Types of Exercise Bikes

So, you have finally decided that it is about time to set-up your home gym! You have endless options when it comes to equipment investments, including an exercise bike. However, take note that they are available in different designs, each with its respective benefits. If you are clueless about which to pick, read on as we walk you through some … Read more

History of Exercise Bike

If you enjoy cycling, you don’t have to go outdoors or hit the gym if you want to exercise. You can do so even at home, making it easier to stay fit and healthy. Choose from the different types of exercise bikes and enjoy low to moderate intensity workouts. Before you buy one, however, it is good to know a … Read more

What is a Folding Exercise Bike?

Working out at home is easy when you have the right equipment. Among others, one that you will need is an exercise bike. However, with the different types of exercise bikes, you might end up being confused. Among others, one to consider is a folding exercise bike. Read on to know more about what it is, as well as some … Read more

What is a Mini Exercise Bike?

To have a fit and healthy lifestyle, it is a must to keep moving. Stop finding excuses! Even at the comfort of your home, or even in the office, it is easy to find the time to exercise. The best mini exercise bikes will let you do so. They are compact and lightweight, which means that you can use them … Read more

What is an Upright Exercise Bike?

The best upright exercise bikes are common in commercial and home gyms. They are perfect for people who would like to work on their legs and arms. Despite its popularity, however, many people are still wondering – what is an upright exercise bike? If you are clueless, keep on reading and we’ll talk about the basics of this bike. What … Read more

What is a Recumbent Exercise Bike?

With the many types of exercise bikes, finding the right one isn’t easy. You need to consider many factors, such as the space availability and the riding position that you prefer. Among others, one of the most common is a recumbent exercise bike. If you are curious about what it is and some of its main features, read on. This … Read more

12 Best Recumbent Bikes for Seniors 2021 Review – Editor’s Choice Awards

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Top 10 Recumbent Exercise Bikes 2021 Review – Editor’s Choice Awards

Using a stationary bike is one of the easiest forms of exercises because of its low-impact nature. Low-impact exercises are generally beginner-friendly for they don’t need excessive movements, saving your joints from too much work. Unfortunately, some people still can’t handle stationary bikes due to certain health conditions. They need more support, especially on their back. That’s why recumbent exercise … Read more

Top 8 Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bikes 2021 Review – Editor’s Choice Awards

Have you ever thought of shedding excess weight, thereby having a toned body with good cardiovascular health? You don’t just have to wish for it, because it’s easy to realize. With the help of the best commercial recumbent exercise bikes, you can easily fulfill your wish. Whether you are young or old, it’s good to keep physically fit. Even when … Read more