Assault AirBike Classic Upright Exercise Bike Review

Designed by athletes for athletes – this is what you can expect from the Assault AirBike Classic. It has been praised in many upright exercise bicycle reviews for its versatility as it functions more than just a traditional fan bike. It is versatile exercise equipment offering unlimited workouts and challenges for those who cannot train outdoors or go to the gym.

Want to know more about the Assault AirBike Classic? Keep on reading and learn from the things we’ll be sharing.

Features and Specifications

The Assault AirBike Classic is expensive, but it will be worth every dollar. It is packed with high-end features, including those that are briefly listed below.

Air Resistance System

One of the best features of this product is the air resistance system. This is possible because of the large fan that offers unlimited resistance. This means that you can make infinite adjustments on your workout as you please.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Like the Schwinn 170 Upright Exercise Bike, this product also comes with built-in heart rate monitoring. The latter will give you an idea of your pulse, which will come handy for a safer exercise experience. You can easily track your heart’s beats per minute, which will let you know how hard is the effort you are exerting.

On-Board Smart Computer Console

When you are using this exercise bike, you will never be left guessing when it comes to monitoring the progress of your workout. The smart computer will let you easily track how you are doing. From distance to calories burned, you will easily stay informed.

Sealed Cartridge

The construction of this exercise bike is notable. Among others, it is impressive because it comes with sealed cartridge bearings. These will improve the movement of its different parts, which will make pedaling smoother.

Transport Wheels

This bike is large and heavy, so moving it around will take quite a lot of work on your end. However, you will not have a hard time moving it around since it comes with transport wheels. Even by yourself, it will be a snap to change its location.

The Good

Need more compelling reasons to buy Assault AirBike Classic? Below are some of its most notable benefits.

Easy to Assemble

The design of this upright exercise bike looks intimidating when you first see it. However, the assembly will be easy. You can do it by yourself, especially because the manufacturer provides a comprehensive manual. It will not take long before it is ready for a spin. This is unlike others that can be quite frustrating to put together.

Durable Construction

Looking for an exercise bike that will withstand the test of time? Then you have another good reason to pick this product. It uses machined and formed steel, which will make it hard to match if durability is what you are looking for. The parts are also powder-coated, which will be beneficial in terms of resisting external elements that can speed up wear.

Smart Console

Another good thing about the Assault AirBike Classic is its console. It is smart enough to set different programs, making it possible to customize your workouts. It also has a bright and large display that will be easy for you to see.

Good for Tall and Large Users

If you are tall and large, it will be difficult to find an upright exercise bike that suits your needs. This product is an excellent choice since it comes with a huge and durable frame that will support your body. The maximum weight that the exercise bike can support is 350 pounds.

Comfortable Seat

Working out in a stationary bike can end up being uncomfortable. You will be easily tired when the seat is poorly designed. Luckily, that is not the case with this upright exercise bike. The seat offers multiple adjustments. Aside from moving horizontally and vertically, you can also tilt the seat.

With all of these benefits, you should be convinced by now that this exercise bike is a great choice. Click the button below and be one of its proud owners today!


The Bad

Despite the good things, Assault AirBike Classic does not come without problems. Here are some of the potential issues in this product.


One of the biggest problems in this upright exercise bike is its size. This is in no way designed for small spaces. It is large, so you will need a big space for this bike. If you live in a tiny apartment or small house, this is not for you. If you are looking for a more space-efficient alternative, then Body Rider BCY6000 Indoor Upright Exercise Bike is worth considering.


You might hate the noise that this exercise bike creates, which is because of the large fan that offers unlimited resistance. The fan will make noticeable sounds when you are pedaling, which some people might find annoying.


This is not for budget-conscious buyers. The price can be quite a shock for most people. While it will be worth your money, some people may not have the budget for this model. For a space-efficient option, Marcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-708 should be on your list.

Who Is It For?

The Assault AirBike Classic is for people who would like to continuously challenge themselves. It is for people who are looking for versatility since it can offer unlimited adjustments to customize your workouts as you please. This is the perfect choice if you want to enjoy intense exercises even at your home.


In sum, the Assault AirBike Classic is a great investment if you want to get fit and healthy even at home. It is quite expensive, but the price is easy to justify because of its superior quality and exceptional performance. Aside from its durable construction, we also love how it comes with unlimited resistance, which will provide a great way to continuously challenge yourself.

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