unaware that it can be equally functional when you are indoors. Whether you are on good recumbent exercise bikes or good  upright exercise bikes, read on and we’ll … Read more

12 Best Exercise Bikes for Bad Knees in 2022 Review – Editor’s Choice Awards

Indoor cycling is a great exercise if you cannot head outdoors, such as when the weather does not permit you to do so. It can increase cardiovascular fitness, improve joint mobility, decrease stress, lessen body fat, and enhance posture, among other benefits. For people who have bad knees, however, cycling can be a challenge. It can end up being excruciatingly … Read more

10 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes 2022 Review – Editor’s Choice Awards

Using a stationary bike is one of the easiest forms of exercises because of its low-impact nature. Low-impact exercises are generally beginner-friendly for they don’t need excessive movements, saving your joints from too much work. Unfortunately, some people still can’t handle stationary bikes due to certain health conditions. They need more support, especially on their back. That’s why recumbent exercise … Read more

19 Best Bikes for Overweight Female 2022 Review

Finding a bike for plus-sized women is challenging. The most important is to consider the weight capacity of the bike. From the seat to the handlebar, pick one that is designed to accommodate heavy riders. Comfort and safety should not be compromised. With too many options for the best bikes for overweight female, deciding what to buy is not a … Read more

9 Best Step Through Bikes 2022 Review

There are two main types of bike frame designs. The first is a step-over frame, which is more common. This is a triangular-shaped frame that you will often find in the conventional road and mountain bikes. The second is a step-through frame, which is more common in hybrid and cruiser bikes. It is a lower frame, which means that you … Read more

12 Best Recumbent Bikes for Seniors 2022 Review – Editor’s Choice Awards

Older people, especially those suffering from lower back pain and minor physical limitations, can benefit from using recumbent bikes. Since there are so many of them out there, we’ve created this article to walk you through the best recumbent bikes for seniors, as well as helpful tips for buying the right one for your needs. Contrary to popular belief, older … Read more